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The colors surround us. Wherever we go, the

colors have captured everything.
First the most colorful people are the painters.
Their emotions are overflowed with color.
They do not just see the red color, they see
1000 shades of it. The painters are like some
writers, telling us stories that enjoy not only
our soul but also our eyes.
In the second row, the colors are the queens
of this world. They dictate our emotions and
our way of thinking . In fashion, the trendy
colors are endless rainbow of shades and
combinations. They feel us, so that we can
feel them.
But the greatest color generator is nature.
From black to white, it encompasses
everything. Nature makes us full of light
colors through everything that surrounds us.
Concluding, I can say that people are full of
colors, but they have to see them.
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