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by: Sanda Map My favorite colour ee ast) In general my favorite colour gray. DTC) Ed Ea ‘The color gray isan unemotional |] | Psychologically,gray isthe color of {is detached, neutral, impartial and ‘compromise - being neither black nor Indecisive- the fence sitter. white it s the transition between two non-colors. A a cle ATU Cle RT Racy Inthe meaning of colors grays Thedloser gray getstoblack the IF |B ext trom him can come thenew and Conservative boring, rab and tore dramatic and mysterious the postive depressing onthe one hand. becomes. By 700 much of the color gray creates i Buretegantand formal onthe other, || | Fil As tbecomes to white, the more sadness and depression ai yetnever glamorous. iluminating ana tvely it becomes tendency to loneliness and isolation EB [ED thas a steadying effect on other El Aes some color to changers. Colors with which Itcomes into contact Pelee} Ifyou love gray, you are practical and calm, do not lke to attract attention and are simply seeking a contented life. Inmy mind colour gray is associated ike a war between good and bad.Each can chose indecisive, boring, sad, depressed white which be. readwritethink see. NOTE iray No cope! pc pene ranted ecm a ene ee ee ee ee