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by: Mihaela Map My favourite colour ee ast) |What's your favorite color? My favorite colors black, because black characterizes me. I's just lke me. ‘A melancholic thread emotional.sensible, but at the same time tough.t’s my /'magistral” color My reasons for wearing the color black are rather complex and elaborate. Here ate those reasons: Ed Ea DE ‘Because lamin mourning: over the past |] | Because It hides things so well: [Because | lke it: that's the most notable few years ve gone through so many Particularly, stains. and worthwhile reason. harsh and adverse changes that Ihave If thave an accident at noon everyone ‘changed ill not see it) A a cle ATU Cle RT Racy Nolongerthe person that once Sometimes the black colors TED wear btsk color because feelin was years 090 Stronger than any det mys Bee Boer |e Ey the unknown the invisible, the [3] Pelee} Black s My Favorite Color. love the color black. On atleast nine out of ten occasions willbe decked out in that color because love it so much, Ieinity | Sears readwritethink v2zzz:.... xe i C—hrtr~—~—C._._ CE A ee ee TE etn Tiie