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by: Diana ee ast) Everyone sees the colours they would lke to see. Some people se the black and white | world, others see a world :o.colourful that you don't want to wake up from that story. Ed Ea DE ‘Someone loves the pink colour, 'So we can see that we are different and someone elze likes ed. have different tastes. A a cle ATU Cle RT Racy Firsta world without color doesn't lloften prefera colour that describes ff | RMI Colours means energy! exist the colors of life give us the me Power otive! Ey There are colors that calm us that [Bi A colour wi aways love willbe sive us energy and make ourlife Ei second,every morning we start with blue because isthe colour ofthe ‘more beautiful ‘color that we want to see. shy. EE] When choosing a particular color, Thirdevery person has color for EJ THis cotouris aways above us, we design our feelings and felings which that color represent those who love blue color are outside something. dreamers Pelee} Colors have an influence on our state of mind, the memory capacity and even the taste ‘of food, in conclusion on the whole life. readwritethink sszt.0 NOTE Thinkginity | Samoan rye 201 AINTE. Ages Reade tls my be ened ear ros icaimer The onan povson te rosin nay ens he coon Rast ot rtey earn he NEE, of een Ty