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by: Grozavu Valeria Map My favourite colour ee ast) Everything around us san array of color, from the ground we walkon tothe sky above, the world we ee is anything but black and white. Colors are one ofthe many things ‘that playa pat in our dally lives, whether we know it or not. But what most people do not realizes just how big of a role color plays on our lives on a more personal level. Main Idea 2 DTC} Inthe central European popular symbolism, blue is considered the color of loyalty, but also of mysterious things. CE AT acy AT eu Cle RTT Racy Firstly forme these colors represent Blueis one of many favorite colors ff | EI Throughout the world, greens some colors of nature. because tia constant in ou ives - certainly associated with protection itisthecolorofthe EB secondly these colors relaxthe Bil Through correlation it also nervous system. i bive represents loneliness, sadness, symbolizes fe youth, rebinh, hope depression, wisdom, trust loyalty. and vigor. ED thialy ecombines great with ‘everything, EJ bts one ofthe most popular El Green's the color thatthe eye colors ners of clothing. accepts most easly and can Improve vision. Pel Tay Inconclusion | can say with certainty that green and blue are my favorite colors. They combine perfectly and are the colors of nature. Blue relaxes the nervous system and the ‘green is ideal for interior design, being an omnipresent color in the natural world. readwritethink sszt.0 NOTE Thinkginity | Samoan rye 201 AINTE. Ages Reade tls my be ened ear ros icaimer The onan povson te rosin nay ens he coon Rast ot rtey earn he NEE, of een Ty