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EssayMap by: PripaMadalina My favourite color ee ast) Blue, the color of the ocean, is often associated with feelings of serenity so those who love tare often able to find peace and tranquility in places where others do not. People ‘ho love to wear blue are said tobe easy to get along with, reliable, and, forlack of a better word, lovable. DTC) Ed Ea Blue's the favorite color of al people. Its nature's color for water and sky, but is rarely ound in fruits and vegetables. A a cle ATU Cle RT Racy These can be easly explained by Today blue sembracedasthe color f | EM Dark blues the color of mourning Pinpotnting by the speci shadeof {heaven and author, denim Inova, blue, Jeans and corporate logos. Bid The god tishna has blue sin bright tue: ceantiness strength, |) | FI itiscold wet, and slow as compared lependabilty et, toreds warmth tre andintensty. |) | EY seis torababy gi pinktors ‘baby boy in Belgium. El Prince charming” iscalled "The Este has more complex and Blue Prince” In aly and Span. contradictory meanings th other color. Pelee} Most blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. On the ‘other hand, blue evolved as symbol of depression in American culture. Ieinity | Sears readwritethink v2zzz:.... xe rye 201 AINTE. Ages Reade tls my be ened ear ros icaimer The onan povson te rosin nay ens he coon Rast ot rtey earn he NEE, of een Ty