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by: Gutu Valeria Map My color ee ast) ‘Ourlifeislike a picture. Sometimes you have to see people asa crayon.They may not be {your favourite colorbut you need them to complete the picture. Each of ushavea reffered colorjand it shows our personality,our interior world. Main Idea 2 DTC) ‘This color comes from old English the color, people most often associate "geolu, geolwe". with amusement, According to surveysin Europe, Canada, |} | gentleness, and spontaneity, but also ‘and the United States, yellow isthe with duplicity, envy, jealousy. Ed A a cle ATU Cle RT Racy Fis his colorpays atention to Those qualications present metam ff | One of my hobbies isto taka lot. ther peopleand your locks more 2 comical person that lke Jokes nd Likewise yellows the great attractive, People who have humour. communicator and loves to talk. El seconalyivs the color ofhappiness, il Looking toll these understand and optimism, of enlightenment and |_| E Also itis the best color to create ‘more and more shat this is my real creativity enthusiasm forlifeand can awaken coor. ‘eater confidence, optimism. “Thirdly color yellow relates to EW Yetow is non-emotiona, coming acquired knowledge, Ey We danger new emotionsand the from the head rather than the heart color yellow loves a challenge, particularly amental challenge. Pelee} In conclusion ican affirmthat colors speak more than words,and your favourite one speaks about you. Draw yourlfe wth the brightest colors in the world.painta great and the most beautiful picture that you can. Paul Gaugin said: ‘Colol What deep and mysterious language, the language of drea readwritethink sszt.0 NOTE Thinkginity | Samoan rye 201 AINTE. Ages Reade tls my be ened ear ros icaimer The onan povson te rosin nay ens he coon Rast ot rtey earn he NEE, of een Ty