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by: Dana Map Colours ee ast) Lifes beautiful and we see itn matter of our mood and feelings. think that lite in colours is better than life like in black and white movies.8ut it depends on what colours do we like these colours define us,our personality and our inner world. CE Ea DR ‘The first idea is that we should choose ‘Moreover,our favourite colour defines us. || | Colours are essential in our future career the colour we like correctly. AT acy AT eu Cle RTT Racy We shuld pckthe ight colour For examplesike blackbut now in If | EM conducting othe things that because not every eslurcan ft our gonna al sboutredbecauseltea Aleserbe your favourite clouryou sou fealy teresting color. ‘Shoulder more about your I May bewelike othercolourstoo;bur |) | FI] ifyou ike redjicansay thatyouarea |) | El] personality. you should understand we should choose the best one, person thats attracted to ‘many things about you your owerwell that's normal Imindsetabout the things that you ~ El We shoutdnot forget about that colour that really defines us. EY You are an El betievein and the values that you adventurous passlonateand be promotes that t could eally help ‘eadyabold personyes you arel Inyou future carer! Pel Tay Inconclusion| can say that choosing the right colour isa hard process,but it's not something impossible. am sure that everybody is able to find that one colour.Of course,your favourite colour describes you.but you shouldn't follow the bad examples ‘So try tomake your dreams happen.t build a strong future through the power of your colour! readwritethink sszt.0 NOTE Thinkginity | Samoan rye 201 AINTE. Ages Reade tls my be ened ear ros icaimer The onan povson te rosin nay ens he coon Rast ot rtey earn he NEE, of een Ty