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HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus ay isang lentivirus na inaatake ang ating

immune systems. Naniniwala ang mga siyentipiko na nagmula ito sa SIV or Simian
immunodeficiency virus na matatagpuan sa mga unggoy. Sa katunayan ang HIV 1
ay related sa SIV na matatagpuan sa chimpanzees samantalang HIV 2 is related to
SIV strain from sooty mangabeys. So, papaano napunta ito sa tao? Naniniwala ang
mga researchers na dahil ito sa hunting of monkey meat. There is possibilitity that
an infected blood go to the cuts or wounds of a the hunter. Ang HIV ay maaring
maipasa through sexual contact dahil ang virus ay present sa semen or vaginal fluid
and also in blood. In US it is spreading like a flu reporting 50,000 new cases each
Video: HIV or human immunodifeciency virus is a lentical virus that attacks our
immune system
Voice :Researchers believe that the origin of HIV is from SIV or Simian
immunodeficiency Virus which is found in apes that also their immune system. As a
matter of fact, HIV 1 is related to SIV found in chimpanzees while HIV 2 related to
SIV found in sooty mangabeys.
Video: So how this disease is transferred to humans.
Voice: Researchers believe that it is because of monkey meat hunting especially in
Africa where it is first recorded. They are considering the fact that an infected blood
of ape accidentally dropped to a cut or wound of the hunter. HIV is transferred
through sexual contact since it can be found in semen and vaginal fluids in blood. It
is impossible to infect someone through simple contact like kissing since the virus
cannot survive once exposed outside the environment.
Video: What this virus do to a human body?
Voice :HIV actually attacks our T cells found in your immune system that is
responsible for detecting antigens. That is why HIV patients have very weak
immune systems and later in their years they will develop a disease called Acquired
Immune Deficiency Syndrone or Aids. In this state immune sytem is critically
damage where you can accumulate disease like cancers and pneumonia. As of now
there is no existing vaccine for HIV so once you acquire this virus, you will have this
in your entire life but there are ways to slow down the progress of the diseases in
the human body.
So gaano ka delikado ang HIV. Ang virus na ito ay karaniwang inaatake ang ating T
cells sa ating immune system na nagdedetect ng antigens. So if you have HIV
positive you have very weak immune system in your later years you will develop
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS which is the final stage of a HIV
positive victim where your immune system is very badly damage that make you
easily accumulate diseases including pneumonia and cancer. As of now there is no
existing treatment for HIV so HIV will exist to a person in his/her lifetime but there
are treatments to control it or to lower its progress.
Video: As of now there are popular individuals who admitted they have this disease
including Freddie mercury and magic Johnson.

Crimean-Congo hemmoraggic fever

Ang Crimean-Congo hemmoraggic fever of CCHF ay isang viral na sakit nanakukuha
sa Ixodid ticks. The said disesase is first recorded at Crimea in 1944. Paano ito
naipapasa sa tao. Maaring maihawa ang virus na ito sa pamamagitan ng direct-
contact sa ixodid ticks or sa mga hayop na infected ng nasabing virus nito tulad ng
mga baka, kambing na nainfected din ng mgs ixodid ticks. Sinasabing 30 bansa ang
nakaranas nito lalo na sa Africa. Ang mga sintomas nito ay
Head ache
High fever backpain
Joint pain
Stomach pain and vomiting
Red eyes and red throat
Large areas of severe bruising
Severe nosebleeds
Sharp mood swings and confusion
After 2 to 4 days of infection the agitation may be replaced by sleepness,
depression, lassitude
Petechial rash on internal mucosal surfaces such as in mouth and throat.

As of now wala pang official na gamot sa sakit na ito sa tao o sa hayop ngunit ang
virus ay sinasabing reactive sa antibiotic na ribavirin na siya munang ginagamit sa
mga pasyenteng meron nito o bilang alternative counter measure.