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by: Turcan Diana Map My favourite color ee ast) [Colors can express our preferences, ut also our feelingsit have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. My favourite color is orange. Ed Ea DE Firstly, Orange offers new ideas and ‘Secondly, this color symbolizes energy, | | Thirdly,orange stimulates enthusiasm releases the body of spiritual imitations, |) vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, and creativity. hich gives us the freedom tobe warmth, and good health. This color makes me happy. ourselves. RT Racy Tl People woke orange color are ‘tally thoughtuland sincere, ATU Cle A a cle Pelee} Inconclusion want to say that every person has his favorite color! like orange color ‘and think that It wil always be my favorit.This nuance make me feel happy, courageous, successful and ively. readwritethink v2zzz:.... xe Thinkfnity| Saree i C—hrtr~—~—C._._ CE A ee ee TE etn Tiie