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1. For thousands of years, for the removal of Human Ailments, Drugs and Chemicals, Pills, Potions,
Pellets and Plasters have been utilized. What limited success followed such use, may well be summed
from the ever increasing list of new Drugs and Chemicals. It attained such chaotic proportions, that the
sensible practitioners of the Healing Systems awakened to the realization that Drugs and Chemicals at
best are purely hit-or-miss in their actions upon the Human Body; they Poison it.

2. No user of Drugs and Chemicals has been able to comprehend or explain satisfactorily why one Drug
or Chemical should act on a particular person or organ in a particular way. The conscientious practitioner
is convinced that the potency in Drugs and Chemicals is too crude to act with scientific accuracy on the
Human Body. Therefore, he has been frequently resorting to more active and higher Potencies of a
Drugless Character, like Sound, Heat, Light, Electricity, Magnetism and so on; but, none of the Drugless
Potencies was formulated into an exact science which could singly supplant with success all Healing

3. My Science is based on unchangeable principles. Outside of purely surgical cases of a constructive or

reparative character, it was found applicable to all Human Ailments.

4. This Science, as evolved by me after over 30 years of laborious researches, has been in actual daily
use since April 1920 and its results have been fully corroborated along Chemical, Mathematical,
Physiological, Spectroscopical, Biological, Psychological, Clinical, Chromical and Pathological lines. It is
the logical result of my researches in Light and Colour and it is to Light and Colour what Music is to Sound
Waves. It is but the matching of the Gamut of Colour Waves to Rhythmical Light Oscillations possessing
definite influence on the human organism and arranged in accord and harmony with true physical and
metaphysical concepts.

DINSHAH April 26, 1956


1. The Sun is the source of all Life and Energy conveyed to the World by Oscillatory Potentiality of a spiral
character, composed of the Elements essential to the chemical existence of the live Universe.
2. All growth is dependent on Solar Energy. Sunlight is a part of that Energy converted to a specific
purpose. From the Mineral to the Human Kingdom all life is dependent on Sunlight. Light is as much
human food (a necessity for existence) as Solids, Liquids and Gases.

3. The Light evolved from Solar Energy is White. Its Emission Polarity has Seven Main Divisions, which
can be resolved from it. They are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Every Chemical
Element exhibits a preponderance of One or more of these Colours under Oscillatory Disintegration. The
World has all the Elements that are known in the Sun. The potency of an Element depends on the potency
of its Colour Waves. Foods (and Medicines) are composed of definite Elements and act in strict conformity
with such Colour Wave Potencies.

4. Our Visible Physical Vehicle (Body) is built of these Elements (Colours). It contains about 9.1 percent
Hydrogen, 13.4 per cent Carbon, 2.5 percent Nitrogen and 72 per cent Oxygen. About 1.2 percent more is
Calcium and 1.2 percent is Phosphorus. All the other Elements of the World, existing in our Physical Body,
comprise the balance of the final 0.6 percent. In the Science of the Visible Spectrum, Dinshah introduced
Five Colour Potencies to take care of even these, which include the rarer Elements inappreciably present
in our constitution.

5. The Spectral Chart Of Chemical Elements By Single Colour Polarity Predominance (Figure 1) clearly
explains the position in this Science, where the Radiant Energy of each Chemical Element is found.

6. Health is maintained when these Elements (Colours) are proportionately balanced. Any disturbance of
this Element (Colour) Poise, is liable to produce loss of Health.



1. Affinity Colours are those Colours which have diametrically opposite Attributes or Qualities of a
Chemico-Physiological character. The following Table will act as a quick reference:

Table of Spectral Affinity Colours

(a) Red is the Affinity of Blue

(b) Orange is the Affinity of Indigo>
(c) Yellow is the Affinity of Violet
(d) Lemon is the Affinity of Turquoise
(e) Purple is the Affinity of Scarlet
Green and Magenta are the Head and Sex Potencies, which are NOT
AFFINITY COLOURS, but, are DUAL POLARITIES of the same Oscillatory
Frequency, spirillating in opposite gyrations.

2. Due attention to this wonderful peculiarity will result in better understanding in the use of the Projector.


1. Our Physical Body has certain Areas where the Radiant Energy from the Colour Projector can be
beneficially irradiated. The Area Chart (Figure 2) clearly marks these positions. In Spectro-Chrome,
instructions are given by the indicated Numbers only and no mention of any Organ is made. Whatever
Organ may be in the defined Area receives the Irradiation. The users need not trouble about WHAT is
inside the Human Bodytheir concern should be what the Colour Projector will do and does to whatever
may be or is there. The Area Chart avoids all complications.





1. The Three Primary Keynotes of the Oscillatory Frequency of Colour are: Red, Green and Violet,
standardized by Dinshah according to his Chromatic Scale.

2. The Three Secondary Colours are: Yellow, Blue and Magenta, standardized by Dinshah according to
his Chromatic Scale.

3. The Six Tertiary Colours are: Orange, Lemon, Turquoise, Indigo, Purple and Scarlet; thus, the total of
Twelve Colours is compassed by Dinshah according to his Chromatic Scale.

4. Their production in Spectro-Chrome Science, is based on a special Matching Process originated by

Dinshah. The Colours supplied with each Projector are matched in strict conformity with this original
process, which is based on precise Spectrum Analysis applied to the Higher Forces of Nature operating
within the Live Physical Body.


1. Colour Slides not matched in accordance with this process are worthless for proper results.


1. The Colour Projector has Five Colour Slides, each Slide being selected not only for its own Oscillatory
Frequency, but, also for the pertinent Combination required to produce the Colours in conjunction with its
associate Slides.

2. In case of loss or destruction of a slide, contact the manufacturer for a replacement set. As various sets
are produced from different colour gels available worldwide you must supply the serial number on the
slide set to get an exact match.

3. By judicious combination of the Five Slides (Red, Green, Violet, Yellow and Blue), all the Twelve
Colours used in Spectro-Chrome Science can be produced. The Dinshah Combination System (Figure 3)
should be rigidly followed in producing the various Colours. Unless these instructions be carried out
implicitly, the remedial results may not coincide with the wonderful efficacy attainable in the Practice of

4. In practice, produce the different Colours as follows with the Five Colour Slides: (Please, do not expect
the Colour Slides to conform to the commonly accepted terms applied to the appearance of paints and
pigments, this Science is based on the reception by the Aura of the Radiant Energy of the Colour Slides.
The Colour Slide sets are peak transmission filters and not monochrome.)

ORANGECombine Red and Yellow
LEMONCombine Yellow and Green
TURQUOISECombine Green and Blue
INDIGOCombine Blue and Violet
PURPLECombine Violet and Yellow
MAGENTACombine Violet and Red
SCARLETCombine Blue and Red


1. Always sleep with your Head to the North. 2. Sleep in a separate bed or even a separate room, to avoid
disturbance. 3. The above applies with greater emphasis to Sufferers. 4. Not more than Two Colour Slides
can be used in Combination, at one time. 5. Do not irradiate with the White Light. None drinks all the
Drugs in the Pharmacopia in one dose. White Light has all the Chemical Potencies and it is because the
Analyzing Apparatus inside ones Body is out of order, that the Disorders appear. Use only the Colour
Potencies indicated.


1. Irradiating the Body with the Colour Projector, is termed Tonation.

2. Tonation may be Systemic or Local:

(a) Systemic Tonation means Irradiating the Body all over. It may be
Irradiated on all Front Areas, all Back Areas or Front and Back Areas
alternately, according to given instructions.
(b) Local Tonation means Irradiating the Body on certain Areas.


In Spectro-Chrome, the use of Names of Disorders is entirely abolished, because, all Disorders have their
cause in certain Chemical Unbalancing and the student is taught to recognise and remedy it. Dinshah did
not go after the name, but the original cause to which the name may be attached. All this is fully
elucidated in the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia which may be profitably studied for complete
understanding. However, for your helpful guidance, the following Instructions are specially prepared. All
Medical Terms are eliminated because they bear no value or meaning in Spectro-Chrome.
Dinshahs Case Records indicated to him, that Spectro-Chrome, used sensibly and judiciously, has
inherent Potency to produce in the Live Human Body all the Chemical and Physiological results that Drugs
and Chemicals (Medicine) can do and in many cases much more. Its precision is remarkable and a study
of this Booklet will amply repay you by giving you clear comprehension of the working of Dinshahs entire
Tonation System. Any scientific terms are given solely for comparative information, being followed by
elucidative definitions for general knowledge.


1. The Colours from the Projector act upon the Physical Body, not by Absorption or Penetration, but by a
process of Reinforcement or Interference on the Radio-Emanations of the Chemical Body, called the Aura
or the Auric Vehicle.

2. Dinshah frequently demonstrated the existence of this subtle Emanation, by experimental proofs in the
Class Room.

3. It is thus that efficacy is attained in Spectro-Chrome Science. Like an empty pail taking just so much
water and flowing over, the Colours are received through the instrumentality of the Aura to just so much
extent, any excess overflowing into the Auric Vehicle and dissipating.

4. Furthermore, wrong Colours will NOT be utilised by the Areas so irradiated. Were it not for such benign
provisions of Nature, all photographers working in Red Light would go wild. Their safety is the Aura; as
long as one is healthy, the Aura rejects the excess or unneeded Colour; when the Aura is unbalanced by
any Disorder, it becomes susceptive to the Oscillatory Frequency of Colours of an opposite character.
When such Colour is irradiated, the Aura receives it for Normalation.


1. Place two fingers of a hand on the two sides of the throat (Area 2) of the Sufferer and count the thumps
in 1 Minute.


1. Place a hand on the Chest (Areas 4-5) of the Subject and count the up and down movements in 1
Minute. 1 up and 1 down is 1 Respiration.


Based On Solar, Lunar And Terrestrial Radiant Gravitational Influence
Computed And Standardized By Dinshah


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