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What is a Schema?
A schema, or scheme, is an abstract concept proposed by J. Piaget to refer to our, well, abstract
concepts. Schemas (or schemata) are units of understanding that can be hierarchically categorized as
well as webbed into complex relationships with one another.

For example, think of a house. You probably get an immediate mental image of something out of a kid's
storybook: four windows, front door, suburban setting, chimney. However, if I were to amend the object's
name slightly, your scheme would shift to a more refined version. How about: Shotgun house? One door,
maybe no front windows, low income setting. Mansion? Multiple windows, side entrance for the help,
sweeping front drive.

However: sin embargo

Amend: enmendar, corregir, rectificar, mejorar, modificar

Slightly: Ligeramente,

Shift: cambiar, pasar, desplazarse, mover, trasladarse