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Under the supervision of

Anwarul Azim
Rokan Uddin Faruqui
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Chittagong

Submitted By
1.Tanzila Hoque Nitol ID: 14701020
2.Fariba Tasnia khan ID: 14701021
3.Purna Mitra ID:
4.Tahiatul Tamanna Taskin ID: 14701075
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6.Saima Akter ID: 14701091

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Chittagong


2.1 Introduction
Our project is on a web based game named Online Quiz Game for assessing the knowledge
power of the people. It is a two players game. It is a system by which players can appear in a
quiz competition from anywhere of the world where there is no interaction between pencil and
paper rather interaction between computer and human being.
In this Report we will discuss about the architectural pattern of our system. Architectural pattern
defines the overall shape and structure of software applications. It is important to choose an
architectural pattern before start implementing a project.

2.2 MVC Pattern

MVC pattern is the basis of interaction management in many web-based system. It allows the
data to change independently of its representation and vice versa. It also separates presentation
and interaction from the system data. So we have decided to design our system according to
MVC pattern.
This pattern has three logical components: Model-It manages the system data and associated
operations on that data .View -It is the presentation layer, it consists of all user interface and
defines and manages how the data is presented to the user .Controller -It handles
communications between users and model, it manages user interaction and passes this
interactions to the view .
The E-R diagram of our project is given below:

cname tquestion pname

pID pemail

m playes m
Quiz Player



Question ans

op1 op4
op2 op3

Fig-1: E-R Diagram of Online Quiz Game

A view's purpose is to display this information in a human readable format. An important
distinction to make is that it is the controller , not the view, where information is collected. The
view should just display that information. Our project will contain several pages(human readable
format) such as: welcome page, start page, question page, result page etc.

View of Online Quiz Game:

2.5 MVC Controller
A controller's purpose is to receive specific requests for the application. Routing decides which
controller receives which requests. Often, there is more than one route to each controller, and
different routes can be served by different actions. Each action's purpose is to collect information
to provide it to a view.

The flow of the architecture in our system will be as follow:

Welcome page: When a player start accessing the game, a request from browser will be
sent to the controller. Then Controller will accesses view and show the welcome page to
the player. It will contain three parts:Star Game, Players Name and About. Players will
have to entry their name into Players Name. Then controller will send this information
into Players model.
Start page: If the player choose start game option, controller will query Quiz model.
Start Game will have a part named category that includes several scope of quizzes such
as: sports, Geography, science, literature etc. A player can choose any one of the
categories as per as his & his opponents wish. After their choosing category, controller
will send this information to model Categories and then give them a view of choosing
level from easy, medium and hard. After choosing the level, Level model will keep this
Question page: After that controller will query Question model to fetch the
corresponding question set. Question model will take these questions from database and
send it to the controller. Controller then access view to show a Question page including
these questions to the players. Each question will contain four options of answer among
which only one is correct. Players need to choose the correct answer among these
options. To check whether the answer is correct or not, controller will again query the
Question model and invokes business logic. If answer is true then the player will get
marks. The marks of each player will be sent to the Players model by the controller
where the marks will be saved in corresponding players database. After the ending of the
game by business logic total scores of each player will be calculated and will be saved
into Quiz model.
Result page: It will then give back the required data to the controller. By comparing the
total scores, a winner will be declared. And finally controller will show the result in the
result page to the players by accessing view. In this process our system will be continued.

The sequence diagram of our Online Quiz Game is given below:

Fig: Sequence Diagram of Online Quiz Game

In this report we have focused on the architectural pattern of our system. We will use MVC
pattern to implement our project online quiz game. We hope that we will be able to
implement our system as our thought and will also be able to achieve our desired success.