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Memoir Essay/Project (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius)- 90%/84%

This project came with a lot of stress as we had a larger novel, but we eventually finished
the book. We had many timing issues as everyone was behind at one point, but we eventually
caught up. When we got to the essay, we ended up having many time constraints. Since most of
the group didnt finish the novel, it was up to us (everyone who did finish it) to work on the
majority of the essay. We did get the essay complete, with everyone doing the work, but it took a
lot of outlining to make sure everyone was writing about a part of the story they read. The essay
had some issues, including not flowing properly. We each wrote our own paragraph, but when it
was put together, the paragraphs didnt lead into the next cohesively. The introduction paragraph
was strong, but from then on, the essay had weak transitions. Many of us couldve expanded on
our analyses as well. On the poster, we couldve expressed the theme more clearly. While
presenting it, we were not able to properly explain our thoughts. The poster itself couldve
shown more specific scenes, but I felt it was able to show the theme. In general we had to work
on explaining, and collaborating as a group better.

Poetry Journal- 100%

This project was especially enjoyable to do, as we were able to express ourselves with
more freedom. In each of my poems, I was able to show a topic I cared about deeply. My slam
poem, although short, was the one I was most proud of. I couldve expanded on the poem, but it
still expressed what I was trying to say. The illustrations were able to give an explicit and literal
image of my poems.

Odysseus Podcast- 80%

This project was fun to put together, but our group wasnt well organized. A few people
didnt partake in the jobs they were assigned, causing us to do extra work. On the assignment
itself, we were able to put together a humorous, yet informal podcast. We couldve made it a
little more informal, instead of focusing on making it enjoyable to listen to. We were missing the
reason why Odysseus was a hero, but the main reason this issue occurred was because we didn;t
come together to work on the project. On the script we included the reason, but while it was
recorded, it was excluded. Due to this lack of leadership, we missed a key component to the
project. In future projects, we should learn to recheck the final draft multiple times, and finish it
earlier to fix mistakes like these.

Romeo and Juliet Project- N/A

This project was definitely time consuming. We decided to make a pop-up book, with a
simpler version of the story to mimic a childrens book. Our group was more organized than
many of the other group projects I have had to do, but we did have many long work hours. The
students working on art (Miku and I) had to stay up late to finish making many of the pop ups,
and we had to meet up outside of school multiple times. It was especially tiring for me, being as I
was the only one in charge of watercoloring, but we eventually got it done and created a well put
together pop-up book. The writing portion was mainly done by the rest of the group, but we had
input in it as well. We summarized the play into a shorter, simpler version, which showed our
understanding of every event that occurred in the plot. At first it seemed that we bit off more
than we could chew, but we were able to put together a pop up book that showed our
understanding of the play, and was pleasing to the eyes.