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Lesson Plan Format

Class: Date: Thursday 18th May 2017. Time: Start: __9:20_________________

Kindergarten Finish: _10:10_________________
Key Learning Area: Lesson Topic: Counting forwars/backwards from 10, 20.
Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
Ss have previous lessons learnt how to count forwards and backwards to/from 20. Ss have also been introduced to before and after a given number.

Syllabus Outcome(s): Indicators of Learning for this lesson: Assessment:

One or two only. Please note the syllabus Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s). Strategies which will be used to assess
reference number AND write out in full. Quote syllabus numbers. Must be clear, specific, observable. learners attainment of learning outcomes.
Curriculum Content Strands may be used as headings. Should be linked to each learning indicator.

By the end of this lesson, the students will:

- MAe-4NA counts to 30, and orders,
reads and represents numbers in - Observation roaming and questioning
- count backwards from a given number in the range 0 to 20
the range 0 to 20
- identify the number before and after a given number
- Students worksheets (marking)
- describe the number before as 'one less than' and the number
after as 'one more than' a given number

Any safety issues to be considered: Resources:

List resources you used in preparing the lesson AND those used in the lesson implementation.
Number cards to 20, notebook on interactive whiteboard, small whiteboards and markers, Jelly
Beans template, Jar template, numbers sheet, glue, scissors

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Lesson Content / Indicators of Learning Timing Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences: Resources and Organisation:
(What is Taught): (mins) (How it is taught)
Note key skills, concepts and values Write detailed steps showing what the teacher (T) will do and
addressed in each section. Link to your what students (Ss) will do.
Indicators of Learning.

INTRODUCTION Thursday 18th May 2017

Always remind Ss about the 5 Ls for the 5 min T will revise Tuesday lesson with Ss asking Who remembers
classroom if needed for behaviour. what we learnt about yesterday in Mathematics?
Ask Ss what is counting forwards? followed on by what is
counting backwards?
Discuss activities from yesterday.

40 min While Ss are still seated, T will put a Youtube song: Count to
Learning intention for each group: 20 by Harry Kindergarten (Ss will be allowed to dance to this
1-5 Matching items to the numbers 1-5
Computer Notebook - numbers 1-20, whats the number after
1-10 7/one more than. Ss go up to white board and click on the
1-20 Differentiation for Ss
T will ask Ss to move into a circle and sit down. 1-5 - Christopher, Glorianna,
Differentiation Kaidence, Jordan, Brailee

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T explains we are now going to play a game called King or 1-10 Matty, Jurnee, Orion, Robert,
Queen of the Circle. Explain to Ss the rules, and that they Siarne, Ashton, Sophie
have to say the number one more than the one given. The 1-20 Jade, Kiyarah, Calob,
student who says the correct number first, moves on to the
next student and stands behind.

T will ask Ss to stay seated in the circle. T will place number

cards from 1-10 on the floor in any order. T will choose 2 Ss to
come and put the cards from in order backwards from 10-1.
Check with the students by counting back to see if correct. (if
not choose 2 more Ss to fix it)

Activity Groups Differentiated

Brown Paper, coloured paper,
1-5 Icecream Math Ss will cut out a cone shape. Ss will then scissors, glue
cut out the icecream in a circle shape to glue on the cone.

1-10 Counting Candles Computer/Whiteboard

1-20 Jelly Bean Jars to be cut out and the correct amount to Jelly Beans template, Jar template,
be glued on numbered jar. numbers sheet, glue, scissors

* Countdown Rocket Worksheet


5min T will ask Ss to pack away and put any activity sheets on the
teachers desk.
Ss will then come to the floor facing the whiteboard. T will
reflect with Ss what they have learnt today. T will ask what is
their favourite part of the Maths lesson and why?
When questions are finished T asks Ss to stay on the floor
then get ready for fruit break.

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