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Photoforchange in Europe Sustainable and motivate the young European generation to

Living in Changing Economy act in more positive and environmental-friendly
ways and to face the challenges that nature, the
The Photoforchange in Europe Sustainable Li- environment and climate are posing to our present
ving in Changing Economy initiative has been life-style. Green economy, green technologies and
imagined and realized by the City_SEC project green skills must be mobilized, as they hold the
Consortium in order to spread a new culture of answers for the complex scenarios of our current
sustainability and green society to people around society. The objective of Photoforchange in Eu-
Europe, especially young students and universi- rope initiative is to make culture and education
ties. included at the start of the human development.
The theme for Photoforchange in Europe was This can help to create powerful levers for so-
Sustainable Living and participants were asked cial economic and environmental development in a
to tell, through their photos, the undergoing green and sustainable perspective.
change toward a new sustainable approach in the The catalogue displays the 3 winning photos, Mi-
relationship between man and the surrounding gration by Istvn Kerekes, Wind of Change by
environment, focusing on people, atmospheres, Tmas Prkny, and In harmony by Zltan Serme-
world of work, personal behaviors, in relation to sic and the best 30 images received during the
the present society and lifestyles. In particular, competition by participants coming from Italy,
images were to describe the shift toward a rela- Hungary, Sweden, Greece and Poland.
tionship between man and environment, considered The collection of photos is also part of the Eu-
from its natural, urban, energy aspects, based ropean Sustainable Energy Week 2012 in Brussels,
on more energy efficient and sustainable criteria. where they are exhibited and open to the public.
Photos collected in this catalogue aim to inspire
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City_SEC project By the end of the project, nearly 50 European Mu-

nicipalities will have adhered to the Covenant of
The Photoforchange in Europe initiative is re- Mayors and will have submitted their Sustainable
alized in the framework of City_SEC project and Energy Action Plans, which favour increased awa-
is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe reness and knowledge of local and regional policy
programme. Through the cooperation of 8 part- makers on good practices for achieving energy
ners (mainly regional development and regional policy goals.
energy agencies from 6 different European coun- Photoforchange in Europe is one of the com-
tries) it aims to support the municipalities invo- munication and dissemination activities of the
lved in each partner region to undertake a long- City_SEC project that intend to spread the impor-
-term energy planning strategy. This will lead tance of sustainable energy, Co2 emissions reduc-
them to join the Covenant of Mayors Initiative tions and renewable energy production for Euro-
and develop actions that will go beyond the 20- pe.
20-20 EU energy targets.
City_SEC intends to contribute to the removal
of the social, administrative and legal barriers
that are involved in the uptake of renewable
energy. It intends to through training, infor-
mation and activities that address local policy
makers and Citizens. Furthermore, it also aims at
inducing a change related to the energy behavior
in the involved communities and achieving EU tar-
gets in sustainable energy use.
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Mattias Klum as hosts to a rich variety of life forms with

Mattias Klum is an esteemed and famous Swedish different ecological functions. We live in an in-
photographer working as freelance and for Na- ter-connected world. The stability of the Earths
tional Geographic. During his long career, he systems, and its long-term capacity to support
has described and portrayed animals, plants, and our world, has become every nations concernin-
natural and cultural settings in the form of ar- deed, every citizens concernalong with how we
ticles, books, films, lectures and exhibitions. He as a global community manage the entire biosphe-
published several books on this topic, and his re.
photographs have been shown in one-man exhibi- I personally believe that photography truly can
tions at renowned museums and art galleries in make a difference when it comes to inspiring
the United States, Singapore, India, Japan, and change and making all of us geared towards a
Great Britain, among other countries, and at ma- necessary mind shift process for a better world.
jor worldwide events as COP15 UN Climate Change
Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, Shanghai World There were many beautiful images to choose from
EXPO in 2010, 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium in and we in the jury tried to single out images
2011, and Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable that are beautiful artistically, but also with
Development in 2012. relevant content that convey the message and the
theme of the competition
Preserving the remaining beauty on Earth is a
core strategy for resilience and human prospe-
rity. This means that we must ensure that the
social-ecological systems we all live in remain
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Stefano Unterthiner ving. I believe the competition has been very im-
Stefano Unterthiner is an Italian naturalist pho- portant to discover and understand what has been
tographer who graduated from the Polytechnic Uni- already achieved and what we can do to improve
versity of Turin in natural sciences and obtained our ordinary lives in an environmental-friendly
a specialization in zoology at Aberdeen Universi- way.Opening the participation to young people and
ty, Scotland. students too, allowed to receive new inputs, mes-
Stefano has enjoyed snapping photos since he was sages and different photographic perspectives on
very young, but his activities as professional the competition topic, bringing back interesting
photographer started in the year 2000. Today, results also from the technical aspect. Shots col-
Stefano is the author of six photographic books lected demonstrate that today man is completely
and received the international award for Wild able to live in a sustainable way, but also highli-
life Photographer of the Year many times. His ght the several negative aspects of natural land-
works are regularly published in the most pre- scapes anthropization process. Photoforchange in
stigious international photo reviews. In 2009, Europe is also a unique opportunity to exhibit
Stefano became the first Italian to work for the photos collected in the 5 City_SEC countries
National Geographic, producing several stories and during the EUSEW 2012, contributing to sensi-
for the prestigious American review. tize people around Europe about the necessity of
this new fundamental sustainable approach to our
I enjoyed very much Photoforchange in Europe daily lives
especially as it aims to encourage young people
to look at their daily lives and experiences, and
capture tangible elements of our sustainable li-
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Roberto Caccuri first of all, new ideas, a new way of thinking that
Since the year 2000, Roberto Caccuri has been part could support a culturally different lifestyle.
of the Contrasto Agency team, an important pho- And, since whatever cultural change always passes
tojournalistic agency. He collaborates with major from a new emotional approach to the reality and
national and international newspapers and focuses the problems, I am sure that photography from this
particularly on environmental themes. Among his point of view can do much. Maybe, it is because I
many reportages, he has worked at a wide produc- am a photographer who tells stories in pictures,
tion on pollution sites and unauthorized buildings that I am convinced of this. But what you know
in Italy, a story about asbestos in Piedmont re- with the eyes, it is perceived and comprised with
gion, a project about nuclear disposal sites in the emotion before than with the reasoning, and in
Italy and on the atom cycle in France. He has also a deeper way, since the emotion is a powerful ink
done tracking shot of storages, underground rese- that allows us to write inside ourselves and that,
arch laboratories, and new and under construction wanting, can help us to rewrite our habits.
power stations and centres for nuclear fuel re-
processing. I thank therefore all those who have participa-
ted and organized this photographic competition,
Living more sustainably, in balance with the envi- whose images allow us to wander around with the
ronment and through a more conscious use of energy look in so many places, various and far, among
sources, is now a necessity. But how to get there? suggestions, ideas, provocations and emotions for
A lot is happening in the fields of technology and a more sustainable future.
energy efficiency, but perhaps we must also rethink
the development models and to do this this we need,
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photo: Istvn Kerekes (Hu)p r
M i g r at i o n
Starling Migration Over High voltage Wire
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The Author: Kerkes Istvan With this picture from February 2010 to this day
I won 48 prizes in 22 countries in 5 continents.
I was born in 1977 in Marosvsrhel and I now
live in the city of Mosonmagyarvr, in western The winning image in this competition showca-
Hungary, near the Austrian border. I am a high ses all challenges and opportunities assembled
school physical education teacher and also a fre- in one graphic and very appealing image. The
elancer photographer. fields providing food, the flock flitting past like
Since 2004, I have participated regularly in na- a grey cloud and the necessity by providing cle-
tional and international photo competitions and an energy to find a more sustainable path ahead
exhibitions where my pictures have been shown in
more than 40 countries, on 5 continents and have Comment by Mattias Klum
won over 300 prizes and awards.
Mainly, my photographs focus on social life, por-
traits, and nature photographs. For my work in
the field of art photography, I received the title
of Excellence FIAP gold level (EFIAP/g) in June of
2011 from the FIAP (The International Federation
of Photographic Art) .
My photos have been showcased in many publica-
tions, and my photo-reports and articles appear
regularly in A Fldgmb (The Globe) magazine, where I am a regular author.
My favourite, and my most valuable photo is
Yelena the girl with headscarf.
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photo: Tmas Prkny (Hu) Wind of Change
Wind of Change
The wind blows, time are changing
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The Author: Tams Prknyi

The photograph has been able to focus an evoca-
I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and re- tive atmosphere on the search of harmony between
cently completed my Master degree in International the gestures of the todays man and the surrounding
Economics. I am not a professional photographer but environment, in the context of a landscape partly
I have some background of photography work expe- compromised, where new structures for the produc-
rience and competition achievements. I was always tion of renewable energy are mixed to traditional
interested in arts and pursued several forms of industrial elements.
it during my childhood, where I was supported and
also inspired by my mother who is a graphic artist/ The key elements of the image, people and horizon,
painter. Photography is more than a hobby for me; are synthesized in an effective game of silouhette
it is an important part of my life. I have pursued that creates real and symbolic outlines at the same
it for over 10 years and I use digital technology time, generating an ambiguous atmosphere: the se-
and take photos in colour. I enjoy capturing a gi- renity that transpares from the natural and simple
ven moment, giving back the atmosphere of a place, gesture of the people walking hand in the hand and
making people remember or think. Therefore my art barefoot on the sand clashes with the glimpse of the
could be characterized by event, landscape, natu- industrial area on the background. On the horizon
re, urban, documentary and portrait photography. I several wind turbines are also delineated, providing
was lucky to be able to study, work and travel in further element of reflection on the relationship
several European countries, therefore a remarkable between sustainability of productive activities and
amount of my photos come from these experiences. territory.
My particular strengths lay in the ability of quick
subject detection, composing, predicting the deve- Comment by Roberto Caccuri
lopment of the scene and being persistent, which
were essential as several times I travelled with non
photographers so I was expected to operate quickly.
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photo: Zoltn Sermesic (Hu)p

- 13 -

The Author: Zoltn Sermesic different worlds, by portraying in the same image
I was born 1969 in former Yugoslavia and I now both the wild animals, represented by the roe de-
reside in West Hungary where I am a mechanical ers in the countryside fields - their natural ha-
engineer by profession, and a self-taught macro bitat - and the human presence, symbolized thro-
and landscape photographer in my spare time. I ugh the modern technology of wind plants, rising
purchased my Sony A300 camera to start a hobby in the horizon.
in 2008. The image underlines how the human being can
Mostly, I make my pictures on nearby fields, go perfectly gather together environmental susta-
places that I would have never gone before, and I inability and energy efficiency, in an integrated
look at details that I would have never otherwise vision of new technology and natural landscape.
have seen.
I came first place and received a special award in Comment by Stefano Unterthiner
the Keep up with the time, move with the wind
photo competition last year in Hungary and I
also collaborate with on-line forums like Dyxum
or Flickr.

This image captured my attention for its efficacy

to highlight the relationship between the wild
life and the presence of modern man, living in a
sustainable way.
The shot is able to restore the natural equili-
brium and possibility for co-existence of two
- 14 -

photo: Roberto Baroni (It)

T h e w ay o f t h e c o a l
The past give energy to the present

photo: Loretta Bartoli (It)p r z y k a d o w y t y-

Rolling Wheel
New Urban mobility
- 15 -

photo: Lszl Fodor (Hu)

photo: Monica Benassi (It)

A sheep enjoying the view
Val Ridanna
- 16 -

photo: Andrzej Peszek (Pl)

kite in Egipt
oil platforms on the horizont
- beautiful and terrible at same time.

photo: Lorenzo Palombini (It)

A H e a lt h y B r e a k f a s t
Human and Environment
- 17 -

photo: Sandro Ciccanti (It)

Know and Respect

The natural strength

photo: Zoltn Balogh (Hu)

Escape from the cit y

The cars and heavy traffic in a big city
makes people to escape
- 18 -

photo: Eleftherios Plavos (Gr)

W h e r e w i n d a n d w at e r m e e t
In Central Greece, in the town of Stilida, where the mountains meet
the sea, the cold northern winds against the southern sea
breezes. The selection and installation of generators to make good
use of the everlasting wind energy is of strategic importance.
Apicture taken just before a large number of wind generators was
put into place. Stilida

photo: Sergio Sevasta (It)

The future, alternatives to the cars
New York
- 19 -

photo: Michele Segaluscio (It)

Sui Generis Sunflowers
Sloped covered by solar panels

photo: Sara Casna (It)

T h e d a i ly r e v o l u t i o n o f s m a l l t h i n g s
The wood chopping
- 20 -

photo: Altea Ippolita Nori (It)

On the road

photo: George Nesis (Gr)

T r a m i n At h e n s
- 21 -

photo: Quian Cheng (It)

Girl on the train


photo: Anita Laurinyecz (Hu)

I m a l o n e a s t h e n at u r e
- 22 -

photo: Zoltn Balogh (Hu)

The modern trains of Budapest can serve the need of pu-
blic transport of big cities better than the old ones

photo: Folco Salani (It)

Ora et Labora
The mystical relationship between humans and nature
- 23 -


S av i n g s u n
Turning to nature might prove to be a great way to meet all the contemporary hu-
man needs. The sky reflecting onto the sea of solar panels is at times a heavenly

photo: Andrea Materni (It)

- 24 -

photo: Simone Bjrklun Andersson (Se)

A photo for change

Wind turbine and industrial smoke

photo: Theodoros Tzumas (Gr)

The passenger boat looks like the continuity of the city
- 25 -

photo: Michal Fludra (Pl)

Shalegas drilling
Northern Poland

photo: Arpad Radoczy (Hu)

How small are the human

- 26 -

photo: Szabolcs Koucs (Hu)

No name

photo: Monica Benassi (Tt)

The good earth

Man at work in a field
- 27 -

photo: Sgalippa Lorenzo (It)

S u n f lo w e r a n d s o l a r pa n e l s
dependency on sun and respect the environment.
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Photoforchange in Europe Sustainable
Living in Changing Economy is realized in
the framework of City_SEC Project
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