Hewlett-Packard to 'win with wellness'

“I think the difference with Full Health compared
to our other wellness programmes was their
technology streamlined the whole experience”

Ms Lindsay Smith

The Customer: The Solution:
Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the largest The Full Health solution was used to run the
technology companies in the world. Through its entire diabetes screening programme from initial
global Winning with Wellness programme, HP communication with staff to booking a
enables employees to get engaged in their well- -
being and motivated to achieve their wellness tion of health reports and diagnostic results, all of
goals. This programme is built on three main which was powered entirely online.

the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

The Challenge:
In late 2014 HP decided to run a diabetes
screening and cardiovascular risk programme for
its 2,000 staff across its three sites in Ireland. This

the management of one of its health screening
programmes to an external partner.


said Ms Lindsay Smith who works in the UK and cumference. if they needed to see their GP (red). They could then directly register and book available appointment employees could see if they had passed with times online with an onsite healthcare profes- sional. screening by email and following that they accessed the programme.” measurements such as blood pressure. BMI and tests such as in HP. Day. www. if any. 614 employees participated. “We have under taken a number of awareness and screening programmes in the The test parameters included relevant medical and family history. Powered by FAST FACTS Customer: HP is one of the worlds’ leading technology companies Sector: Employee Health and Wellbeing Project: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Programme Challenge: Needed a system to streamline the employee experience and to empower them to better health.platformmedicals. In addition they completed their online and keep a closer eye on some issues (amber) or diabetes and cardiovascular risk questionnaire. The report in- This streamlined the nurse appointment to 12 formed them of their cardiovascular risk and risk minutes – enabling up to 30 appointments per of diabetes and next actions to take. 67 per cent were male and 33 per cent were female. personalised health repor t which they could Employees were invited to take par t in the access securely online. waist cir. received a comprehensive. Two week window to complete on site component Return On Investment: educated and empowered to take necessary steps Minimum downtime for staff HR administration process eliminated Positive employee engagement and feedback Baseline of overall employee health and key recommendation provided for HR to support employee health How it worked: The screening programme took place over 8 days in November 2014 to celebrate World Diabetes urinalysis. heart rate. The project was supported by Aviva Health.com . uncomplicated for the employee. lifestyle analysis. personal report.

“It was another angle we could look at in get- ting that education and awareness out there to They could log in into the system on any device employees which is one of the most impor tant themselves to view it. Powered by PROJECT DETAIL The Process Entirely online via the Appointment Full Health solution Optimisation Test Parameters 97% Medical and family history Employee lifestyle.” www.com .” she added. send it to their GP. diet and exercise analysis. waist circumference. recommendations On site and liver function employee appointment time: 12 mins 30 appointments per day per nurse Why Full Health technology? According to Lindsay the individualised reports These interventions could include implement- generated by Full Health gave employees valuable ing more healthy options in the staff canteen for information about their health along with action example or extending the opening hours of the plans and advice on how they might improve it.” she said. population blood pressure. “The medical report gave a full breakdown of each of the needed attention. report with key body mass index. they could print it off and or actions that we want to do.platformmedicals. urinalysis. HbA1c. Lindsay explained that from a corporate perspective this allowed the company to look at ways in which it might intervene to suppor t employees to improve their health. on-site gym. The company was also presented with an overall population report which contained general information and data on the health and wellbeing of the employees.

really well”. “Through the whole process having the appointment and screening and getting the results back at the end. I think the away from us (HR) which was great so that really dif ference with Full Health compared to our worked and helped. the process as an external company managed the Asked if the company would use the Full Health programme as opposed to HR resources. Powered by Good Return on Investment: Overall Lindsay said that HP Ireland found the Full creating the communication awareness that Health solution “really positive”.” “It was run extremely well and the Lindsay explained that the fact that Full Health feedback we got from employees was ver y managed the entire programme from booking to positive.” she added. “One of the biggest administrative that would be a brilliant achievement” issues for us was around the booking aspect. “People found these screening programmes were happen- .platformmedicals.com w w w. ing and then the booking and managing that al”.com . It worked really. Info@platformmedicals. booking. I would have no “It also took that administration process reservations about it whatsoever. absolutely. other wellness programmes was their technology streamlined the whole experience” According to Lindsay “If we helped to reduce the risk of one of our employees becoming a diabetic. solution again for further screening programmes Lindsay said “Yes.” she added. it was something that was managed completely by the Full Health solution.

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