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Putnam City Best Out Of School Time

Program Description and Polices

Program Structure
PC-BOOST is a FREE afterschool program offered to second and third grade students at participating
schools. The purpose of the program is to provide additional enrichment as students are preparing for
the third grade reading test. PC-BOOST does not provide tailored tutoring or remediation, rather
through engaging activities the minds of students will be stimulated and help provide stronger
foundations for learning. In addition, the program encourages students to have positive attitudes
towards school.

Dates and Times

PC-BOOST starts Tuesday, September 27 and ends Friday, May 19. The program runs Monday-
Friday when school is in session from 3:30-5:15 for Central, Overholser, and Western Oaks and 3:30-
5:25 for Apollo, Arbor Grove, Hilldale and Windsor Hills with the exception of Parent/teacher
conferences and Holiday breaks. Following are important PC-BOOST dates to remember:
October 17-24, Cancelled due to Parent/Teacher conferences and Fall Break
November 19-23, Cancelled due to Thanksgiving break
Friday, December 9, Parent Assembly- come see what your child has accomplished.
December 19 January 4, Cancelled due to Christmas Break.
February 13-17, Cancelled due to Parent/Teacher conferences
Friday, March 24, Parent Assembly
May 19 (or to be determined by school), Parent Assembly

This is a five day a week program to benefit the students academics and attitudes towards school. For
safety purposes, and to assure you child is accounted for at all times, students should be in attendance
every day. Parents must notify the site coordinator in the event their child will be absent from PC-
BOOST. Chronic absenteeism will result in being dropped from the program.

Program Design
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered academic enrichment days. On these days students
will attend two, forty minute sessions. One session will be with a certified teacher leading the students
in literacy activities and the other session will be with an AmeriCorps member leading an enrichment
class. The enrichment session lasts for nine weeks and throughout the duration of the program the
students will cycle through each of the three enrichment tracts being offered. Tuesday is math fluency
practice and fitness. Friday is a club day in which students get to choose a club of their choice to
attend. The clubs will last for six sessions.

A snack and drink that is in compliance with the USDA guidelines will be served each day. Students
must consume the snack within the designated time and leftovers are not allowed to be taken off the
premises. Students with food allergies will be provided an alternative snack or drink.
All school rules apply during the PC-BOOST program. Classroom procedures will be implemented by
the afterschool teachers and AmeriCorps members. Site coordinators will be responsible for handling
more serious discipline issues. A parent will be notified if his/her child has some major discipline
issues that may result in in dismissal from PC-BOOST.

Medications and Allergies

The site coordinator will have access to the school clinic and daytime procedures for dispensing
medications will apply to afterschool.

The program ends at 5:15 or 5:25 (depending on the school) and students will be dismissed at that
time. Due to limited staff and resources, early pick up times are not allowed unless specific
arrangements have been made with the site coordinator. In the case of an emergency, a BOOST phone
number will be provided. All students should be picked up no later than 5:40. More than two late
pick-ups may result in your child being dismissed from the program. Students will not be released
without authorization as specified on the enrollment form as well as appropriate identification.

PC-BOOST is made possible at no cost to your child through a grant provided by AmeriCorps, a
national service program. This program is a federal initiative aimed at empowering citizens to better
their communities. Through the AmeriCorps grant, 50 AmeriCorps member positions are allotted in
which the members volunteer 300 or more hours of their time to mentor the students and carry out the
goals of the program. AmeriCorps members receive over 50 hours of training to effectively serve in
their positions. Putnam City Schools also contributes financially to make this program possible.

Students currently in the second or third grade are eligible to enroll in PC-BOOST. Enrollment is
limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. Students who enroll online will have a secured spot
sooner than a student who submits a paper application. Spots are only available to students who will
make the commitment to attend on a daily basis until 5:15/5:25 PM.

Ready to ENROLL your child in PC-BOOST?

Go to
Click on Schools tab at the top of the page.
Click on the name of the school your child attends.
Locate the AmeriCorps emblem on the schools website.
Click on the AmeriCorps emblem to access the enrollment form.