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Keeping your digestive
system strong and
healthy works with
what you eat, your
lifestyle and regular
medical check-ups.
Look inside to learn
more about keeping
your gut healthy.
2 Digestive Health & You SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017

Punch to the gut


VERY often, people who are

experiencing stomach cramps,
fatigue and fever may brush off the Persistant stomach cramps,
whole ordeal and assume the cause reduced appetite and weight
for such symptoms to be a mere research, prevention and therapy. loss could signal more than
a stomach bug.
The good news is
stomach bug. This years campaign was aimed
However, when the intense at providing gastroenterologists,
pain persists and other symptoms
include watery or bloody stools,
patients, healthcare providers
and the general public with the
that the number of
reduced appetite and weight loss, relevant basic and clinical IBD cases remains
relatively low in
there is a possibility that you have knowledge surrounding IBD.
inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A crucial factor about IBD is
IBD was the focus of last weeks
World Digestive Health Day, an
that there is still a lack of
understanding or information
Malaysia and there are
annual initiative by the World
Gastroenterology Organisation
about the diseases manner of
development inside the human
therapies available.
(WGO) to increase the general body within the medical fraternity.
awareness of specific digestive Scientists and doctors have yet to
disorders, including their related pinpoint the definite causes of IBD
and the medications currently Both conditions have
prescribed to IBD patients are overlapping and distinct clinical
mere therapies to dampen the and pathological features that are a
aberrant immune response or result of an abnormal
suppress the inflammation. immunological response whereby
The good news is that the the patients white blood cells and
number of IBD cases remains other inflammatory cells attack the
relatively low in Malaysia and gastrointestinal tract, leading to
there are therapies available. prolonged, uncontrolled
However, this does not inflammation and ulceration.
mean that Malaysians should In severe cases, IBD is
take the disease lightly as it particularly debilitating and
can greatly impede daily life greatly restricts ones daily life,
by causing water and salt says Prof Dr Lee Yeong Yeh,
loss, anaemia, dehydration, professor of medicine and
severe weight loss and consultant of gastroenterology at Malaysias Young Scientist determine if therapies proven to be
possibly life-threatening Universiti Sains Malaysia. Network, says the common effective in one population will be
complications in the long run. Although the symptoms in symptoms include abdominal pain, comparably effective in another.
milder cases may subside, they can watery or bloody stools, fever, Another challenge will be to
Understanding the recur and progress to become
more severe if left untreated.
weight loss and feeling easily tired
while less common ones include
facilitate access to novel expensive
therapies in lesser privileged
threat Severe cases may require joint and skin problems. countries.
specialised treatment in the form World Digestive Health Day 2017 Though the cause of IBD is
IBD can be separated into two of biologics managed by a chair Dr Charles Bernstein wrote in unknown, genetic and
main disease categories gastroenterologist. Those of higher his introduction of IBD on WGOs environmental factors are believed
Crohns disease (CD) that affects severity may need surgery. website: The pathogenesis of IBD to play a role in triggering the
the colon and ulcerative colitis Prof Lee, who also holds the is incompletely understood. As IBD disease.
(UC) that can affect any part of the position of science leadership chair is increasingly a worldwide
digestive system. of the Academy of Sciences disease, one challenge will be to > TURN TO PAGE 4
4 Digestive Health & You SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017

Mitigating the risk


According to a 2015 article titled Fifteen per cent

Management of IBD in Malaysia
published in the IBD Research
of patients with
journal, the prevalence of UC in the United
inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),
ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's Kingdom were
disease (CD) in the country was at
9.24, 6.67 and 2.17 per 100,000
unable to work
persons respectively. after five to 10 years
Hence, the estimated number
of people with IBD in Malaysia is living with the
between 2,000 and 3,000, with a
larger number of cases among the
disease while patients
Indian ethnic community and the with moderate to
majority of all patients falling
below the age of 30. severe UC faced a 30%
While it is good that many
people do not live with IBD in
increased risk of work
Malaysia, this in itself can be impairment compared
discouraging for patients.
The journal article states that to those without.
there is a lack of experience in the
use of biologics to treat IBD,
leading to the overuse of steroids.
In addition, it claims that to the overlapping symptoms.
surgical expertise is limited as Prof Lee agrees that awareness
there are few colorectal surgeons of the disease is generally low
with specific IBD training or among healthcare providers and higher affecting roughly 240,000 increased risk of work impairment While the awareness of IBD may
experience. IBD can be difficult to distinguish people or 400 patients per 100,000 compared to those without. still be low in Malaysia, the
Worse still is when patients of from cancers based on symptoms of the population the IBD One would be forgiven for Malaysian medical field is starting
IBD require surgery but exhibit alone. Standards Group (a UK group wondering if Malaysia too will face to pay more attention to
side effects of long-term steroid use However, he adds, Subsequent made up of various digestive, such a dire situation, given the understanding the disease.
and nutritional deficiencies, investigations including paediatric and gastroenterology rising number of IBD cases locally The establishment of an IBD
further compromising surgical colonoscopy should be able to associations and societies) reported and how the situation can take a interest group, Persatuan Crohn
success. differentiate between IBD and that up to 85% of IBD patients toll on an already stressed national dan Kolitis Malaysia, as well as
These findings mirror another cancer, and if there is suspicion of required hospitalisation and up to healthcare system. collaborations with international
2015 article, Chronic attacks on the either condition, it is best to refer 70% of patients with CD required Fortunately, Malaysias IBD agencies such as the European
bowel, which states that due to the to a gastroenterologist or specialist surgery within five years of numbers are still among the lowest Crohns and Colitis Organisation
infrequent number of IBD cases in in bowel disorders. diagnosis. globally. In addition, Prof Lee and Asian Organization for
the country, some diagnoses were Fifteen per cent of patients with believes that Malaysia has the right Crohns & Colitis are steps in the
delayed by doctors or, worse,
mistaken for other conditions such
Defusing the situation UC in the UK were unable to work
after five to 10 years living with
therapies in place, whether
through biologics or surgery.
right direction, but the medical
fraternity also needs to ensure
as irritable bowel syndrome, In the United Kingdom where the disease while patients with However, patients need to have the Malaysia continues to have a
haemorrhoids or even cancer due the prevalence of IBD is much moderate to severe UC faced a 30% right diagnosis early. control of the situation.

A complete and balanced nutrition intake broad specificity for various types of food
helps maintain healthy body functions. such as cereal grains, legumes, dairy
However, this can only happen when the products, meat and other foods.
body can optimally carry out its digestive Biogrow Mixed Berries with Multi
process, which involves food ingestion, food Enzymes is formulated with a delicious
digestion, nutrient absorption and blend of mixed berries for enhanced flavour
utilisation. and tooth-friendly sweetener, xylitol.
Even the most complete diet will not It is available in chewable tablet form,
benefit the body if it is not properly broken making it suitable for kids, adults as well as
down into nutrients that are readily the elderly. Just chew one or two chewable
absorbed and used. tablets after every meal to supply the body
Poorly digested food may lead to with natural enzymes that complement your
occasional abdominal discomfort, bloating daily diet.
and other undesirable symptoms. Biogrow Mixed Berries with Multi
Enzymes are specifically produced by our Enzymes is available at all leading
body to assist in the breakdown of food and pharmacies nationwide.
unlocking of nutrients, allowing them to be
effectively absorbed and used by the body. This article is brought to you by Legosan
However, ageing, unhealthy lifestyles and (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
poor eating habits can interfere with the
bodys ability to produce adequate supply of n For more information, call 03-7956 2220 or
enzymes for the above process. e-mail
In addition, certain cooking methods and
processing technology can destroy the
natural enzymes in raw foods. Biogrow Mixed Berries with Multi
For these reasons, obtaining an alternative Enzymes is available in bottles of 60 or
source of enzymes is important to maintain
120 chewable tablets.
optimum health.
Biogrow Mixed Berries with Multi
Enzymes contains a broad spectrum of
10 natural plant and microbial-derived
enzymes imported from
the United States that can
work in a broad pH range
from pH3 to pH9
throughout the body.
This enzymatic
combination includes
amylase, protease, lipase,
cellulase, lactase, maltase,
invertase, bromelain and
two proprietary enzymes
Peptizyme SP and
HemiSeb, which possess
SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017 Digestive Health & You 5

Your friendly bacteria probiotics

PROBIOTICS, as defined by the
Food and Agriculture Organization Probiotics may
positively change
of the United Nations (FAO) and
Biogrow Probiotics
World Health Organization (WHO),
contains stable
are live microorganisms which,
when administered in adequate microencapsulated the intestinal flora,
amounts, confer a health benefit probiotic strains that
can withstand the inhibit the growth
of bad bacteria
on the host.
The interest in probiotics has harsh environment
of your guts.
been growing in the past few years
due to their potential health (pathogenic),
benefits on humans.
Various studies have
promote better
demonstrated that probiotics may digestion, enhance
positively change the intestinal
flora, inhibit the growth of bad immune function
bacteria (pathogenic), promote
better digestion, enhance immune
as well as alleviate
function as well as alleviate stomach upset.
stomach upset.

Choosing the right

probiotics be aware that the benefits and exert beneficial effects. in faeces. strains (L. acidophilus Rosell-52, L.
properties of certain probiotics are However, it would be difficult The survival of probiotics is of rhamnosus Rosell-11 and B.
Nowadays, it is easy for strain-specific. for certain probiotics to get utmost importance because only longum Rosell-175).
consumers to get probiotic For example, general through this harsh environment live probiotics confer health Each strain is supported by
supplements from pharmacies. L.acidophilus may not work the without proper technology. benefits to us, not the dead ones. scientific studies to ensure
However, how do we know if we same as L. acidophilus Rosell-52. Hence, experts have provided consumers get the right probiotics
are taking the right probiotics that
truly benefit our guts?
Therefore, a clinically identified
probiotic strain is a must because it
the solution Probiocap
Microencapsulation Technology.
Biogrow Probiotics your that are truly safe and beneficial to
their guts.
According to Expert Panel of the assures consumers of the safety This technology protects probiotics choice of probiotics Get Biogrow Probiotics now for
United Nations and WHO, a and quality of this particular strain in harsh conditions such as gastric better gut health. It is available at
probiotic should meet the criteria of probiotics. acidity, compression as well as Biogrow Probiotics provides all leading pharmacies.
below to be truly termed as thermal shock up to 50C, thus highly stable microencapsulated
l Clinically identified strains Are your probiotics getting ensuring better survival rate of
probiotics during the intestinal
strains made from the patented
Probiocap Microencapsulation
This article is contributed by
Legosan (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
(eg. Lacidophilus Rosell-52) through? transit and their quality. Technology from Institut Rosell-
l Safety assessment According to a scientific study, Lallemand, Canada, which ensures n For more information, call
l Clinical efficacy evidence Besides probiotic strains, it is microencapsulated probiotics are the probiotics are resistant to heat 03-7628 8831/03-7956 2220 or visit
l Shelf-stable formulation also crucial to choose probiotics five times more efficient than shock up to 50C, resistant to
The determination and that are able to withstand gastric the same uncoated strains in gastric acid and bile acid as well as This is a supplement product
confirmation of strain identity is acid, bile acid and attach strongly terms of gut colonisation and have higher survival rate. advertisement.
the key. Many consumers may not to your intestinal lining in order to the amount of bacteria detected It consists of three different KKLIU No.0084/2017

The Oat BG22 Crispy Cereal Snack Pack comes in convenient packs so children can enjoy a
high-fibre snack even when on the go.

Healthy snack for kids

Paediatric experts
ONE in seven children in Malaysia is
affected by obesity. In accordance to the
Malaysian Dietary Guidelines for Children
and Adolescents, it is advisable for
favour increasing fibre
everyone, especially parents, to identify consumption as the first
treatment option for
and give children cereal foods that are
high in fibre and low in fat, sugar and
Studies show consistent benefits of chronic constipation in
dietary fibre in body weight control and
digestive health among children and adults.
healthy children, before
Paediatric experts favour increasing fibre resorting to laxatives.
consumption as the first treatment
option for chronic constipation in healthy
children, before resorting to laxatives.

High fibre, high protein from the packet to increase daily fibre
One packet (15g) of Oat BG22 Crispy High fibre intake has been associated
Cereal Snack Pack is high in fibre and with improved bowel function and better
protein and contains only 51kcal. Made weight management.
from oat bran from Germany, the snack
is rich in iron and magnesium. n For more information, call 03-7956 2220
Children can enjoy one or two packets of (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), e-mail
the crispy cereal a day with fresh fruits, or visit
milk and yoghurt or eat the snack straight
6 Digestive Health & You SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017

HAVING pioneered the journey towards

wellness for decades, Vitagen is a brand
synonymous to better digestion.
As the nations No.1 and first cultured milk
drink, Vitagen celebrates 40 years of
digestive care expertise through its launch
of a public awareness campaign that stresses
the significance of gut health to ones overall

Spotlight on good gut health

Highlighting the five signs of and five steps
to good gut health, the campaign speaks
directly to consumers, guiding them through
the essentials of leading a healthy, balanced
Touting three core messages our
immunity starts from our gut, gut health
affects mental clarity and our gut impacts
our mood the campaign focuses on the
digestive system and its everyday influence
on our lives.
This campaign follows a string of other
initiatives in Vitagens long-term efforts to
champion gut health.
As a pioneer in sponsoring programmes
to facilitate the promotion of digestive care,
Vitagen collaborated with Digestive Health
Malaysia (DHM) and the Nutrition Society of
Vitagen is available in the Vitagen Regular, Vitagen Less Sugar and Vitagen Collagen Less Sugar variants to cater to different tastes and needs.

Championing the cause

Malaysia (NSM) to launch the Good Gut
Health Awareness (GGHA) campaign last
Fortifying Vitagens brand value of being
the good gut expert, the GGHA campaign
featured extensive research on live, good
bacteria and their beneficial effects in
rebalancing gut flora, thus reinforcing the
message a better gut begins with a bottle It also assists in suppressing the growth of Less Sugar helps replenish the bodys
of Vitagen.
Vitagens commitment to educating
harmful bacteria, thus reducing the risk of
intestinal disturbances for optimal digestive
collagen level, aiding in the maintenance
of a youthful complexion as well as
Vitagen assists in
Malaysians about gut health can best be health. counteracting the wear and tear of bodily suppressing the growth
exemplified when it stepped up to become joints.
of harmful bacteria,
the sole sponsor for the first World Digestive
Catered to all Just like the other variants, it contains
Health Day in Malaysia in 2009. Today, it
continues to play a pivotal role and remains Vitagen is available in a few variants.
billions of good bacteria as well as dietary
prebiotic fibre, vitamin C and marine
thus reducing the risk of
an active sponsor annually. Vitagen Regular comes in a line-up of real collagen peptides. intestinal disturbances for
Last month, Vitagen hosted its first
World Digestive Health Day event with the
fruit flavours, including apple, grape, orange
and the signature LB flavour.
Beyond every measure, our gut health
is fundamental to defining our overall optimal digestive health.
support of DHM and NSM. Each bottle contains billions of good well-being.
Part of the success of these campaigns bacteria, 0% fat and no preservatives, Having the awareness and an
lies in the efficacy of the product itself. making it a good daily supplement for all. understanding of what it means to be
Containing billions of live, good bacteria, For those opting for lower sugar intake, healthy as we take active steps to get there system begin with Vitagen.
Vitagen aids in the absorption of nutrients there is Vitagen Less Sugar. marks only the beginning of our journey
from food, stimulating a stronger immune Besides contributing to better digestion towards building a healthier nation. n For more information, call 1800 885 587
system. and stronger immunity, Vitagen Collagen Better digestion and a stronger immune or visit

A watery situation
LIVING in Malaysia means every day can be through the rectum to identify sources of
a gastronomic adventure. Many individuals, bleeding or infection.
especially those living in urban areas, rely The most common treatment option for
on hawker stalls and restaurants to get most food poisoning is ensuring that a patient
of their meals. does not experience dehydration from
Although tasty and convenient, eating out excessive loss of fluids. This includes
all the time exposes one to a higher risk of managing diarrhoea as well as controlling
food poisoning, which can prove to be the nausea and vomiting.
dangerous and even fatal if immediate Patients may be prescribed oral
medical attention is not sought. rehydration mixtures to replenish fluids and
Food poisoning occurs when minerals lost through diarrhoea and
contaminated food is consumed. The food vomiting. If necessary, they may also be
could be contaminated through contact with given antibiotics to stop the infection.
faecal matter during handling or prepared Under extreme circumstances of
with contaminated ingredients and/or water. dehydration, the doctor may admit a patient
The two most common types of bacteria to a hospital so that he may receive
responsible for food poisoning are intravenous (IV) saline fluid restoration and
Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. medication.
Other types of bacteria that cause severe Infants, pregnant women and the elderly
food poisoning symptoms include tend to manifest more serious symptoms of
Salmonella, Shigella, cholera and food poisoning. Therefore, close attention
Campylobacter enteritis. must be paid to their symptoms and
Food poisoning occurs in the gut, mainly treatment.
the small and large intestines. The virulent In terms of diet, it is recommended that
bacteria produce harmful toxins that elicit patients with food poisoning cease the
inflammation in the bowel system. consumption of solid foods until they have
Inflammation leads to symptoms such as been rehydrated and stopped vomiting and
abdominal cramps, fever and chills, nausea, experiencing diarrhoea.
vomiting and diarrhoea. Bloody diarrhoea Once they feel better, they can try
and feeling weak are more serious consuming foods such as crackers, toasts,
symptoms of food poisoning. banana, clear soups, decaffeinated tea and
Doctors often diagnose and treat food porridge.
poisoning based on patients description of It may take some time to be on their feet
symptoms and stool texture as well as a again, so they should not rush into
physical examination of the abdomen. If consuming dairy, high-fat and spicy foods
there is a reported outbreak of a certain upon recovery.
infection, doctors may prescribe a stool test Patients require plenty of rest and should
to identify the bacteria. take the day off their duties to regain
Severe cases involving haemorrhage may strength. With proper treatment, they
warrant a sigmoidoscopy where a thin should recover from food poisoning within
hollow tube with a camera is inserted 12 to 48 hours.
SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017 Digestive Health & You 7

For a healthy gut

PREBIOTICS are a source of food for
probiotics to grow, multiply and survive in
the gut. Prebiotics are fibres that cannot be
absorbed or broken down by the body and
therefore serve as a great food source for
Prebiotics by nature do not stimulate the
growth of bad bacteria or other pathogens.
The official definition of prebiotics is non-
Probiotics support
digestible food ingredients that beneficially immunity by stimulating
the bodys natural
affect the host by selectively stimulating the
growth and/or activity of one or a limited MAL11080010XC
number of bacteria in the colon, which can
improve host health. defences and lining
Prebiotics occur naturally in our diet and
can be found in garlic, onions, asparagus and
the intestines with
bananas. However, one may have to eat a protective layer of
large quantities of these foods to have a
bifidogenic effect that is to increase the friendly bacteria that bars
levels of friendly bacteria in our intestines.
For this reason, many people find it easier
pathogenic substances in
to take a prebiotic supplement or a the gut from harming the
combination probiotic and prebiotic
supplement (called a symbiotic) to ensure body.
they are feeding their levels of friendly
Common prebiotics include
fructooligosaccharide (FOS), intestines alive and in good condition to
galactooligosaccharide (GOS), inulin and exert their action. This dual-coated
lactulose. technology is patented in the European
As two-thirds of the bodys immune contain multiple strains tend to be more Union, Japan and South Korea.
What are probiotics? system is managed in the gut, it may be
important to keep ones probiotic levels high.
effective overall than products containing an
extremely high concentration of just one or
Besides this, Nutriforte Lactoghurt
contains five different strains and is tested
According to the World Health two strains. initially and at the end of shelf life to ensure
Organization, probiotics are live
How to choose a good probiotics that all strains survive together until the
microorganisms which when administered
in adequate amounts confer a health benefit supplement? How is Nutriforte Lactoghurt time of expiry.
This product is developed by Cell Biotech,
on the host. beneficial? a Danish-Korean bio-venture enterprise that
Probiotics support digestive health by Many people believe that the best specialises in fermentation and microbial
producing specific enzymes needed in the probiotic supplement is the one with the No two probiotics formulae produce the coating technology, and is fully imported
digestion of food and aiding the breakdown most bacteria in it, which are measured in same results. The benefits observed clinically from South Korea.
of food substances. Probiotics also improve colony-forming units (CFUs). among probiotics vary according to the Lactoghurt is available at all leading
the absorption of vitamins and minerals into However, research to date has shown that manner in which those bacteria are independent pharmacies and chain stores
the bloodstream. it is not the total number of bacteria in a prepared and protected, and according to such as Caring, Healthlane, Vitacare, AA, BIG,
Probiotics support immunity by product that is important, it is the number of the strains used. Multicare and Cosway Farmasi.
stimulating the bodys natural defences and different strains of bacteria it includes. Nutriforte Lactoghurt contains FOS, which
lining the intestines with a protective layer Because the different strains of probiotic provides a synergistic effect to promote n For more information, call Pharmaforte
of friendly bacteria that bars pathogenic bacteria have slightly different functions and healthy gut. (M) Sdn Bhd at 03-7803 6998.
substances in the gut from harming the are concentrated in various places along the It uses a dual-coated technology called This is a supplement product advertisement.
body. digestive tract, probiotic supplements that Duolac to ensure the bacteria reach the KKLIU No.0903/2016

Understanding fibre content

ACCORDING to the Malaysian Dietary product contains at least 6% of oat fibre or
Guidelines, the recommended daily intake of 3g of total fibre in a single serving.
total fibre for Malaysians is 20g to 30g per Therefore, it is imperative for consumers
day. to find out from the product label how much
However, Malaysian Journal of Nutrition of total fibre (including oat beta-glucans) a
reported that more than half of Malaysian serving of the food can deliver, along with
adults consume only about 13g to 15g known amounts of carbohydrate or sugar
of dietary fibre per day, indicating a content and total caloric intake.
fibre-deficient diet among adults. Biogrow Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder and
Dietary fibre content is usually listed Oat BG22 Crispy Cereal contain high
on a food label as total fibre, which is a amounts of fibre to benefit your digestion.
combination of soluble fibre and insoluble Both are made of natural ingredients
fibre. Swedish oat bran. They are free of artificial
Both types have distinctive health benefits. ingredients, thickeners and fillers.
It is important to select the right dietary Two scoops or sachets (18g) of oat bran
fibre to deliver the desired health benefits. powder or one packet (30g) of crispy cereal
Products that are made of natural oat bran daily provides 3g oat beta-glucan (soluble
such as oat bran powder and crispy oat fibre).
cereals contain high amounts of the soluble High in total fibre and low in glycaemic
fibre known as oat beta-glucans. index (GI), both the oat bran powder and
A daily intake of 3g oat beta-glucan has cereal offer soluble and insoluble fibre with
been extensively studied and documented at least 22% total fibre content. They have
for cholesterol-lowering and blood been tested in the laboratory to be low in GI
glucose-regulating benefits. and suitable for diabetics.
According to the European Food Safety
Authority (EFSA), the ingestion of insoluble This article is brought to you by Legosan
fibre improves bowel function by increasing (M) Sdn Bhd.
bulk in stool and bowel regularity.
The Health Ministry states that the gut n For more information, call 03-7956 2220 or
health benefit is achieved when a food e-mail
8 Digestive Health & You SUNDAY STAR, 4 JUNE 2017

HAVING a balanced diet is, as we all know,

key to good health but Muslims must pay
greater attention to what and how they
consume food during Ramadan especially as
their bodies adjust to the new routine.

Even though fasting is an annual

obligation, it is a concern when Muslims
start to pick up unhealthy eating habits
during the non-fasting hours.
The food and drinks consumed during the
non-fasting hours can greatly affect ones
mental and physical abilities the following
day. As it is a month-long fast, healthy eating
habits must not be forgotten.

Eating in order
Among the things that people may do
wrong is deciding to skip sahur.
Skipping the morning meal out of
convenience, desiring more sleep or simply
because one does not feel hungry early in
the morning may not sound like a big deal
but it is important that people consume a
decent amount of food as it will provide
them with the energy and fluids required to
last the day.
A complete meal with the right nutrients,
fibre and roughage will help prevent people
Moderate food consumption is important when fasting to ensure the body is still sufficiently nourished.

Eating in moderation
from feeling lethargic or weak as they go
about their daily activities.
After spending the entire day without food
or drink, it is then natural to want to quickly
satiate one's hunger and quench one's thirst
but it is advisable for one to eat in
moderation to avoid problems such as
indigestion, regurgitation and heartburn.
Prof Dr Lee Yeong Yeh, science leadership considerable amounts of oil, sugar, coconut Prof Lee says, Some people may find

A complete meal with

chair of Young Scientist Network of the milk, fat and salt, not to mention artificial dishes rich in oil and coconut milk to cause
Academy of Sciences Malaysia, says, Eating flavouring, sodium and preservatives. abdominal discomfort, indigestion, gas and
too quickly often ends up with excessive
eating, worsening indigestion and more
It is no surprise then that high
consumption of such foods coupled with
He shares that patients with underlying
the right nutrients, fibre
severe acid reflux. long hours of inactivity can put people at heart disease, diabetes mellitus and and roughage will help
prevent people from
He also suggests that people who have had risk of gaining weight. hypertension may also find their diseases
stomach surgery, in particular, must avoid People need to monitor their food intake worsening when consuming large amounts
eating too quickly. to ensure they eat everything in moderation.
It is important to cut down on fried chicken,
of such foods during Ramadan.
Prof Lee, who is also professor of medicine
feeling lethargic or weak
Considering the intake French fries and other fried foods as these and consultant of gastroenterology at as they go about their
daily activities.
foods are high sources of saturated fat and Universiti Sains Malaysia, adds, Some
Many of Malaysias tastiest dishes have calories. people may find processed foods to cause
abdominal discomfort, indigestion, gas and
reflux as well. In more severe cases, they
lead to the possibility of food poisoning,
causing diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.
consume coconut water to quench your
Keep properly hydrated thirst and remain hydrated.
Another way to keep hydrated is to
Many individuals do not drink enough consume more fruits. Whether consumed
fluids during the non-fasting window, which whole, as fresh juice or a slushy, fruits
can cause dehydration and even constipation provide high amounts of vitamins, minerals
during the day. and dietary fibre that are important for the
Relying heavily on caffeinated drinks such body and also a good way to detoxify the
as colas, energy drinks, tea and coffee, digestive system.
however, will further dehydrate the body. Granted, there are many tasty and
While breaking fast, drinks and desserts delicious delicacies to feast upon in Malaysia.
such as rose syrup, air bandung, cendol and However, many of these dishes should not
colourful kuih-muih are sweet to the taste be a staple in any diet, particularly for those
and can be refreshing but these treats are who are fasting this month.
also sources of empty calories that will add Fortunately, there are countless
some unwanted kilogrammes to your alternatives available that can provide the
weight. right nutritional requirements to last the
People need to consume such treats day. One simply has to be more mindful of
moderately. As a better alternative, you can his or her daily intake.