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Daniel Measurement and Control


The Key to Accurate and Reliable Flow
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Served Markets
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Gas Measurement Products

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Daniel is a global leader in providing fiscal Liquid Measurement Products

flow and energy measurement products, page 16 - 19
systems and services to the oil and gas
industry. The Daniel name is synonymous
Metering Systems
with quality products, industry expertise
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and innovative engineering.

With 80 years of experience in custody Measurement Services

transfer and fiscal flow measurement,
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we understand that a small change in
measurement accuracy can have a major
impact on profitability. Thats why Daniel is
committed to helping customers measure
and understand oil and gas flows using
intelligent meters, control all key metering
parameters with predictive metering
systems that detect potential system
failures before they happen and sustain
metering equipment with expert life-cycle

About the cover

flow disturbances - The flow profile in a
pipe can be impacted by bends, valves,
headers, filters, or anything that impedes
flow in the pipe. The disturbed flow
cross flow asymmetry swirl
profile is described by terms such as cross
flow, asymmetry, and swirl, resulting in
fluid measurement error.

Bringing technology
and engineering
together to create
innovative solutions
is deeply rooted
in our heritage

Since its inception in the early 1930s when Paul Daniel invented
The Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting, whose basic design still reigns
at gas pipelines today, Daniel Measurement and Control continues
to be a global and powerful force of innovation in the oil and gas

Today, customers in more than 80 countries are entrusting their

measurements to Daniel products, systems and services because
they understand the ability of the Daniel brand to produce
reliable, accurate and consistent measurement results.

About the photo

Inventor and company founder, Paul Daniel, with an early model of a Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting and his sky blue convertible Dodge,
(Bakersfield, CA).

2 3
The key to accurate and The right meter for the right application Proper installation and maintenance
reliable flow measurement The selection of the meter device depends upon the process
conditions, the intended rangeability of the system and the
Attention to installation detail, piping requirements, and
maintenance are critical to flow meter performance and to
fluid properties. For optimum performance, the meter must achieving accurate measurement.
Good system design be capable of covering a wide flow range and maintain the
required linearity. Most properly installed meters require minimal maintenance.
When designing a measurement station it is important to understand A few however may require routine service. The frequency of
the product to be measured, apply the correct equipment, and A typical list of selection factors include the following: routine maintenance varies with process fluid, type of meter
implement the appropriate volume correction calculations. and nature of the upset condition.
Is the measurement to be mass or volume?
The following considerations need to be addressed to minimize
Flow meters are also subject to measurement errors associated
measurement uncertainty: Is the measurement of liquid, gas, or vapor? Are there
with the effects of the installation configuration when the
mixtures, or are they in combination with solids?
circumstances of the field installation differ significantly from
What is the composition or fluid to be measured?
Is the fluid corrosive, passive, clean, or dirty? those of the baseline calibration.
Crude oil
What is the ratio of the maximum flow rate to the Installation errors are bias errors, not random errors. For
Light liquid hydrocarbon condensate natural gas liquids minimum flow rate? this reason, special attention should be paid to minimizing
Pure product What are the operating temperatures and pressures? measurement errors caused by installation effects.

Propane What pressure drop is permissible; that is, what is the

energy consumption?
What fluid properties must be considered? These include
Refined product
viscosity, density, compressibility, electrical conductivity,
What is the minimum, maximum and normal flow rate? etc.
What is the operating pressure and temperature? What accuracy is needed?
How does the operating pressure and temperature affect: Is rate of flow or totalization required?
Density What signal and display are required?
Expansion/contraction characteristics What is the total cost of ownership?
Viscosity What maintenance is required and who has to do it?
Vapor pressure
What other operational factors affect proper measurement?
Basic sediment and water
Based on the answers to the previous questions, what is the best
measuring device to handle the product?
What types of calculations will be implemented to correct the
volume or mass measured at process conditions to the standard
How will accurate calibration or verification data be generated from
the primary measuring device?

4 5
Accurate flow calibration and proving Advanced real-time diagnostics Smart system-wide control
Calibration provides confidence in a measurement and assurance that Smart measurement devices with predictive intelligence deliver An effective metering system should provide users with a
an instrument has the accuracy required to maintain a product or advanced diagnostic information from the field, report current dashboard that shows how changes in one device are going to
process within specifications. device health and in turn reduce measurement uncertainty and affect the whole production cycle.
streamline maintenance efforts.
To determine the appropriate calibration scope, decisions need to be Being able to monitor and control all key metering parameters,
made regarding the variables to be measured and the desired accuracy A prescribed meter re-calibration scheme does not always proving and samplingall from one location is key to greater
based on the application standpoint and upon the capabilities of the ensure accurate measurement. Using real-time advanced operating efficiency, optimal throughput and accurate
device being calibrated. diagnostics to monitor the meters performance is the right measurement.
way to ensure proper and accurate operation.
Flow measurement devices are generally calibrated by three methods: A smart and automated control solution will put you in control
Advanced velocity-based diagnostics ensure the dynamics of of your metering system and lets you:
Wet calibration using actual fluid flow the metering system remain within control limits.
View any aspect of your system, down to a specific device
Dry calibration using flow simulation by electronic or mechanical
means Compare different meter streams based on temperature,
pressure, flow meter factors and repeatability
Measurement check of physical dimensions and use of empirical
tables relating flow rate to these dimensions View proving sequence flow charts, measurement
uncertainty reports and online calculations for timely
detection of measurement variability

6 7
Crude Oil and Gas Petroleum Refined Product

Production Key Products

Refining Key Products
Transportation Key Products
Offshore Ultrasonic Flow Process control Ultrasonic Flow Tank trucks Ultrasonic Flow
Crude oil Meters Meters Meters
Storage Railcars
Wellhead Turbine Flow Meters Turbine Flow Meters Turbine Flow Meters
Transfer to marketing terminal Pipeline
Differential Pressure Control Valves Control Valves
Gas-oil separation Flow Meters Truck and railcar loading Marine
Marketing Terminal Liquid Metering
Storage and transportation Liquid Metering Systems Systems
Gas recovery Prover Systems Prover Systems
Gas Metering
DanPac Control DanPac Control
Gas treatment Systems
System System
Storage and transportation Prover Systems
DanPac Control
Onshore System
Flowline gas-oil separation
Gathering line storage

Key Products Marketing and Key Products
Ultrasonic Flow Turbine Flow Meters
Gas transmission Meters
Control Valves
Gas processing Turbine Flow Meters Loading, unloading and batching
Marketing Terminal
Liquid Metering for trucks, railcars and ships Systems
Underground storage
Systems Blending capabilities Prover Systems
Gas distribution Gas Metering
Aircraft fueling operations DanPac Control
Prover Systems Biofuels terminals
DanPac Control

8 9
Typical Market Applications

Production Transmission Distribution


Processing Pipeline City Gates

Power Plants


LNG Processing LNG Transport Tanker Re-Gassification Industrial Plants


Refining & Pipeline Bulk Storage

Processing Marketing Terminal

Transport Tanker Refining & Petrochemical Aviation Terminal


10 11
GAS Ultrasonic Flow Meters
SeniorSonic 3414 4-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Designed for natural gas custody transfer applications requiring
high accuracy and low maintenance. Empower Your Staff With Easy Access To Expert Flow Analysis
Four-path chordal design reduces susceptibility to The advanced operation and predictive intelligence package of Daniel ultrasonic meters allows users access to
meter fouling real-time diagnostics to detect flow disturbances that may affect measurement, address maintenance alarms
Cross-flow compensation with 3-Axis measurement paths before they lead to failure and provide an intuitive view of meter health.
MeterLink advanced diagnostics package
Excellent performance in sour gas applications Your operators can finally take control of your flow measurement with easy access to expert flow analysis and
Available sizes: 100 mm to 1067 mm (4 in to 42 in) suggested corrective actions, allowing them to work predictively, instead of reactively.

JuniorSonic 3411 1-Path and 3412 2-Path

Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Ideal for natural gas non-custody transfer applications such Taking Control with Predictive Intelligence
as check metering, pipeline balance, storage This mark identifies a core component of Emersons PlantWeb digital plant architecture...a
measurement, production or wet gas. device, instrument or software designed with best-in-class intelligence to help you extract
Tolerant of wet gas the right data for optimized measurment, control and safety.
Two-path design for measurement redundancy
Flow calibrated accuracy: 0.5% of reading relative to lab PlantWeb incorporates high-speed communications networks, Emersons wide portfolio
Available line sizes: 100 mm to 914 mm (4 in to 36 in) of intelligent field devices, asset management software, and bus I/O technologies for more
efficient plant operations and maintenance savings.

Transducers for Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Engineered for reliable performance under demanding conditions,
including wet, rich and/or dirty gas. T-20 Series Transducers
serve most standard gas measurement applications while T-32
Transducers are designed for low pressure applications and can
only be used with the SeniorSonic 3414 meter.
Superior electrical connection maximizes meter
Higher tolerance of H2S and other corrosive fluids
for increased durability
External transformer allows extended service
without process interruption

Ultrasonic meters in offshore gas measurement
Total weight of facilities can be a challenge on offshore structures, implementing new measurement systems on offshore
especially on floating spars or tension leg platforms. This is an area structures. The associated reduction in required
where the implementation of ultrasonic measurement systems isolation valves, piping headers and other things,
offers distinct advantages. contributes to the overall weight, space and cost
savings as well.
Because ultrasonic meters have greater overall throughput
capacity than the same size orifice meters, significant savings in
weight, footprint and cost may be realized when designing and

12 13
Daniel gas measurement products
are used around the world in a
GAS Differential Pressure Flow Technology

Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fitting

The standard in natural gas flow measurement, Daniel Senior
Junior Single Chamber Orifice Fitting
Offers fast, simple and reliable measurement at large meter
Simplex Single Chamber Orifice Fitting
Allows quick and economical inspection and replacement of orifice
variety of critical gas measurement Orifice Fitting reigns as the most widely used dual-chamber stations. The single-chamber fitting is engineered to make plates with minimum downtime. High pressure simplex orifice plate
device. It saves time and money by providing a plate changing quick and easy at installations holders are also available and are designed
applications. Commonly installed in fast and simple method of changing orifice plates where line movement from flange spreading is for measurement at high pressure wells, on
onshore and offshore production under pressure without flow interruption. undesirable. injection systems and recycling operations.
facilities, natural gas transmission Easy plate replacement with no downtime Rack-and-pinion configuration ensures fast plate Fast, economical changing of orifice plates
Field repairable changing Plate removal without spillage
pipelines, compressor stations, Available sizes: 50 mm to 1220 mm (2 in to 48 in) All parts can be replaced on location without Available sizes: 50 mm to 205 mm (2 in to 8 in)
processing facilities and city gates, Special trim available removing the fitting from the line
Available sizes: 255 mm to 1066 mm (10 in to 42 in)
these products are also useful for
industries that consume large Differential Pressure Orifice Flange Union Meter Tubes Venturi Tubes
volumes of natural gas as a fuel Provides accurate and economical differential measurement Accurate and dependable Daniel meter tubes adhere to the Corrosion-resistant and maintenance free, Daniel Venturi Tubes
with little or no maintenance. It serves as a simple highest quality standards and are made by experienced code can be customized and engineered to cover a wide range of
or feedstock. Such applications device for securely holding an orifice plate in a line. qualified welders. applications and measurement needs.
include power generation, Adheres to strict AGA and API stringent tolerances Reduces flow turbulence, ensuring High pressure-recovery and low permanent
refining, processing and Raised face orifice flanges are made to conform to the consistent measurement accuracy pressure loss
standard raised face dimensions in accordance with the Ideal addition to any Daniel differential Air, water, vapor, steam, gas, chemical substances,
petrochemical facilities. ANSI B16.5 Flange Piping Code for all pressure ranges pressure meter sludge and slurry applications
Available sizes: 25 mm to 305 mm (1 in to 12 in) Engineered to meet specific requirements Available sizes: 50 mm to 1220 mm (2 in to 48 in);
for upstream and downstream measurement Larger sizes available upon request
Available in a variety of standard and exotic materials

Orifice Plate Holder Daniel Differential Pressure Orifice Plates Flow Nozzles
Daniels concentrically aligned orifice plate carrier reduces Daniel offers Universal, DVS and Paddle Type plates in a wide Long radius Daniel flow nozzles are manufactured in strict
measurement uncertainty using a three point positioning system. variety of line and orifice sizes. accordance with ASME MFC-3M specifications. The nozzles create
Corner tabs are precision ground to hold orifice plate Each plate validated on a Coordinate a flow restriction for high-velocity, non-viscous, erosive flows.
carrier in the proper horizontal position Measurement Machine (CMM) to ensure Rounded design provides a more effective sweep
Notched seal ring design provides metal to metal high accuracy through of particles in the flow stream, extending
contact for reliable alignment Wide regulatory acceptance product life by reducing wear and potential damage
The fittings pin and the spring loaded button located at Low cost and ease of installation Direct welding into line, eliminating potential gasket leaks
the top of the orifice plate carrier ensure a tight vertical Available sizes: 12 mm to 1524 mm ( in to 60 in) Available sizes: 50 mm to 1220 mm (2 in to 48 in); Larger sizes
positioning of the plate when the slide valve is closed available upon request

Expertise to tackle high-
demand applications The Importance of a Concentrically Aligned Orifice Plate Carrier
Daniel is recognized as the only Orifice plate alignment is one of the most significant factors in reducing measurement uncertainty. The
company in the world able to Daniel Orifice Plate Carrier alignment method is compliant with the existing AGA/API 14.3 standards including
manufacture 2,500# ANSI class eccentricity tolerances.
dual-chamber fittings in large sizes
and exotic materials, and one of There is a provision in AGA which allows the eccentricity tolerance to be increased by 0.5 mm (0.02 in) on 50
only two companies able to serve mm to 205 mm (2 in to 8 in) fittings, making up to 0.5% added measurement uncertainty acceptable. With the
customers with applications tight eccentricity of the Daniel Orifice Plate Carrier, this added measurement uncertainty is eliminated.
requiring 1220 mm (48 in) Considering the desired uncertainty control limits for custody orifice measurement is 0.5%, empirical data
fittings, the worlds largest. has shown that orifice applications involving plate centering outside AGA eccentricity tolerances tend to give
an under-reading of the actual flow rate.
14 15
Around the world, from crude to
refined products and across every
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Model 3814 4-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter
This four-path, in-line ultrasonic meter is ideal for applications
Heated Crude Oil Refining Applications
The high temperature and high viscosity
transducers make the Daniel 3814 Ultrasonic
stage of the oil and gas value chain requiring high accuracy, flow dynamics intelligence, low Flow Meter ideal for a wide variety of
maintenance and low pressure drop.
from production to transportation challenging heated crude oil refining
Suited for custody transfer and inventory control
to distributionDaniel liquid applications including heavy vacuum oil,
Cross-flow compensation in each measuring plane Naphtha and kerosene.
measurement products are
Available with high temperature and high viscosity
delivering vital metering The transducers are designed for high
Integrated MeterLinkTM diagnostics temperature use from -50C to +150C
solutions. Our products are
(-58F to +302F) and extend the viscosity
commonly found in onshore and Model 3812 2-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter range of the 3814 meter up to 1,000
offshore production facilities, Reliable and economical two-path meter for non-custody
transfer applications. centistokes (cSt) with an extremely wide
refining and storage locations, range of Reynolds numbers.
No moving parts and a wide flow range
crude oil and refined product Field replaceable transducers simplify maintenance
transportation pipelines, and Bi-directional flow capabilities
No incremental pressure drop reduces energy costs
in all types of distribution Utilizes two direct measurement chords strategically
positioned to reduce measurement uncertainty
facilities such as load racks and
Integrated MeterLinkTM diagnostics
marketing terminals.

LNG Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Model 3818 8-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter Advantage of Dynamic LNG Volume Typical LNG Applications
Specifically designed for reducing measurement uncertainty Measurement Tanker loading and off-loading
throughout the LNG value chain. A typical liquefaction plant moves $4M/hr of LNG during Liquefaction trains (rundown lines)
Unique multi-plane interlocked 8-path British Gas loading and unloading with measurement uncertainty Storage allocation
design ensures measurement accuracy and stability requirements at 0.5%. An overall reduction of 0.20% of Check metering
Advanced transducer technology for reliability measurement uncertainty would equate to a $12,000/hr Line balancing
Integrated MeterLink Diagnostics enable operators reduction in financial risk.
to monitor system performance and meter health
Ideal for meeting strict safety and environmental
Available sizes: 200 mm to 914 mm (8 in to 36 in)

Turbine Flow Meters

Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter Series 1200 Turbine Flow Meter When to choose a turbine meter
Rugged, reliable meter designed for Well-suited for light hydrocarbon load
demanding crude oil and refined product rack and fuel blending applications, this Type of product Turbine meter
pipeline applications. proven meter features a lightweight Yes No
High frequency pulse resolution internal assembly and options for complete
Clean product
Field mountable pickoffs require no interruption of measurement redundancy.
conduit lines while servicing Dry product
Simple configuration assures high flow rates,
Bi-directional flow models available extended flow range, and sustained accuracy Viscous product
Available sizes: 25 mm to 457 mm (1 in to 18 in) Operates in both horizontal and vertical installations
Available sizes: 25 mm to 100 mm (1 in to 4 in) Abrasive product

16 17
With an installed base of well over
1,800 provers around the world,
LIQUID Small Volume Provers
Compact Prover
Complete packaged proving system significantly reduced in size,
weight and cost while equaling or exceeding the performance of
Technologies and Expertise that Result in First-of-a-kind Provers
Daniel understands that each
conventional provers.
metering system requires a custom
Flexible mounting configurations for volumetric or From low pressure (150# ANSI) to high pressure (1500# ANSI) operations,
made approach to liquid flow mass meter proving and from NACE certified materials, to high temperature applicationsall
meter calibration. Versatility operates with virtually any pulse output
flow meter aspects of proving requirements are taken into consideration to engineer
Rapid proving operation offers single or multi-pass an accurate and repeatable proving solution. So whatever your next
operation with immediate K-factor calculation
From concept and design, through challenge is, Daniels global custody transfer expertise will help unlock
Automatic mechanical operation assures undisturbed product flow
fabrication, commissioning and your growth opportunities.
start-up, Daniel delivers proving Pipe Provers Daniel was the first to manufacture a 1220 mm (48 in) bi-directional
solutions manufactured to ball prover, the worlds largest pipe prover
global standards for todays Stationary Prover
Daniel provides pipe provers with 100 mm to 1066 mm (4 in to Daniel is the only company in the world providing a high
flow measurement challenges. 42 in) measuring sections, flow rates from 15.89 m3/hr to 6.674 temperature small volume proving solution for operation up to
m3/hr (100 bph to 42,000 bph) and suitable for temperatures
+260C (+500F)
from -46C to +88C (-50F to +190F).
Precise on-site meter calibration saves money by Daniel is the first to manufacture 1016 mm (40 in)
minimizing uncertainty of metered volumes
Comply with the recommendations of API Chapter
compact provers, the world largest portable provers
4 and individual application specifications
NACE certified materials Daniel delivered the largest portable prover in North
Repeatability of 0.02% (waterdraw) America, a 34" Compact Prover to C&W Meter, a
Models available include ball type bi-directional as
well as uni-directional and piston-type for low temperature
company that provides proving services to truck loading,
pipeline and custody transfer meters for major oil companies
throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Proving custody transfer meters
Bi-directional provers are: Uni-directional provers are: Piston type small volume provers are:
Most popular for crude oils and dedicated refined products Preferred for multi-fluid pipelines Most suitable for clean fluids; not suitable for dirty or sandy crudes
Not suitable for corrosive and aggressive chemicals Not suitable for corrosive and aggressive chemicals Good for corrosive and aggressive chemicals
For rates above 700 BPH Limited 20:1 turndown ratio Pulse interpolation required for 0.0001 resolution
Limited 10:1 turndown ratio For rates above 700 BPH Best if high turndown ratio of 1000:1 is required for proving several
Least complex of provers Only alternative for flow rates above 42,000 BPH meter sizes including smaller meters

Not practical above 42,000 BPH Good when space is limited offshore platforms with clean crudes

18 19
With an installed base of over 5000
metering systems for Fortune 500
Flow Data Management and Control
DanPac Measurement and Control System
A single software platform for smarter fiscal metering systems,
oil and gas companies around the DanPac control system provides accurate measurement and Integrated Fiscal Metering Solutions for Oil and Gas
unsurpassed control of oil and gas fiscal metering From the simplest single-stream skid to complex on-site installations, Daniel
world, Daniel integrated metering installations, providing extensive reporting and
metering systems are a single-source solution proven to minimize risk, improve
systems are proven to meet the built-in redundancy.
accuracy and increase reliability. Manufactured to global product and fiscal
most stringent requirements. Allows unparalleled monitoring and control of all key
metering parameters, proving and samplingall from
metering standards such as CE, UL, PED, ATEX, DIN, IED, NACE, ANSI, ASTM, AGA,
one location ISO, and OIML, these solutions typically include meters, valves, provers, control
Customers rely on Daniels certified Supports multiple meters and analytical devices panels, samplers, user interfaces, software and hardware.
Process alarms alert operators to possible issues in real time
international fabrication facilities, Easy access to measurement uncertainty reports and online calculations Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) Capabilities
Specification evaluation
customized engineering and design,
DanPac Express Measurement and Control System Compliance with fiscal standards
and success in field-testing, start-up Engineered to fulfill the growing demand for a scalable, easy-to- Sizing calculations
and support. use metering control solution that provides real-time access to Uncertainty budget
alarms and events. Piping and structural design and analysis
Streamlined hardware configuration reduces complexity Control and supervisory design
and cost
Expert Project Management
Robust software package provides a user-friendly interface,
historical trending capabilities, a powerful reporting Daniel Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) Latest best practices in project management
package, user-specific alarms and system-wide Global resources to deliver projects
Watching over your complete metering system
security Proven record in managing mega projects
Daniel CBM is an innovative metering system support service Quality control using rigorous functional FAT and SAT processes
that aggregates and securely delivers personalized real-time
Ultrasonic Software Integrated tools for managing budget, time, materials and documentation
to minimize risk
service intelligence tailored specifically to your metering system
architecture. ISO 9001 and Daniel quality approved sub-contractors
MeterLinkTM - Advanced Ultrasonic Diagnostics
Sets the industry standard for real-time flow monitoring by providing Start-up and Commissioning
CBM provides a single point of critical system information to help
flow dynamics intelligence. Installation best practices and site safety policies to ensure faster and more
operators monitor and manage the performance of multiple
Designed for Daniel gas and liquid ultrasonic meters efficient implementation
metering stations and system devices simultaneously, delivering Start-up and live operational testing
Baseline Viewer gives users a single at-a-glance view
of key flow parameters including cross-flow, swirl angle, diagnostic information to predict maintenance requirements, System operation and maintenance training
symmetry, turbulence, profile factor, and average reduce measurement uncertainty and maximize system uptime. Post-commissioning support and handover
velocity Maintenance programs and online support

Flow Estimation Software

Flowel 4 FlowCheck FlareCheck
Designed for accurate sizing of orifice plates, nozzles and Venturis. Uses industry standard equations to calculate and verify the flow Helps operators easily estimate flared and vented volumes of
Supports current hydrocarbon measurement industry of hydrocarbon gases or liquids through orifice fittings, turbine natural gas as well as unmetered fuel gas by performing complex
standards meters and pipe provers. natural gas calculations.
Calculates fluid properties, both pure and mixed Improves efficiency of commissioning and configuring Helps oil and gas facilities meet emissions compliance
Helps attain the most accurate design calculations new meter stations per the Alberta Energy Utilities Board (AEUB) and other
Helps operators calibrate and troubleshoot flow in-country clean air laws as outlined in the 1997 Kyoto
measurement equipment protocol
Facilitates resolution over measurement disputes

20 21
Daniels integrated surge relief
systems include properly sized surge
SYSTEMS Quality Models
Sampling Systems
Turnkey automatic hydrocarbon sampling systems guaranteed to comply
with international sampling standards.
relief valves, manifolds and piping, Marine Loading Surge Relief System
as well as appropriate block valves Analyzer Houses
Daniel supplies units fully equipped with gas chromatographs, samplers A typical skid layout for a marine loading
and nitrogen charging systems. and data loggers to serve multiple lines and sampling points. operation is shown with redundant,
parallel surge relief valves and inlet
Surge Relief Systems and outlet manifolds sized to minimize
pressure loss. The nitrogen system
Surge Relief Systems is completely integrated on the skid
Complete design, fabrication, documentation, testing and with other required equipment and
commissioning of systems for surge relief, both as skid mounted instrumentation.
systems and as loose integrated solutions.
Protect your pipeline from excessive surge pressures
caused by Pipeline ESD valve closure
Reduce excessive pipe loads caused by high pressure
and rapid pressure changes
Stabilize operation due to control valve misuse or
incorrect setting

Control Valves
Series 700 External Pilot Controlled Valves Series 600 Aircraft Refueling Control Valves Series 500 Power Cylinder Operated Control Valves
Unique design features and unit-built construction assures positive Designed for safe and economical flow control when fueling all Ideal when minimal pressure drop is required, these valves serve
sealing, linear valve action, uniform fast response and leak-proof jet aircraft, including supersonic transports. different control functions including tank safety, remote on-off control,
performance. Multiple pilot arrangements easily Hydraulically operated and suitable for fueling bypass control on distribution system, emergency shut-off, in addition
customized to fit your needs. trucks, hydrants and service carts to two-stage and digital batch control.
Sensitive regulation - pressure from 10 to 1440 psi Surge control at the wing manifold to safely protect Fail safe on loss of power medium
(69 to 9928 kPa) can be controlled within 2 psi of set the aircraft fuel system 45 body design assures high capacity fluid
point (13.8 kPa) Reliability of accurate fuel delivery up to 1,200 Extremely low pressure drop
Zero leakage - contoured edge of piston provides a gallons per minute No diaphragms or stuffing boxes
tight seal and assures drip-tight operation and dead- Positive, bubble tight shutoff
end service

Controlling surges in liquid pipelines
Some design approaches to alleviate surge pressures in Stage emergency shutdown or motor operated valve
pipelines are: (MOV) closure times
Select proper surge pressure relief system based on:
Complete computer modeling of pipeline profile during 1. Lowest set pressure
initial stages of pipeline design work 2. Location; immediately upstream of critical Emergency
Stage pump shutdown sequence Shutdown Device (ESD) or MOV valve or other source
Linked ship/shore Emergency Shutdown (loading and off- of surge pressure
loading tankers)

22 23
Whether the emphasis is uptime,
asset management or maintaining
SERVICES Start-up and Commissioning Services
Start-up and Commissioning
Ensure faster, safer and more efficient implementation of your Daniel
Maximizing Lifetime Value
Daniel flow measurement services are designed to
optimize the availability, sustainability and performance
the highest level of measurement flow measurement equipment, taking into account local metrological
requirements and best practices during all phases of start-up operation. of metering equipment throughout its lifetime. Our
performance, a service contract comprehensive portfolio of services reduces your
Supervision of correct installation
from Daniel provides a more Pre-commissioning and validation testing measurement uncertainty, ensures the reliability and
Start-up and live operational testing regulatory compliance of your flow measurement
predictable maintenance plan for
Operation and maintenance training
your metering system. Post-commissioning support and handover
equipment and minimizes cost of asset ownership.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Preventive Maintenance Metering Equipment Audit Measurement Uncertainty Analysis
This program keeps metering equipment and instruments operating Whether your system has been recently commissioned or has Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Service helps quantify the
within specified factory accuracy and repeatability, maximizing been in service for a longer period of time, a metering equipment level of uncertainty in your metering installation and provides
uptime and minimizing maintenance/repair costs by addressing audit from Daniel can be a major step toward improving your recommendations to improve measurement accuracy.
small problems before system failures occur. business bottom line. Mitigates measurement uncertainty before it amplifies over time
A complete system check of all parameters Verification that the metering equipment is performing within Reduces your risk of losing the value of any product volumes that cannot
Routine maintenance as well as needed adjustments or repairs specifications be confirmed
Verify that instrumentation is operating to specifications Recommendations to improve measurement accuracy Survey, test, and assess equipment design specifications by certified
Provide records of as found and as left conditions Best practices for reducing operating and maintenance costs measurement specialists
Advise customers on valuable hardware and software upgrades Detailed reports of the audit results Recommendations to reduce measurement uncertainty

Remote Performance Verification and Diagnostics Warranty Plus! Service Contract

Using satellite communication and the latest software and Warranty Plus! offers predictable, long-term operating costs and Provides a more predictable maintenance plan for your metering
hardware, Daniel helps keep your equipment at peak performance, proper operation within factory specifications. system. It is also the most cost-effective way to assure support
monitor configuration changes and perform calibrations. Elimination of unplanned expenses for repairs of your metering installation and help maintain the highest level
Immediate availability of measurement support from Daniel can help to Replacement parts and timely repairs using factory-approved of measurement performance.
quickly return your operations to normal procedures and equipment Life-cycle planning and management
Troubleshooting handled quickly and expeditiously via electronic Restoration of performance to original factory standards and Asset management and data backup
communication recertification Emergency on-site response
Allows a Daniel measurement expert to see the instrument and /or Full access to OEM product knowledge and support Remote monitoring of equipment performance
software problem directly and apply diagnostic tools

best practices
Best practices to mitigate measurement uncertainty

Design considerations
Measurement system audit Operational and maintenance practices
Assess level of accepted uncertainty Training of personnel
Identification of elements or practices causing deviation and Establish regular maintenance schedule for each key
actions to bring back into conformance equipment item or device
Recertification and verification Periodic equipment health checks
Compare measurement performance with design
Validate performance and reported figures in conjunction with
operating practices
24 25
Consistent, accurate flow
measurement calls for partnering
SERVICES System Upgrades and Refurbishment Services
Series 3410/3810 Electronics Upgrade for DanPac Measurement and Control System Upgrade Meter Inspection and Recertification
Gas Ultrasonic Meters Improve functionality by upgrading legacy Daniel metering The ideal remedy for internal meter tube build-up, component
with an experienced global This comprehensive on-site electronics upgrade program extends systems to the latest generation DanPac Standard or DanPac damage and installation problems. This service ensures that the
meter usable life, expands its capabilities and helps ensure Express System. These industry leading solutions are secure, meter tubes and devices are recertified to meet the requirements
organization capable of measurement accuracy. robust and maintainable, providing unparalleled control over of AGA 3/API 14.3 or any other measurement standards.
delivering the required services Improves repeatability with fast signal processing
your flow measurement system. Minimizes the financial burden of lost and unaccounted for product
when and where they are Provides quick remote access to detailed device This upgrade opportunity provides a tiered solution of standard Mitigates measurement uncertainty
diagnostics, delivering real-time information when components for faster implementation, reduced cost of ownership and Identifies and eliminates installation problems
needed. and where it counts increased serviceability via Emerson Global Lifecycle Services. On-site service minimizes downtime and transportation costs
Utilizes internal calculations to monitor meter health

Through a worldwide network

of certified facilities and Compact Prover Inspection and Factors Contributing to Increased Measurement
technicians, our service centers Refurbishment Uncertainty
A wide range of upgrade packages are available to guarantee your
assure support 24 hours a day,
Compact Prover is functioning at peak performance according to Flow distortion Phase change
7 days a week for the life of its design specifications.
Faulty system design Retrograde condensate
your metering installation. Extends the useful life of in-service Compact Provers Excessive flow Gas break-out
Improves ease of operation with a Prover Controller Upgrade
Ensures and verifies measurement accuracy
Helps gain operating efficiencies with the latest technology components Contamination Debris or damage
Liquid in gas Installation issues
Educational Services Wax Operating conditions
Lube oil
Training Programs Soot Operating conditions
A comprehensive portfolio of educational services including
differing from design
measurement basics, operation and maintenance of equipment,
hands-on programming and diagnosis of potential on-site conditions
Ideal for engineers and technicians who install, operate and maintain
Instruction either at customer site or a Daniel facility, led by Daniel
engineers, technicians and service specialists

Abnormal conditions that cause inaccuracy of
orifice measurement
Typical abnormal conditions include but are not limited to: Partially closed valves or other similar type condition upstream of meter tube
Liquid in meter tube
Rough upstream pipe wall: Gas flow is slower along pipe walls due to Valve noise or pulsation
friction causing the entry flow profile to be more arrow shaped Orifice with damaged bore
Improperly designed or installed flow conditioner: Entry flow profile Obstruction in orifice bore
is not developed properly and may be altered by abnormality Meter tube shorter than AGA 3 specifications
Swirling gas flow pattern Orifice not centered in tube per AGA 3 specifications
Protrusions in upstream piping

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Supporting Customers in
Regional Offices: More Than 80 Countries
North America / Latin America:
Headquarters - Houston, Texas, USA

Consistent, accurate flow measurement calls for partnering with
Stirling, Scotland, UK
an experienced global organization capable of delivering the right
solutions when and where they are needed.
Middle East, Africa:
Daniels worldwide network of certified facilities and personnel
Dubai, UAE
ensures the right resources, skills and experience are in place to
provide the highest quality services and solutions.
Asia Pacific:
Singapore, Singapore




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