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Energy Efficient Buildings


1. Building envelope must take into consideration external loads, internal loads and
day lighting benefits in order to achieve thermal balance. This includes:
a. Insulation of opaque components such as walls, roofs and floors (U-
b. Insulation protection
c. Location of insulation
d. Fenestration (Day lighting) (U-values)
e. Air Leakage (Infiltration)

2. HVAC Systems includes:

a. Load Calculation
b. Air conditioning of special zones
c. HVAC system insulation
d. Duct plenum leakage
e. High efficiency HVAC
f. HVAC control
g. HVAC economizers

3. System Design and Control includes:

a. Air System
b. Hydronic System
c. Heat Rejection Equipment
d. System balancing

4. Service Water Heating includes:

a. Equipment Efficiency
b. Service Hot water piping insulation
c. Service water heating system control
d. Outlet temperature control
e. Circulating Pump controls

5. Lighting