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Shaykh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbet of the 31st of May, 2017.

As-salmu alaykum wa ramatu Llhi wa baraktuh. Adhu biLlhi mina sh-shayni r-

rajm. Bismi Llhi r-Ramni r-Ram. A-altu wa s-salmu al Raslin Muammadin
Sayyidi l-awwalna wa l-khirn. Madad y Rasla Llh, madad y Sdti Abi Rasli
Llh, madad y Mashyikhin, dastr y Shaykh Abdu Llh al-Fiz ad-Dghistn, Shaykh
Muammad Nim al-aqqn. Madad. arqatun -ubah wa l-khayru fi l-jamiyyah.

Adhu biLlhi mina sh-shayni r-rajm. Bismi Llhi r-Ramni r-Ram. "Y ban dama
khudh znatakum inda kulli masjidin wa kul wa-ishrab wal tusrif innaHu l yuibbu l-
musrifn." (7:31) Allh Azza wa Jalla is telling people when you go to a mosque, enter it with
a good and proper appearance. Eat and drink from what is all. all is one of the best
orders of Islm. Eating all, drinking all strengthens people's faith. It brings health to the
body. And shayn doesn't want it. He says don't eat all.

Now at the end of times, they are bringing up every means to try to prevent all. That is a
different matter. The matter is Allh Azza wa Jalla orders not to waste. Eat and drink from
all, of course, but don't waste. Allh doesn't love those who waste. We are Muslim,
shukr to Allh . We pray five times, shukr to Allh . What is wasting? Wasting... Allh
Azza wa Jalla says eat and drink. Eat and drink as much as you want. You should do it with
the intention that it will give you strength and help you in your worship. That is not wasting.
You can eat as much as you can. There is no prohibition in that. Wasting is when you eat one
bite and throw the rest away. That is wasting.

What you don't eat, you can give to the poor. It will be thawb (reward) for you and not be a
waste. If there are no poor people, you still shouldn't throw it away. You can feed the
animals. It will be written as adaqh (charity). You'll be rewarded. But throwing away
doesn't suit Muslims. Muslims have developed such habits that when guests come, especially
when people in Saudi Arabia invite guests, they always put a sheep there filled with rice. A
man takes one or two bites of it. Then how much can he eat? He can't eat. But that's just
showing off and wasting. And [for them] it is shameful to give it to the poor. They must show
it was offered for the guests and throw it in the garbage so that people see it and say someone
had a guest and he offered this. These are Muslims, people who pray five times a day but this
means they are people whom Allh doesn't love, as people loved by Allh don't waste.

As we said, eat as much as you can and give the rest to the poor so that Allh writes
rewards for you, so that you are among the people loved by Allh . But otherwise, you can
know the Qurn if you want or pray all the time, you won't be loved by Allh . You will
have wasted and thrown the favours away. It is not shameful to finish the food on the plate.
That's a shame next to shayn. We went to some place last year. They were Muslim too. Page 1

They always leave some food on their plates so that it's not embarrassing. That is
embarrassing for shayn. Shayn is embarrassing them that they eat everything. But Allh
Azza wa Jalla says to clean the plate and not to waste. We should pay attention to this
because shayn comes from unexpected doors to Muslims.

May Allh make us among the loved and loving ones. May He not let us waste, in sha

Allh Azza wa Jalla saying "O human being when you go to mosque or to praying place be
handsome or to be good wearing, putting clothes on yourself." Don't go with clothes from
work but if you are near work you can do this but not from your house. If you will go be look
for yourself. Not like going to for dinner but also you must be clean, you must be good.
Because you are going in front of Allh Azza wa Jalla, you must be respect. And He said:
"kul wa-ishrab wal tusrif" (7:31) Eat and drink. No anything - only in Raman when
you are fasting you cannot eat but after eat and drink. But be careful to be all. Because
these days everything shayn and his followers trying to make everything arm.

Now our, there is many Muslim brothers, Muslim organisation or Muslim countries they put
all in label, all. I said for but shayn he is more clever not putting arm for his because
people they will run but with all even they are cheating people. Many people they put not
all. But it is for this people who cheating people, they will be asked. Because Muslim only
he will said we find all and we eat. And all also to eat not to cheat people, take their
money and eat [with it]. This is also arm also must be all and drink all.

This is ok. Allh permit for this. But He said, don't waste. He not like the people
who are waste. musrif isrf, musrif. Wasting people wasteful people. There is in Muslim
country you can eat as much, you can eat ok you eat. Say bismi Llhi r-Ramni r-Ram
and eat, drink, as much you can. Your intention, you make this for power for your body to
make ibdah, to obey Allh's order. You must be strong, ok. This is, He said eat and
drink. But what He said? Don't waste. Not Allh not like wasteful people. Now people
taking thing eating and throwing what left in garbage. This is waste. If you can eat, eat. You
cannot eat, maybe you can give for poor people - this also not waste. Even you will [be]
rewarded for this. If too much there is no ... also, you cannot find poor people, put this food
what you left, for animal. Allh also reward you because there is no tongue for them and
you feed them. You be big reward for you.

But Muslim, especially shayn cheat them by customs. Muslims they are praying five times a
day, fasting, doing ajj, zakt everything but they have custom. What this custom? If you
invite some people you must make big food. And after what left, you must not give to poor
people just to throw in garbage. Especially in Arab country - not this poor Arab country, the
petrol Arab country. We see many.... and they are same, they are telling us. He said, "if any
guest come we must buy sheep in oven and they full inside rice and you can eat as much you
can eat. After what you will do? You must throw it in garbage, dustbin. If you give for people
it is very shame for us. Our custom it is not allowed us to do this. Not allowed to give Page 2

anything for from what left from guest or from ourself. You must throw it in garbage." This is
people, this people Allh not like them. "innaHu l yuibbu l-musrifn" (7:31) He not
like this wasteful people.

Last year also I was in one Muslim country and after they eating food everybody they have in
his their dish there is some, they left something. They say, if we don't left this, it is shame for
us, shameful. We cannot, we must leave something to say this people they are not poor
people. They eat and they left something. This is shayn's trick because Muslim he must
clean - in Turkish we say 'sunnet', yani sunnah of Prophet - meaning you must be your
dish very clean, not leave anything inside. But this how they understand we don't know. It is
isrf, making poorness for people also. And they worse than poorness, to be not loved by
Allh . Allh He love people who are not wasteful.

In sha Llh, be careful. Mawln he was very careful for this, for isrf. Many time looking
for dustbin, for garbage, to not waste anything. It is big lesson for ourself and for human
being. Don't be ashamed from thing Allh make it all. We ashamed of something
arm. Allh give us good understanding, in sha Llh.

Wa min Allhi t-tawfq al-Ftiah.

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