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Conscious Pregnancy

Kundalini Yoga Course

KRI approved Specialty Training 100 hour course, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

A pregnant woman provides an incubator of life
Touch into form. She gives a soul a gateway into the human
experience. She is the caretaker of a childs first
One introduction to life on earth.

Smile Women are blessed with the ability to create human

form. Men are blessed with the gift to seed this
creation. What we conceive, whether it is to create a
From a child or birthing of ideas into the world comes a
Woman has the ability and opportunity to create
Can from a place of love-consciousness, grace and clarity.
The wellbeing of the woman determines the
Heal wellbeing of the child to come.

The The Kundalini Yoga Conscious Pregnancy Course is an

exploration of your relationship with woman, the
World feminine and mother. This course will improve,
support and awaken a depth of connection to
Yogi Bhajan
womanhood, pregnancy and birthing.

This course is for everyone, partners and husbands

are welcome. It is of great benefit for preconception
21st 30th
care, pregnancy, mothers, yoga teachers, mid-wives;
June 2013 doulas, grandmothers and women who want to
embrace the mother within.

Suriya: 0414 767 011
A fully internationally recognised certified course

If you are a Level One KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Certified

Teacher- upon successful completion of all course requirements
and final examination, you will receive a diploma to teach
Conscious Pregnancy Yoga.

If you are not a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI), you will receive a
Certificate of Completion. You will receive your Diploma when
you complete Level One Teacher Training.

Teacher Trainer
Suraj Kaur Khalsa has studied yoga and meditation for
over 20 years, as a mother of three daughters, with a
background in nursing and psychology she has a
wealth of experience and wisdom to share in the
teachings of Conscious Pregnancy.

Suraj completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in the USA under
the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. She is a member of the Teacher Training
team in the Asia Pacific region, teaching in Taiwan, China, Thailand,
Israel and other parts of Asia as well as Australia. She is a KRI Level 1
and Level 2 Certified Teacher Trainer and serves on the Global Teachers

Take this opportunity!

Early Bird $950* by 8th April - save $150!
*Textbooks not included in course fee.

Make a $275 deposit to hold your place

For enrolment and further enquiries contact Suriya Kaur:
0414 767 011 /

Please see the information kit below:

Conscious Pregnancy Course Information Kit
Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Training supports us as women by:
Guiding our personal transformation, our awareness and awakening to being a
woman and to our divine feminine. It allows us to accept our sensitivity and our
strength so that we connect to the blessing of being a woman, and being a
We gain knowledge about the yogic teachings, as taught by Yogi Bhajan,
conception, pregnancy, birthing, motherhood and relationship.
We study specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations for pregnancy and
We study the physical, emotional, spiritual and medical aspects of pregnancy,
birth and infant care.

Training Materials:

The training manuals are: The Conscious Pregnancy Text Book and Yoga Manual, The
Gift of Giving Life and The 40 day Blessing, all of which are reviewed by and carry the
KRI Seal of Approval.
*Note. The text books are not included in the course fee and are an additional $110.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 5

Conception, Pregnancy & Birth

The Identity of a Woman

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine
Conscious approach to Conception
First 120 days after conception
Conscious Relationship
Transformation of Pregnancy
Body Care, Nutrition, Wellbeing
Breath awareness and practices
Kriyas & Meditations for Pregnancy
How to connect deeply with your baby
Understanding the Pelvic floor
Mantra and Sound to support you & your baby
Transition and Birthing

Days 6 10

After Birth & First Year

Understanding the impact of the birth experience

Breast feeding & self- care
Kriya & Meditation for new mothers after birth
Pranayam for Balance & healing
Physical & Emotional considerations of Mother
The 40 day blessing
Conscious Communication & Relationship
Conscious approach to Parenting
Child development for infants in their first year
Celestial Communication

Final Examination:

Student Exit Interview

Verbal examinations on each subject area
Yoga/meditation practicum
Lecture topic practicum
Written exam
Pre-requisites for receiving a Conscious Pregnancy Diploma of

KRI Instructor/ Level One

KYTANZ Kundalini Yoga Teacher Member
Completion of all homework and reading assignments
Completion of practicum and exam
*Those who are not Kri Level One trained will be given a certificate of completion.

Daily Schedule

8.30 AM - 12:30 PM Morning program

12:30 2 PM Lunch

2 PM 6.30 PM Afternoon program

Training Location A Place to Just Be, East Fremantle, Perth WA

Housing Accommodation
Housing accommodations are not included in training price. If you would like to stay
close to the venue with other course participants please secure your place asap. For
further details contact

What to Bring

For the yoga practice

Yoga mat or sheep skin
Meditation blanket or shawl
Loose, light clothes for daytime yoga.

For the training

Materials for taking notes
Water bottle
Pillow for sitting, these are cushions available at venue
Snacks: nuts, fruit, juice, crackers etc.
Lunch can be purchased locally
Conscious Pregnancy Training fee payment

$950 Early Bird by 8th April 2013

$1100 from 9th April. Full payment required by 8th June 2013

$275 (25%) Non- refundable deposit by the 8th May to secure your place.

Partners / Husbands can attend the first 5 days of the course for $500.

5 days of course option (for those unable to attend 10 day course) for $650.

Cancellation Policy for Conscious Pregnancy

There is a Cancellation Fee of $275. Your cancellation request must be made in writing
by June 1, 2013 to Suriya Kaur via

Or by letter to: 13 Shaw Mews Leda Wa 6170

Enrolment kit
o Registration & Payment Form
o Release Form

For enrolment kit please email and fill out and return by email
or post to / Suriya Kaur, 13 Shaw Mews Leda 6170 , with your
$275 deposit or full payment. Thank you.

Contact Information
For all further booking enquiries contact:

Suriya Kaur: / 0414 767 011