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XXIII 2017

A My Favourite Gadget & Game
Preliminary 1 3
Preliminary 2 4
A Class 5
B Future Travel
B Class 6
C Technology and School
C Class 11
D Social Media
D Class 16
E Extra Activities 20

Illustration by

Evelyn Votsi

My Favourite Gadget & Game
Preliminary 1 & 2, A Class

Melina Nikou Konstantinos Steiakakis Argiro Steiakaki

Chris Galoupis Erietta Papanikolaou Alice Skouloudaki

Thanos Tsiatsiaras Philippos Spanopoulos Costis Tsiatsaras

Preliminary 1 : Agia Paraskevi

My favourite gadget is the computer. It is My favourite gadget is Playstation 3.

colourful. I have got 52 games. I play It is black. I have got 24 games.I play
every Sunday at 4 oclock. I love it very eve r y Tu e s d a y, We d n e s d a y a n d
Thursday at 4 oclock. I like it very

Konstantinos Steiakakis
Marios Parthenis
My favourite gadget is the iPad. It is My favourite gadget is the tablet. It is
black and white. I have got eleven games. black. I have got twelve games. I play
I play every Saturday. Its fun!
every Saturday. I like playing with it!

Konstantina Panagiotopoulou Melina Nikou

My favourite gadget is the iPad. Its black My favourite gadget is the playstation.
and white. I have got twenty games. I It is blue. I have got twenty five
play every Sunday. I like it!
games. I play every Friday. Its cool!

Aggeliki Andriopoulou George Rodakis

My favourite gadget is the iPad. It is
black. I have got twenty games. I play
every Saturday. I love it!

Marianna Spilioti

Preliminary 1 : Pallini

My favourite game is Police. Its a fight My favourite game is NBA 2016.Its a

game. I play it with my dad every Friday.
sports game. I play it with my dad. I
George Kefalakis
play it on Fridays, Saturdays and

Ilias Varsakis

My favourite game is Horizon. Its a fight My favourite gadget is my tablet. My

game. I play it with my brother every day.
mum bought it for me. I play games on
Spyros Dolianitis my tablet every day.

Alexandros Chatzopoulos

Preliminary 2 : Agia Paraskevi

I like my PS3 because I can watch movies, My tablet is very special. I can play
see photos and play games with my many games and search on Google and
brother and my friends.
YouTube. I can also listen to music and
take photos.

Chris Galoupis
Argiro Steiakaki

My favourite gadget is my tablet because My favourite gadget is the Nintendo

I can play games, listen to music and 3DS because it has beautiful colours
watch videos. I love it because I can take and its small. You can play some games
it with me in the park.
for free or buy them. You can also see
movies and take photos with your
Erietta Papanikolaou friends.

My favourite gadget is my phone because

Alice Skouloudaki
I can talk with my friends and listen to

Areti Kiriakousi

Preliminary 2 : Pallini

My favourite gadget is the smartphone. I My favourite gadget is the tablet. My

got it when I was eight years old. Its mum and dad gave it to me when I
small and flat. It has got a case too. Its was seven years old. Its big and thin.
green and yellow. I can watch videos with The colours are blue and black. I can
songs and play my favourite games with it, watch videos, play Clash Loyal and
like Clash Royal and motorbike races.
lego games with it. I can also read
stories like the Jungle Book.

Andrew Andrianopoulos
George Dedes

My favourite gadget is the iphone7. My My favourite gadget is the tablet. Its

mum gave it to me when I was seven. Its my mums tablet. My mum sometimes
big, thin and black. I can watch videos, gives it to me and I play a lot of
play Clash Royal and sing English songs games with it. Its white and the case
with it.
is blue. I think its very beautiful. I
can watch videos on YouTube, see TV
Konstantinos Markomanolis series and click on photos too. I have
fun with it!

Katerina Dipla

A Class : Agia Paraskevi

My favourite gadget is my Playstation My favourite gadget is my tablet

because I have a lot of games to play because I can play a lot of games and
with my brother and father. I play with I dont have to pay for them. Some
my Playstation every Friday, Saturday and games are online and I can send
messages to my friends.

Konstantinos Karlatiras Costis Tsiatsiavas

My favourite gadget is my tablet because My PS4 is my favourite gadget

I can download games and play with them because I can play games by myself,
at any time. I like listening to music which with my father or my friends. I also
I download from Youtube. My tablet is the like it because I can play whatever I
best gadget.

Stathis Karabasis Philippos Spanopoulos

My favourite gadget is my Playstation My favourite gadget is my Playstation.

because I can play with all my friends. I I like it more than the other gadgets
can play different games and watch because its bigger. I also like it so
movies. When I play with it I give orders much because in my opinion you can
with my headphones. I really enjoy it.
play more games comparing to a tablet
or a phone.

Labros Kosmas
Thanos Tsiatsiavas

A Class : Pallini
My favourite gadget is my XBOX 360. I My favourite gadget is my phone
love it because I can play my favourite because I can call my friends and play
game Minecraft. I can also play with other games. One of them is Minecraft. I can
people which is fun. I like visiting YouTube also take photos and send emails.

and listening to music or watching videos.

I can also watch movies.
George Chatzopoulos

Dimitra Tsifetaki

Future Travel
B Class

Marifenia Zioga
Nick Pislis

Dimitra Kefalaki

Pavlina Meggouli
Fotis Kaffezas

B Class : Agia Paraskevi

In the future we will teleport to go Maybe in 2035 we will have an iPhone

everywhere. I think we will have shoes to 25 in which we can push one button
fly. The cars will fly and we will have and travel either to the future or the
hoverboards to fly. We wont have roads. past. We will travel to the future by
We will have iPhone 25 and we will cars that can fly or things that fly.
teleport with it. We will teleport to other This will help people with problems
planets and to space.
that they have now. They will push
the button and they will be able to go
Rodia Spiroulia to the past and correct some things
like money problems or something very

Emmanouela Dermitzaki

In the future technology will evolve. I

believe that in 2130 cars will fly. We
will teleport through portals and we
will go from Greece to Antarctica. I
think the boards will fly and we will
go everywhere we want. The future
will be amazing. We will travel to the
other side of the Earth or to other

Emiliano Karalliou

Technology will help us a lot in the future.

Robots will do everything that we will be
bored to do. iPhone 60*70*** will be
released in 2130. We will press a button
and we will teleport wherever we want.
Technology will be so helpful in the future
and in 3029 our mind will update to
google translate so we wont have to turn
on the computer. The iPhone button will
help us travel without paying.

Gregory Poulios

Yesterday, I travelled with a time machine
in 3018. I arrived in a desert, because my
time machine broke down. Unfortunately, I
didnt know what to do, I didnt know who
I was and I didnt have anything to eat
and drink. Then, some aliens came and
helped me. I was lucky!

Natalie Christou

Day 1: The plane crashed in the desert. I In my opinion, in 2132 technology will
dont have much water. What should I do evolve very much. In the future we
now? wont have cars with wheels, we will
Day 7: Oh my God! Is this a river???? Yes, have cars that will fly ....or maybe we
it is!!!! wont have cars at all! We may have
Day 11: I ran out of food. spaceships. Another idea is to have
Day 12: What is this metal thing? Let me portals, or teleporting. If we have
see what is written on it: Teleport portals and teleporting we will go
machine. everywhere we want. The flying cars
Day 13: I went back to the plane and took will be safer because we wont have
some batteries. I can now charge the streets and there wont be any traffic.

machine and go to the future where a

helicopter will be over the desert. Then Marilena Kosma
Ill throw a flare to call it and it will
come down to rescue me!
Nick Pislis

My sister and I were travelling to Athens

from Dubai. The airplane fell down. When
we got out of the plane, we saw a time
machine. We got inside the machine. There
was written that we would travel to 2060!
When we saw the flying cars, we were
amazed. We called a taxi to go to a hotel
to sleep. Suddenly, I heard my mum telling
us to go to school. It was a very fantastic

Stathis Paltidis

B Class : Pallini

Future air travel will be very different Future travel will be very different
500 years from now. People will be able 1000 years from now. People will
to travel whenever and wherever they travel in capsules and time machines.
want! For example, I believe that people They will also use telekinesis to
will travel in planes that will have teleport from place to place. Also in
panoramic windows. These planes will be the future, airplanes will have 10.000
very big. They will be able to fly near the seats and special huge windows.
clouds so that people can touch them. Also Another thing that I believe will
these planes will be so big, that youll be happen is that people will drive flying
able to see different landmarks from cars that will be as fast as spaceships!

different cities at the same time: The Kostas Papakonstantinou

Eiffel tower will appear on your left and
the Statue of Liberty on your right! The
inside of the planes will be amazing too.
It will have a cinema, a manicure room, a
big library and anything you can imagine.
So as you can see, I think that in the
future people will travel in a very
different and more exciting way from now.

Dimitra Kefalaki

Travelling in the future will be very Future travel will be very different
different. People will be able to travel to 1.000 years from now. People will be
different places and countries very fast. very lucky. They will have very
Some of the transportation types will be relaxing trips. Also in the future,
flying cars, rockets, time capsules, time travelling will be cheaper than now.
machines an d strange planes. These Another thing that will happen is that
transp o rtatio n typ e s w ill be ve r y cars will fly in special roads built high
different, for example, there will be three in the sky. In my opinion travelling in
planes connected to one, the submarines the future will be better than now.

will have panoramic windows and the cars Fotis Kaffezas

will be flying. All of these vehicles will

travel twenty times faster than today and
everyone will be able to travel to any
place any time.

Pavlina Meggouli

People love travelling. Technology has helped a lot in travelling faster than some years ago.
Travel in time will be possible in the future , so people will be able to travel back in time
to find where the Sphinxs nose is, to see the Titanic, the biggest ship ever, or to watch
the French Revolution. They will be able to travel in future too. That way, they will know
what will happen to them, how they are going to die, who they are going to get married
to and lots of other things.
Artin Mirchosravi
In the future, travelling will not be the People will travel in different ways
same as it is now. People will travel in 150 years from now. For example,
very big airplanes and cars. For example, people will travel in rolling pavements
in the future, cars will be in auto-driver so they wont be late for work. In that
mode. People will sit and relax on big way, there will be no traffic in the
sofas at the back. Another thing is that streets and air pollution will be
people will download special programmes reduced. Also they will travel in
on their phones that will teleport them amazing planes with three decks,
from place to place. Through these 5.0 0 0 seats, sp e cial p o ols an d
programmes they will also have anything panoramic windows. In the sea, they
they want by just saying it out loud. They will use super-fast submarines. From
will say something like, coffee please and their panoramic windows, people will
thenboom! The coffee will be in their be able to see the life of the animals
hands. So simple! I hope you enjoyed this in the depth of the oceans. In my
writing and liked it. It was cool, wasnt it?
opinion, in the future people will
Theodore Papagiannelis travel more easily, faster, cheaper and
the environment will be much more
protected than now.

Marifenia Zioga

In 50 years time I believe that travelling Future travel will be very different
will be different from what it is today, 300 years from now. People will have
because traffic is a big problem in the different means of transport than
modern world. People will travel very fast. today. They will use underwater ships
Cars will be different. I think that they that will be faster than the ships that
will be like airplanes and maybe they will we use today for our trips. They will
fly, so we will arrive to our destination on be made from metal and they will
time. Scientists will design highways with have better and faster technology.
lazer. This is a good idea, because the Also they will use flying cars and
atmosphere will be cleaner. After that, the there will not be any streets. Another
traffic jam will be reduced and our future thing that will happen is that people
will be better. will travel to space with rockets. They
Irida Kavaka
will be able to visit many planets fast
and they will have time machines to
travel to the future and to the past.
My opinion is that life in the future
In 2235 I believe that travelling will be will be easier and more interesting
very interesting. The cars wont have than today.

wheels, but they will fly very fast. For

Konstantinos Andrianopoulos
example, travelling from Greece to the
USA will take a few minutes! We will
travel to other planets and dimensions too!
This trip will last 3 or 4 hours.
Christine Panoutsopoulou

Technology and School
C Class

Illustration by Anastasia Kanistra

11 Illustration by Melpomeni Kolovouti

C Class : Agia Paraskevi
Why technology in schools isnt so Schools in the future

I believe that schools must become
Today technology is necessary in our more technologically advanced. I have
life. Some schools use tablets and they some ideas about this. The desks can be
are replacing books. They also use smart and the teachers desk will
computers and smart boards. Some rich control the other desks. Schools could
people use robots to do their chores. I have a 3D cinema. There will be a big
think that technology isnt so necessary football stadium in every school with a
in our life because we dont need robots robot - referee. Of course, there will
to do our tasks. For example, if there be smart boards in classrooms and
w a s a ro b ot t h at co u l d d o m y robots will always help students and
homework, I would be very bored teachers. Teachers wont give homework
because if I had my homework done, I and theyll try to make the lesson as
wouldnt do anything at all! I dont easy as they can.

really believe that technology isnt John Makris

necessary at all, but I dont want to

have a robot do everything for me in
the future. If everybody has a robot,
we wont do anything by ourselves.

Afroditi Kiriakousi

Old fashioned technology in schools

Its clear that nobody cares about technology in schools. We only have some
computers that havent been updated since 1981 for I.T. Pupils really want to bring
phones and cameras to take photos. On the other hand, teachers dont allow pupils to
bring anything because they find it too bad. So, whats the solution to this problem?
Old fashioned technology is the key, teachers! Polaroid cameras are like regular
ones, but you can immediately print the photo and you dont see what youre taking
with your camera. But who cares? Its something to remember from school. What a
better place than school to take a nice photo with all your friends? Who needs school
photos when you can take your own personal photos without having to stick this fake,
frozen smile on your face? In my opinion, Polaroid cameras should be allowed in
schools because many pupils love taking photos with their friends at school, but they
arent allowed to. They could be kept during the lessons and they could be given back
to the kids during the break. That would be a nice thing for schools!

Alexandra Panagouli

Will tablets replace books?

I think that tablets could replace books. Children are very interested in technology so
they would pay more attention to the new digital books. The teachers will have a
computer that will control the students tablets. But the eyes of the students would
become worse! So, I believe that breaks should last more. I can write fast with
keyboards, so that would be an advantage. Kids will give their emails to the teachers
and the teachers will send them things that they need to study.

John Paximadis

Robot teachers and students
I think that the most important thing
Technology has advanced a lot and in for schools in the future is not to have
some schools when the teacher is sick homework! Also, I dont want to have
or he / she cant go to school, there are teachers or books. I want robots and
robots that they can do this job. This is ta b let s o r co m p ute r s. T h e m o st
very important but it is also bad important thing that I want is not to
because in a few years there wont be have schools on Earth. I want to have
teachers and a lot of people wont have schools on other planets. This is my
jobs. There arent only robot - teachers. dream and I want our school to be like
When a student is sick for a long time this in the future!
and cant go to school, he can buy a John Kafatakis

robot - student. What each student has

to do is pick up their tablet and I would like schools to be on the moon.
connect it to the robot, using the We wo u ld have a po ol to o an d
Internet. What is bad about this robot swimming lessons. I would like it if we
is that it will be very expensive and had tablets instead of books. We wont
students may break it. I understand have homework or tests, we will do all
that technology isnt good or bad. We the exercises there. We will have flying
make it good or bad and this depends cars that we wont have to drive.
on how we use it.
Robots will be teachers or they will
help children, or both. When we have
Stefanos Koumoustiotis
school trips we will go to another
planet on spaceships. Also, not only the
schools will be there, but the childrens
houses, too. The schools and the houses
will be full of technology.
Maria Gerali

In the future schools will be in space.

They will be regular schools, just with
more facilities. There wont be any
bo oks. Instea d there w ill be an I believe that my school will be in
education juice (it will have all the space between the planets. We wont
information in a bottle). There wont be have books and green boards. We will
any tests during school year, only a big have smart boards and tablets or
test in the end to check what we have computers instead of books. We wont
learned. There wont be school buses, have tests or homework. I think that
we will walk on stars. Robots will teach the buses will fly to take us to school.
us and they will make the juice. Our In my opinion, the school trips will be
trips will be to other planets or even to to other planets. Robots will teach us.
other galaxies. Also, there wont be any They will also clean the school, make us
desks, instead we will have huge food and when we dont understand
screens through which we will see what something they will help us find the
the teacher wants to say. Id love to go correct answer.
to these schools. Melpomeni Kolovouti Anastasia Kanistra

C Class : Pallini
I think that in the future some things Technology has changed our lives a lot.
will change in schools. Technology will It has changed school education too. In
be used in different ways.To begin with, the future there will be even more
students will probably use digital books changes. Students wont have books,
instea d of paper textbo oks. Also instead they will all have tablets or
teachers may be robots that will have laptops in their school bags. Their
the power to control others. The tests homework will also be done on these
will be in the form of apps that only (laptops and tablets). Students will
the robot teachers will be able to open. learn anywhere, anytime. If they cant
I also believe that at the end of the go to school, they will be able to catch
year, students will be able to see their up with lessons online. Also teachers
marks online with the use of specific will be able to teach students from
codes. Overall, I think that students their homes. As for the marks, these
will perform better with the use of will be posted in the class webpage. In
computers because they will have more this way, teachers will also be able to
fun that way. Schools will be better communicate with the students parents.
and students will be happier. But Im To sum up, I believe that schools will
not sure if students will be able to be better with this kind of technology,
concentrate more in the classroom b e ca u s e le a r n i n g w i l l b e m o r e
compared to now. interesting and way easier too. It will
Charis Kavakas attract students attention and make
them want to learn since the lessons
will be more entertaining.
John Dolianitis
I believe that technology will change I believe that technology wont improve
classrooms in the future. First of all, schools in the future. More specifically,
interactive whiteboards will be used in if technology is used in schools, kids
the place of blackboards. Also students will do worse, as they will probably not
will use digital textbooks instead of the be able to pay attention to the lesson.
books that are used today. I also think For example, it might be that students
that teachers will teach from home and wont want to take part in group
students will be able to watch the activities that relate to technology, like
lessons online. A lot of students already creating stor ies an d short films.
use tablets and laptops and read texts Teachers will make a class website and
on the internet. In addition, technology post lessons there. They will also
will help in the communication between upload apps, online games and tests. All
students in the classroom. Students will these will not help students to learn. I
be able to work in groups and create think that schools had better not use
their own videos about many interesting technology in classes because kids wont
things, which they will be able to show pay attention and they wont learn
in class. Finally I think that technology anything.
will make things easier and students Ariadni Kotsela
w ill be able to learn anywhere,
Nick Diamantopoulos

In a few years technology is going to Today our schools are very beautiful,
be part of our lives. But how can but they are not really po pular
technology be used in schools? An idea concerning technology. So, I think every
is that each class can have its own class must have a laptop so that the
website so that in the case that a child lesson can be easier for the students.
is ab sent, they co u ld g et their
Another idea is robot pencils: robot
homework from there. All children love
pencil is a pencil with buttons to
playing online games, so another idea is
to create apps so that kids could learn choose what you want to write. This
through playing a wide variety of robot pencil can be transformed into a
games. I think that with the above pen, a crayon or a bartender. And the
ideas, schools will be better and most important idea is high tech school
children will do better too.
bags. These school bags can turn your
Giourgen Dine heavy bag into the lightest school bag
Eleanna Roga Kouratzoglou
I think it would be better to have a
tablet and download books at school.
Another idea is to use an interactive
whiteboard. In Geography it would be
really useful to have a hologram of the
Earth and VR glasses for the lesson.
Finally, I think it would be interesting
to have hoverboards to move inside
Aristotelis Dolianitis
Te chn olo gy helps teache r s teach There are some electronic devices
ch ildren bette r. I really believe which can make lessons better, easier
technology could help a lot at school. A and more interesting. For example, we
robot cleaner could be a very clever can use tablets instead of books, and an
idea so the school could always be interactive whiteboard instead of a
clean. Flying brooms could be a nice simple one. We could also have a robot
idea too. A flying bag would help so cleaner that cleans everything without
your bag doesnt hurt from the heavy getting tired. Maybe we could have
books. This would be very helpful for another robot to cook us lunch. Finally
students. Maybe each kid could bring a we could have an online library in every
computer to school instead of books. My school.
opinion is that technology can improve Anastasia Vassilakopoulou
school a lot, but I prefer to use my
Amalia Kroussou

Social Media
D Class

Illustration by
16 Alexandra Panagouli
D Class : Agia Paraskevi
Nowadays, the internet and the social media have become a part of our everyday life
and have made it easier. We use them every day and they are fun. First of all, our life
has become easier and we can communicate with other people at any moment. We can,
also, see pictures of other people. We can spend our time and find information of
important things that we dont want to miss. In addition, we can make friends and see
their pictures. We can also find a person that we havent talked to or seen for a long
time. If our friend is abroad or really far away, we can contact him/her very easily
and quickly through video calls. Generally, social media is a good way to spend our time
and its worth it!

Catherine Prousalidi

Some of the advantages of social media are that you can talk with your friends, make
new friendships with other people, read the weather forecast, the news and you can
also entertain yourself. Also, you can post photos and see the photos of your friends

Sotiris Vasiliou

Social media are very good for people and we need them because they make our life
easier. For example, when you go to work or anywhere, you can download an application
to see things for your work or to talk with your friends while you are at work. You can
download applications to have fun in your free time. For example, on Instagram you can
see or post pictures and you have fun because you can like or dislike something or
post a comment to express your opinion. In my opinion, I think that social media are a
very nice idea, because you can do a lot of things and the most important is that you
have fun and you never get bored.

Angelos Kafatakis

Social media can offer us many things. But have we ever thought about the
disadvantages? One bad thing is that children sit for hours in front of a computer
screen, wasting their time playing games. Internet is also dangerous. When we write
our personal details, someone can use them to find us and harm us, cant he? Another
disadvantage is cyber bullying. Someone can bully you through Facebook and Twitter.
There are also some other bad things like inappropriate photos or videos or invalid
information. Finally, teenagers prefer texting messages to face to face communication.

Anna Papadopoulou

Mark Zuckerberg is a computer programmer and internet businessman. He is the

creator of Facebook, which is the most popular social network. He has created it from
his dormitory, when he was studying in Harvard University. Facebook has expanded
rapidly reaching 1 billion users by 2012. It has actually changed the way people
communicate with each other and has brought a lot of wealth to its founder.

Kostis Marselis

Nowadays, that technology has developed rapidly, most people spend hours on the
internet as part of their daily routine. Thats why the internet has become a big part
of our lives in the last decade. A lot of people depend on the Internet. A great number
of people works through it and makes a lot of money. Things that we can do online
include shopping from e-shops, downloading music or movies - although sometimes this
is illegal - and use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to have more
likes, followers and share our pictures. More and more users have been using Youtube
and Instagram recently. In conclusion, I think that in the following years, we will
depend on social media more than today because more things will be done via them.

Irene Kalogeraki

Nowadays, teens use social media a lot. In my opinion, they are a unique way of
communication, but you should also be aware of the danger of using the internet. For
example, one of the positive things on social media is that you can share moments that
mean a lot to you with your friends, such as pictures or videos. On the other hand,
there are negative things too. For example, hackers are people whom you should be
aware of. They might be able to have access to your personal info, steal your password
and share it with strangers. This often happens with many celebrities. To sum up, social
media platforms are really useful, but you should also know some things in order to
use them safely.

Stefania Vasileiadou

Social networks are internet websites where you can make an account and communicate
with other people, advertise your work and make new friends, for example, Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter etc. There you can chat with your friends, post your photographs
and comment on various subjects. However, there are also many dangers when you use
social networks. We shouldnt publish our personal information like our telephone
number and our address. We should share our photos only with people we trust and we
should never chat with people we dont know.

Nickolas Marselis

Illustration by Thomas Efthimiou

D Class : Pallini

I think that social media are a big part of our lives the latest years. This could either
be good or bad. Some of the advantages are that through social media you can share
news, photos, ideas, become famous and a lot of other things. You can also talk to your
friends in real time or even make new friends. In addition, you have the freedom to
create and publish your own material. However there are a number of disadvantages as
well. For example there is cyber-bullying, haters and there could also be some more
serious problems like crimes against children. Also social media can make you addicted
to them and may also affect students marks. Lastly, they could also cause some health

Thomas Efthimiou

People use their phones to check on social media every day. I think that social media is
a useful tool but it can sometimes cause a lot of problems! On the one hand, you can
search for jobs or you can buy various things, like for example, clothes, shoes and so
on. You can also become famous through videos and make a lot of friends. On the other
hand, social media arent always safe! Students may end up making fake friends as
they arent always aware of the existing traps! They may also spend a lot of time
texting and even take selfies during the lessons in class. Also students sometimes
distracted on their phone instead of studying. To sum up, I think social media are useful
but people must be careful and aware of their many traps.

Athina Sdralia


Take this quiz to see if youre a media genius

1. How many screens can people watch at once?

A. Up to 12 B. One C. One or two

2. What counts as technology?

A. Technology is anything made by people to solve a problem.
B. Technology is any kind of machine.
3. What is a phablet?
A. A phablet is a device thats bigger that a phone but smaller than a tablet.
B. A phablet is a device thats smaller than a phone but bigger than a tablet.
4. Where does the word emoji come from?
A. It stands for Easy Method Of Jokey Images.
B. Its Japanese word that means picture character.

5. As of 2016, how many views does Youtube get every day?

A. Billions B. Thousands C. Millions

6. What animal dominates the Internet?

A. Dogs B. Mice C. Cats

7. As of 2016, how many texts are sent in the US every day?

A. About 456 millions B. About 4 billion C. More than 6 billion

8. In what year was selfie the Oxford Dictionaries Word of

the Year?
A. 2001 B. 2013 C. 2007

9. As of 2014, what was the most popular item purchased

A. Jewelry B. Chinese takeout food C. Books

10. What is the cloud?

A. A group of computers on an airplane.
B. A group of computers somewhere in the world that can store your files.
Answers: 1.C / 2.A / 3.A / 4.B / 5.A / 6.C / 7.C /8.B / 9.C / 10.B
Answers: 1.tablet / phone / / 4.laptop / 5. Mp3 / / 7.Internet/ / 9.selfie / 10.headphones
10. 9. 8. 7. 6.
5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Look at the pictures and solve the crossword.
Find your way out of the maze!
Illustration by Melina Votsi