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oakind, CA 94807 MJ oR? wD Durcion revons omcangouct seit [trae 24 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Rd 23 APR 03 [ae ae one on RT ee ee Supplemental: | On 23 Apr 03, Lwas assigned to the CID/SIS/Gang Unit. At approximately 2010hrs, I spoke with by telephone regarding the incident at the Port of Oakland on 07 Apr 03. jis a truck driver foi located at I then conducted a telephone taped statement regarding({J§@l™iBobservations. stated on the morning of 07 Apr 03, he arrived at the front gates of American President Lines Terminal (APL) at 0600hrs. He was unable to deliver his load of sealed military freight to APL due to one hundred protesters gathered in front of the APL gates and blocking any incoming and outgoing traffic. While waiting to enter | APIQMB observed a police helicopter hovering above and could hear the loud speaker but was unable to recall what was being said as he was insidg his truck and could not hear, He also observed police nearby the APL area. At approximately 0800hrs {fi observed the protesters walk down to the other APL gates toward the Stevedoring Services of America Terminal (SSA). As the protesters had moved, was then. able to enter APL and deliver his load. As he picked up an empty container he observed twenty to thirty protesters in front of the gate. (QB then left APL and returned sometime between 1130 and 1200hrs and | saw no protesters or police in front of APL. On the same date, at approximately 2020hrs, I spoke with by telephone regarding the incident at the Port of Oakland on 07 Apr 03. is a truck driver for I then conducted a telephone taped statement regardin, observation that stated on the morning of 07 Apr 03 he was stuck in traffic as he observed one hundred to one hundred fifty protesters blocking the APL gates. He also observed police nearby. @§MMMstated that the protesters were chanting and saying things on a loud speaker but does not recall what was being said. At approximately 0800hrs police had moved the protesters toward the SSA terminals and QJ was able to drive his truck into APL and deliver his load of sealed military freight. He stated to have not witnessed any police action involving the protesters during this time. (QB then left the Port of Oakland and | returned to APL at 1300hrs and observed no protesters or police. bac Sea ipa =a] a ‘S. Wong 8197C Sgt. H. Hu 7291C | Page 1 of 1 6.087 (7) : ‘ORT 00109 RD# OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT Alp ont ing pMATION REPORT 255-70 Stool fame to Disperse (2800VC) - _. e = 2x TA saeorerrem 1559 Ae entime Bisa, ome AL the . | 24Apr03 TApIO3 _ j ay ER ne : Summary: ‘On 24Apr03, at approximately 1820 hours, I was assigned by Sgt. H. Hu to make contact with persons who were Working, and making deliveries to the APL complex, 7Apr03. I made contact With (iE) GHEE. who is a driver for Dean Trucking, (unk address) an Francisco. I conducted a telephone interview with (MMM. He told me that he was in line to enter the APL gate, but was stopped by the gathering of protesters. He stated that the he did not see any violence, 1r any confrontations. (QIN stated that he waited in line, but the protesters and OPD moved farther jown Maritime, and away from him. He did not see anything else. QJEEEEBwas eventually able to make is scheduled delivery. I took a taped statement. R. Chan 7939C, Sgt. H. Hu 7291C | Page 1 of 1 ‘5.957 G7) ‘ORI 00109 STATEMENT ‘1 Oakland Police Deparment 536.2001 93) Page! of 7. Complainant OffenselCrime 2, ~ Q@VEl O03 - 320 4: Taine, of Porson Gong Seren TexacerBOE 3 Canglanant 8° Scopes Diver © Reporting Person Witness Residence Accress Giy/Zip Phone %, Employment (Name, Address, Phone, Occupation, Work Hours, Days Off) or Supplemental information if Unemployed or Transiont Natemnert Taxon BY Setal No Date Sr bsen ge S15 Pe saree 7. Location Where Staiement Taken [Wames, Addresses of Parsons Present During Siatement “Tune Started - Completed FOR VEHICLE COLLISIONS ONLY @, Ueense Ne. Tsiaie Veh Yi Make Model Type Colors) Diver License Ne, [State 3 Registered Owner Rares Ginitip Fesidance/Business Phone ci) FDMONITION: You have the right fo remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right 1 talk f0,a lawyer and have him present with you while You are being questioned. Ifyou cannct afford a lawyer, ne will be appointed 10 represent you before ary questioning if you wish one. eae WAIVER: Do you understand each of these rights | have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to us now? Baiement [Signature of Person Giving Statement Toate ‘STATEMENT te Sekiand Police Department 5362001 ies rage _! ot T FepOANE 7. Complainant ea 5 “AT. 26H Vw C3 32 ef ¢ ‘& Complainant D Suspect 8 Diver © Reporting Person 0 Witness a — 0 [Sages “Tine Stared - Complaed 7 aa Statement Taken TNamnes, Adresses of Persons Present During Siatement FOR VEHICLE COLLISIONS ONLY & License No. TSiaie]Ven Vi Wake ——-Model_—‘Type Colors) Diver License No. [State 3 Registered Owner Races Cali Residence/Business Phone C ) "ADMONITION: You hava te ight foreman sent, Anyi you say can be used again! you ina govt olan. Yeu have he gh "6 a lanver and have him present wih you while You are being questioned. if you cannot afford a lawyer, Snel be appointed 10 represent you before ary questioning ifyou wish 7 ae WAIVER: Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to us now? ‘Siarernont re ‘of Parson Giving Statement T Date ZHAMLOF STATEMENT c Dakland Police Department 536.2001 (6/99) page fot Z Report Wo. ‘Sifense/orim 7. Compia 5 7 | SATE, OF (Atha Wh |_2 ROU C8 3.2094. Nae Sas Garena race 3 Cangas 8 Suspect oir © Reporting Person #Y Witness FST Raa ee a | Unemployed or Tare srs, Days Of) oF Supplemental informatio , Empigyment (Name, © Siater Fi No. Bale “Yims Stared - Competed mere pan ake | Zs Anus 7, Location where Staloment Taker Tames, Adaresses of Persons Present During Statement — Hos FOR VEHICLE COLLISIONS ONLY TSiaie| Veh Vi Make‘ Mosel__—‘type Color(s) Diver License No. [Stale & License No. 3 Ragistered Owner ‘Raaross Ciyizip Fissidence/Business Phone : ) ROMONITION: You have the right fo repnain silent. Anything you say can be used agains! you in,e cour of Jaw. You have the ight Youve ine ight to roma Fla trcacht wit you white you sre being quedooned. you cannot afford «lawyer, SS wl be appotnted t0 represemt you before ary questioning f you Wish one. eae WAIVER: Do you understand each of these rights ! have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to us now? Siatement ANA } ge Ze re ‘Person Giving Statement T oy A ‘STATEMENT 047 ‘Oakland Police Department §96.2001 (6/93) page! ot @ Report No. PORIATEs of CabpreuSide 2 800 ie C8 “32594 3 Nathe of Porson Giving Sistem “Sox/RacgoOB Complainant 5 Suspect of Otiver © Reporting Person ® Witness esi Phone Coy 5. Emplogigent (Name, Address, Phone, Occupation Wore al Information W Unemployed or Tansiont Time Stated - Compisied 2c "ano 7. me Where Staipment Taken ‘Names, Addresses of Persons Present During Siaiement FOR VEHICLE COLLISIONS ONLY @. License Ne TSiaie [Veh We. Make Model Type Color) Diver DeBnse No. — [Sita 3 Registered Owner Taras Cup Residence/Business Phone (a) IN: You have the right fo remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a cour of law. You have the 7 ADMONITION: Yo4 te a lager an havo him prosaht wdyou whe you ate beng quedionod, you cannct afer tele ‘She wil be appointed to represent you before ary questioning If you'wish one. WAIVER: Do you understand each of these rights | have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to us now? ‘Subjects Initials Siaiamant FWA? [Signature of Person Giving Statement : OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT. RD # ade Plonit nifpgh arion report serie 03-32094 [ oR — SUPPLEMENTAL ar ee ee ply WiLawful Order Various 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Road OREGF TES REPORT —T GRGFOC ENTE ates O7Apr03 On 02Apr03 Captain Rod Yee contacted me by telephone. He explained that there was a demonstration anned for the Port of Oakland on O7Apr03. He requested that I be the Mobile Field Force FF)/incident commander for the demonstration, I agreed and was directed to contact Sergeant Tom logenmiller the following day for a tentative operations plan for the event. I was also informed of a Janning meeting with the Port of Oakland, American Presidential Lines, and other involved parties |Apr03. ‘n 03Apr03 Captain Yee, Lt. Jordan, Sgt. Orozco and I attended a meeting at the San Francisco Police Department. This was a limited after action review/preparation for the next demonstration on 06Apr03. EPD representatives explained their tactics for dealing with the stubborn core of the protesters. They sxplained the various vehicle code and penal code sections they used to arrest the protestors. ‘They also ‘eviewed booking problems that were encountered during the several days of protesting. SFPD expected that we (Oakland) would experience the same group as they had encountered during the beginning phases o fhe war. They also explained that the longshoremen would sympathize with the protesters and participate in the direct action. ‘er that day I met with Sgt. Hogenmiller. He provided me a tentative operations plan. I pulled the cond platoon detail for 06Apr03 to form my MFF. I began reviewing the plan, making various modifications to the operations plan. On 04Apr03 I met with the following people concerning protest. There were additional people there, but I Uid not identify them. ‘They included: President, North America Region, APL Limited Director, Insurance & Risk Management, APL Limited Regional Director Logistics & Equipment, APL Limited Manager, Corporate Communications, APL Limited Port of Oakland, Wharfinger, Maritime Division Union Pacific Railroad, Lieutenant of Police Regional Parks, Lieutenant of Police Director, Labor Relations, Pacific Maritime Association National Sales manager, Rail Export Division, Unicold Corporation ‘Two CHP representatives Pain RANE] WEN |e aie | ery ar E. Poulson 7584P 4 | Captain Vierra Page| of 10 ‘ORI 00109 Seo8T Ga ‘onliand, Ga sub? , RD# wh onfPrufderron REPORT oa eae NT | 03-32094 ~ wr (same EPCS SUNT ‘nara TF ad —— | Fail To Comply WiLawful Order | 436 I V1 | State of California SUSPECTS Fi : seoar Toa —— SRE THEREFOR SRT Various 1395/1879 Middle Harbor Road 14Apr03 o7Ama3 [The meeting also included the following Oakland Police Department personnel: Lieutenant Howard Jordan Sergeant Tom Hogenmiller Sergeant Gary Tolleson Sergeant Doug Campbell Sergeant Russell Chew Officer Danielle Ashford Officer Michael Brown PST Cynthia Perkins The meeting began with brief introductions of all attendees. APL president, xplained that APL did not want any unauthorized individuals on their property or disruptions to the ovement of freight either into, or between the ports. All participants loaded onto two transportation vans ind conducted a site visit of the APL facilities and the larger shipping corridor along Middle Harbor Road {MHIR), 7°, and Maritime Streets. There were opportunities for us to review the physical strengths and jveaknesses of the APL complex and the adjoining sites. At one point Sgt. Tolleson walked into the main lane of traffic IFO 1395 Middle Harbor Road. In less than thirty seconds he was able to cause a significant raffic jam by just standing in the roadway and holding up his arms up. We concluded the tour with a brief eting at the APL faciltics. QM Port of Oakland (PO), provided a large map of the Shipping port area west of the Adeline street fly-over. The map broke down the PO area by color coded arcels, It also indicated APL property and City of Oakland streets. We reviewed tractor trailer routes and| the general operations plan for OPD. I requested an APL and a PO representative at the command post tarting at 0600 hours on or Both representatives would be necessary in order to affect any private srson’s arrest. from APL and QM from the PO agreed to represent the spective companies. uring the course of the morning (NNN Pacific Maritime Association, had given me an e-mail from ) SERED. The e-mail stated in part that ‘... All day Monday there will be a mass picket to shut fown the West Oakland Docks and highlight the war merchants here at home. Borrowing a successful strategy used during the South African divestment movement, the plan is to “allow” Ihe dockworkers to demand arbitration upon arriving at the gates, because they will feel uncomfortable entering work if a critical mass or community members is protesting at the entrance. They cannot legally g¢ bn strike, But if they don't “feel safe” going into work....arbitration can delay entry to work for a whole lay if the picket remains strong. aed aT | Wi | E. Poulson 7584P 1 | Captain Vierra Pagedof 10 Sees Ga ORI 00108 : OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT RDF | noone ndpsharion report sonmH Sree 03-32094 | —— _ ‘oaks, CA o4607 (eam “SPLEEN [RENT Sia ET FC Fail To Comply WiLawful Order 436 | V1 | State of California SIRPECT AGT. FS a ert Ta SETTER Various | 1398/1579 Middle Harbor Roa p10 | O7Apro3 encourage you to join the picket lines for a couple of hours at any point in the day. But a critical moment Will be the I" shift. It is calculated that at least 300 people are needed at the gates by 6:45 am to make ‘he arbitration request credible.’ We reviewed this topic. According to MIN if the longshoremen felt threatened in anyway, they would op working. They would call for an arbitrator to determine if the work place is safe, or whether or not hey should honor the picket line. It was explained that the longshoremen would wait for an independent xrbitrator to come to the site and declare it either safe or unsafe, ‘They would then take whatever action .ey deemed necessary. I had some basic experience in this area. fter the WTO riots in Italy there were various actions at the PO. During one incident I responded to on ff the shipping ports as the second platoon watch commander. Upon arrival I observed fifty-sixty peopl narching in a circle on the respective shipping company property. Concurrently there was a labor acti bccurring because of the demonstrators. According to the management personnel, the longshoremen did no! feel safe because of the demonstration. The longshoremen had called for an arbitrator to resolve th (spute. ‘The management wanted the protesters off the shipping company’s property. I had the appropriat vonsolidated arrest reports (CAR) signed. I gave a verbal warning to the crowd then began to marc foward them after an appropriate period. Most of the crowd elected to leave the shippers property. informed the crowd they could lawfully picket/demonstrate etc. IFO the establishment on public property, i,dditionally, I advised the crowd that the trucks required free access to the shipper. The crowd compiled] he arbitrator eventually arrived and wanted a full briefing on the situation, He explained his position as if lates to the employers and employees. He explained that he wanted specific reports and copies of all ideo tape taken at the scene. 1 explained that all documentation and evidence was a result of a poli ction related to a violation of a penal code section. It had nothing to do with a labor action, I directed hi lo consult with an attorney and seek the appropriate subpoena to get the desired material. T also directes ‘im back to the appropriate union members and management representatives to get his briefing. I ensure that the appropriate crime report was generated specific to the crime that was committed. explained to this group that I viewed any protest as a police issue dealing with possible violations of the enal code. If longshoremen elected to not cross the demonstrators’ line, then that was their right. It is so their right to participate in the demonstration. They would be afforded the same rights as the demonstrators, but not any special rights. The labor issue would be between the union and the employer. ‘olice action would be based on violations of the penal code or requests for private person's arrests. TesaIBy SNE] Waa as] pea ane E. Poulson 7584P 1 | Captain Vierra Page3 of 10 aera ORTOOTOS ‘oskisnd CA B4eb7 . RD# Mond Maron REPORT Sane Ta ore [tr sn0e . : “ Fail To Comply W/Lawful Order 436 | V1 | State of California | RISPECT ST Fn REGENT SEATON ~ [IRE OF TETEFORT ORNATE Various 1996/1579 Middle Harbor Road | 14Apr03 o7anro3 explained to the group the various tactics OPD would employ depending on the situation. The tactics anged from no action, to mass arrests’ situations and through the use of force should the crowd become violent. ‘There appeared to be an understanding of the operation, the options the police would employ, and wur legal authority necessary should we take action on PO or APL property. The meeting was concluded. | PD personnel returned to the PAB. There vé reviewed the plan with Captain Yee and Deputy Chief Haw. Deputy Chief Haw agreed with the concept of the plan. He also assigned Captain Yee as the incident ommander. Lt. Jordan and I divided up various tasks prior to the operation on 07Apr03. contacted Lt. Rachal of the Internal Affairs Division. I requested two Internal Affairs investigators for the ent on O7Apr03. Lt. Rachal committed Sergeant’s P. Lau and G. Rodriquez to the detail. He requested hat they arrive a little later in the shift to facilitate the completion of their normal work load. I requested hat they respond to the command post at 0630 hours. On 0SApr03 I contacted Sgt. Gonzales. I explained the potential protest that was set for 07Apr03. specifically, I asked him to deploy his personnel to the area of MHR around 0400 hours on 07Apr03.. They Ivere to monitor the area for the delivery of devices that have been used at prior demonstrations. This Would include custom cement devices built to secure protesters together, suspend protesters in the air and to ink protesters together etc. ‘These devices are designed to slow down/defeat the common mass arrest rocedures of law enforcement. in 06Apr03 I completed the overall operations plan. Various parts of the plan were either e-mailed or faxed to me from Lt. Jordan and Sgt. Hogenmiller. I e-mailed the completed operations plan to Captain ee, 1n O7Apr03 between 0400-0430 hours I heard over the police radio Officers stopping a number of vehicles n MHR. Alll of the vehicle stops involved vehicles with at least four occupants. I figured that the direct .ction had started earlier than advertised on the ‘’ web site. 1 completed the operations an, Sgt. Hogenmiller conducted the 0500 hour line-up for the motor officers. He directed the motor Unters to respond to the area of the West Oakland Bart Station and monitor the activities of the protesters. ff possible, take the appropriate enforcement action. Lt. Jordan and I completed our respective portion of ¢ roll call. We gave the officers brief instructions of the operation then dismissed them. I collected the hecessary equipment and responded to the scene. I was dressed in standard police uniform, I was driving al emi-marked vehicle. | Rape Sav | Wa Rae] ane E. Poulson 7584P 7 | Captain Viera Page4 of 10 95937 (107) ‘ORI 00108 RD# 7 DR Drover aaa mee Fail To Comply WiLawful Order 436 | V4 | State of California 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Road | 14Apr03. O7Apr03 alking in a circular pattern on PO property blocking the entrance to APL. The demonstrators were arrying various signs and banners. Some members of the group had bull horns and were leading various inti-war chants. I did not see anyone in the crowd that had either a union jacket or any identifying marks a: | arrived at the east gate, 1395 MHR, at approximately 0605 hours. At that time there were already 75-100. longshoremen. I did not see any labor type pickets in the group. | could see people at the west gate but could not determine the extent of the blockage. There were a large umber of trucks stopped on MHR. It appeared as if they were just parked. ‘There was a constant flow of rotesters walking west over the Adeline/MHR fly-over. The crowd grew to approximately 200 within irty minutes, I directed my officers to stage on the north side of MHIR with their respective sergeants. | | hile on the scene a MW, 6°-3”, thin with light brown long hair w/a beard and mustache identified himsel hs the police liaison. I believe his name was cither QD or QM. The representative asked what, if any, plans the police had to deal with the protesters. I explained that we had no immediate plans and needed to evaluate the situation. He requested that I speak to him prior to any action. I agreed and the conversation, as terminated. ile the officers were gathering, I met with Captain Yee and Lt. Kozicki. We discussed how to proceed ince both gates to APL were already blocked. We agreed that we could not authorize a designated protest bite. Instead, we would start enforcement at the west gate first. ‘The east gate MFF would move into sition but would not take action immediately. met with ZED of APL and QR of the PO. I was directed by to arrest anyone on APL property. QB had already signed a number of CARs. —= had to contact his supervisor concerning the pending action. After some type of wnsultation, he authorized the arrest of anyone blocking PO property. I advised Lt. Jordan that we had en directed to arrest any trespassers on the respective property. reviewed the situation with Sgt. Tolleson. Sgt. Tolleson advised that he needed to move his officers fhrough the line of demonstrators to the east gate of APL. I directed Sgt. Tolleson to prepare to move his fficers into place. I authorized the use of physical force, baton etc to force their way through the lemonstrators if necessary. I returned to the circle of protesters and met with the police liaison. T sxplained that I had directed a number of officers to cross through their circle and take a position IFO the PL gate, He suggested that they (the protesters) shrink the circumference of the circle so the officers and ans could pass on the east side of the gate. I agreed that this was an option if the protesters agreed. He poke to his group. ‘epared By Sea WE ae a a E. Poulson 7584P | 1 | Captain Vierra Page Sof 10 ‘OR! 00109 rer onaamapouce peranrient | RD # i CIN ATION REPORT soci See 03-32094 | costae Gasttr Se SPENT eee Tiana FC Fail To Comply witawiul Order 436_| V1 | State of California | SRBEETIAST Fa iCoENTLoEATON = | ORTEOF TAS REFORT | ORROTONTE | | Various 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Road 14Apr03 O7Ap103 i Shortly there after, the circle shrunk on the east side. The protesters left sufficient room to move the fficers into place. I directed Officer Tolleson to move into place. I also ordered my arrest teams and the ea control teams to the east side of the lot. All officers moved into place without incident, Set. Tolleson and I reviewed a number of situations. Specifically, Sgt. Tolleson mentioned the possibility |_| that the crowd could rush the main gate once direct enforcement was taken at the western gate. Sgt. \ (Tolleson had concerns that the crowd could move too close, eliminating the ability to use certain less lethal wunitions safely. I authorized the use of gas if the crowd rushed the officers. The officers placed their gas| nasks on in preparation. During our conversations a tractor truck passed through the northern most portion of the ring of protesters Phe track continued toward the southern portion of the ring of protesters. The protesters quickly bunched IFO the tractor stopping the movement. The protesters contiqued to move IFO truck. I ordered the officers fo assume a column of two on each side of the truck. I ordered the officers to penetrate the line of wrotesters to protect the truck and driver from assault, Once secure, they were to escort the driver back out ff the circle of protesters. They completed the task as ordered. hile maintaining our presence at the scene, I could hear less lethal munitions being used at the west gate. | | TThe police liaison representative made contact with me. He had been in contact with the protesters at the ther gate. According to him, the protesters were being ‘shot’ with different types of objects. I explained | hat it appeared that we (OPD) were using less lethal munitions. He wanted to know what type of warning I ‘ould give prior to using similar munitions. He explained that the protesters at the east gate would do a | humber of things upon being warned. They included: | © Leave the protest altogether © Move to lawful area to protest © Maintain their unlawful protest position and get arrested (The representative wanted to debate the length of the warning. He explained that it needed to be sufficiently long to give everyone ample time to make a decision. I explained to him that I was not at the oint that I would be giving any warning, but when I was I would give an appropriate warning then take | ction to either arrest or disperse the crowd, depending on their response to my order. I reiterated to him | | at the time frame after the warning would be reasonable, but not extended. Direct action on the part of | | fhe police department would be taken against anyone refusing to comply with the dispersal order. He again fanted to know the type of the warning and the length. Tapa BAT Wa |r| saa E. Poulson 7584P 1 | Captain Vierra PageG of 10 “558057 (17) ‘OR! 00109 : onworanreencnen [ROH adeflongt infpstrarion reroRt “ott sect 03-32094 tian a san Peete ee o srtmnern wen Par aa FC Fail To Comply W/Lawful Order 436 | V1 | State of California | REDENTTBEATON DHE OF TE REPORT | ORSRRTSATE ‘SUSPECT AST, Fat Various 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Road 14Apr03 O7AprO3 ssembly order was given. ‘The representative left and appeared to consult with representatives of the larger I reiterated that he had been given a description of the action that could/would be taken after the unlawful broup. ‘The group’s actions and demeanor changed slightly. The circumference of the circle started to collapse intil the group was on large tight solid circle. Various members of the group began to put pieces of cloth wer their face. The cloth was wrapped horizontally around their face to cover the mouth and nose. The inti-police chants like ‘Fuck the Police’ and various words used with the word ‘Pig’ became louder and jore frequent. ections. The first section proceeded east on the fly-over ramp leading to Adeline Street. I presumed these rrotesters were leaving the area. ‘The second section moved to protest along the city streets but still within the general area. The third portion crossed to the north side of the street and began to walk west on MHR. \\s the crowd dissipated, | moved the skirmish line forward to the south limit line of the intersection. The iThe crowd chanted for a short period then began to dissipate. The crowd appeared to break-up into three | immediate hazard appeared to be eliminated, so I opened the east gate for commerce. The remaining rotesters had assumed positions that did not interfere with traffic. contacted Lt. Jordan to see if he needed any assistance. He first requested my Tango team. Shortly there fier he requested all of the officers I could send. 1 directed Sgt. Tolleson and his team to respond to any ea that needed assistance. I left two teams at the east gate. I directed the balance of my team onto the |AC Transit bus and we traveled west on MHR. I was directed to respond to the intersection of Middle Harbor and Maritime roads. uring the bus ride down I observed various sites that had groupings of people. Some of the people hppeared to be longshoremen while others appeared to be protesters. During the trip west I was directed to top and talk to an arbitrator for the longshoremen at 1717 MHR. I stopped the bus and made contact with FW claiming to be the arbitrator. She stated she was an arbitrator for the longshoremen. She explained that she was there to determine if it was safe for the longshoremen to return to work. I immediately lirected her to have the various vehicles that were parked in the lanes of traffic, and the gate to the dock, moved to a legal parking space. It appeared that the longshoremen had just stopped their vehicles in the ‘oad without regard to traffic. I also directed her to have all of the individuals standing in the street return areas that did not interfere with traffic. She complied with my direction, She went on to explain that he was there as an arbitrator in an action between the shipping company and the longshoremen. She anted some assurances that the workers were going to be safe. I explained that I could never assure | anyone’s safety. Tepe7 Soa Was ae 9a E. Poulson 7584P_ 1 | Captain Vierra Page 7 of 10 ‘ORI 00109 ‘57 Gar) RD# camo rouce percent ho PoDesrons REPORT arenes 03-32094 cal, [Fai To Comply WiLawrl Order 436. | V1 | State of California Various 1395/1579 Middle Harbor Road | 14Apr03 O7Apro3 went to explain that there was not a protester in sight. Any determination of safety would have to be ased on her objective observations and common sense. Finally, I explained that any work stoppage issues | ‘ere between the union and the employer. I terminated the conversation and continued to the designated oint to assist the other commanders. met with Lt. Jordan at the intersection of MHR and Maritime. He directed me to circle the protestors on fhe south portion of MHR and Maritime Roads. At the designated time, we would move in and arrest all ‘ersons we could on the south side of the intersection. I gave the same instructions to the Sergeants. After oving into place, we moved toward the crowd and made a number of arrests. ‘The intersection was clear (fer the arrests. Lt.s Kozicki and Jordan moved north up Maritime Road. instructed my officers to load back up onto the bus so we could monitor the balance of MHR. We started ast on MHR toward our original gate. I observed a number of vehicle and people IFO 1717 MHR. The iehicles were parked in the middle of the street randomly without regard to traffic. "Traffic was backed up boing east bound as the tractor trucks maneuvered through parked traffic on city streets. I stopped the bus ind approached the individuals. Specially, there was a black Mercedes Benz facing west bound partially blocking the number one lane going west bound. Eventually, the driver responded to the vehicle. He state that he wanted to make a police report about the damage to his vehicle caused by the police. According to im, less lethal munitions struck his vehicle causing paint damage, He was adamant that he was not going lo move the vehicle until a report was made and pictures were taken, 1 instructed him to move the vehicle 1 I would tow it. The individual moved the vehicle to the side of the road. Sergeant Lighten and I made wntact with the other drivers and had their vehicles moved off the roadway. It is interesting to note that w ad passed this intersection just twenty minutes earlier and did not observe any of the vehicles in the intersection. ‘e returned to the bus and proceeded east on MHR. I directed the bus to stop in the 1579 block of MHR Wvere a group of fifty protesters had gathered IFO the western gate of APL. I directed the officers to ismount from the bus. ‘The protesters immediately crossed the street to the north side of MAR. The rotesters blocked the rail road tracks and consumed one lane of west bound traffic. I had the officers form skirmish line and walk toward the protesters. The protesters continued to walk east bound shouting rious profanities at the police. The protesters walked to the 1395 block of MHR. There, the protesters rrossed the street to the south side. I stopped the skirmish line. ‘The protesters gathered on the south side f the street, east of the intersection. Eventually the protesters consumed the area that was not fenced off d the number two lane of east bound traffic. The protesters then began to mix with the tractors/tractor railers that were traveling in both directions. ‘This started to block traffic and created an enormous hazard. formed another skirmish line and moved toward the protesters. | Raposo ies Wo, |W | oe] Sipe Soa E. Poulson 7584P 1 | Captain Viera PageB of 10 ‘57 GR ‘ORI 00105 DH 03-32094 OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT Ady ont inde pation REPORT Th Seat — CA sr cme Carr TRENT Sei ram Fail To Comply WiLawful Order 436. | V4 | State of California _ eee SPECTIAST Fan [SUNT SEATON ] BSEOP ERT eer Various | 1395/1879 Middle Harbor Road | 14Apr03_ | Granro3 |As we approached the crowd I ordered them out of the street and forced them to walk east bound on MHR. e moved the crowd approximately fifty yards. At that time I stopped the officers. During the entire movement a MW, 6°-1”, beard, asked who was in charge, From the rear of the skirmish fine I instructed him that I was. He wanted to know what authority I had to move the crowd of protesters. was not going to enter into a debate on the legality of my action. I provided the individual my name and | directed him to Internal Affairs if he believed what I was doing was wrong. He repeatedly asked me the ame type of questions. I repeatedly directed him to the Internal Affairs division. I even provided him the \ddress of the division. I directed Sergeant Aguirre to drive next to the crowd and instruct them over the load speaker to move ont 1e side walk as they approached the flyover. The crowd moved onto the sidewalk as instructed. They left | ¢ area without further incident. returned the officers to the command post. I concluded my portion of the operation and directed all of the| fficers under my charge to return to either go home or relieve the respective first platoon officer. |A short time later, Lt. Kozicki advised that the group had reformed at the West Oakland Bart Station. The group was going to continue their demonstration in one form or another. Ultimately, the group wanted to ind up at the Federal Building in the 1300 block of Clay Street. I made contact with Sgt. Lozares over the in channel. I requested that he advise the federal security staff of the possible demonstration so they ld secure the building. | responded directly to the Federal Building. I parked just south of 14th Street on Clay. I could hear over lhe police radio that the motors were escorting the protesters. I contacted my walking units and had them ecure City Hall. The protesters eventually arrived at the Federal Building. The protesters blocked the 1300 block of Clay Street. We blocked both the 1200 and 1400 blocks of Clay lo prevent any traffic from entering. ‘The police liaison arrived with three elected representatives. They cre I Up end jwent on to explain that she was not happy about what appen this morning at the Port of Oakland, She stated that she did not want any action taken against the protesters. I explained that this was a police issue and that I would not allow the protesters to block Clay treet indefinitely, I suggested that the protesters either move onto the property IFO the Federal Building r to Frank Ogawa Plaza to protest. In either case, they could continue to protest and we could open up Clay Street. She and the other representatives returned to the protesters. ERSTE VE | hee Saar eae besaaey E. Poulson . 7584P 1 | Captain Vierra Page? of 10 ‘ORI 00109 ‘sean 87 hQodPnB Maron nevonr ‘OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT “sb Tih Steet RD# 03-32094 TRE CO —-sorceneTar Fail To Comply W/Lawful Order Siena CF V4 | State of California Various 1395/1 1579 Middle Harbor Road RTE GF TS REPORT 14Apr03 SRORATDAT O7Apr03 ‘aptains Yee and Israel arrived on the scene. They met with the elected officials. Eventually, the rotesters left the front of the Federal Building and moved to Frank Ogawa Plaza. The protest continued ‘ith out further incident. ‘5007 an Sage Rd 2 ReeTeF SST Waa was E. Poulson 7584P 41 | Captain Vierra Page |Cof 10 ORI 00109. RD# rh QoPnkdacon rerons omnegorezeumen |" 03-3204 v 1 cE (SRC rors ona TASTE 0436 |r TE sree RE 1879 ‘Middle Harbor Road O7Apr03 imu oer 5 [Freie seus awe On 7Apr03 at 0600 hrs Sgt H. Johnson and I were working as the flight crew in the Oakland Police Helicopter 510PD and responded to the scene of an Anti-War Demonstration. The demonstrators directed their attention at the gates of American Presidential Lines . Our mission was to observe and report the activities of the protestors below. | Upon our arrival we saw three groups of protestors. At the gate at 1395 Middle Harbor Road I saw 150 to 200 protestors blocking vehicle traffic. 300 to 400 protestors blocked the gate at 1579 Middle Harbor Road. 75 to 100 protestors also blocked a gate further west at 1717 Middle Harbor Road though a separate company owned the gate, I was also able to watch as protestors walked back and forth from one protesting | group to the other At each gate vehicular traffic was not allowed to enter due to the protestors blocking the entrance. Business had come to a halt. No trucks were able to enter or exit. There were approximate 30 trucks stretched out approximately ¥4 mile from 1395 Middle harbor Road east. At 1579 Middle Harbor Road a fire was set in the driveway as the protestors marched around it. As well two additional demonstrators | were carrying broomstick length batons, which were on fire at both ends. The traffic at that location was | also ata stand still backed up approximately % mile to the northwest. ‘As we checked the surrounding area we saw additional 100 to 200 demonstrators collecting at the West Oakland Bart Station and several small groups of 10 to 20 demonstrators walking toward the demonstration from the Bart Station with signs and banners. Police were stationed across the street from both 1395 and 1579 Middle Harbor road, the area the | protestors were demonstrating at. Two police lines were established. The first line was made south of the protestors at 1395 Middle Harbor Road. The second line was made east of 1579 Middle Harbor Road. A dispersal order was made over the Helicopter’s P.A. system from an altitude of 400 feet at 0709 hrs to both groups. As the Police stood in line I watched as protestors advanced and retreat from the police line in what I determined to be an antagonistic manner rather than leave or disperse. At one point one of the protestors ran up to the Police line and had to be restrained. Three to five minutes passed and the Police line at 1579 Middle Harbor Road began to move forward to disperse the protestors. The Traffic Division also formed a moving line of motorcycles to direct the flow of pedestrian protestor movement. The group of protestors were channeled north on Middle Harbor Road were they met with the protestors at 1717 Middle harbor Road. The two groups merged. Taps J. Villalobos ™ | Sgt. H. Johnson lof 2 wh Posh Marion reronr oneaouczomarnen | RP Os - 32094 ep ose Csr oa aR a Lilie bss ST Ra ] scm — ESTER] CINE 1579 Middle Harbor Road O7Apr03 joa ay srourrie SECUNIA moje ama ae During this time I was able to hear the noise and see the smoke from the use of less lethal munitions. The protesters responded, leaving northwest on Middle Harbor Road. Due to a need for fuel we left to retum in | approximately 30 minutes. ‘Upon our return we found the protestors at 1395 Middle Harbor Road had been dispersed. The group of protestors from 1579 and 1717 Middle Harbor Road had been channeled northwest and now choose to protest at Middle Harbor Road and 7" st. along a set of railroad tracks. They again were blocking the | intersection and a train that was 100 yards west waiting for the protestors to clear. Traffic again was backed to the 880 extension where California Highway Patrol was posted. The protesters were directed east on 7" st and retumed to the BART station where they regrouped. Believing the protest had ended we returned to the Airport. | Later we heard over Police radio the protestors were in the downtown area. We launched again and arrived | In time to watch the protestors marching in the Middle of 12" st east from Clay st., north on Broadway and arrive at City Hall Plaza where the protestors ceased their actions. rapa J. Villalobos called = Sgt. H. Johnson 2of 2