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Coker Naphtha Hydrotreating Technology
Introduction lysts. Their first run length 24 months and
The coker naphtha hydrotreating technology is total run length72 months.
aimed at removal of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen- Advanced, mature and reliable technology
containing compounds, olefins, di-olefins, metal with no special safety and environment
impurities, and little solid particles in the feed. problems.
The hydrotreated naphtha is suitable for the
feedstocks of reforming pre-hydrotreating, fertil- Commercial Experience
izer producing, and the steam cracking to pro- 7 commercial units with a total capacity of
duce ethylene. The process flow contains a re- 1.85MMTA using the technology have been put
action section and a steam stripping section. Af- into operation, and the largest single unit among
ter heat-exchange with the reactor effluent, the them is 0.5 MMTA
feed (coker naphtha) is heated in a furnace and
enters into the fixed bed reactor where the impu- Technological Services
rities removal reactions occur. After separation Turn-key project or process design package can
of the vapor stream, the liquid stream,of the re- be provided as well as technical consulting,
actor effluent is stripped in the steam stripping training and on-site services. And the related
tower and the hydrotreated naphtha as the prod- catalysts with their technical services can be of-
uct is obtained. fered separately. For more information contact
Features of Technology Tel: 0086-10- 69166660/69166661/69166647
High performance combined catalysts sys- Fax: 0086-10- 69166658
tem and various engineering measures are Website:
adopted to gain long run length of the proc- Email:
Mild operation conditions, and good prod-
ucts quality.
High activity and good stability of the cata-

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