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Aspen Institute Romania


Aspen Romania aims to attract individuals, business and corporations of high reputation which through their tenure
have demonstrated leadership, integrity and commitment to foster public policies based on non-partisan principles
and timeless ideas, enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue success in business and leadership in life.
An Aspen member demonstrates the ability to balance conflicting values in order to find common ground while
remaining true to Aspens basic ideals. The Aspen member must be ready to actively commit to supporting
entrepreneurial, political and cultural leadership in Romania, as well as promoting a free exchange among different
cultures, so as to identify and enhance common ideas, values and interests.


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TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP (please check the box that applies)

Corporate - Annual fee 15,000 EUR -> (10 votes)

Business (annual turnover up to 20m $) - Annual fee 5,000 EUR -> (5 votes)

Personal (business) - Annual fee 2,500 EUR -> (2 votes)

Aspen Institute Romania engages in various activities to serve its members. Please indicate which are of most
interest to you and feel free to make additional suggestions.

Executive seminars - Networking with other Aspen Institutes -

Leadership development - Publications - Other -

Policy events (conferences/ round tables/ seminars) -

TYPE OF BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY (please check all relevant boxes)

Electric/Electronics - Computer Services - Telecommunications - -

Medical - Machinery/Tools - Food/Beverages - Tourism -

Financial Institutions - Consumer Goods - Chemicals - Agriculture -

Energy - Legal services - Pharmaceuticals/ Cosmetics -

Consulting (Field .. ) - Other (please specify) ..... -

Aspen Institute Romania

IMPORTANT! Please read the following statement and sign it

I accept for my companys data to be listed in the Aspen Institutes database.

I understand that only complete documentation the completed membership application form and two support
letters will be processed for the Executive Boards evaluation.
The present application, once approved by the Aspen Institute Executive Board and validated by the General
Assembly, represents a binding agreement between the parties.
The company becomes a member of Aspen Institute Romania as soon as the company makes the payment of the
appropriate membership fee. I hereby certify that I and/or the company I represent have a clean criminal record.
I do acknowledge that any false statement in this application automatically disqualifies me/ my company of
membership status without any indemnity for Aspen Institute Romania.

Applicants signature and companys stamp Date

Please list below the two current Aspen Institute Romania members who support your application
(their letters/emails of support should be attached to this application):

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