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The researchers would like to express their gratitude to the

following people who supported them in their study:

To their research II professor, Doctor Manalo for teaching the

researchers the fundamental things that they should know about the

subject and for being such a great help in times of need.

To their research adviser, Miss Eleanor D. Apita for guiding them

all through out the whole research process, showing them what to

improve and help them refine their works. Above all, for treating them

dearly and considerately.

To their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alayon, Mr. and Mrs. Lapuhapu, Mr.

and Mrs. Gacott, Mr. and Mrs. Hao, Mr. and Mrs. Padogdog, for

providing them assistance and support emotionally and financially.

And especially to the Almighty Father, for giving them strength and

of sound mind and body to accomplish this study.