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Larvaecidal Property of Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum Tree)

Leaf Extract on Culex spp. (Mosquito)

A Research Proposal presented to the

faculty of the College of Medical Technology
Southwestern University PHINMA
Cebu City, Philippines


Alayon, Christian Marc C.

Gacott, Evan Jane D.
Hao, Norlane Jane Y.
Lapuhapu, Jezaniah M.
Padogdog, Krisha Ace T.

Eleanor D. Apita, RMT

Research Adviser

October 2016


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Appendix A


Figure 1. Mosquito Larvae

Figure 2. Eucalyptus globulus tree

3 2
Flow Chart

Writing of transmittal letters to

the dean of the College of Authentication of the
Medical Technology and the Eucalyptus globulus leaves at
dean of College of Pharmacy, the Department of Agriculture.
for the usage of the laboratory
and the Soxhlet Extration

Setting of breeding spot for Collection and drying of

the collection of Culex Eucalyptus globulus leaves.
larvae at a grassy dark mini The dried leaves are then used
forest at Bulacao, Tabunok, for extraction using the
Talisay City. Soxhlet Extration machine.

Three beakers are filled with 50

larvae each:
-Beaker 1- poured with solution 1
The Culex larvae and the
(25% conc.)
Eucalyptus globulus leaf
-Beaker 2- poured with solution 2
extract are gathered for
(50% conc.)
the mortality test.
-Beaker 3- poured with solution 3
(100% conc.)

Observe and record mortality

within 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and
30 minutes, and 60 minutes.
Repeat for trials two and three.

Reporting of results

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