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Sharing complex design information has never been 3. Under Objects to Publish, click one of
the following:
easy. Since design files are large, sending sheet sets and
The ability to publish DWF files is built All Model Space Objects: All model
3D models to printers or sharing work with extended into every Autodesk design application. space objects are published to the 3D
team members has taken a lot of time and effort, not to It is also available free of charge when DWF file
using third-party applications with the
mention bandwidth. DWF technology changes all that. Autodesk DWF Writer. Selected Model Space Objects:
DWF-based designs are compact, secure, and easy-to- Create a selection set of model space
Learn more on how to publish DWF objects, which are published to the
use. In fact, because sharing rich 2D and 3D design files from Autodesk products at 3D DWF file
information is a snap with DWF, completely digital 4. If the drawing contains xrefs, the
workflows become possiblestreamlining the flow of Publish 3D DWF Formats Group By xref Hierarchy option is
selected by default. Clear the check
information across the entire project team. Use the 3D DWF PUBLISH command
box if you do not want to display the
from AutoCAD (2006 or later), Revit or
objects grouped by xref hierarchy in
This handy pocket guide of DWF Tips and Tricks provides Inventor to publish 3D DWF formats:
the published DWF file.
individual users and entire project or product teams with 1. On the command line, enter
5. Under Group Individual Objects By,
the information needed to get the most from DWF and select one of the following options to
2. In the 3D DWF Publish dialog box, group individual objects in the DWF
applications like Autodesk Design Review. To learn more under DWF File Name, change the file for viewing.
about DWF visit name and location of the DWF file
Layer: Group individual objects
to be saved, or use the [...] button to
by layer
navigate to a new location for the
3D DWF file. Object Type: Group individual
objects by object type (for example,
by block)
6. Click OK.

Increase the Precision of the Add Object Properties from Pass It On: Publish DWF and Email with the published DWF file attached.
DWF File AutoCAD Blocks From Windows Explorer The subject displays the name of the
Specify the pixel resolution for vector Easily email a DWF file when using published DWF file.
Enable team members to access
and raster graphics when creating DWF AutoCAD block properties in the DWF Autodesk DWF Writer. 3. Type email addresses in the To..., Cc...,
files. The higher the resolution, the file by setting DWF publishing options. 1. Start Windows Explorer and open and Bcc... fields and add a message, as
greater the precision but the larger the the folder containing the file to be necessary. A link to download the free
1. From the File menu, choose Publish.
file size. published and emailed. Autodesk DWF Viewer is automatically
2. In the Publish dialog box, under Pub- included for email recipients who dont
1. From the File menu, choose Plot to 2. Right-click the file and choose Publish
lish To, click DWF File, and then click have it.
display the Plot dialog box. DWF and Email. The default email ap-
Publish Options.
2. Ensure that DWF 6 ePlot.pc3 is plication opens a new email message 4. Click Send.
3. In the Publish Options dialog box,
selected. Click Properties to display a
under DWF Data Options, Block
tree control.
Information, select Include from the
3. Select Graphics from the tree, and drop-down list.*
expand it. Select Custom Properties
4. Click OK.
in the drop down menu, and then click
the Custom Properties button. 5. In the Publish dialog box, either con-
tinue with publishing tasks or close the
4. Set Vector Resolution to the desired
dialog box.
value. You can leave the other DPI
values (Gradient Resolution, Color
and Grayscale Resolution, and Black
and White Resolution) as they are.
Valid values from the pull-down menu
are between 150 and 4800. Use the
keyboard to enter a custom value,
such as 30270. *By default, Block Information is set to Dont Include.
If you change the setting to include block informa-
A table of useful resolution values is tion, you can use the viewer to view or print block
available at property and attribute information in the DWF file.
View & Print

Publish from SolidWorks 1. From the file menu, select Publish DWF Rotate 3D DWF Files
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, or to automatically turn your 2D drawing 1. Choose View and then select
CATIA or 3D model into DWF. In the past, viewing rich design data orbit to enable the Orbit tool.
required the purchase of a full license of
Install Autodesk DWF Writer 3 to 2. Learn about publishing from other 2. Click the 3D model and drag in any
CAD software. Now, the free, download-
publish 3D models and design data from applications, by visiting direction to rotate the view.
able Autodesk DWF Viewer means
SolidWorks 2006, Pro/ENGINEER
that everyone on the team can navigate 3. Select Standard Views and navigate to
Wildfire 2.0, or CATIA V5 software.
sheet sets, access design information, the Front, Back, or see Shaded Edges.
Publish from Microsoft Office
and print whatever they need.
Download the free Autodesk DWF Search and View Design Data
With Autodesk DWF Writer installed,
users can publish DWF files from Viewer at 1. In Explorer, click Search to open the

View & Print

Microsoft applications (PowerPoint, dwfviewer-download. Search Explorer Bar.
Word, Excel, Visio, Outlook, and 2. Type search terms for the DWF file
Internet Explorer) and share them as Quickly Zoom and Pan such as doors, bolts, and more.
part of the project set. Use the mouse wheel button to zoom in
3. Select the location to search and click
and out.
1. Click the Publish DWF button on the Search Now.
Microsoft application toolbar, or from To pan, press and hold the mouse wheel
4. Microsoft Windows Explorer search
the File menu, choose Print and then button and move the mouse.
will list DWF files that contain the
select Autodesk DWF Writer in the list Note: Your mouse settings may need to be search term.
of available printers. changed to enable panning in this manner.
2. Specify a file name and location for
the published DWF file.
3. Click save or choose print.
Viewing Assembly Instructions The left sub-pane displays text such 3. To remove a part from the selection, 1 degree clockwise or the Up Arrow key
When an animated DWF file with as step-by-step instructions for an press and hold the Ctrl key and click to rotate 1 degree counterclockwise. To
assembly instructions is opened in assembly. the part again (Ctrl+click). In the rotate the part in 45 degree increments,
Autodesk DWF Viewer or Autodesk Model palette, use Shift+click to select press and hold the Shift key while using
Design Review, the instructions are consecutive parts by clicking the first the keyboard arrows.
displayed for the current task or and last parts in the series.
sequence in the left sub-pane below Move along an axis
the Canvas Pane. On the axis along which you want to
Important information: Although loading move the part, click that axis near the
a DWF may populate the text or grid origin. Drag in either direction along the
panes with data, the data panes will not axis. Alternatively, press the Up Arrow

View & Print

View & Print

be displayed automatically. key to move away from the origin or the

Down Arrow to move toward the origin.
Use the Pane Layout drop-down to
Move within a plane Begin Move
select which panes are displayed.
Roll the cursor over a plane defined by
To hide or show the Text or Grid panes: two axes until a plane icon with arrows
Pull Apart a 3D Model
1. Click the Pane Layout drop down. Autodesk Design Review and DWF appears, and click. Drag the part in any
Viewer users can navigate 3D models direction.
2. Choose from:
published from Autodesk applications Move parallel to the screen
Show Canvas and Grid Panes
or with the free Autodesk DWF Writer. Click the origin, and drag the part in any
Hide Data Pane Follow these steps to rotate and pull direction. Or use the keyboard arrows to
Hide Canvas Pane apart individual pieces of a model: move left, right, up, or down.

Show All Panes 1. From the Tools menu, choose Rotate

Move>Rotate. On the axis around which you want to
DWF View and Design Review display rotate the part, click near the end of the
the pane configuration you selected. 2. In the Model palette or view area,
click the parts that you want to move axis and drag the part around the axis.
or rotate. Or press the Down Arrow key to rotate
Create 3D Cross Sections Move along an axis Undoing Pulling Apart a 3D Model
Cut through a model with a section plane On the axis along which you want to or a Sectioning
and manipulate the view in various ways move the section plane, click the axis Autodesk Design Review and the DWF
by moving and rotating the section plane near the origin. Drag in either direction Viewer both feature sectioning and pull
and flipping the view. along the axis. Click the Up Arrow key to apart capabilities when working with 3D
move away from the origin or the Down DWF files. Though these capabilities are
1. Open a model and from the Tools Arrow key to move toward the origin.
menu, choose Cross Section >XY easily accessible and very powerful, some
Section, YZ Section, or XZ Section. Move within a plane users do not know how to undo them.
Roll the cursor over a plane defined by After applying a section or pulling a piece
2. A transparent purple sheet (the sec- two axes until a plane icon with arrows of a model apart from its original loca-
tion plane) and a tripod drop into the appears, and click. Drag the section tion, users can restore the original view
View & Print

View & Print

center of the model, cutting through plane in any direction. Before of the model using:
the model to reveal a cross section.
Move or rotate the section plane Move parallel to screen View->Go->Home
to reveal a different cross section Click the origin. Drag the section plane in A shortcut for this capability is Ctrl+ G.
each time. any direction.

3. The three legs, or axes, of the tripod Rotate Access Design Intelligence
meet at a central point called the On the axis around which you want to Publish detailed design information from
origin. To change the cross section rotate, click near the end of the axis. Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004
revealed, move or rotate the section Drag the section plane around the axis. and later versions, AutoCAD 2007
plane by moving the cursor over If you press and hold the Shift key while based products, and Autodesk Inventor
the tripod. Hot spots appear, each using the keyboard arrows to rotate, software, for viewing in Autodesk Design
enabling the user to move the section the section plane rotates in 45 degree Review or DWF Viewer.
plane in a different way. increments. After 1. View and sort object properties: Click
the Properties window.
2. Access block information: In the Use Flexible Printing Options 2. Preview what you print: Present in Microsoft Office
Content Browser, select the Proper- Preview the job before sending it to the From the File menu, choose Print to Applications
ties window, and then choose Object printer. Partnerships with printer manu- open the Print dialog box Share the full design intent in Microsoft
Properties from the drop-down menu. facturers like HP and Oc help assure PowerPoint, Excel, or Word whether its a
Choose the settings that affect your
Click the selector button, and fast, high-quality output. client presentation, product documenta-
preview, like paper size or landscape
then click the block to display 1. Print to spec: Customize the settings tion, or bill of materials.
the block data. that affect output from standard to 1. Drag the file from Windows Explorer
Click the Show Print Preview button
3. Search for design data: In Microsoft large format. Choose from among the into the document.
Windows Explorer, select Search, and following options:
2. Alternatively, from the Insert menu,
enter your search string to find data Full Page or the Current View choose Object and Autodesk DWF
within the DWF file such as doors, 3. Print instantly to HP printers:
View & Print

View & Print

Paper Size or select Use DWF Paper Viewer Control, then right-click and
bolts, and more. select Autodesk DWF Viewer Control
Size Click the HP Instant Printing
4. Navigate sheets or views using hyper- button Object Properties to embed an inter-
links: From the main menu, choose Landscape or Portrait active DWF.
Note: The button automatically
View>Show>Hyperlinks (Ctrl+H) to Fit to Page or Print to Scale
appears if you are connected to a
display hyperlinks in blue. To follow a
Tile across multiple pages supported HP Designjet printer.
hyperlink, hold down the Ctrl key and
click the hyperlink (Ctrl+click). The The optimal print settings are chosen
drawing, file, or web page to which it automatically based on the proper-
was linked opens. ties of the DWF file
Post Files to Autodesk Buzzsaw Review, Measure 2. Zoom in for greater accuracy: To
achieve greater accuracy, zoom in to
Work with Advanced Redlines and
Autodesk Design Review and the DWF Markups
Viewer are fully integrated into the & Mark Up the section of the drawing to which
you are applying the starting and
Autodesk Design Review includes easy-
Autodesk Buzzsaw collaborative proj- to-use shapes, text, freehand, stamp,
ect management solution. Follow these No more looking through faxes and ending points of the dimension.
and custom symbol tools in addition to
steps to efficiently share your designs: emails to incorporate feedback by hand. markup tools.
With Autodesk Design Review software,
1. Drag DWF files into the project folder.
team members can review, measure, and
2. Notify the project team using the mark up designs, and then round-trip
Buzzsaw notification system. Updates redlines and changes back to the original
and versions are automatically tracked. design application. All changes are auto-
View & Print

matically tracked and kept in the context

of the design.

Measure Accurately
The dimension tools with the AutoSnap
feature help project team members de-
termine lengths, polylines, and areas.
1. Snap to endpoints: Set the measure
1. Control markup shape: Hold down the
tools to snap to endpoints, midpoints,
Shift key to constrain the range of
and lines for precision measurement of
movement when marking up drawings.
design elements in the DWF file. Click

Review & Mark Up

the Tools command, and turn on the To start again, press the Esc key and
Snap to Geometry feature. try again
To delete a markup, use the Selection
tool and press Delete
2. Color code reviews: Use different Use Custom Symbols and Stamps Select Import DWF as Symbol Manage Your Project Information
markup colors to indicate different Use symbols to annotate and mark up Catalog in One Place
users. information in the office or in the field. Browse for and select the DWF file Work with multiple document types in
Select from the 48 predefined colors that contains your symbols, and click one multisheet DWF sheet set, combin-
or one of your own Open or press Enter ing images, sketches, project timelines,
specifications, bills of materials, and
Change the Text Color and Line Color 2. Create your own stamp: Create custom
other project information.
on the main menu, and then click annotations and stamps by double-
your chosen color clicking a stamp and typing to insert 1. Capture information with Snapshot tool:
text, or highlight the text you want to Add a snapshot to an existing DWF file,
change. or create a new DWF file by adding one
or more snapshots to a blank file.
Click the Snapshot button
Set up the subject of your screen shot
Click the Capture button on
the Snapshot window title bar
2. Drag and drop: Combine DWF files,
raster images, and other project infor-
1. Create custom symbol catalog: Publish mation into a single DWF file or send it
the 2D drawings, images, or text to out for review:
a DWF file using the Autodesk DWF
3. Save a new markup view: When you Drag and drop, or use File>Open to
Review & Mark Up

Review & Mark Up

Writer. In Autodesk Design Review, im-
create a markup, the current view of port this file into the symbol catalog. view and mark up many different
the page is stored with that markup. types of image files, such as JPEG or
To change and automatically store a From the toolbar, click the GIF files
new view, pan and zoom to the desired Stamps and Symbols button
Drag a page or pages into an email
view, and then move the markup or onto the desktop to create a new
slightly or modify it in some way. DWF file
Advanced Tips
Markup Bill of Materials 2. On the Standard Toolbar, display the Advanced Tips script. For example, this is particularly
Using the Grid Snapshot tool in Autodesk Callout Tool button drop-down list. useful when installing Autodesk DWF
Take advantage of these advanced DWF Viewer company-wide using SMS.
Design Review, you can capture bill of 3. Click the Grid Snapshot Tool button.
tips from the experts.
materials on a separate sheet for markup
4. A snapshot is of the bill of materials is Embed Autodesk DWF Viewer in
added to the Contents palette. Autodesk DWF Viewer Tips HTML Documents
1. A bill of materials must be loaded in 1. Use the mouse wheel button to zoom
5. Select the BOM snapshot in the Autodesk DWF Viewer is available as an
the Grid Data Pane below the canvas in and out. To pan, hold the button
Contents palette to add markup. ActiveX control that is embedded in
to enable capture. down and move the mouse. Microsoft Internet Explorer, providing a
2. Select Options in the Content Browser smooth installation of the free Autodesk
to show thumbnails, list views, or DWF Viewer in web pages.
bookmarks of the original DWF data.
3. When rotating 3D objects, keep the
triad at least slightly oblique to the
screen to move or rotate. You cannot
move or rotate the axis that points
directly toward you.
Install Across Your Company
Capturing bill of materials Autodesk DWF Viewer can be installed
silently via the following:
msiexec /i SetupDWFViewer.msi /qn
Review & Mark Up

Your IT department can install the

Autodesk DWF Viewer across your com- 1. Embed DWF files directly in web pages
pany. By installing the Autodesk DWF by using the <object> element tag.
Viewer silently, the viewer can be includ-
ed as part of a company-wide automated
Advanced Tips

Advanced Tips
2. Access, copy and paste a sample HTML Printing DWF files on Oc Devices (especially on hatches and fills). Using Learn and Get More
that demonstrates how to embed a With its default settings, some Oc de- Poster Mode on these files typically
Visit the DWF Center
DWF file in HTML: vices (e.g., TDS800, TDS600, or TDS400) resolved the issue. cut off the leading or trailing edge of
beyond_the_paper/2006/05/ Use API to Customize and Extend Visit the DWF Blog
DWF plots. There is an option in the Oc
how_do_i_embed_.html Functionality
Windows Raster Driver to override the
cutting method on the Power Logic Use the Autodesk Design Review and Participate in the discussion groups
Save DWF Files That You View Controller. In the Printing Defaults dialog DWF Viewer and application program-
Follow these steps to save a local copy of box, there is a Delivery tab. In the De- ming interface (API) documentation to designreview-discussion
a DWF file published to a website: livery tabs Cutting Method section, integrate Design Review or DWF Viewer
1. Right-click the DWF file and choose there is a combo box that has 3 options: within websites or third-party applica- Get free downloads
Save As. Alternatively, click the Save 1. Synchro: Trims to fit the plot size. tions. The documentation provides
As button on the toolbar. (Note: The instruction on features such as naviga- dwfviewer-download
2. Standard: Trims to a standard tion to a specific page or view, control
Save As options appear only when you
paper size. over layer visibility, the ability to show
are using DWF Viewer in embedded
modefor example, in a web page.) 3. Printer default: Uses whatever the and hide the toolbar and context menus,
as well as control of the viewer behavior. Find product information
default on the controller is set to.
2. To save a local copy of the DWF file Visit
you are viewing, specify a file name. When plotting DWF files, you should use
to download the API documentation.
the Standard cutting method by chang-
ing the printer properties.
Find developer tools and information
When printing DWF files on the Oc
9800 or Oc TDS800. some users found
that when architects and engineers used
Try our newest software
pen 0 in their AutoCAD drawings, the
published DWF files would print out too
light on the 9800 and TDS800 devices
Advanced Tips

Overall, DWF and Autodesk Design Review

are helping us improve productivity.
Patrik Chartrand, CAD Administrator
Advanced Dynamics
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Review & Mark Up

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