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Ravisankar Ramanathan Spiritual Consultant

Karthikeyan Ramanathan - Research Service Provider

Corresponding Author

Karthikeyan Ramanathan


The Indian ancient Vedic tradition contains methodologies to

synchronize the energy from the nature especially Fire, Water, Air,
Space and Earth with the energy from the five basic elements of Human
Body Ear, Nose, Eyes, Mouth and Body. This Vedic spiritual practice
creates inner energy, activates the hypnosis power to control the senses
of self as well as others, control the diseases. Hypnosis is a state where
the conscious mind relaxes or doesnt function and allows the
subconscious to work. The heat energy emanating from the eyes and
the sound energy from the mouth plays vital role in hypnotizing any
living beings and also in affecting the atmospheric processes related to
rainfall, wind flow. The internal spiritual energy and the external
physical strength are very much essential for the vedic hypnosis experts
and they effectively utilize their brain potential through rigorous
spiritual practices to achieve their goal. It is possible to inculcate
positive vibrations, positive thoughts in the minds of everyone through
vedic spiritual hypnosis and create harmony for universal peace.

Keywords: Vedas, Hypnosis, Spirituality, Vibrations

About the Authors

Ravisankar Ramanathan is serving as a spiritual consultant for Vedic &

Scientific Research Foundation (VSRF) and he is one of the main disciple
of Spiritual master of Atharva Veda - His Holiness Sri.Sri.Sri.
Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy Swamigal - Sankaracharya of SriVidya
Peetam(Rishikesh) and served under him for 14 years and attained
knowledge on mantras, tantras, yagnas, vedas. He has been deeply
involving himself in decoding the scientific knowledge hidden in Indian
ancient vedic tradition and worked as Research Co-Investigator in VSRF
projects with DRDO(Defence Research Development Organization-
Ministry of Defence , Government of India) and as Research Support
service provider in VSRF project with ISRO(Indian Space Research
Organization-Government of India). He has conducted Stress & Mind
Management programs for Indian Military personnel, Scientists,
national players, students. He has conducted mind workshops in many
universities in India and also in HAN University-Holland, Gothenburg

Karthikeyan Ramanathan is a Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Graduate and serving as Research Service Provider for Vedic & Scientific
Research Foundation (VSRF). He is one of the main disciple of Spiritual
master, eruditevedic scholar His Holiness Sri.Sri.Sri.Ramakrishnananda
Saraswathy Swamigal - Sankaracharya of SriVidya Peetam(Rishikesh)
and served under him for 14 years and attained knowledge on vedas,
mantras, tantras, yagnas. He has been deeply involving himself in
decoding the scientific knowledge hidden in Indian ancient vedic
tradition and worked as Research Investigator in VSRF projects with
DRDO(Defence Research Development Organization-Ministry of
Defence, Government of India) and as Research Project Investigator in
VSRF project with ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization-
Government of India). He has conducted Stress & Mind management
programs for Indian Military personnel, Scientists, national players,


Human society in the world over is on the threshold of a quantum jump

in the level of knowledge and opportunity to significantly improve the
quality of life that is material and mental development. Everybody
needs material development for physical comfort as well as mind
comfort. Mental pleasure is more important and superior to physical
pleasures because mental pleasures can control the physical discomfort
and happiness. Most of the religious culture and traditions in the world
are teaching the spirituality techniques in their own methodologies in
order to channelize the mind power towards mental pleasures (self
development) and progress of society.

Spirituality termed as Unconditional devotion with complete

dedication. The essence of spirituality is the duty to live to its full, the
glorious destiny of being human. The purpose of the religion should be
to empower all people in this adventure of living with dignity and
fulfillment. The spirituality tunes the mind set to higher objectives of
human life, discovering the purpose and value of life and equipping the
individual and the society with a bent of mind to serve the society with
utmost sincerity and unconditional devotion.
Vedas are the Indian ancient traditional scripts encoded with the
mantras, tantras which specify the path for the humanity to achieve the
goal and objectives. The word veda is evolved from the root vid which
means to know, hence veda means knowledge. Vedas insists mainly on
respect and praying of supreme reality and nature. Veda encompasses
all that is essential for ensuring correct way life, peace, prosperity and
spiritual progress. Vedic mantras are certain combinations of vedic
syllable (code). The mantras are designed by our ancient vedic scholors
for different applications. Our Indian ancient traditional knowledge
classified in to VIDYA(Eternal experienciable spiritual knowledge) and
AVIDYA(External experimentable scientific knowledge). The four
foundation pillars of Indian spirituality have come from the four Vedas.

Prajnaanam Brahma(Inherent intrinsic awareness & consciousness or

Brhamam Divinity) Rig Veda.

Aham Brahmasmi( I am the manifestation of divinity) Yajur veda,

Tatva Masi( You are also the manifestation of divinity) Sama Veda,

Aiyam athma Brahma ( This soul it self is the divinity) Atharva veda.

Vedic traditions insist on Vasudeva Kudumbakam the concept of we

are all one family i.e. Global Harmony. Currently most of the countries
in the world are in the race of competitions regarding growth and
development by implementing their own ideologies for their inclusive
growth, some time leading to conflict between neighbors. Instead of
conflict, they all have to unite together for global growth. That is
Vasudeva Kudumbakam. The unity of mind and thoughts for the
progressive growth is the need for the welfare of global peace. All the
formulas, the processes required for the human harmony and unity of
mankind are available in Indian vedic traditions. The ancient vedic
spiritual masters taught Aakarshan- hypnosis techniques to the
disciples after rigorous physical and mental training. Hypnosis is a state
of mind to attain the state of acceptance through suggestions or
guidance. The vedic spiritual hypnosis methodology uses mantras for
the creation of the state of acceptance in mind not only in individual
but also among group . The mantras which on recitation with specific
rhythm create the sound vibrations resulting in creation of peaceful
ambience in their inner self and in the environment thus leading to
hypnosis state of individual and group. The process of Vedic spiritual
hypnosis can be implemented to change the mind status of human
beings as well as environment status of the Nature.

Treatments in Ayurveda

TRIVIDHA-MOUSADHAM: means the AYURVEDIC system has three

steps and three types of the treatments for humanbeings, 1st:
DAIVAVYAPASHRAYAM CHIKITSA: means the God- oriented treatments:
have contained 1: rays & radiations, 2: vibrations, 3: offerings and 4:
ritual-base treatments, 2nd: YUKTIVYAPASHRAYAM CHIKITSA: means the
science-oriented treatments: have contained 5: dietetic regimen, 6: life-
style regimen and 7: medicine & surgery and 3rd: SATVAVAJAYAH
CHIKITSA: means the soul-oriented treatments: have contained 8:
counsellings, 9: realisations and 10: the meditation-base treatments, all
these three 1st 2nd-3rd : treatments have sufficient theories & tools
for the maintenances of health, to resume the healthy human beings
and the cure of diseases.

Charka sutra

The eminent ayurveda expert the sage Charaka in his Charka Sutra
11:54 mentioned different treatment methodologies. In this
DAIVAVYAPASHRAYAM CHIKITSA the (God oriented spiritual treatment),
he has mentioned about Mantra Chiktsha (treatment) .i.e sound
vibration treatment.

MANTRA CHIKITSA: the sound-vibration treatments: the audio effects:


MANTRA: the hymns: means a healthy version of sound-vibrations:

have give-up the illnesses and making healthy spirit, mind & body. Every
mantra has some contents of the words, the sound, the vibrations, the
tone, the rhythm, the tunes, definite pitches and certain intensity of
frequency. These contents of mantra have making particular impact in
to the human and are helpful in correcting the deranged rhythm of
body as well as the mind. Because of human have rhythmic contents of
the heart beats, the lungs functions, the intestinal functions, the
functions of each & every cell & tissues and the mind functions too,
therefore mantra has given profound effect on mind, which in turn
reorganize and tone-up the normal rhythm of the body organs. Means
the mantra vibrations and the human vibrations are harmonize and
tuning each others, and then made-up a healthy resonance in the mind
and the body, this type of classical approaches are called MANTRA
CHIKITSA the sound-vibrations treatments.The generated positive
vibrations will help in reducing stress, increasing of inner energy
thereby reducing the emotional attitudes like anger, ego, adamant,
arrogance, fear etc., which are detrimental to human growth and

Impact of Vedic Mantra Hypnosis on Subjects

In an experimental study on Effect of Rhythmic sounds on selected

Psychological and Physiological parameters, the group of 65 Indian ITBP
and Military personnel located in High altitude area were subjected to
Mantra treatment. They are under deep stress because of extreme
climatic conditions resulting in fear psychosis, deterioration of health .
Initially they were in the unacceptable mode i.e not listening to any
type of suggestions. When the beeja mantras were recited by the
spiritual trainers, there created a feasible, peaceful environment which
in turn tuned the subjects mind towards receptive state and they
followed the instructions in concentrated manner and undergone
training for recitation of beeja mantras for a duration of two hrs daily
for the consecutive eight days. As the recitation process is embedded
with the pranayamam i.e regulated breathing techniques , the subjects
were seems to be involved in hypnotic stage and focused their attention
only on the training imparted to them. This process can be termed as
Group Hypnosis. The written feedback from the subjects after this
mantra hypnotic training reveals the increase of confidence level,
concentration level and reduction of stress level.

Vedic hypnosis on environment

Our vedic experts had understood the linkage between human beings
and nature. Many important linkages how one affects the others and
contains in scriptures. Atharva veda one of the most important
knowledge base, we have which has to try to explain and interpret
intricate linkage between the human being and nature. There are
directly linkage is between the five basic elements of nature, that is air,
fire, water, space and earth with the five basic elements of human body
air, nose, eye, mouth and body(Skin). Two energies energy from
nature and energy from human body known to coexist harmoniously
and by vedicprocesses synergy can be exploited between this two
cosmic energies. The cosmic energy of the nature is influenced by the
two basic energy systems in the physical world namely Heat & Sound.
The vedic mind has clearly identified the role of sound and its
amplitude and frequency of vibrations that basically evolved from the
beeja mantra having profound influence in cosmos. Our recent scientific
investigations on the vedic process Yajna closely collaborate with
specific vibrations which have been created to control the atmospheric
process related to cloud formation and rain fall . During this vedic
process, the two energies namely the heat energy from the yajna fire
and sound energy from the chanting of mantras blended together to
achieve the desired physical, psychology and spiritual benefits. This
study gives us a breakthrough on vedic spiritual hypnosis on
environment i.e creation of hypnosis state on the five basic elements
of nature and hence derive the necessary yield for the welfare of the


Practice of Spiritual vedic hypnosis leads to once self development on

spiritual fronts and thus enhances the understanding of gradual
elevation of soul to identify itself with ultimate reality divinity. It also
leads to the state of attainment of good physical condition free from
diseases. This spiritual practice helps in establishing a natural harmony
with nature and invoking a moral commitment towards maintenance of
clean environment and strong bondage with all resulting in global

Spiritualist should use the scientific means to further his spiritual

objectives and scientist should work with spiritual perspective to brand
on his visions and to perfect his own existence for global welfare.


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This Paper is permitted to publish at the International Conference on

Psychology & Allied Professions Sri Lanka 2011 (ICPAPSL2011)