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Dawn Jones

3407 Ivy Crest Court

Forest Grove, OR 97116

April 28, 2017

re: Becca Cohoon

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of Becca Cohoon. I understand she
is in the PCC Education program.

I have enjoyed working with Becca this year in my Kindergarten classroom. She has
been a prompt and very dependable volunteer. She has also worked as a hired aide.
Becca has established a great rapport with the children. She sees the needs of the
classroom and children and is very helpful. Becca has set up learning stations, read story,
has worked with children individually, and has even provided intervention as needed.
Her enthusiastic and caring approach while working with the children has been wonderful
and effective. She has shown such a positive attitude in the classroom setting.

Thank you for considering Becca in your program.


Dawn Jones