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Jackie Orellana


English IV


What is Human Perception?

Why I ask the question

I asked the question because it was a questionable to think that humans have the ability to

see multiples of things, meaning that when a person is focusing to an object or another person

they can also see what is around them. Perception has four senses: touch, smell, hear, and see.

This question still continues to get researched because a lot of humans still try to make an

understanding on how it possible for a human to see and know. Others cant be able to think the

same as other people, neither can they can tell by seeing their facial expression. It is all about

visualization that can be able to tell you what you are seeing and judging as well.

What I knew before

What I knew before was that people were able to pass through and see things that other

people cant have the ability to see and judge from their perspective. Difference that are between

males and females is perception because it would depend on how the brain functions differently

from those two genders. The brain Functions on what the male and female have the ability to see

and think on what they have in front of them, which can mean a subject as well. Females are

better in a specific subject then a male.

The Search
From what is being known from human perception is causes things, which are the active

learning. There is a positive effect on students performing with the disciplines that includes

critical thinking depending on a subject. It is known that male have a better performance in

STEM then what a female does, at the end of the result it ends that females have a better and

positive perception. A person named Plato has argued many things on how visual works, how

humans can be able to sight and made through possible visual fire that is in our eyes, when it is

being combined with daylight, your visual can be able to visualize any object that is being

around you wherever you are. It is being said that for women is that womans can be able to see

of two to three percent that allows the females to see over 100 million different colors, which is

one hundred times more than what the average person sees.( Facts About Perception. National

Geographic Channel, 16 Sept. 2011,

Accessed 2 June 2017).

Hoffman is a person who has compared two things that shows how the brain ends

up working. Tasting a chocolate and a velvet.From 2015 it was still questionable and a

mystery on how the brain works. A person named Huxley in 1868 questioned on why or

how perception works, it continues to be questioned until this day because scientist has

been investigating that you won't be able to solve a problem without the conscious and

intelligence. ( Hoffman, Donald. Do We See Reality as It Is? Donald Hoffman: Do We See

Reality as It Is? | TED Talk |, Accessed 29 May 2017

).People who have experienced things on animals have suggested them to use on humans

as well, which it is called microelectrodes that have been used on animals, they have
suggest because of the perception of lightness and the depth of visual surfaces that has

developed through computations that has gotten to perform in multiples areas of the

brain. ( neuroscience have found out and

revealed is that in the past 40 years that they have been searching that have found that

there is 30 different visual areas in the primate brain.(

Carbon, Claus-Christian. Understanding Human Perception by Human-Made

Illusions.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Frontiers Media S.A., 2014, Accessed 29 May 2017 ).

Georgey have made a hypothesis and has made people think that humans do have

multiples of things that they can be able to see. To make the hypothesis it was based on

his prior knowledge, and it is being constructed with others perception of reality based

on the environment that people are in. Gregory has said that a lot of information ends up

reaching to the eye, which it was being estimated by him on how much was being lost by

the time it reached the brain and approximately 90% was lost when it would reach the

brain.It is known that sense connects to what you see because it is taking a guess on what

it is you see an object as well as you try to sense what the object it is as well. By the way

that people think and end up being seeing, it is being kept to themselves because humans

are able to control and that is what keeps us people out of trouble and optimize from our

chances of flourish.(McLeod, Saul. Saul McLeod. Visual Perception | Simply Psychology,

1 Jan. 1970, Accessed 2 June 2017 ).

From visual perception it is being known that the eye gets surrounded with light

that enters. Visual perception makes people see colors, patterns, and as well

structure.Visualization is powerful to discover and understand the stories which end up

presenting them to others.( Visual Perception. The Interaction Design Foundation, Accessed 29 May 2017 ).

What I Learned

What I have learned about human perception is that there are many things that a human

can be able to see.It is possible for a person to have multiples of colors in their visual, you can be

able to focus on one thing, but also see everything that is going on in the background. As it was

being said that women can be able to see more than 100 million different colors more than what

males or kids can see. More than what an average person has. What has also been learned is that

at the end perception is still being questioned and how the brain work for the way of thinking and

as well on why you can be able to see a person and how they act as to judging them by just

looking at them and how they really are without even knowing them nor talking to them.It shows

that humans have different perspective on what they see and think.

What I still want to know

What I still want to know is how can it be possible for a person to see focus on one thing

and know what is going on around them at the same time. How does the vision on a human can

concentrate and manage multiples of things, Why does perception still continues to be

investigated and cant be solved yet. Is there still more things that goes on in a person's brain and
vision that has different effects on other people what causes the reason for a person to see more

different things than others. That is what I want to know and find the solution to it.