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Tol SSA Office of Interndional Affairs F'rx; l-877-385-0645

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Guide to Personnel Data Strandards (Ptease read the Privacy Ac{ Statement and instruc{ions before completing form.)
Name (Last, First, Mlddle lnitial) Social Security Number Birthdate (Month and Year)

Donerlson, Tavares, R 417-236708 08fi979

Agency Use Only

Privacy Act Statement

Ethnlclty and race information is requested under the authortty of 42 U.S.C. Section 20@e-16 and in compliance with
the Office of Management and Budget's 1997 Revisions to the Standards for the Ctassification of Federal Dita on Race
and Ethnicity. Providing this information is voluntary and has no impact on your employment status, but in the instance
of missing information, your employing agency will attempt to identiff your ltlce and eth;idty by visual observation.

This information is used as necessary to plan for equal employrnent opportunity throughout the Federal govemment. lt
!s also used by the U. S. 0ffice of Personnel Management or employing agency maintaining the reoords to locate
individuals for personnel research tr survey rasponse and in the production of summary descriptive statistics and
analytical studies in support of the function for which the records are collected and maintained, or for relatd workforce

Social Security Number (SSN) is requested under the authority of Exeantive Order 9397, whidr requires SSN be used
for the purpose of uniform, orderly administration of personnel records. Providing this information is vduntiary and failure
to do so will have no effect on your employment stafus. lf SSN is not provided, however, other agency sour@s may be
usd to obtain it.
Specifie lnstnrctlons: The trm gueslions below are dsigned to identifi your ethnicity and race. Regardhss of your answer to
quection 1, go to queetion 2.
Question 1. At? You Hispanic or l:fino? (A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other
Spanish cutfure or origin, regadlms of race.)
flYes E tto
Question 2. Pbase sdect the racial category or categories with which you met dossly identify by placing an ")( in tre appropriate
box. Ched<as manyas apgy.
(Check as many as apply) DEFINIT]ON OF CATEGORY

fit American lndian orAlaska Native A person having origins ln any of the origind peopte of North and Sou0r America
(induding Cenfal America), and who maintains tribal affilhtion or community
D Asian A person having origins in any of the original peofles of the Far East, Southeast
Asia, or the lndian subcontinent including, for examde, Cambodia, China, lndia,
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine lslands, Thailand, and Metnam.

fl Bbck orAfrican American A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Afica.

ft tta&e Hauaiian or Ofter Pacific lslander A person haning origins in any of lhe original peodes of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or
other Pacific lslands.

fil white A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or

Standard Form 181

Revised August2005
Previous edltions not usable

42 U.S.C. Section 2000e.16

NSN 754041-@$3446
AUl ltEN"|LArED /2"1)
US (:(\T:R\MT\T,,{
'""o" "'',1,)',1,


11(lrrr C'ONGIiIISS
H RESa a 194
,\lrologizirg ftu' 1.[re onslavcurc.nt arul lacial segrc,g'atiorr of ,\fli ca n-^\r nt:r'ictt r ts.


lfr.,t lni'.u,1\' l;. l0()7
\lr'. ('ottt,:x ({ir'lrinrscll'. }lr'.,lottxso\ o1 (it'rii'girr. lIs..J-tr 't'srtx-I o['
'l'cxus. lh'. I:]n,tnr- o{ Pcnnsril'iuria, }Ir. \Yuxl,ott, lls. lls.
\YooJ,.qEy, lh'. P,u,r,oNu, lls. LEE, J'h'. llcGorr:nrr, lls.
lli's. lltu,o-rur: of \err Yolli. lh'. l'clxr-utts. lh'. llon lr of lL'
Ctt,u,r,ro. lh'. Il"ureut,, lL'. I',rlxu. -Ih'. Jul'rrunsoN, I,Ir llr
Ar, GnEux of Te-xas, f,L'. Prt,trER!'IELD, ]ls. \\',t't'sox, lh'.
I'h'. Cr,u,lvun, l,ls. C^\nsox, lh'. Isn,tur,, lh'. AcrinnuLr. llr ot
Alalrama. lh'. lrlr\\TS of ()eorgia, l{r'. Aluncnol'IBru, ,\h' lh'
KExxEo\.. lls. l3,u,oms, lh.. IIonnS, anri
I,h.. I{ucrsrc'tt) suhnritted thc
the Cloruurittee on thtr Judicialr'

.\lrologiziire f'ol tltc crrslitr'('rrrerlt iuI(l l'ilcial 0f:

.\flictrr r-,\I) rL,f i(zlns.

\\'Itt'r't'irs rrrilliorrs o1' .\li'icarrs arr([ llrt,ir rtcscr,rrrlurits \\'0r'0

t,rrfilrve(l irr tlrc L'rritetl litatcs arxl the 1il ,\:rrerir.arr colo-
ttics fi'ortt 161!) tlrlorrglr 1.9(j5:
\\'hu'cus slin'er'f irr ,\rnu'irrr rcsclrll)lcrl rro otlrcr fbrnr of
untarl scr\{tudc linox'n in, as Africans cal)-
turccl ancl sokl at auction lihc inaniniatc objccts anr-

\!llsrcas .\fi'irans t'olt:ctl irrto slavcr'\' \\'crc ltrtrtalizct[, InurLili-

atcr[. tlt,lrrrrrrtrrrizt,tt, urrrI sulljcctt'rI to thc int[igrritv of
bcirrg striltpccI of lhcir narrrcii anrI lrcritagc;

\\rlrelcas crrsltrvcrl farrrilit,s u'crt, torrr allalt aftcl haviug l)e('r r

soltl seltaratcll' fi'orrr tnrc trrrotlru'l

\\ihcrc,as thc svstenr of slzn'r'r1' arrcl tlre t-isctrral racism

llcl'sons of ,\flit,arr tlcsccrrt rrporr u'hicrlr it rlcltcrr
canl0 ortrctrc:lrcrl irr tlrc NatioLt's social faln'ic;

\\rlicrcas silAvcn- u-as not o{'ficialll- alrolishcd

of tlrt, 1jJ1lr ,\rircrrrlrrrt,rrt to tlrr, Iinitcrl
tiou irr 18(ii lr[1r,r' llrt' crrtI ol' 1lrt' Llivil
fbrrglrt cx'cr tlrt' slavcrv issuc:

\Ylrt,r'r,as trf'tt,r' t'rrrtrrrr.iptrtiorr ti'orn 2-16 \'(,irrs of slaverr.,

t'atr-.\rrrt,r'ir:trrrs s(x)lr ria\\'tlrc flt,r,tirrg prilitical, socitrl antI
ccorurnri(r g'airis tlrc.r' nrtrclc rlrrrirrg' llcconstnrcrtiorr cVis-
cct'atcd ltv t'irulcnt racisrtt, l.rncl rings, rliscnfrancrl riscnicnt.
Iiltrcli (lotlcs, antl latial scgregation lar,t's tliat itnltosctl a
rigitI svstt,trr clt' officiall.r' sanctioncrl racial scgrcgation in
virtualh- all arcas o1'lif'c;
\\'itt'r't'tts tlrc, svstcrrr tif rlc ,jru'c rrrcial scgrcgatirirr lurou'rr rrs
".Jirrr ('r'r)\\'," u'lriclr ilr'ose in r.r,r'tairr ltarts of tlic Natirtrr
fbllorvirrg tlrc (1ivil \\.al to crcatc scltaratc ancl uncclual
sorictics tor u'lritcs arrrl Ati'icarr--\rrrcrlicrarrs, \\-ils a rlircct
x'sult of tlrc nrcisrn against pcl'solls of Afi'ican rlcsccnt
crtg'crit[t,r't'tl b1' slavcr.r';

\\IIrr.r'('ilS tlrc of Jirrr Cl'orv lau's officiall.v cxistoti into

l lrt' 1f)60's-l er,rrl ru'r' altcr' l lrt' oflir.ial urrrI of slavcr.r' irr

llircl'i(,a-rLrrtil ('r)rrgrr-'ss tooli actiorr to crrc.[ it, but thc

vestigt,s of ,lirrr ('t'ou- irorrtirrtLe to tlris rla.1,;

\Ylrt'r'rits -\fi'ictrrr--\rrrt,r'icarrs rrrlrtirrrre to srrffcr fi'tinr tht' con-

sc(luclrces of slavclv arrtl Jinr (,r1'911'-le1rg af'tcr botlr s.,'s-

.HRES 194 IH

tct t ts tt't'l'c ftrlr lv a l rol isl rcr l-t l rorrgl r cr)onrrous dariragc
r ra l r

ittttI lttss. htitlr tltrrgililt, lrui irrturigilrlLr, irrchulirrq tlur loss

of Irunrarr r[igrrilr' arrr[ ]ilicr.t]', llrc fi"usl,ratiorr of crarccrs
itrrtl lrrofi'ssiuttitl livt's. atrtI tlre lorrg-ttnrr Llss of inr:rirrrt,
ilrrtl o1 rpot'l rurrlr :

\\'hcl'cas the ston' of thc crrslar,cnrcrrt arrrl rlc jtuc scgreg'atiorr

of -\fliutn--\rirr,r'icarrs trnrl tlrc rlelnunerrrizing, atrocitics
corrrnrittcrl against tlrcrrr slrorrltl rrot lic purgcrI fi'om or'
rnirritrrizt,rl in tlrc ttllirrg of ,\rrrcr.ican Iristor.r';

\YJrt,r'r'as orr Jrrh'S, l(X):1, rlru.irrg a trill to ()on,c lslarrcl, Sr'rr-

t'gul. it l'rrrrrrcr slrrvt' por'1, I'rt'sit[t'rr1 (]corgc \\'. ]lush ac-
litron'lettgcr[ slavelr-'s corrtirurirrg It,uaq, in Arrrericarr 1i1i,
arul ttre ru,erl to cunfi'orrt tlrat lcgacv n,hen lie staterl that
slavclr' "\\'ilri olro of thc gr.catcst crintcs of histor.r-
.'l'lrc raritrl bigotr.l'f'crl lr.r- sltrvcr..r'rlirl rrot crid rvith
slaven' or rvitIi scgrcgatiou. r\rcl lllanv of tIrc issucs that
still trorrlrlt, r\rrrt,r'ieu lrirvc r,oots in thc lrittcr
o1' o1lrt'r' linrt's. lirrl lro\\'r,\'ct' lrlrrg llrc jorrr,rrcr-. otu.
is sct: lilrrrrt,r- arrr[.jtsticc ftir all.''r
\\l'rt,r'tltrs l'r'esirlcrrt l'iill ('lirrtotr also ut,lirrou'lcrlgect the rleep-
lllolllt,rns rlrrst'rl llv tlrr r,orrtirrrrirrg. Iegtrcv rif'
isrn agairrst r\1.r'it,arr-r\nrcricarrs tlrat bcgan rvitli slavcr)'
u'lrcn lrc initiatcrl a natiorral clialoguc about racc:

\Vlrolctrs a g'r,rruinc altrilog'r' is an intltrlrtant anrl ncct,ssan'

first stt,1t in tlrt, l)r.ocoss of r.acial r.t'crlnciliation;
\Yht'i'r'trs an allolog'i' frlr ct,ntru'ics of lrnrtal tk'lrturranizatiorr
itrrrI irqirrstirros r'irrrrrol ('r'irsj(' 1hr' pirs1, brrt eorrlcssiorr o1'
tlrc u'rrlrgs corrrruitt(,r[ (uri sltcerl,ial hetrlirrg anrl Le(r-
orrriliatiorr antI lrellt .\'rrrelicaris conti.ont the g.hosts of
tlrt'il past;

rHRES 194 IH

\Vltt,r't'tts tlrc lt,gislutrrlt.' rif llrr ('orrurrrnru'caItlr ol' \'ilginia lras

t't'et'ttth' titl<t'tt l lrt' lt'atl irr ittlolltirr!l' a rt'sohrtiorr oft'icialll'
crplt'ssirrg apploltrial (r rcllrors(, ltrr slavcrl' arrrl ol lrcr
Statt' legislatut'cs are corrsirlt,r'irrg sirrrilar nrsohrtions; arrcl
\\'[releus it is irrrportarrt f'ul tlris corurtlr', rvhich legalll' l.rrcog-
riizctl slalcn, throrrglr its []onstitution anrl its larvs, to
malic a ftn'rlal altolog.r' ftir slavcn' antl fbr its suecr,ssol',
.Iirir ('r'ou'. so tlrat it carr t)tove fonvartl an<l scclli lcc-
orrciliation, irrsticr,. anrl lranrront tor all of its citizcrrs:
Nou', lircn'f'oli,, lrc it

1 Ilcsol rcrl,'l'lrrr1 1 Irt' I lorrst, of' ltt'ltrcst'r11ativcs-

2 ( l ) ut'lorou'lcr[gc's tlrc fiurrlarrrcrrtal irr justicc,

J t't'ru,ltr', ln'utalitl', arrrl irrlnururrritl' of slavcr'1- arc[

1 .Jirrr (1r'ou';

5 (2) apologizcs to .\fricarr-i\mericarrs on hzrlf

6 tif thc pcoltlc of thc [-rrritcrl Statcs, fbr thc r)g's

1 coritrnittcrl agtrirrst tlrcni arrrl tlicil anrcstors u'hri

8 srrtfc,r't'rl Lrnrk'r' sltrvcr.t' antl .linr ('r'orv; ttncl

9 (jJ) cxprcsst,s its conrrnitnrcnt to rer:tif\' lin-

10 gt,r'ing cons(,(lu(,n(,cs of tlrc ritisrlccrls ttcrl
11 agairrst,\ti'ican-.brrcriurns unrlcr slavcrv anrl Jirn
I2 Crou' rtrrtl to slop 1hc occm'rt,rrcc of Imrnan righ ts
13 violatiorrs irr thc tiLlrrrc.

.HRES r94 IH
5f24f2017 Apctdic lrtts lssued Mdr Proprio On the Jurisdc*in cf J(dcid Alrfnrits d\rdicar City $ab in Crimird Matrs (11 JrIy 2013) | Fraris






In our times, the comnpn good is increasingly threatened by transnational

organized crime, the improper use of the markets and of the econonry, as well
as by terorism.

It is therefore necessary for the intemational community to adopt adequate

legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal actiWies, by promoting
intemational judicial cooperation on criminal matterc.

In ratifoing nunlerous intemationalconventions in these areas, and acting also

on behalf of Vatican City Sbte, the Holy See has constantly maintained that
such agreellrcnts arc effective means to prcvent criminalactivilies that thrcaten
human drgnty', the common good and peace.

With a view to renewing the Apostolic See's commitment to cooprate to these

ends, by ryrcans of this Apostoli,c l-etter issued lulotu koryio,I establish that:

1. The competent Jdicial AuthoriUes of Vatican City State shall also o(ercise
penal jurisdictbn over:

a) crimes committed against the securfi, the fundamental interests

or the patirnony of the Holy See;

b) crirnes rcfered to:

- in vathan city state law No. vIII, of 11 July 2013,

containing Suppbnenbry Norms on Crimirml law

- in Vatian City State taw No. X, of 11 July 2013,

containing AmeMn en$ to the Criminal Cde aN the
Oimirpl Procdure @,
ffi4f817 Apostdic L& lssued M&r Proprio On $ts Jurisdctiqr cf Judcid Artnrilies d\Hican Cily Me in Crimird Maters (11 Jr.{y 2013) | Francis

when such crifiEs are committed by the persons

refened to in paragraph 3 below, in the exercise of
their functbns;

c) any other crirne whose prosecution is required by an intemational

agreernent ntified by the Holy See, if the perpetrator's phplcally
present in tlte tenitory of Vatican City Shte ard has not ben

2. The crirnes refened to in paragraph 1 are to be judged pursuant to the

criminal law in force in Vatican City State at the tinre of their commission,
without prcjudhe to the general principles of the legal sptem on the temporal
application of criminal laws.

3. For tle purposes of Vatlcan criminal law, the following percons are deemed
"publb offrials".

a) rnembers, officials and personnel of tlre rrarious oryans of the

Roman Curia and of the Instihfrions conrected to it"

b) papal legates and diplomatk prconnel of the Holy See.

c) those percons who serve as representatives, managers or

directors, as wellas percors who even de facto manage or exercise
control orrer the entities directty dependent on the Hoty See and
listed in the registry of canonicaljurftl'rcal persons kept by the
Governorate of Vatican City State;

d) any other person tulding an adminbtratilre or judhial nnndate in

the Holy See, permanent or temporary paid or unpaid, inespective
of that person's senbrity.

4. The jurisdiction refened to in paragraph 1 comprises also the administrative

liability of jurUlcal persons arisirg from crines, as regulated by Vatican City
State laws.

5. When the sanre matters are prosecuted in other States, the prunrisbns in
force in Vatkan City State on corrcuffent jurisdiction shall apply.
H'tuitbuncryd: x, a
"*tur^r",* "
C a kure htps iE
!p{ry-n-Cou4!ry Today @

,{stof,Y o
llAE o

lr,y biarca,raryttu
Irct frrrlE FtuJoDenr
E6r**a.E /"

bF tu* td tu& ld MIWB.W ahc t@d \tu utu, WBa tbnle W ltu
cd otr re6dryr!l,ra


pope Francis Apologi zesto rndigenous Peoples for

'Giave Sins' of Colonialism
sins' of colonialism asainst Indisenous
f}:ffi;-ffi:#L* apologized on rrrursday for the 'srave
in Bolivia'
of Amerlca in a speech to grassroots SrouPs
Pope said'
certain aetions of ttre cturch" " the
,.some may rightly say, "rlt/hen the pope speaks of colonialism, he overlooks people
were committed against the Native
to The Nanr york rfuw..I say this to 1,ou witrr regreg Many grave sins
of Americainthe name of God'"

He didn't stoP there.

against the native
herself, but arso for crimes committed
humbly ask forgiveness,not onry for the offense of the church
of America"' TheNcwYorkTima
peoples dwingthe so-called conquest
urith BolMan
than r,5oo at the worrd Meeting of popurar Movements, standing side-by-side
He spoke to a crowd of more
went further and was much more
American church leaders have issued apologies in the past, this one
Although Latin Peoples of the Americas'
press reported. previous apologies had not been directed at Indigenous
targeted, the Associated
AP said.
and the U'S'
of many christian denominations that ran boarding schools in canada
The catholic church was one
from their culture and
them off
,.kill the Indian in the child,,by taking kids from their families, curting
designed to
Reconciliation commission on
ways of the European-minded setders. The canadian Truth and
educating them in the
,.curtural genocide" and recommending that Prime Minister stephen
with report ca[ing such practices
June z came out a
metwith pope Francis and mentioned the reporr, he did not
pope for an apology. Though Harper
Harper ask the
Reconciliation at vatican
RELATED: Pope F'rancis and Prime
Minister stephen Harper Talk T?uth and

for cenruries of oppression

to outright rescind the Doctrine of Discovery which paved the way
Many have carled for him
against Indigenous PeoPles'

Doctrine of Discovery
RELATED: Nuns Urge Pope to Rescind
has come out strongly
for eight days, with stops in Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay' He
The pontiffis touring south America
5D4r20fi )Gvlll Wald Day d l:* 201e No loger slane, tut brdss and sisbrs I Frarrcis



1 JANUARY 2015


1. At the beginning of this New Year, which we welcome as Godt gracious gift
to all humanrty, I offer hearffeh wlshes of peace to every man and woman, to
all the worldS peoples and nat'ons, to heads of state and govemrrent, and to
rcligious leadens. In doing so, I pray for an end to wars, conflicb and the great
suffering caused by human agency, by epidemics past and present, and by the
devastation wrought by natural dlsasters. I pray especially that on the basis of
our common calling to cooperate with God and all people of good will for the
advancement of hanrpny and peace in the world, we may reslst the temptation
to act in a rnanner unworthy of our humanity.

In my Message for Peace last year, I spoke of 'the desire for a full life... which
includes a longing for fratemity whkh draws us to felbwship with others and
enables us to see them not as enemies or rivals, but as brothers ard sisters to
be accepted and embraced".[U Since we arc by naturc rclafional beings, meant
to find fulfilment through interpersonal relatbnships inspired by justice and lwe,
it 'rs fundamental for our human developnent that our digniry fieedom and
autonomy be ac*nowledged and nespected. Tragi,cally, the growing scourge of
nnn's exploitation by man gravely damages the life of communion and our
calling to forge interperconal relatinns marked by respect, justice ard love. This
abominable phenomenon, whhh leads to contempt for the fundamental rights of
others and to the suppression of their freedom and dignity, takes many fonns. I
would like briefly to consider *rcse, so that, in tfre light of Godb word, we can
consider all men and women *rn bnger slatre, but btottrcrs and sistert'.

lbbnriry to Gdb plan forhunnnity

2. The theme I have ctmen for thls pa/s rrlessage is drawn from Saint Paul's
htter to Phibmon, in whhh the Apostle asks his co-wodcer to welcome
Onesimus, formerly Phihmon's slave, now a Christhn and, thercfore, according
to Paul, worthy of being considered a btdren Ttre Apostle of the Gentiles
writes; "Pefiaps this is why he was parted fmm you for a while, that pu might
have him back for ever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave, as a

AG/RES. 2888 (XLU-O/l 6)


(Adopted at the third plenry session, held on June 15, 2016)


RECALLING the contents of resolution AG/RES. 2867 (XI-N-O|I ), *Draft American

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples," as well as all the previous resolutions on this issue;

RECALLING also the "Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples in the
Americas," document AG/DEC. 79 C)O[VJO/14), which reaffirms that progress in promoting and
effectively protectrng the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Americas is a priority for the
Organization of American States;

RECOGMZTNG the valuable support provided by the member states, observer states, the
organs, agencies, and entities of the Orgaoization of American Staies for the process within the
Working Group to Prepare the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;

RECOGNIZING as well the iryortant participation of indigenous peoples of the Americas in

the process of preparing this Declaration; and

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the significant contribution that tle indigenous peoples of the
Americas have made to humanity,


To adopt fte following Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesJlzr

l. The United States remains committed to addressing the urgent issues of concern to indigenous peoples
across the Americas, including combating societal discrimination against indigenous peoples and...
Canada reiterates its commitmeirt to a renewed relationship with its Indigenous peoples, based on
recopition ofrigbts, respecq co-operation and partnership. Canada is now fully engaged ...