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Arcane Casters

Beginning Casters:
Arcane Casters begin play with the Channel Action
Arcane Casters begin play with all spells listed as Basic (like Cantrip)
Arcane Casters begin play with the Channel and Spellcraft skills
Power Management:
Power equal to the casters WP is known as Equilibrium
When Power is greater than WP, it decreases 1 each turn till Equilibrium is reached
When Power is less than WP, it increases 1 each turn till Equilibrium is reached
Casters may store up to 2x WP and may spend a manoeuvre to stop it from decreasing
If Power is more than 2x WP, the caster must spend a manoeuvre and a stress to maintain it
If Power is more than 2x WP and the caster cannot or chooses not to maintain it, the power is vented
Vented Power returns to Equilibrium and the caster takes 1 fatigue for each Power vented
The caster must also roll [B] for each power vented
For each rolled, the caster suffers 1 wound
For each rolled, the caster suffers 1 stress
Select the Channeling action card
Perform the indicated roll and follow the card results
You may channel and cast in the same round if you add 1x <P> to the Spellcraft casting roll
Casting Spells:
Select the spell action card
Confirm that all requirements are met
Perform the indicated roll, adding an additional <P> to the roll if you channeled in the same turn
Note: The Difficulty modifier is on the upper left hand corner of the card, under the Action Type
Losing power:
If you are forced to lose power and do not have enough to satisfy the requirements,
You are reduced to zero power and suffer 1 stress
If you are already at zero power and are forced to lose power,
Make a Discipline check with difficulty = <P> x amount of power lost
If the check succeeds, gain 1 stress If the check fails, gain 1 stress and draw a temporary insanity
Card will have a chaos or trauma trait. Add tokens = <P>
Miscast: If there are 1 or more unresolved after a Spellcraft check, draw a miscast card and resolve it
Magical Sight: See difficulty chart on ToM 36
Attuned Items:
Casters are usually awarded an attuned item at the end of their training
Casting with an attuned item grants X[W] where X is the attunement rating
See side bar ToM 37 for details and information on creation
Reckless casting and party tension:
Whenever in a reckless state and a is generated on a Spellcraft check, the party tension meter is increased
Cantrip is a catch-all spell similar to Perform a Stunt
It covers minor pyrotechnic, kinetic, precognitive, Illusionary, and other types of effects, of varying
levels and difficulties
See ToM 38 for details and difficulties

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