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Wednesday 7th June, 2017

Priorities for Today: Things to Remember:

Morning Duty

Lesson Outline & Activities Lesson Notes

Morning 9:00 Roll/Conversations
9:10 Jolly Phonics smartboard 1 ch sound

9:30 Maths Backward number and Ten frame

Explicit Teaching I do, We do, You do
- Count together to 20/Count backwards from 20 From Continuum
Counting down from 20 song - Youtube 1. Level 1 Initial 10 students
2. Level 2
Zero Zap Game Intermediate 10
Students stand in a circle and one person begins by students
saying 10. Move around the circle, each student 3. Level 3 Facile 10
saying the next number in the backward sequence. students
The student who should say zero calls out zero,
zap! and sits down. Repeat process with standing
Level 3
students until one student remains.
use 2 dice when
Groups rolled together,
Spinners Ten-Frame Dot bears add together
Coat Hanger numbers. Roll the die, put (making larger
the amount of pegs for the number numbers)
before given number.
Roll the die and make the number on
the ten frame using counters.

10:20 Modelled Writing In maths today we

learnt about .
Fruit break whilst writing

10:30 Learning Centres/Guided Reading

ch sound on smartboard (jolly phonics)
writing table cvc words
familiar reads (T focus activity)
writing words in the kinetic sand with
fingers using the Butterfly Chart
ipads set on phonics
Cosmic Yoga Harry Potter
11:20 Read a book to the class from the class
library box (a student chooses)

11:30 Eating Time

11:40-12:10 Lunch
Middle Session
12:10 Read 2 Edward the Emu by Sheena

12:20 Writing/Independent What animal would

you like to be at a zoo and why?

1:00 PDHPE Catching and Passing

Recess - Duty
Session 2:15 CAPA
Seasons/Weather Finish off Mondays art
Autumn and Spring.

Notes Meetings