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Checklist for Weather forecast

_______ Temperature is mentioned

_______ Describe the fronts and how it helps predict the weather

_______ Describe the air pressure and how it helps predict the weather

_______ Precipitation is mentioned

_______ Prediction of what the weather will be like based on evidence collected

_______ Forecast is well organized

_______ Quality video (looks at camera, able to hear forecast and able to see maps)
Standards 1 2 3 4

S4E4. Students will The student is With support, the The student is able The student is able
analyze weather unable to analyze student is able to to analyze the to analyze the
charts/maps and the weather maps analyze the weather weather maps and weather maps and
collect weather data and collect data to maps and collect collect data to collect data to
to predict weather predict weather. data to predict predict weather. predict weather and
events and infer weather. gives more
patterns and (3-4 of the (All components on explanation about
seasonal changes. components on the (5 of the component the checklist on the weather.
checklist are on the checklist are included) (All components on
included) included) the checklist on
included plus extra)

ELAGSE4RI3: The student is With support, the The student is able The student is able
Explain events, unable to explain student is able to to explain the to explain the
procedures, ideas, the technical text explain the technical technical text about technical text about
or concepts in a about weather data. text about weather weather data. weather data in
historical, scientific, Student cannot data. Student can Student can explain depth. Student can
or technical text, articulate how fronts explain how fronts how fronts and air explain how fronts
including what and air pressure and air pressure pressure affect the and air pressure
happened and why, affect the weather. affect the weather weather. affect the weather
based on specific with support. using technical
information in the terms.

ELAGSE4SL5: Add The video is not well With assistance, the The video is well The video is well
audio recordings developed and does video is well developed and developed and
and visual displays not enhance the developed and enhances the enhances the
to presentations students knowledge enhances the students knowledge students knowledge
when appropriate to of reading weather students knowledge of reading weather of reading weather
enhance the maps. of reading weather maps. maps. Extra
development of maps. features are added.
main ideas or