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Bodily Kinaesthetic Verbal Linguistics

These people have the ability to use The capacity to use language and to
their whole body or even parts of their express what is on their mind. They
body to solve a particular problem. They enjoy written or spoken forms for
enjoy movement, working with their thinking and solving problems.
hands and activities.

Logical-Mathematical Visual Spatial

These people love numbers. They have These people love to use pictures to
the ability to manipulate numbers, process information and think. They
operations and different quantities to enjoy being creative as well.
understand particular principles.

Musical Interpersonal

These people enjoy learning through These people enjoy interacting with
sound, rhythm and music. They can hear other people and tend to make good
patterns, recognise and remember them. leaders.

Naturalistic Intrapersonal

These people can recognise patterns These people understand themselves and
among living things. They enjoy the enjoy self-reflection activities. They also
natural environment such as animals and often need space to learn alone.