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For an Integrated Architecture,

Take Control With Logix
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Take control with Logix.

No matter who you are, each day you face new challenges.
Machine builders need to deliver their competitive advantage.
Speed up development and reduce costs and time to market. Improve
customer support with lower costs. Manufacturers need to drive
The open approach provided with
Rockwell Automation’s Integrated higher returns on assets. Improve agility and availability. Connect to
Architecture offers an immediate
return: e-business. Reduce spare parts inventories. Spend less time on
• reduced integration costs
training and lower maintenance costs. All while trying to satisfy top
• reduced development time
with increased productivity floor demands. Like reducing time to market. Producing product
• lower total cost of ownership
– less training with zero defects. Or creating more flexible production lines.
– fewer spare parts
– more efficient maintenance
• information enabled architecture Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture helps Allen-Bradley Logix platforms offer a range of hard-
– seamless communications from you to surpass these challenges with its superior ware and platforms that enable you to choose the
shop floor to top floor control, communication and visualization competen- most cost-efficient controller for your application.
– RSBizWare cies. Until now, control systems used for process, You can create reusable programs for use by any
– asset management discrete, drive or motion control were unique to the Logix platform across a broad range of applications.
application. If you combined more than one of these Program Logix controllers using a single programming
types, you simply patched over the differences software and instruction set. And exchange informa-
between the two systems with communication tion using a common communication architecture.
gateways and/or expensive custom software. The
Merging Control Technology
resulting ‘system’ required multiple sets of controls,
for Higher Return on Assets
I/O and programming packages, and multiple teams
As Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs),
of process engineers, control engineers, maintenance
Logix controllers provide a single architecture for
personnel and/or information technology specialists.
discrete, process, motion and drive applications that
The Integrated Architecture allows you to replace combines the technology advantages of PCs with the
those isolated cells of activity with a single security and reliability of PLCs. By allowing the use
coordinated system. The result? Better information of commercial off-the-shelf chip technology inside
flow that removes complex and time-consuming a traditional PLC while incorporating new ‘PC-like’
filters, providing real-time data for functionality, Logix controllers offer manufacturers
effective decision-making
across the enterprise.

The Logix platform is capable of handling the control

needs of any application from simple PLC-based
sequence control to complex distributed control of a
plant-wide batch system to integrated motion control
found on a packaging machine. And, because it is a sin-
gle integrated control platform, it makes it much easier
to share information with other departments in a manu-
facturing plant.
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a high-performance, ProcessLogix™ SoftLogix™
multi-processing platform a cost-effective, hybrid PC-based control from the PLC leader
distributed control system
(DCS) for process applications

FLEX I/O expanded
to include distributed control

Combines the power of AC drive technology CompactLogix™
with a high performance Logix engine For smaller, machine-level applications

the best of both worlds and can easily meet growing You’ll select from the high-performance, multidisci- With Logix platforms:
information management, supply chain integration pline ControlLogix and SoftLogix, to the flexible • System costs are lowered and inte-
and regulatory compliance demands. mounting, low-cost wiring FlexLogix platform, and the gration simplified through the use of
small, value-based CompactLogix platform. a common control model, whatever
Combining multiple control disciplines into a common the platform or network selected
environment and hardware platform that eliminates Enhanced productivity. Consistency. Flexibility. All • Configuration and programming are
costly integration engineering and multivendor hard- leading to a lower total cost of ownership from a consistent so that the initial program
ware leads to a continually higher return on assets – world leader in automation solutions. Able to offer a development as well as long-term
lower initial integration costs, hardware outlays, com- broad range of automation products together with system maintenance can be accom-
missioning and maintenance requirements. consultation and support throughout every phase of plished with less time and effort

your project with global backup services, asset man- • Plant floor data becomes more
Logix platforms allow you to return, project after proj- accessible by other parts of the
agement, and a worldwide distribution network.
ect, to a completely integrated plantwide control sys- enterprise and is more intuitive
tem. Each time, you’ll have the freedom to choose the With Logix, you’ve got everything under control. because of the way data is stored
control platform best-suited for your application. and communicated
• Communication becomes a matter of
“plug and play” so that you only need
to be concerned with what, and not
how, you want to communicate

Plant floor data should fit the

requirements of the application,
not the controller. With Logix
platforms, memory management
becomes a thing of the past and
access of plant floor data
becomes transparent from
shop floor to top floor.

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A versatile control architecture like Logix should be Information Where and When It’s Needed
supported by an equally versatile communication Working with NetLinx, FactoryTalk™ provides a
architecture. It is. We call it NetLinx and it provides collaborative framework that allows everyone in
common protocol, services and features to the supply chain to share and use real-time information,
EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet networks. As a and communicate effectively.
result, information can be communicated seamlessly
FactoryTalk supports common services built into
throughout the plant, from shop floor to top floor, and
FactoryTalk-enabled software products from Rockwell
to and from the Internet for e-business applications.
The NetLinx Open Network Software and third-party vendors. FactoryTalk-enabled
Architecture is future-proof The NetLinx Open Network Architecture, created products use FactoryTalk Directory to share a common
• NetLinx enables you to control, specifically for industrial automation, provides the address book, which automatically finds and provides
configure and collect information ability to control, configure and collect data across a access to factory resources such as data tags and
from any point in your system plant, thereby simplifying your plant communications. HMI displays. Unlike a single database, FactoryTalk
• The common industrial protocol, CIP, Both time-critical communications, such as I/O and Directory provides searchable references to resources
and services are used on Ethernet interlocking, and messages are supported without stored anywhere across a distributed system, offering
TCP/IP and CAN, both commercially
impacting performance of the network. Since the benefits of central data storage without the risk of
available technologies. CIP can
EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet use the same a single point of failure.
readily be applied to the next
commercially accepted network protocol and architecture, all devices can communi-
Using this enabling technology, companies can build
and integrated into existing plant cate on a network or even across networks without
complex distributed systems in any location and
systems translation or special programming.
later deploy the systems elsewhere by simply
• ControlNet managed by ControlNet
The NetLinx Open Network Architecture enables you modifying computer names. Resources associated
International (CI), DeviceNet
managed by the Open DeviceNet to choose the type of network, media and topology with the system are then available to every
Vendors Association (ODVA) and the application requires, and mix and match participating FactoryTalk-enabled product across
EtherNet/IP managed by both CI and NetLinx-based networks without adding complexity the entire automation system, and any changes
ODVA are supported by more than or sacrificing performance. You can control and update immediately.
500 vendor companies. You can
configure devices and collect data anytime or any
choose among vendors and
products that have been tested
place in the system. The result is a single system
for conformance designed specifically for your needs.
• View your system and devices from
any place at any time. Take control
of your operations

The NetLinx Open Network

Architecture allows you to
configure and control devices
and collect data from a single
point across multiple networks.

NetLinx Open Network Architecture

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An Information-Enabled Architecture Create Tags Once and Reuse

To remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, RSView Enterprise Series 3.0 is built on the Rockwell
you need the right information, in the right place, Software FactoryTalk common framework, allowing
at the right time. Rockwell Automation offers a application information to be shared across the
ViewAnyWare strategy that provides hardware and enterprise. FactoryTalk Directory provides access to
software visualization solutions. ViewAnyWare a common address book of searchable references to
bridges the gap between machine-level operator resources stored anywhere across a distributed
interface devices and supervisory-level Human system, offering the benefits of central data storage
• A common development environment
Machine Interface (HMI) solutions. It provides inter- without the risk of a single point of failure. It allows
(RSView Studio) that supports
operability and a common development environment users to reference existing Logix data tags, eliminat- application reuse and portability
across products. The result? A scaleable and unified ing the need to recreate these tags. And any changes
• Scalability from simple graphic
suite of monitoring and control solutions for use made to these referenced tags are automatically displays to highly sophisticated
virtually anywhere in your manufacturing enterprise – inherited by RSView. FactoryTalk Live Data manages supervisory systems
offering you faster application development and connections between FactoryTalk-enabled products • Compatibility with the full range of
implementation, higher productivity and flexibility, and data servers, providing fast, reliable real-time Allen-Bradley hardware platforms,
and overall lower costs. data transfer. FactoryTalk Diagnostic enables all from highly optimized dedicated
RSView data to be collected, stored and examined systems to open, Windows-based
Solid Solutions industrial computers
in one centralized location.
ViewAnyWare solutions combine RSView Enterprise • Compatibility with Rockwell
Series software for machine-level and supervisory Rockwell Automation’s RSBizWare solutions provide Software’s open, flexible,
level HMI with dedicated and open hardware the service, tools and applications that enable you visualization software technologies
platforms including PanelView Plus™ operator to seamlessly link your business systems with your • FactoryTalk-enabled to ensure
interface, VersaView™ CE and VersaView Industrial plant-floor systems, giving you the ability to analyze true shop floor interoperability
Computers and Monitors. real-time manufacturing data. Using this Integrated and enterprise application
information sharing
Architecture, you will realize significant business
process improvements by combining manufacturing
automation systems with information systems.

Rockwell Automation’s ViewAnyWare strategy

reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and
improves productivity by offering: a common
look, feel, and navigation, scalability across
platforms, and portability of your application.

ViewAnyWare: A Scalable Architecture

Portable HMI Machine Level Machine Level Station Level Distributed

Dedicated HMI Open HMI HMI Level HMI

Without Disk
With Disk
Windows CE Windows 2000/XP

Windows 2000/XP Workstation

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RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software is the • you choose the level of RSLogix 5000 depending
programming software for use with all Logix on your application and platform needs:
controllers. It enables programmers, system - Mini – choose this if you only need
integrators and OEMs to reduce development to program FlexLogix or CompactLogix
time and maximize reuse of code. RSLogix 5000 - Standard – choose this if you need
offers the following capabilities: to program any or all of the Logix controllers
• a single environment to program different control - Standard/RSNetWorx – comes complete
disciplines. You can use RSLogix 5000 to program with RSNetWorx
RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series
motion, process, drives and sequential applications.
software offers: - Full – choose this if you need everything that
Furthermore, you can select the most appropriate
• flexible, easy-to-use editors with comes with the Standard edition, and includes
programming language for the application and
convenient drag-and-drop editing the function block, Structured Text and Sequential
reuse programs as required.
• robust, specialized instruction set Function Chart editors
• you only have to work with RSLogix 5000 to
• integrated process control - Professional – choose this if you need everything
program ControlLogix, FlexLogix, CompactLogix,
• integrated motion capabilities that comes with the Full edition, plus PIDE
PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix and SoftLogix
• intuitive programming environment autotune, all three RSNetworx packages,
• superior diagnostic capabilities and RSLinx Professional

• powerful data editor

• protection for your application
• multiple languages
• connection to RSMACC, which
allows you to centrally manage and
maintain information and includes
security options, change detection,
and audit trails
Typical Control System Approach Logix 5000 Approach

1. Create the tags your

system devices need

System Layout Design

Electrical device
function and placement

2. Write your program

Electrical device
or create generic
function and
I/O addresses of all devices code blocks
Electrical Electrical 3. At a later date, map the device
Design Design tags to the I/O in the system

I/O addresses Machine

of all devices Startup




LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 5

Reduce Application Development Time Use a Programming Environment

and Maximize Reuse of Programming Code That’s More Intuitive
RSLogix 5000 software is tag-based, and is highly By representing the controller environment in an
independent of the system hardware. easily understood tree configuration, applications can
be reduced to small, easily understood parts while
Symbolic, application-specific names like ‘fill_temper-
maintaining overall program organization. In a world
ature’ make it easy for you to learn new applications.
of ever-changing software, RSLogix 5000 tools offer
Since these names are stored within the controller,
a stable programming environment. RSLogix 5000
data is accessible by tag name for faster trouble-
complies with IEC-61131-3 programming standards.
shooting, even at remote facilities where source
A Microsoft Windows NT/2000 environment provides
code may not be available.
drag and drop, and cut and paste capabilities. And
FactoryTalk services in RSLogix 5000 allow tag names RSLogix 5000 retains features common to RSLogix 5
to be browsed and used directly by other FactoryTalk- and RSLogix 500 used with PLC and SLC controllers.
enabled products such as RSView. With RSLogix 5000, you’ll create libraries of standard
routines you can reuse on future applications.
By adding application-specific instructions, for
example in motion control, programming time is Open Access to Project
greatly reduced. Often a single instruction replaces Configuration and Data
several lines of code. RSLogix 5000 provides open access to controller
configuration, project code, tag definitions and data
With RSLogix 5000, you’ll create reusable program
values. Export project files to a formatted ASCII file,
modules. Each time you reuse the program module
tag definitions to Comma Separated Value (CSV)
you simply associate it with its companion I/O and
files, and use the clipboard to extract and input code
system data. We call this feature ‘tag aliases’.
directly into the logic editor. This enables you to
Applications you create with RSLogix 5000 use integrate project development with other tools within
IEC 61131-3-compliant symbolic data addressing. your organization, giving you full access to project
This, along with the ability to create user-defined contents and allowing you to automatically generate
structures and multiple data scopes, gives you the code. Reduce development time and effort as well as
ability to tightly couple the Logix controller’s memory the potential for costly entry errors, leading to shorter
layout to the application. The result? Self-document- development cycles and quicker startup.
ed code providing an intuitive environment with
improved readability and reduced application
development and support costs.

More efficient diagnostic monitoring is

made possible with this RSLogix 5000
RSLogix 5000 provides symbolic
trending tool that monitors values as
data definitions that simplifies
they change on a Logix controller.
data management and provides
self-documenting code.

RSLogix 5000 supports user

defined data-types (structures)
that help you organize the data
based on the application.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 6

Flexible, Easy-to-Use • ASCII instructions to enhance your ability to

Programming Languages manipulate, store, and send string data
RSLogix 5000 includes support for relay ladder, func- • message instructions to simplify sending and
tion block diagram, structured text, and sequential receiving data across many different devices
function chart programming languages. Each language • sequential function chart components to structure
editor is fully integrated into the software. One your application
controller project can have multiple routines of each
language type. RSLogix 5000 includes ActiveX® faceplates for the
function block instructions that commonly require
RSLogix 5000 stores the program logic for all four operator interface displays. Drop these faceplates
programming languages, as well as tag names, on the into any ActiveX container, such as RSView™, to
controller. This greatly simplifies field maintenance graphically monitor your program. An optional, built-in
since RSLogix 5000 allows you to upload and view autotune utility lets you autotune the PIDE instruction
logic without having the original source program. from its ActiveX faceplate, from its property dialog
In addition to standard instructions, RSLogix 5000 screen, or from a custom screen in your operator
also includes: interface application.
• industry-specific instructions for process, drive,
and motion applications

RSLogix 5000 includes language editors

for relay ladder logic, function block
diagram, structured text, and sequential
function chart logic. Each language editor
is fully integrated into the software.

The ActiveX displays streamline

development and maintenance
by providing a direct link to control
loops from user interface displays.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 7


Whether you are building machines for packaging, • design machines using Integrated Architecture
material handling, converting, or other applications, solutions to better integrate into your customers'
Rockwell Automation has a proven history of applying plants and make it easier for them to extract
the right technology at the right time in the right information enterprise-wide
place. Because we have a good understanding of • support the machines you deploy globally with the
end customer requirements, we can provide the most confidence that you’ll have local parts, services,
valuable assistance with an unrivaled portfolio of and technical support for maximized uptime
application-focused products, integration tools and • produce cost-effective, compliant (enabled)
consulting services. • Save time and money during the
machines for your customers development cycle
Save Money We’ll help you develop more flexible designs that • Choose the right Logix platform
Rockwell Automation solutions provide scalability and provide extensible value for your customers. for the job and yet be able to reuse
ease of integration in addressing your challenges in prior work
Increase Your Market Share
building equipment. This, in turn, helps you to provide • Integrated motion, drives,
As the largest company in the world focused
the machine and information building blocks your sequential, and process control
solely on industrial automation solutions, Rockwell
end customers need. • Reduce hardware and training
Automation offers 100 years of experience, much
Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive control of that working with a variety of your customers.
solutions will help you build new machines faster. By working closely with them to understand their
Our Integrated Architecture, design tool portfolio, and needs, we can help you to better fulfill them.
domain expertise will help save you time and money.
When you use our solutions to satisfy your
We can help you: customers’ business issues, you’re also using them
• reduce time-to-market by optimizing design and to expand your business by capitalizing on Rockwell
build times to provide more flexible machines Automation’s well-established global presence and
and lower machine costs while meeting reputation. You reap twice the benefits.
delivery schedules

ControlLogix used in a converting application.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 8

A Logix Solution That Fits • reuse your program and visualization programs
Allen-Bradley Logix platforms provide a single control time and again across different projects with
architecture for a wide range of applications. Using minimal manipulation to save as much as an
a Logix solution, you can: additional 70% in development time
• work in a more intuitive tag-based programming • save engineering time and cost by using a single
environment that enables you to design your hardware platform and programming package to
control system around your machine and in doing perform motion, drive, process, and/or sequential
so save as much as 40% programming time in control. Now, there’s no need to write communica-
development of integrated motion applications tion code between the motion controller and the
• reduce engineering time by doing electrical design PLC You can choose the most appropriate IEC
and programming in parallel. Separate physical I/O 61131-3 languages depending on your knowledge
addresses from program tag names so that you and the application at hand. And you’ll find many
can write programs without knowing the physical built-in instructions for motion control and drives
I/O addresses. are already included.
• significantly reduce the time to develop visualiza- • minimize your investment in learning and deploying
tion programs. Directly reuse the tags from your control systems. Logix controllers come in a range
control program for your operator interface. of sizes, form factors and capabilities, as do our
operator interface and industrial computers.
* Percentages reflect the experience reported by
individual customers. They are not averages.

ControlLogix used in
packaging application.

SoftLogix used to integrate

control, visualization, and
high-level business data in
a sortation application.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 9

Choose the best Logix solution for your application solution that allows you to integrate sequential
based on your needs. Do you need to: and motion control, visualization, and high-level
• efficiently perform motion, drive, process, and/or business data in a single box.
sequential control (i.e., packaging, converting, etc.)? • deploy a cost-effective system to control small
Consider ControlLogix. By integrating these machines or stretches of conveyor? Consider using
disciplines into a single hardware platform, you the CompactLogix L35E controller integrated with
save time and money on development and I/O, operator interface devices, and drives on an
installation. EtherNet/IP network.
• integrate control with data for material-handling • implement low-cost standalone machine control?
applications such as sortation or transfer lines? Consider CompactLogix or MicroLogix.
Consider SoftLogix5800, the PC-based Logix

FlexLogix used to distribute

control across multiple ovens.

CompactLogix used to
cost-effectively control
a conveyor system.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 10


Kinetix provides true integration of sequential and Where other control systems require multiple
motion control, with just one controller and one controllers and programming packages, the Logix
software package that integrate control, drive, and approach is fully integrated, with multiple functions
motor through a SERCOS™ interface™. The result is: performed by a single controller and programming
• faster application development software. Motion control functions are embedded as
• simpler installation part of the RSLogix 5000 programming software and
are executed in the ControlLogix/SoftLogix controller.
• higher speeds
Benefits of the Logix approach • greater productivity ControlLogix and SoftLogix provide advanced motion
to motion control include: • easier maintenance control capabilities to meet your application and per-
• motion and sequential commands are formance expectations. From core motion operations
• lower system costs
executed together within the Logix including home, move, jog, and gear to advanced
controller for complete synchroniza- Rather than looking at your sequential and motion technologies and algorithms including linear motors
tion of sequential and motion control control needs as two separate and distinct problems capabilities, position locked cam and multi-axis
• modular processing, including the to solve, look for an answer that will fulfill both needs interpolated motion, ControlLogix and SoftLogix offer
ability to add Logix controllers for in one integrated solution. Whether you’re the OEM the integration you need and the flexibility your
additional processing power
building the machine or the end user looking for application demands.
• control as many as 32 axes from greater productivity, the benefits are unprecedented!
a single Logix controller application Seamless Integrated Motion
For the OEM, development time is greatly reduced,
program Independent of Your Control Platform
installation is faster and easier, and maintenance is
• the ControlLogix 8-axis and The Logix approach to motion control employs
simplified. As an end user, you will benefit from easy
ControlLogix/SoftLogix 16-axis
configuration and startup, higher system performance, synchronized, distributed processing to provide a
SERCOS interface modules provide
and previously unreachable productivity. motion solution offering heightened performance and
drive connectivity and control over
a noise-free, high-speed fiber optic integration. In addition to the ControlLogix SERCOS
ring. Standard features of the
SERCOS interface module include:
- each module supports multiple
drives, including the Kinetix 6000
Digital Servo Drive
- supports high resolution, multi-turn,
absolute feedback

Access and drive configuration is

made easy using RSLogix 5000’s
motion configuration wizard and
configuration of a CAM profile
can be accomplished easily
with RSLogix 5000 software

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 11

motion modules, the SoftLogix controller is SERCOS- Both the ControlLogix and SoftLogix controllers
enabled with the addition of the half-slot PCI card. All execute ladder, Sequential Function Chart (SFC), and
of the benefits of the SERCOS interface are carried structured text-based motion commands and a motion
into the PC backplane with common RSLogix 5000 trajectory planner while the servo module(s) provide
programming, troubleshooting, and monitoring tools. connectivity to the servo drives via a fiber optic
No matter if your application requires a rack solution (SERCOS interface) cable.
or a PC solution, Rockwell Automation supplies the
Traditional Analog Solutions
SERCOS interface to enhance and streamline your
If an analog solution is what you need, both
motion control. An integral part of the ControlLogix
ControlLogix and SoftLogix provide a 2-axis analog and SoftLogix controller's instruction
RSLogix 5000 programming software is the only module that provides the drive connectivity and set are commands providing a wide
programming software needed to fully configure and control using an analog interface. Standard features range of motion operations to satisfy
program a Kinetix integrated motion solution whether of the ControlLogix module include: your most demanding applications.
you use a ControlLogix or SoftLogix control. Your These include:
• 2 channels of 4MHz quadrature encoder input
programs move easily between the two platforms. • homing
and 16-bit analog outputs
Features include: • jogging
• 2 channels of +/-10 volt velocity or torque
• Wizard-driven axis and drive configuration command output • point-to-point positioning
and commissioning • 2 channels of 4Mhz quadrature encoder input • gearing
• Drive hookup diagnostics and auto-tuning • high speed position registration
Complete Application Control
• Ladder-based application programming, including • autotuning
and Synchronization Between
37 motion control instructions • position camming
ControlLogix Racks
• Online editing and monitoring The ControlLogix SynchLink Module (1756-SYNCH) • time camming
• Graphical CAM profiling tools provides a high-speed fiber optic linking mechanism • output camming
• Graphical in-line trending between ControlLogix racks. This means motion can • linear and circular interpolation

• Motion control direct commands provide immediate be synchronized between multiple ControlLogix racks
access to the motion axis, with no addional code and up to 257 racks can be synchronized.

Four Step Motion Control


2. Use RSLogix 5000

software to name
and configure each
motion axis.

1. Insert ControlLogix
8- or 16-Axis SERCOS,
2-Axis Servo analog
or SoftLogix 16-Axis 4. Download application
SERCOS, or 2-Axis program to controller
analog motion card and run.
and wire to servo SoftLogix

3. Use RSLogix 5000 programming

software to develop a program
using the comprehensive
motion instructions.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 12


Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture built-in functions to directly support these and other
allows manufacturers to integrate their entire plant, application needs. All of these functions are standard
replacing isolated cells of activity with a single firmware instructions in the Logix controller system
coordinated system that provides robust DCS and and are available with multiple Logix platforms,
PLC control and improves the flow of information. so you won’t need to buy a special controller and
This approach combines products that cross long- you can use the same logic and software with
standing boundaries between Distributed Control ControlLogix for large applications with thousands
Systems (DCS) used in process applications and of I/O points or with FlexLogix or CompactLogix for
The Logix solution for process the PLC controls typically applied in discrete small applications with dozens of I/O points.
applications offers:
• high availability solutions with Logix-based process control is further simplified
bumpless switchover Logix is unique because both of its process solutions, by using the pre-configured operator faceplates in
• function block language for ControlLogix, which offers built-in process control RSLogix 5000. You can drop these faceplates into
continuous applications, capabilities, and ProcessLogix, which offers a DCS any ActiveX container such as RSView visualization
Sequential Function Chart solution, use the same chassis, communication and software, often eliminating the need to create custom
language for batch applications I/O modules. Both approaches work with RSView SE operator screens.
• extensive process function for Process to provide an integrated HMI environment.
library Optional ControlLogix hardware redundancy modules
In fact, the two systems work side-by-side, providing
• pre-configured operator faceplates
support fully-redundant controller architectures with
a degree of control and openness from a single
no additional programming required. Programs are
• FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 system never before achieved. Used separately
configuration and integration automatically cross-loaded from the primary to the
or together, you enjoy the flexibility and ease of
secondary controller. In addition, while scanning your
• wide range of analog I/O integration of the Logix system.
program, the primary controller automatically updates
• TUV-certified, SIL 2 level
ControlLogix processors, I/O,
Use One Programming Software Package the secondary with any data changes needed to keep
and communication products for Process and Discrete Applications it synchronized. Then, if the primary controller fails,
available for safety applications RSLogix 5000 provides an extensive library of control is automatically switched to the secondary
• easy integration with batch process functions that simplify writing closed-loop system. Highest priority functions are guaranteed
and visualization software applications. Whether you need to support cascaded a ‘bumpless transfer’ during control switchover,
PID loops, flow totalization, two- and three-state extremely important for process control applications.
device control, or motor operated valves, we have

The function library in RSLogix 5000

A Function Block Diagramming editor and the includes a set of drives control instructions
process control instructions provide tools to easily
set up sophisticated process control strategies.
Faceplates further reduce the time normally spent
developing customer operator control screens.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 13

Optional redundant power supplies help to assure real-time database on the server provides data to
distributed I/O chassis keep running in the event of a number of client applications including operator
primary power supply failure. And with specialty I/O stations, third-party applications (such as Microsoft
modules such as the Configurable Flow Meter Module Excel™ and Access™), and Web pages.
and the High Speed Analog Module, you’ll be able to
The server supports configuration of Fieldbus inter-
use ControlLogix across a wider range of applications.
face modules, H1 links, and Fieldbus devices and
DCS Solution with Integrated HMI functions. Fieldbus Library Manager, an offline
and Control Development utility, allows you to integrate FOUNDATION Fieldbus-
ProcessLogix is a modular, supervisory control and registered products into the ProcessLogix database.
networking system that integrates the server-based This is key to interoperability and allows you to create
common database that is typical of DCS systems and Fieldbus device templates based on manufacturer-
required for many process operations. The server is supplied device description and capability files.
the system data repository. The common database
Complete system redundancy is available using
structure provides an efficient, single-source access
the ProcessLogix system. ProcessLogix redundancy
point for system information. To maintain system
enables a pair of ProcessLogix servers to support
performance, a dynamically scheduled cache in the
each other in a primary/backup fashion. Should the
server gathers all data requests, providing optimal
primary fail, a fully functioning backup assumes the
data access performance and memory utilization
primary role in a completely transparent fashion with
while minimizing the data access load on the
negligible switchover time. The primary propagates all
database transactions to the backup over a redundant
With an integrated database, information is entered network so that both databases remain completely
once, not repeated in several databases. The server synchronized. The backup module can be replaced
features a true client/server architecture where a on line with disrupting control of your process.

RSBizWare ProcessLogix ProcessLogix

Management Engineering Operator RSView
Workstation Workstation Workstation Station

Ethernet Network

ProcessLogix RS-232
System Server
DCS System
ControlNet Network

Redundant Controllers

ProcessLogix and ControlLogix Logix I/O Modules ProcessLogix or ControlLogix ProcessLogix or ControlLogix ProcessLogix and ControlLogix

Fiber Optic Cable


FOUNDATION Local Operator
Fieldbus Interface Batch Process

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 14


ControlLogix sets a new standard for the PLC to Reliability by Design

provide the high performance your application Today’s manufacturers are faced with meeting new
requires in an easy-to-use environment. The and emerging safety standards and regulations com-
ControlLogix controller, with memory options ranging bined with competitive pressure to reduce costs and
up to 8Mbyte supports intensive process applications, increase productivity. These manufacturers require
and provides fast processing of motion instructions. safe, reliable systems to safeguard people, property,
The memory options allow you to specify the appropri- the environment, and reputations. Safety Integrity
ate controller for your application. A CompactFlash Level (SIL) 2 certification by TÜV makes it simpler,
ControlLogix at-a-glance: card provides a portable non-volatile storage program. easier, and less expensive for these manufacturers
• Modular, high-performance control to meet growing standards compliance requirements
platform suited for sequential, The high performance of the ControlLogix platform
process, drive, and motion control is due in part to the ControlLogix backplane which
• Mix multiple processors, networks, operates as a very fast NetLinx network. ControlLogix Unlike other manufacturers, Rockwell Automation
and I/O without restrictions processors, I/O, and communications modules have did not need to create a special line of products to
• Uses the same RSLogix 5000 the intelligence to act like independent nodes on meet stringent SIL 2 requirements for its ControlLogix
programming environment and that network. As a result, multiple processors, family. Sophisticated diagnostics and high levels
Logix control engine as other communication modules, and I/O can be mixed of reliability are standard design in ControlLogix
Logix controllers
without restrictions. No processor is needed to processors, I/O modules, and communication
• Connects to the NetLinx Open perform bridging and routing of I/O, and as your products. It’s that same, standard design that
Network Architecture
system grows, the network permits distributing readily provides the reliability needed to achieve
• Wide range of analog, digital and control to additional chassis. SIL 2 certification while providing you with
specialty I/O
exceptional savings (e.g., no additional training,
• Select ControLogix products are
readily available spares, high Mean Time Between
now TÜV-certified for use in SIL 2
Failures and processor Safe Failure Fractions).

RSLogix 5000 RSView MMI Internet

Web Browser


6181 Industrial Computer/

ControlLogix Power Monitor II
ProcessLogix Server

ControlNet Open Network

1756 I/O


Bulletin 160 ArmorBlock
Controller POINT I/O
Smart Speed MaXum I/O
Controller RightSight
Photoelectric Sensor

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 15

ControlLogix is a high performance, easy-to-use • A wide range of analog, digital and specialty I/O
controller. modules to meet your application demands.
• A single platform for sequential, process, drive • Communications modules can be added as needed
or motion control to reduce system complexity. for a variety of networks.
• ControlLogix is multi-tasking, reducing the number • A non-volatile memory option is available so
of controllers needed. Troubleshooting is faster. programs can be saved without a battery.
And multiple periodic tasks can be triggered differ-
Redundant ControlLogix
ently to achieve higher levels of performance.
Optional hardware redundancy modules support a
• Multiple ControlLogix processors can reside fully-redundant controller architecture that provides ControlLogix redundancy is enabled
in a single chassis for future expansion. bumpless switchover. Redundancy requires no by simply checking a box in the
• ControlLogix uses RSLogix 5000 programming Controller Properties dialog. No
additional programming. Programs are automatically
special programming is needed.
software for maximum program reusability. crossloaded from the primary to the
• Stored in native form on the ControlLogix controller, backup controller, so redundancy requires
process and drive functions are extremely easy to only a pair of Redundancy Modules and
view and maintain and are supported on other two identical controller configurations.
Logix control platforms. Optional redundant power supplies keep
• Data within each ControlLogix is easily shared your ControlLogix systems running in the
for real time data exchange, and improved data event of primary power supply failure.
sharing with reduced development time and
startup costs.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 16


Tight integration between the programming software, • Both standard and specialty modules offer fault
controller, and I/O reduces development time and detection (self-diagnosing) at the module-level
cost at commissioning and during normal operation. • RSLogix 5000 provides I/O monitor and fault data
ProcessLogix and SoftLogix platforms also make use • Electronic keying assures that a module
of this powerful range of I/O. During commissioning, replacement is the correct type and revision
ControlLogix I/O allows you to be more productive:
• The exact match option guarantees that a replaced
• RSLogix 5000 software provides diagnostic screens module is an exact match, critical for agency
so you can configure, diagnose, and fine tune the certified pharmaceutical and other applications
1756 I/O at-a-glance: • The compatible keying option allows replacing
• An analog I/O module wizard allows you to a module with one that is identical except for
• Digital, analog and specialty I/O
modules configure each channel, including range selection, revision level, without immediately reconfiguring
alarming, filtering and scaling, without mechanical the entire system
• Isolated and non-isolated choices
Field-side diagnostic I/O modules switches or jumpers
• Selectable time-stamping of control and diagnostic
• High-speed counting, configurable • A digital I/O wizard allows each discrete channel to data helps measure process improvement
flow meter, submillisecond analog be configured independently for change-of-state
• Producer/consumer technology decreases traffic
and programmable limit switch input behavior and output state during a fault
specialty modules and increases bandwidth
• During normal operation, ControlLogix I/O modules
• Industry certification help keep your systems up and running:
(Class 1/Division 2/UL/CSA /CE)
• Wiring termination options that
include spring and screw types
as well as pre-wired remote

A variety of wiring termination options

are available for your ControlLogix I/O
modules. Removable Terminal Blocks
(RTBs) come in both spring clamp and
screw clamp styles. They are also
compatible with Allen-Bradley Bulletin
1492 Wiring Systems which include
Wiring Cables and Interface Modules
(IFMs) as shown.

Setup of I/O modules

takes less time with
these RSLogix 5000
configuration screens.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 17

During maintenance and troubleshooting, ControlLogix A Wide Selection of I/O

I/O modules can provide the data needed to prevent ControlLogix offers over 40 chassis-based I/O
or to quickly solve plant floor problems: modules, including the following types:
• Diagnostic modules detect broken wire, loss • Isolated and non-isolated digital I/O, including
of field power and no-load conditions 120VAC, 120/240VAC, 24V dc, TTL, electronically
• You can request module identification data (such as fused and relay outputs, sink/source capabilities
catalog number, series/revision) on demand • Field side diagnostic digital I/O, including
• Flash memory allows module firmware upgrades 120 vac and 24V dc
to be performed by the end-user • Isolated and non-isolated analog I/O
• Electronic fusing on select modules allows • Temperature sensing inputs, including
resetting via software thermocouple and RTD
• Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) means • Specialty I/O, including high speed counter,
faster and more efficient maintenance with no programmable limit switch submillisecond fast-
interference to the application process when analog I/O, current-sourcing analog inputs to power
servicing ancillary or non-critical connections two-wire transmitters and configurable flow meter
modules with totalization and prover functions
• Hydraulics interface module for Linear
Displacement Transducers enhances the integrated
motion solution for applications including sawmill
and metal forming.

Output Commands from Controller

ControlLogix I/O Output data echo allows you
Data Echo validation from system-side to verify receipt of output
commands from the controller .
When using Diagnostic Output
modules in tandem with the
Additional Field-Side Field-side Output Verification, Pulse
Data Echo feature, users can
Side Information Test status plus No Load detection also verify that the output
provided by command was executed on
Diagnostic Output Modules Actuator the field-side of the module.

Producer/Consumer I/O Model

ControlLogix Output
Input Modules Controllers Modules

I/O modules produce data on

an as-needed basis, increasing
the speed and efficiency of
communication while lessening
the burden typically assumed
by a controller.

Commonly Shared Data

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 18


All The Information You Need Imagine a warehouse with a conveyor loop connecting
With SoftLogix all the information you need for incoming materials and outgoing shipments. Data
analysis, display, programming and control can read by a bar code reader must be compared with
be placed on an industrial or desktop computer. the MES database information, to determine the state
SoftLogix5800 combines a high performance Logix of a diverter switch on the conveyor for sorting
control engine with the power and openness of your materials. I/O is scattered across wide distances.
PC. The result? A reliable open, PC-based control Execution time and network response time is critical.
solution that provides improved flexibility, The solution? SoftLogix, combined with RSView on an
SoftLogix at-a-glance: industrial (such as the VersaView family) or personal
connectivity and information integration.
• Standard Operating Systems computer. SoftLogix5800 provides the widest choice
Windows NT, 2000, and XP With SoftLogix5800, you can truly link the production
of commercially available I/O, easily bridges the gap
• Integrated motion control area shop floor with the front office top floor.
between control and information worlds, while deliv-
Control, motion, Human Machine Interface (HMI),
• Platform independence (whitebox, ering a world class application solution. SoftLogix is
industrial computer, laptop, etc.) and information processing now come together in
a great option for ‘data-crunching’ applications that
an integrated solution for lower total cost of system
• Network agility connection to open also require the making of control decisions.
networks, including DeviceNet, integration and increased productivity.
ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP Maximum Choice, Maximum Flexibility
SoftLogix for PC-Based Control
• Customization Data access. virtual SoftLogix allows for integration of third party
A typical SoftLogix system starts with a virtual
backplane toolkit networks or specialty modules through the use
chassis application running on a Pentium based
• Support for multiple I/O platforms of the Virtual Backplane Toolkit available through
computer. The virtual chassis houses the processors
• Uses the same RSLogix 5000 the Rockwell Automation Technologies program.
and communication cards that interface to other Logix
programming software and Logix
processors as well as I/O. Application debugging and Using the virtual backplane toolkit, you can integrate
control engine as the other
system start up is made easier through the use of I/O PCI bus products to the virtual backplane and gain
Logix platforms
simulator modules (1789-SIM) provided with SoftLogix high-speed data access to the SoftLogix engine. Once
for use in the virtual chassis. integrated, they communicate across the backplane
in real time to any other product using the same
producer/consumer data exchange as SoftLogix.

C example code

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "RA_ExternalRoutines.h"
Use the virtual chassis to change BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HANDLE hModule, DWORD ul_reason_for_call, LPVOID lpReserved)
processor mode and to view {
system status. return TRUE;
extern "C" declspec(dllexport) void MyExtRoutineFunction1(EXT_ROUTINE_CONTROL *pERCtrl,
short In1, short In2, short* sum)
pERCtrl->ctrlWord.EN = pERCtrl->ctrlWord.EnableIn;
pERCtrl->ctrlWord.EnableOut = pERCtrl->ctrlWord.EnableIn;
if (pERCtrl->ctrlWord.EnableIn) // Rung is TRUE code segment
*sum = In1 + In2;
pERCtrl->ctrlWord.ER = 0; // Set Error bit to zero if successful.
pERCtrl->ctrlWord.DN = 1; // Set Done bit before exit of this XR.
pERCtrl->ctrlWord.DN = 0;
// Perform any other rung false code here !

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 19

A typical SoftLogix system starts
with a virtual chassis application
running on a Pentium based
computer. The virtual chassis
“houses” the processors and
communication cards that
interface to other Logix
processors as well as I/O.

Configure interface cards such as

those for ControlNet, DeviceNet,
or motion control.

Integrate Motion Control From Your PC ControlNet, DeviceNet, or motion control interface • SoftLogix5860 supports a maximum
SoftLogix5800 provides an easily-integrated, high- cards. The chassis monitor also permits processor of 16 slots in the virtual chassis plus
six instances of the Logix engine and
performance motion system with higher levels of mode to be changed and allows you to view
four motion cards
performance than traditional PC based motion con- system status.
• SoftLogix5830 supports as many as
trollers. It executes motion commands and generates
Begin by adding a new device profile for devices five slots in the virtual chassis plus
motion profiles directly on the native PC processor. two instances of the Logix engine
such as network cards or I/O modules.
This SoftMotion approach permits you to apply the and one motion card
speed and power of today's PCs to solve the most Create a complete I/O device tree using RSLogix 5000 • SoftLogix5810 supports as many as
demanding applications. to configure I/O parameters such as diagnostic data, three slots in the virtual chassis plus
alarm levels, and faults. one instance of the Logix engine
A Single Window For Control
The SoftLogix chassis monitor provides a window Then develop your complete control program with
to all SoftLogix functions, including configuring, RSLogix 5000 or with external routines. With three
controlling, and collecting data via optional versions of SoftLogix, match your application with
the most cost-effective platform.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 20


FlexLogix is Rockwell Automation's small to mid-range ControlNet, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP. A FlexLogix
Logix controller, which is an ideal alternative to the system will include most or all of these elements:
ControlLogix platform for certain applications, • FlexLogix Controller
such as: • Communication Card
• standalone controller applications • FLEX or FLEX Ex I/O Modules
• small networked controller applications • FLEX Extender Cable
• distributed controller applications • FLEX Power Supply
FlexLogix at-a-glance: • small backup processor applications
Simple Backup Solution
• Adds local control to FLEX I/O Specifically, ideal applications include RTU, small Minimizes Downtime
to reduce wiring
process, material-handling, and press control FlexLogix backup on DeviceNet offers a simple, low-
• Provides a distributed architecture applications. cost, backup system for smaller applications requiring
less vulnerable to a single point
of failure FlexLogix uses the same Logix control engine and fast switchovers from a primary to a secondary con-
RSLogix 5000 programming software found in other troller. No additional hardware or special software is
• Reduce startup and simplified
maintenance because control Logix platforms. FLEX I/O, the compact, DIN-rail required. FlexLogix backup is faster than a software-
resides close to the machine mounted I/O found in thousands of industrial implemented switchover (i.e., inhibit/uninhibit) and
• Uses the same RSLogix 5000 applications, is the perfect companion to this costs less than a ControlLogix redundancy solution.
programming environments and capable controller. FlexLogix supports the RSLogix
Typical applications include power generation, RTUs
Logix control engine as other 5000 function block library, making this an ideal,
Logix controllers for SCADA and small process applications. All I/O
inexpensive multi-loop controller. FlexLogix uses
and operator interfaces to be backed up must be
• Connects to the NetLinx Open NetLinx for communication to other devices on
Network Architecture for more on DeviceNet.
efficient network communications
and increased throughput
• Flash storage of programs on the
1794-L33 and -L34/B is included
with RSLogix 5000

You can choose as many as

two optional daughtercards
for ControlNet, DeviceNet,
and EtherNet/IP. Third-party
cards are also available.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 21

Choose between two memory sizes,
the 64 Kbyte FlexLogix5433 controller
or the 512Kbyte 5434 controller.

FlexLogix RTU
FlexLogix RTU

In a centralized control architecture,

a master controller scans for I/O data.
Centralized control is inherently
Radio Modem Radio Modem
communication-intensive and a single
FlexLogix RTU controller failure could shut down
the entire system.

Radio Modem


RSLogix 5000

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 22


FLEX I/O combines a terminal strip with an I/O FLEX Ex can be connected to the primary rail of the
interface to eliminate terminal blocks and reduce FlexLogix controller via the FLEX Ex bus isolator.
wiring. Today, FlexLogix supports more than 30 Or, FlexLogix can be connected via ControlNet to
1794 FLEX modules and six 1797 FLEX Ex modules. FLEX Ex which mounts directly into the hazardous
FLEX I/O modules are placed directly onto a terminal area, eliminating the need for separate Intrinsic
base near the device being controlled, reducing the Safety (IS) barriers/isolators, long wiring runs in
length of wiring between device and I/O. The compact hardened conduit or bulky explosion proof enclosures.
size of FLEX I/O enables the use of panels that are
The I/O options provided by the FLEX family of I/O
smaller in size and are closer to the device. FLEX I/O
continues to expand. A number of terminal bases
can be attached directly to the FlexLogix controller
are available, including NEMA screw, spring clamp,
or to the FLEX local adapter. FlexLogix can be located
fused, temperature (for cold junction compensation)
near the device being controlled and thus reducing
and grounded.
the length of wiring between device and I/O.

FlexLogix, FLEX, and FLEX Ex I/O on ControlNet, using

the FLEX-Ex bus isolator pair (1797-BIC and 1797-CEC).


1794-L33 1794-FLA

Point I/O

Additional FLEX I/O on

DeviceNet (FLEX I/O also
connects to ControlNet and
EtherNet/IP, remote I/O and
other third-party networks)

As many as eight additional

FLEX I/O modules connected
to the FLEX local adapter

As many as eight local FLEX I/O modules

Traditionally, controller connected to the FlexBus local connector
I/O modules must be on the FlexLogix controller (1794-L33 or
wired to a terminal 1794-L34)
strip, which is then
wired to field devices.

FLEX I/O combines a terminal

strip with an I/O interface to
eliminate terminal blocks
and reduce wiring.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 23

All FLEX and FLEX Ex I/O modules can be The following types of FLEX Ex modules
controlled both locally and remotely by the can be remotely controlled by the
FlexLogix controller. FlexLogix controller over a ControlNet
Available communications options include:
• Communication Adapter:
• Communication Adapters: ControlNet, ControlNet
ControlNet Redundant
Redundant, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP
• Digital Modules: Ex NAMUR 16
• 120V ac: Input/Output and Isolated Input/Output
Sink Input, Ex 4 Source Output
• 220V ac: Input/Output, 8 point
• Analog Modules: Ex 8 Input 16 bit,
• 24V dc: Digital Input/Output and Sink/Source
Ex 8 Output 13 bit
Input/Output, Protected, Electronically Fused,
• Frequency Input Module: 2-Channel
8, 16, and 32 point
Ex High Resolution
• 48V dc: Sink/Source Input/Output,16 point
• Thermocouple/mV Input Module:
• 24V dc Analog: Selectable Input/Output,
Ex 8 Input 16 bit
4 and 8 point
• 24V dc Isolated Analog: 4 point FLEX I/O can also be used with
ControlLogix, SoftLogix, and DriveLogix controllers. FLEX I/O at-a-glance:
• Relay: Sink/Source, 8 point
• FLEX I/O mounts vertically or
• Thermocouple/mV and RTD Input: 24V dc horizontally, and may be placed
• Encoder Input: 24V dc in a continuous stack or in two
• Pulse Counter Input: 24V dc
• You can mount the system onto
• RTD Input: 24V dc a standard DIN rail or onto a
• Frequency Input: 24V dc wall or panel
FLEX I/O modules controlled remotely: • The FlexLogix controller can be
located nearby or remotely from
• Very High Speed Counter Output
the machine and the FLEX I/O
it controls
• The result: more efficient plant
floor wiring, system startup,
and maintenance.
• Removal and Insertion Under Power
(RIUP) of any FLEX I/O module
without disruption of any other
modules makes it possible to replace
or add a module while keeping the
rest of the system running, thus
reducing downtime

FLEX Ex mounts directly into the

hazardous area, eliminating the need
for separate IS barriers/isolators, long
wiring runs in hardened conduit or bulky
explosion proof enclosures.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 24


CompactLogix is a small, powerful Logix-based The CompactLogix 1769-L30 supports as many as 16

control system. Combined with 1769 I/O, the local I/O modules, and provides two RS-232 ports for
CompactLogix platform is perfect for tackling simultaneous connectivity of configuration and
machine-level control applications with unprecedent- control equipment.
ed power and scalability. CompactLogix is ideal
All CompactLogix processors provide the ability
for systems that require standalone and system-
to interface to DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, or DH-485
connected control over EtherNet/IP. Think every place
you need economical, reliable control. Attractively
CompactLogix at-a-glance: priced, yet powerful. Small, yes. However, Uses Popular Compact I/O Modules
• A cost-effective, powerful addition CompactLogix can handle some very daunting control CompactLogix takes full advantage of the power
to the Allen-Bradley family of Logix- and flexibility of 1769 I/O. These rackless I/O modules
tasks with a flexible I/O structure that can handle the
based products
most ambitious machine-level control applications. offer superior functionality and quality at an extremely
• Compact form factor and rackless
competitive price. With a wide selection of analog,
design compatible with the full range Scalable to Meet Application Requirements
digital, and specialty I/O modules such as DeviceNet
of Compact I/O products provide a You have a choice of three control processors, so you
truly scalable modular system scanners and high-speed counters available, the
can scale the system perfectly with your application.
• Advanced system connectivity to
CompactLogix platform is easily integrated into
EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet networks The CompactLogix 1769-L35E incorporates a high- systems with a variety of input and output
• Uses the same RSLogix 5000 performance processor and integrated EtherNet/IP requirements.
programming environment and and RS-232 ports. It supports as many as 30 local I/O
A member of the highly-scalable
Logix control engine as other modules in any combination of analog, digital, or
Logix controllers
Logix family of controllers
specialty modules as well as the ability to control
CompactLogix integrates easily with other members
• simple, cost-effective positioning distributed I/O via EtherNet/IP.
capabilities of the Logix family of controllers. This versatile
The CompactLogix 1769-L20 is optimized for stand- controller is programmed using RSLogix 5000, just like
alone duty. It supports as many as 8 local I/O modules other members of the Logix controller family. So if you
and provides one RS-232 port for configuration and are running FlexLogix or ControlLogix, you can easily
device interface. duplicate and scale existing programs to run on
CompactLogix. A cost-effective, yet powerful, small,
modular Logix solution.

CompactLogix. Small. Powerful.

Easily integrated into a variety
of applications.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 25

CompactLogix. With rackless I/O for flexible
installation. Inexpensive to keep costs low.
Analog, digital and specialty modules cover
a wide range of applications.

Expanded Capabilities for lot of power in a very small, economical package.

Demanding Applications CompactLogix combines the power of the Logix archi-
The CompactLogix 1769-L35E controller expands tecture with the space efficiencies of 1769 I/O.
previous CompactLogix capabilities by integrating
EtherNet/IP: Connect to an Ethernet network
an EtherNet/IP connection and increasing the
through the integrated port on the CompactLogix
number of supported I/O modules. Designed for
1769-L35E controller or by using our EtherNet/IP
small applications and providing significant
interface (1761-NET-ENI). The EtherNet/IP port
performance and capacity, it offers:
provides high-performance real-time control, real-time
• high-performance controller designed to meet interlocking and program upload/download capabili-
demanding applications ties over Ethernet. The 1761-NET-ENI EtherNet/IP
• expanded I/O capacity, throughput, and interface is a less expensive alternative means of
functionality connection that provides peer-to-peer and program
• advanced capabilities including seamless bridging upload/download capabilities.
and data control and collection over the same
DeviceNet: For advanced real-time control and
information capabilities, connect to EtherNet/IP by
• front-accessible CompactFlash using the CompactLogix L35E.
• cost-effective rackless I/O
Alternatively, for simpler information-only require-
• scalable architecture
ments, use the cost-effective 1761-NET-ENI with
CompactLogix controllers reduce maintenance costs a CompactLogix L20 or L30 controller.
by providing alternative program storage options.
The 1769-L20 and -L30 controllers support integrated
non-volatile storage and the 1769-L35E supports
front-accessible CompactFlash storage.

CompactLogix controllers communicate to other CompactFlash provides

Logix controllers and PanelView operator interfaces removable and portable
storage for user programs
over NetLinx-based networks or over traditional
and tag data.
Allen-Bradley DH-485 networks. CompactLogix's
full-duplex master/remote communications capabili-
ties provide SCADA application support. That's a

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 26

1769 Compact I/O • 16- and 32-point modules provide high-density I/O
The Compact I/O family offers innovation and flexibili- in a small package. This permits Compact I/O to fit
ty in a unique, patented I/O platform. It provides into smaller sized footprints while still providing
superior performance, functionality, and ease-of-use. high I/O counts.
• Flexible, world-class mounting options permit
• Compact I/O is optimized for use with
DIN rail or panel mounting.
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and MicroLogix
controllers, and can function as distributed I/O • Removable terminal blocks and finger-safe covers
with the appropriate network adapter, like the speed module replacement and meet worldwide
Because of its compact size, wide
variety of available modules, flexible 1769-ADN (for DeviceNet). market needs.
mounting options and quick start up • Rack-type features in a rackless design lower • Individual point diagnostic LEDs make
and replacement, Compact I/O troubleshooting easy.
costs and reduce replacement parts inventory.
provides a cost-effective solution
for applications ranging from • A unique, patented bus connector is movable to • Software keying prevents placing a module
petrochemical to material handling. allow easy module exchange or replacement, and in an incorrect position.
Available modules include: is a key element of the front insertion and removal • UL, CUL (CSA) and CE certified; Class 1 Div 2
• wide variety of discrete modules feature. The ability to mix module types further Hazardous Environment Class rated.
• analog modules expands its application spectrum.

• high-speed counter module

• 16- and 32- point modules provide
high density (lots of points in a
small space)

PanelView Plus Power Drive POINT/I/O Computer


EtherNet/IP Network 1769-HSC 1769-SDN EtherNet/IP Network

1769-L35E 1769-L35E

BarCode Reader

Series 900
Photoelectric Motor Starter and
1769-ADN ArmorBlock
Sensors DSA Module
Maxum I/O

Stack Light

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 27


A powerful combination —
the flexible PowerFlex 700S
AC drive with DriveLogix with
an embedded high-performance
Logix engine

RSLogix 5000 v 12
Control and DriveTools™ SP
Configuration Software


FLEX SynchLink Virtual Back Plane

I/O Connection FLEX I/O Direct Embedded Drive PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix offers
NetLinx Logix Control
Comm. Controller
truly integrated system architectures
that can be used across a broad range
of industries including converting,
SynchLink textile/fibers, print, automotive,
Connection metals and glass.

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700S AC drive with Re-Use Existing Networks and I/O PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix
DriveLogix, a version of the PowerFlex 700 power With FLEX I/O, one local DIN rail can be connected at-a-glance:
platform with embedded Logix, offers optimized to the PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix for additional • Selectable, high-performance
integration for demanding drive control and drive field device interface.The PowerFlex family of drives motor control algorithms

system applications. The PowerFlex 700S AC drive offers a dedicated internal communications option • Integral position loop for indexing
with DriveLogix combines the performance and and electronic gearing
through the NetLinx Open Network Architecture
control of PowerFlex AC drives with the high including DeviceNet and ControlNet and also • (2) standard quadrature encoder
inputs and optional hi-resolution
-performance Logix engine to produce a highly supports Universal Remote I/O and other established
functional, cost-effective drive and control solution. networks including EtherNet/IP and other third-party
• SynchLink, a high-performance,
This drive is configurable for Sensor or Sensorless networks. With the embedded Logix controller,
high speed, synchronization and
Field-Oriented Control and Permanent Magnet motor you can choose one optional daughtercard for drive-to-drive data link
operation. With the embedded Logix engine, RSLogix DeviceNet, ControlNet or EtherNet/IP networks.
• Application software modules
5000 software, DriveTools SP software, and the available for applications such as
SynchLink a Drive-to-Drive Data Link
NetLinx Open Network Architecture, the PowerFlex winding, positioning, tensioning,
The PowerFlex 700S AC drive with DriveLogix
700S AC drive with DriveLogix makes the most and more
features SynchLink, a high-speed, synchronous,
of your installation and training investments. • The embedded Logix engine
drive-to-drive data link for transmitting synchronized
drive and application data. SynchLink offers process
- common programming environment
coordination and performance beyond that of
supported by all Logix platforms
standard control networks, providing simplified
- motion instruction support for
control of advanced applications and improved the host PowerFlex 700S drive
production rates.

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ProcessLogix is a scalable, open control system for applications, ProcessLogix offers DCS process control
batch and process applications. ProcessLogix provides including an HMI that is tightly integrated with
traditional DCS functionality by tightly integrating control and a server-based database. ProcessLogix
Human Machine Interface (HMI) with control and ControlLogix can be combined into a hybrid
functions to provide a server-based common system control system, with ProcessLogix focused on process
database. The ProcessLogix solution can be easily control and ControlLogix providing loop control and
integrated with other Logix platforms. It shares a high-speed discrete and motion control and for
common chassis with the ControlLogix platform and ancillary operations. Because both ProcessLogix and
ProcessLogix at-a-glance: uses NetLinx to communicate over EtherNet/IP and ControlLogix use the same chassis, communication
• Scalable, DCS for batch and ControlNet to other Logix platforms, plus DeviceNet modules and I/O modules, the total number of
process applications
and Foundation Fieldbus for device and instrumenta- components is greatly reduced. Sharing the same
• Tightly integrates HMI and control tion connectivity. Using ProcessLogix with other Logix I/O data, both platforms can simultaneously reflect
functions with a server-based
controllers provides a complete plantwide solution to events on the plant floor.
global system database
control material handling, processing and packaging
• Shares common hardware, network DCS Functionality With a PLC Price
applications in a single, integrated architecture.
communications, and I/O with ProcessLogix blends a powerful, open Microsoft
ControlLogix Increased Reuse of Control Windows 2000-based client/server system, controller,
• Is a fundamental part of Rockwell System Components I/O, system engineering tools and networking
Automation's Integrated Architecture Logix breaks down the barriers between DCS and PLC capabilities into a suite of features and services
• Provides connectivity to PanelView by providing the first plantwide control system with never before available in such a cost-effective and
and Rockwell Software RSView SE DCS and PLC control truly integrated. For process flexible control architecture.
for Process
• Connects to the NetLinx Open
Network Architecture

Logix provides seamless integration Distributed Database
between server-based, controller-based
and network-based approaches to process
control by having the ProcessLogix share
a backplane, I/O and communication
modules with ControlLogix.

Backplane common to
ProcessLogix and ControlLogix

FOUNDATION Fieldbus DeviceNet

ProcessLogix ControlLogix

Shared I/O and communications Bulletin 160

ProcessLogix/ControlLogix Smart Speed
Flowmeter Valve Transducer Controller
MaXum I/O

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Modular simplicity
A ProcessLogix system is a combination of server,
operator station, engineering and maintenance tools
operating as a single, optimized system. And since
ProcessLogix uses the same chassis, I/O, power
supply, communication modules and networks as
ControlLogix, you can easily mix and match
components to fit your application.

Redundancy where you need it

ProcessLogix can easily be expanded to include
redundancy when required, reducing the risk of a
process shutdown due to a single component failure.

Additional ProcessLogix features include:

• integrated detail displays, custom graphics,
alarms, history and reports
• integrated deterministic networking
• automatic peer-to-peer messaging
between controllers
• standard and user-definable application templates
Object-based graphics provide a powerful interface
• hierarchical control development environment for the ProcessLogix user:
• easy, high speed connectivity to other • Group displays are a direct result of application
Allen-Bradley controllers, including development and monitor the status of I/O, network,
controller and PID modules. Users can use standard
ControlLogix and PLC-5
or create custom per-point detail displays or both,
• fully integrated Foundation Fieldbus for maximum flexibility.
• controller-based time stamped alarms
• integrated controller and field device function
block control strategy development

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If you’re currently using Allen-Bradley PLC-3, PLC-5 Logix platforms are the foundation for an Integrated
and SLC 500 or Reliance Electric AutoMax controllers, Architecture. Logix delivers:
you will find that Logix offers a number of features • superior reliability
that makes the move forward easy: • product breadth
• a translation tool in RSLogix 5000 allows you • industry/application driven design
to reuse your investment in PLC-5 or SLC 500
• OPEN technology
• backward compatibility and forward migration
• Arrays may be used to create virtual data tables
• the best value
like those found in PLC and SLC controllers,
so those controllers can communicate to a Logix platforms are focused on lowering total cost
Logix controller. of ownership and improving your manufacturing
• the common look and feel of RSLogix 5, flexibility through:
RSLogix500, RSLogix 5000 products provides • scalable control architecture
you with a consistent interface to Allen-Bradley • common programming tools
programmable controllers, resulting in reduced
• common networking services
time, effort and expense of re-training.
• common view into the system
• full messaging support built into the Logix
controller allows you to integrate the new
technology into your existing control system.

Integrating a Logix platform with

existing systems is made easier with
such features as data table mapping.
This allows existing systems to
communicate to a Logix controller
as if it were another PLC or
SLC controller.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 31

Many Logix systems will consist of multiple

subnetworks such as ControlLogix systems
on ControlNet, PLC-5 or SLC systems on
Data Highway Plus, and sensors on DeviceNet,
as well as connections to EtherNet/IP.
ControlLogix System

Serial Communications

Data Highway ControlNet

Remote I/O EtherNet/IP


PLC-5 Controller

Bulletin 160 PLC-5E Controller

Smart Speed
Controller PLC-5C Controller

PLC-5 Controller

Workstation Solid-State
Overload ControlLogix I/O

Workstation with

SLC Controller 1771-I/O

Series 9000

Workstation with

Translation of existing PLC-5 or

SLC programs to a Logix controller
is easily accomplished with the
translation tool built into RSLogix 5000.
The tool automatically flags logic
issues for review after initiating
the translation process.

LOGIX_BR001D_EN_P_final.qxd 6/26/03 11:38 AM Page 32


Allen-Bradley Logix platforms are part of an • the flexibility to find the best fit with a range
Integrated Architecture that delivers: of hardware and software platforms
• the confidence that your control system will stay • the productivity enhancements that allow you
up and running. The reuse of a common control react quickly to changes in your business with
engine, programming software, networking and the ability to reuse program segments or tags for
hardware components means development of new applications.
new applications is easier and maintenance and • the lowest cost across the life of your control
troubleshooting has been greatly simplified investment with a program translation tool built
Global Manufacturing Solutions helps across the architecture. into the RSLogix 5000 programming software
you make the most of your Logix
Platform investment through: All trademarks, company names and product names
referred to throughout this publication are for identification
only and remain the property of their respective companies.
• increasing your uptime
• fast, accurate answers to
technical questions
• preventive maintenance services
• network design and certification
• classroom/on-site training on
products and software
• computer Based Training (CBT)
• on-site emergency service
• managing your working capital
and manufacturing assets
• remanufacturing and multi vendor
repair services
• maintenance and parts management
• integrated condition monitoring
• Computerized Maintenance
Management Software (CMMS)
consulting and implementation
• decreasing your time to market
• comprehensive consulting and
project management
• centralized and remote/on-site
engineering solutions
• software architecture development
and implementation

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