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Course title: English as an international language (Year 3) Week 4-5

Topic: Background to English becoming an international language: political and social circumstances
Level: B 2
Time: 160 min
Materials: internet sources,
Aim: to introduce students the background of English language, its developing as an international language, give them
opportunity to practice a variety of strategies to achieve comprehension, including reading for main points, to teach Ss how to
improve speaking skills, to increase Ss cultural knowledge.

Task/ Procedure Objectives Mode of Time Materials

Activity interaction
Activity 1 1. T divides Ss into 4 groups, asks to Pre- teach English Work in 10 Handout 1
Warm- up suppose and give opinion how and why vocabulary groups minutes
activity English has spread across the globe the way
according to these period
2. Then they should prove their words

Activity 2 1.T distributes handouts, they will have texts To raise awareness Individual 20 min Handout 2
about British Colonialism and how it of historical,
influences spreading of English across the social, political
Globe background of
English as an
2. Ss read the text turn by turn and discuss it international

Activity 3 T distributes handouts, Ss will have texts to increases Individual 20 min Handout 3
about another factors of spreading English knowledge another
international language factors of
spreading of

Activity4 1.T puts video about English people. to practice and Group 15 min Video
2. After watching video whole class discuss develop logical work
English people behaviour. thinking

Activity5 1. T puts tape recorder 1,2 to practice Individual 15 min Tape recorder
2. Ss listen to tape recorder 1,2 and fill listening skill Handout 4
the gaps during the listening
3. After completing listening tasks, T and
Ss check answer together

Activity6 1.T distributes handouts, they will have texts To raise awareness Individual 20 min Handout 5
about Cultural factors of spreading English of cultural
across the Globe background of
English as an
2. Ss read the text turn by turn and discuss it language

Activity 7 1. T asks Ss about Achievements , to practice and Group 20 min Power point
Awards, Inventions of English language develop logical work presentation
and United Kingdom thinking
2. T present presentation Top 10
British Invention that changed the World

Activity 8 1. T distributes Handout 6 text which to increase logical Group 20 min Handout 6
about The role of English in the 21th and critical work
century thinking
2. Ss read the text
3. After reading Ss discuss of the positive
and negative sides of spreading the Global
English Language

Reflection T asks Ss what they learned during the lesson 10 min

to memorize it.

Hometask To study background any English

explanation dictionaries and make a 10 min
presentation related to the dictionary for the
next lesson