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• Last Updated On: July 13, 2010
Home » Sugar Industry » UP Sugar Industry

Uttar Pradesh Sugar Industry

Uttar Pradesh Sugar Industry is one of the largest sugar industries in the
Indian economy. The lavish measures in form of new promotional
policies for the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry by the state government of
Uttar Pradesh was introduced at a time when it was much needed to
further boost the growth of the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry. The
improvements in the plant capacity and the introduction of new
techniques which enables the optimization of the existing plant
capacities has the further made the growth definite.

The Registrars of Companies in different states chiefly

manage: With the new promotional policies of the Uttar
Pradesh sugar industry, the investors have already starting eying the
future prospects. There are 20 more sugar processing units are coming
up as a part of Uttar Pradesh sugar industry. The existing companies
under the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry are planning an investment
pertaining to expansion of about Rs 4,000 crore. At present the major
companies in the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry are Balrampur Chini,
Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd., etc. A batch of Brownfield and Greenfield
expansion projects has already started their activities of crushing cane.
The increase in the capacity would help the Uttar Pradesh sugar
industry to churn out an extra 140,000 tons of crushed cane everyday to
the existing 2.5 million tons of sugar produced within a few years time.
The total sugar production under the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry would
lead to 7.5 million tons, making Uttar Pradesh the biggest manufacturer
of sugar in India.

The Uttar Pradesh sugar industry has a bright future as one of the
prospective players in the global sugar market. The demand for sugar
across the world has been growing exponentially. The Uttar Pradesh
sugar industry with its capacity can cater to this international demand.
The advantages of the Uttar Pradesh sugar industry are that the cost of
production is quite low and the climatic conditions and the conditions of
the soil are favorable to the sugarcane production. The region of India
where the state of Uttar Pradesh lies is one of the most fertile lands in
India called the 'doab'. This is an extremely fertile belt of lands between
the rivers Ganges and Jamuna. To boost the production of the Uttar
Pradesh sugar industry, the government of Uttar Pradesh is likely to set
up a research and development unit which would develop better quality
sugarcane plants to have better yield and diseases-resistant crops to
ensure that the industry has a sustainable growth. The geographical
position of the state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the key advantages as it
is very easy to access. With all these developments the Uttar Pradesh
sugar industry can meet the increasing domestic demands in India,
which due to the improvements in the economic conditions and the rise
in the general income level. The present consumption of sugar is nearly
19 mt annually and it may go up to 24 MT on a yearly basis.

At present, the situation of the Indian sugar production can improve with
all these measures. In the financial year of 2004-2005, India had to
import 8.89 lakh tons of sugar from different countries due to the huge
decline in the national sugar production. These measures would have a
long term effect on the sugar production of the state and therefore of the
entire country.
For more information contact :

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited and its
directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

Sugar Industry in Uttarpradesh

Sugar Factories Details
A K G Mercantile Ltd
dt.-25.9.97, Crushing
Address : - 24, Ballygunge Park, Calcutta 700019,
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Location-Bindki, Dist. Fatehpur, L.I. No. 223
Al-Falah Blossoms Ltd
Address : - Al-Falah House, 274-A, Jamia Nagar, dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Okhala, New Delhi 110025, Location- Mansoora Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Block, Uon, Kairana, Dist. Muzaffarnagar, L.I. No. 220
Anand Agrochem India (P) Ltd
Address : - Ajanta Complex, 8-jahe Tara Road,
Date 31-3-94. Ch. Pro.
Bombay-400 049, Ph.(022) 6122884, Fax-022-
6116670, At Atrauli, Vill.P.O.Gopi, Distt.Aligarh, Pvt.
Sector-TEW Pvt. LI :201 (1994)
Associated Sugar Mills Ltd
Address : - P.B. No. 209, Rambagh, Muzaffarnagar-
Date 31-3-94.
251001, At Village Thoi, Distt.Haridwar, Sector-Pvt.
LI :190(1994)
ATV Projects India Ltd
Address : - D-8, MIDC, Street No.16, Marol, Andheri
(East), Mumbai-400 093, Ph.( 022) 872022, Fax- dt 13-1-94. Ch.Pro.- Mahesh
8365786, At Rayamath, Dist. Mathura, Ph.-405, Vithaldas Chaturvedi
736,406197, Fax 0565-405069 Sector- AVT Pvt. LI:23
B.D. Srivastava
Address : - 123/487, Fazalganj, Kalpi Road, Kanpur dt.-21.3.97, Crushing
City, Location-Barhapura, Nagina, Dist. Bijnor, L.I. Capacity- 2500 TCD.
No. 81
B.D.Gupta & Brothers
Date: 6-11-57
Address : - Thaperanagar, Dist.-Meerut
Bahadrabad Sugar Mills Ltd
Address : - Location - Bahadrabad , Distt.- Haridwar
Bajaj Hindustan Ltd
Address : - IInd Floor, Bajaj Bhavan, Jamnalal Bajaj
dt. 13-1-94.
Marg,226, Nariman Point, Bombay, At Patrasi,
Dist.Lakhimpur Kheri,Sector- Pvt. LI:30 (1994)
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.
From 3500 to 5500 TCD
Address : - Babhnan, Mankapur, Gonda (U.P.)
Balrampur Chinni Mills Ltd
Address : - 234/3A, AJC Bose Road, Calcutta 700020, dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Location-Kunarakhi, Gonda Sadar, Dist. Gonda, L.I. Capacity- 2500 TCD.
No. 228
Barnawe Sugar MIlls Ltd
Address : - Location - Muzafferpur , Kambala , Distt.- NA
Cawnpore Sugar Works Ltd.
From 2400 to 3500 TCD.
Address : - Padrauna, Deoria (U.P.)
D. Singaraiah
Address : - Andhra Electronics, 4-4-309, Giriraj Lane, dt.- 28.1.97, Crushing
Bank Street, Hyderabad 500195, Location- Podali, Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Dist. Prakasam. L.I. No. 8
Daulana Sugars & Chemicals Industries Ltd
Address : - G-81, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092, At Date 31-3-94.
Daulana, Dist. Ghaziabad, Sector-Pvt. LI:193 (1994)
Daya Sagar
Address : - 38, Masuam Vihar, Delhi 110051, dt.- 10.12.97, Crushing
Location- Naya Baas, Near Gagal Hedi, Saharanpur, Capacity- 2500 TCD.
L.I. No. 325
Dewan Sugars Ltd Date 21-2-94. Ch. Pro.-
Address : - P.B.No.143, Rithani, Delhi Road, Meerut- V.S.Dewan
250 002, Ph.(0121) 510021/22, Fax-0121-510920, At
Agwanpur, Dist. Moradabad-244 001, Sector-Pvt.
Dhani Ram
dt.-22.9.97, Crushing
Address : - 8/4, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Location
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Chhajalait, Amroha Dist. Moradabad, L.I. No. 209
Dharam Pal Singh, Yadu Sugar Limited
dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Address : - 93-A, Ghaziabad, Location Rehara,
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Hasanpur, Moradabad, L.I. No. 231
Dr. G.S.C. Rao
Address : - 10, Civil Line, Roorkee, Dist. Hardwar, dt.-21.3.97, Crushing
Location-Chhalauli, Deoband, Dist. Saharanpur, L.I. Capacity- 2500 TCD.
No. 79
DSM Sugar Kashipur Ltd.
From 2500 to 5000 TCD
Address : - Kashipur, Nanital (U.P.)
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.
From 2500 to 5000 TCD.
Address : - Village Bundki, Nagina, Bijnor, (U.P.)
Ganges Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd
Address : - Location- Manauna, Dist.- Bareilly
Gangeshwar Ltd.
From 2500 to 5000 TCD
Address : - Ramkola, Hata, Deoria (U.P.)
Gomati Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd
Address : - 111, Indra Prakash Building, 21
Barakhamba Road,New Delhi-110 001, At Ajabpur Date 21-1-94
Pasgaon, Dist. Lakhimpur Kheri, Sector-Pvt. LI:62
Green Valley Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd
Address : - 28th Floor, Ambadeep, 14, Kasturaba dt.- 21.3.97, Crushing
Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110001, Location-Nakur Capacity- 2500 TCD.
(Chhapar), Dist. Saharanpur, L.I. No. 80
Hidon Sugar Mills Ltd
Address : - 20th Floor, Ambadeep, 14, Kasturaba
dt.- 6.2.97, Crushing Capacity-
Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110001, Location-Bhaisani
2500 TCD.
Village, Kairaba (Thana Bhavan, Shamli Road), Dist.
Muzaffarnagar. L.I. No. 34
Hyderabad Industries Ltd
Address : - Sanathnagar, Hyderabad Balanagar, dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Rangareddy- 500 018, Location- Bilipur, Faridpur, Capacity- 2500 TCD
Bareilly, L.I. No. 224
Indo Gulf Fertilizers & Chiemical Corpn. Ltd
Address : - Jagdishpur Industrial Area, Dist.Sultanpur-
227 812 At Begrajpur Dist. Bijnor U.P. Sector-Pvt.
J. K. Industries Ltd.
From 2500 to 3500 TCD.
Address : - Meerganj, Bareilly, (U.P.)
Jhelum Steel Pvt. Ltd dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Address : - 170, R.N.T. Marg, Navlakha, Indore Capacity- 2500 TCD
452001, Location-Tisuma, Faridpur, Dist. Bareilly, L.I.
No. 225
K-Bross Sugars, Chemicals & Industries Ltd
dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Address : - 455, Civil Lines, Moradabad, Location-
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Roshanpur-Pratap, Nagina, Dist. Bijnor, L.I. No. 226
K.L.J. Polymers & Chemicals Ltd
Address : - K.L.J. House, 63, Rama Marg, Najafgarh dt.- 21.3.97, Crushing
Road, New Delhi 110015, Location-Bindki, Dist. Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Fatehpur. L.I. No. 86
Kanoria Sugar Gen. Mfg. Co. Ltd.
From 3000 to 8000 TCD
Address : - Captainganj, Hata Padranuna (U.P.)
Kesar Enterprises Ltd.
From 3500 to 6000 TCD.
Address : - Baheri, Barreilly (U.P.)
M. A. Majeed & Brothers
Address : - Location- Kaderabad, Teh. Afzalgarh, NA
Dist.- Biznor
M/s.Oswal Foods Ltd.
Address : - A/13, & A-7, Industrial Area,Khalilabad Date 26-10-90, Pvt. Crushing
Basti (U.P.) At Capacity 2500
M/s.U.P.Coop.Sugar Factories Federation
Address : - 9A Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226 001 Date 18-11-88, Coop.
(Location at Dhuriapar, Block-Urwa,Teh.Golabazar Crushing Capacity 2500
(Bansgaon), Dist.Gorakhpur)
Oswal Agro Mills Ltd
Address : - 7th Floor, Antriksh Bhavan, K.G.Marg,
Date 7-3-94
New Delhi-110001, At Jalalabad, Dist.Shahjahanpur,
Sector-Pvt. LI :118 (1994)
Oswal Overseas Ltd
Address : - Sugar division 5-6, Janakpuri, Bareilly-
243122, Ph.-(0581) 45557/455605, Vill.Aurangabad, Date 13-1-94.
Tel.Nawabganj, Distt.Bareilly, Sector-Pvt. LI:25
Petron International (India) Pvt. Ltd
Address : - 149/1-A, Plot No.5,Baner Road Next to
dt. 23.11.93.
I.T.I., Aundh, Pune-411007 In Uttar Pradesh Sector-
Pvt.LI:22(93)/ FOB/290/93
Purkazi Sugar Mills Ltd
dt.- 6.2.97, Crushing Capacity-
Address : - Location- Khaikhera, Dist.- Muzaffarnagar.
2500 TCD.
L.I. No. 35
Purvanchal Sugar Industries Ltd
Address : - Ramvapur Kalan, Post Utraula, Dist. dt.- 22.9.97, Crushing
Gonda, Location-Near Vill Pehar On Utraula Rehara, Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Bajar Road, Dist- Gonda, L.I. No.207
R.K. Aggarwal
dt.- 25.9.97, Crushing
Address : - B-2/13, Model Town, Delhi 110019,
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Location-Mandola, Dist.-Ghaziabad, L.I. No. 227
Rossell Industries Ltd NA
Address : - ., Location- Gangapur- Poorvi, Teh.
Razapur Block. Dist.- Farrukhabad.
Date 7-3-94, Season Expected-
Saryu Sugar Mills Ltd November 1999. Nearest
Address : - Akbarpur, Dist. Ambedkarnagar, Ph.-(011) Railway-Katheri 5 Km,
6479247, Fax-(011) 6479249, Co.Offi.-6th Floor, Nearest District-Akbarpur 13
Siddarth 96, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110001, Sector- Km, Holiday-Sunday.
Pvt. LI :119 (1994) Director-S.L. Singh, Sr.Mang.
(Cane)-K.D. Aggarwal.
Shiva Papar Mills
Address : - 807-811 Pragati Tower 26, Rajindra Place,
Date 16-3-94. Ch. Pro. -
New Delhi-110008 Ph.5712112,5712378, Fax-011-
Pramod Jain
5751700, At Tanda, Teh. Shahbad, Dist. Rampur,
Sector-Pvt. LI :143 (1994)
Shri Deepak Parti
Address : - Location-At & Teh. Gunnaur, Dist. - NA
Shri G. P. Goenka
Address : - Location- Lakhnauti, Teh. Nakur, Dist. NA
Shri Harish Chandra Singh At Jaswantnagar Date 1-2-91, Pvt. Crushing
Address : - Dist. Etawah (U.P.) Capacity 2500
Shri Kunj Bihari Lall Palriwal
Address : - Location- Hatampura, Teh. Hata, Dist.- NA
Shri N.K.Srivastava
Address : - 6, Pirpur House,8, Tilak Marg, Dalibagh,
Date 13-1-94.
Lucknow, At Shohratgarh, Dist. Sidharthnagar, Sector-
Pvt. LI:28 (1994)
Shri Ratanlal Parasrampuria
Address : - Mittal Tower,�A� Wing, 3rd
Date 31-3-94.
Floor,Nariman Point, Bombay-400 021, At Budhana,
Distt.Muzaffarnagar, Sector-Pvt. LI :197 (1994)
Shri Vipin Goel, Ram House
Address : - Kiratpur, Dist. Bijnor, At Chadak, dt.31-3-94
Dist.Bijnor, Sector-Pvt. LI:192 (1994)
Shriram Industrial Enterprises
Address : - Location- Maukhas Dist.-Meerut.
Shubam Sugars Ltd
Address : - Flat No. 4 & 5, 2nd Floor, DFF Centre,
Ch. Pro. - Devinder Singh
Location Chandak Dist. Bijanore, Ph.-(01342)
dt.- 21.3.97, Crushing
Shyam Sugars Ltd
Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Address : - Gopal Nagar, Fatehpur 212601, L.I. No. 85
Promoter- G. K. Gupta.
Somaiya Organics (India) Ltd dt. 31-3-94.
Address : - Somaiya Nagar, Dewa Road, Barabanki-
225123, At Maharajganj, Dist. Maharajganj, Sector-
Pvt. LI:195 (1994)
Suraj Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd
Address : - Jatpura, Teh.Thakurdwara, Dist. Date 13-1-94
Moradabad, Sector-Pvt. LI:33 (1994)
Sushil Kumar Jain
Address : - 808, Skipper House 88, Nehru Place, New dt.-22.9.97, Crushing
Delhi 110019, Location-Bharkhera, Dist. Pilibhit, L.I. Capacity- 2500 TCD
No. 210
Swadeshi Mining & Manufacturing Acturing Co. Ltd.
From 1219 to 2500 TCD.
Address : - Anandnagar, Pharenda, Maharajganj (U.P.)
Swarup Vegetable Products Industries Ltd.
To 5000 TCD.
Address : - Mansurpur, Jansath, Muzaffar Nagar (U.P.)
The Basti Sugar Mills Co. Ltd.
From 813 to 1750 TCD.
Address : - Walterganj, Basti (U.P.)
The Bazpur Co-op. Sugar Factory Ltd.
From 4000 to 5000 TCD
Address : - Bazpur, Nainital (U.P.)
The Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.
From 9000 to 10000 TCD
Address : - Dhampur, Bijnor (U.P.)
The Kisan Co-op. Sugar Factory Ltd.
From 2500 to 5000 TCD.
Address : - Sarsawa, Chilkana Saharanpur (U.P.)
The Kisan Sah. Chini Mills Ltd.
Date 16-10-89, Coop.
Address : - (Location at Jewar,Teh.Khurja, Dist.
Crushing Capacity 2500
The Mahalakshmi Sugar Mills Co. Ltd.
From 3000 to 10000 TCD
Address : - Iqbalpur, Roorkee, Haridwar (U.P.)
The Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd
Address : - Location- Piparia, Dist.- Lakhimpur Kheri.
The Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd.
From 5000 to 10000 TCD
Address : - Hargaon, Sitapur (U.P.)
The Pratappur Sugar & Industries Ltd.
From 2500 to 2500 TCD.
Address : - Pratappur, Deoria (U.P.)
The Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factories Ltd
Address : - P.O.Biswan, Dist.Sitapur-261201, At
Date 13-1-94
Behta-Reusa, Teh.Biswan, Dist. Sitapur, Sector-Pvt.
LI:32 (1994)
The Simbholi Sugar Mills Ltd.
Address : - Simbholi, Garh Mukeshwar, Ghaziabad From 5000 to 10000 TCD.
U.P. State Sugar Co-op. Ltd.
From 1219 to 2500 TCD.
Address : - Meerut (U.P.)
U.P. State Sugar Co-op. Ltd.
From 1016 to 2500 TCD
Address : - Shahganj, Jaunpur
Venus Sugars Ltd NA
Address : - Location- Hussainpur, Teh. Disauli, Dist.-
Vipin Goel
Address : - Location- Atrauli Dist.- Aligarh
Vipin Goel
dt.- 6.2.97, Crushing Capacity-
Address : - Ram House, Kiratpur, Najibabad, Bijnor
2500 TCD
246073, Location-Atrauli, Dist. Aligarh, L.I. No. 20
Yamuna Valley Sugars Mills Pvt. Ltd
Address : - Location- Pahasu, Dist.- Bulandshahr.

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