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‘TRUST 385 ON Eacte’s WINGS Aad 42 (En Sus Alas) @ VERSE 1 Moderately D G Dmaj7/FA G LYou who dwell in the shel-ter of the Lord, who a-bide in his Ti que ha - bi-tas al am -pa-ro del Se-ftor, a la som-bra del F Gm Asus4 Dmaj7/F# F Dm 1. shad-ow for life, say to the Lord: “My ref-uge, my rock in whom I__ trust! @ Dios Sal - va- dor, di-leal Se-for: “Mi ro-ca, en Ti he de con-fiar”. $% REFRAIN Deseant 47 D , ea = gle's wings, a : las, ‘Melody And he will raise Y El te lle - va - ra Em AT D D7 bear you on the breath ~—of dawn, make you to shine _ like the con sua-lien - to tea- ni - ma-ré; res ~ plan-de-cien-te con su teers last thme: wo Cod ———" : 4 = hold you in the palm of his hand ma-nos el Se ~ for te sos-ten - dri, Bm and hold you in the_ pal en sus ma-nos el Se = for te sos-ten- drd G Dina FR 9. $=p=b 2.The —snure of the fowl-er will never cap-ture you, and t El e-ne-mi-go mo te dete - ta rd, nigh e ‘ost Based an Psi 9 a, Mica Joncas, SE Span by ro Rubakana B18 ara anf Son Piva. B 1M? Muste Michael on ‘Text and msl © 199, 2001, O0CP. Al cigs ered, TRUST '385—ON EAGLES WINGS, cont 2) G Dmaj7/F4 E . eo 2.fam-ine will bring you no fear: un - der his. wings your mie-do —ven-cer - te po - dra; ba - jo sus a - las Dm F Gm Asus4 his faith - ful - ness your shield. - pre un re - ft oc gigen-con - tra - rds. Dmaj7/F# G 3. You need not fear the ter-ror of the night, nor the ar-row that flies by Nahas de te-mer nun-ca a laos-cu-ri-dad nia la fle-cha quees-ti por vo- Dmaj7/F# F Dm F Gm Aust 5 L_3— \; though thou - sands fall a - bout you, near you it shall not come. lar; aun-que cai-gan mil a tu la - do a ti ‘no teal-can-za ~ 4é. > VERSE 4 D G Dmaj7/F# 3— 4. For to his an-gels he's giv-en a com-mand to Dios a sus dn - ge - les ya les or-de-nd que te G Dmaj7/F4 F 4. guard you in all of your ways; up - on their hands they will cui ~ den en ti ca - mi - nar. Te sos - ten ~ dran en sus » Gm Am Bb Asust aH = — A.bear you up, test. you dash your foot’ a~ gainst a stone. ma . nos y ow pie mun =ca ha de tro~ pe ~ czar Bm Fim Awl hold you, hold you inthe palm En sus ma-nos el. Se = fur te sos-ten-drd,