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Tactics Universe Guide (version 1.

Created by Forblaze

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is not meant to be an exact walkthrough. It will not tell you the exact
stats of every boss, the exact growths of every unit, the exact location of every secret shop and
item in the game, the exact numbers needed to get perfect tactician ranks, and so on. It is based
purely on my (limited) experience with the game, which consists of two playthroughs. This is
intended as more of a guide for newcomers to the game. If you don't find this guide helpful, other
users and Blazer himself have compiled other, more in-depth walkthroughs which might suit
your tastes better.

To all the rest of you, enjoy!


How this guide works

I've tried to describe every chapter of the game in a simple, systematic manner, by organizing it into
sections. Here's a general guide to what you'll find in each section.

(Another note: If you need the basics of Fire Emblem, look them up mechanics on this site: While Blazer has changed a few smaller details about the game, gameplay
should still be similar to the base game, Fire Emblem 7. Also, this game is harder. I warned you!)


This goes over any characters you'll be able to recruit this chapter. Typically, any character will have
their class, general strengths/weaknesses, and party role listed. What do I mean by role? Generally, I
like to think of units (maybe this is just me) as performing one of these 5 roles in the army:

Shock: These guys provide the manpower. They typically use a mix of high Speed and either good
Strength/Magic (for offensive power) or good Skill (for crits) to double-attack enemies and (often) kill
them in a single turn! Naturally, you're going to want the greatest part of your troops to be these, so that
you can kill off the enemy as fast as possible (yes, speed does matter). Generally, you should aim for
about 1/3 to 1/2 of your army to be made up of these guysthis gives you good offensive power and
still leaves plenty of room for supporting roles. Of course, a more offensively or defensively minded
player might want different numbers.

Tank: Sometimes, there are just too many enemies for you to kill them all with shock troopers, or you
have a situation where you need to lure the foe in close so that you can kill them. For these
predicaments, tanks are your best bet. These are units with great defensive statsHP, Defense, and
Resistancewhose job is to shield your more fragile units from the enemy. A good tank can draw
enemy fire all day long and, better yet, weaken those enemies with his own attacks so that your troops
can mop them up easily. Tanks aren't too common in this game, so the more you have, the better!
Scout: These are your champion runners, the guys who will get to a destination no matter what and
<stab enemies, prepare traps, rescue villages, secure chokepoints...pick one>. Typically, you want 7 or
more Move on a scout, but 6-move units can sometimes be allowed if they have something to
compensate (the Pirate's water walk and the Thief's night vision can make units of these classes
excellent scouts). Also, since a scout will definitely encounter enemies and they rarely have a lot of
health or defenses to rely on, it's a good idea to get them equipped with specialized weapons
something that will beat enemies in a specific area, which you can then trade off for a different one.

Support: Every team needs its white mage. While everyone else is fighting, support units do the dirty
work of healing everyone else's asses. Typically, they're fragile defensively, so try to keep them out of
combatthey'll get their EXP just find from healing! And at higher levels they'll be able to do other
things toorescuing units, using combat magic, and so on. One or two of these are essential for any
team, and you'll want more at higher levels (since the battles are bigger).

Trainer: Most experienced Fire Emblem players dread pre-promotes; that is, the units who come
into your army at a much higher level than everyone else, sap EXP from teammates, and end up worse
than those who started at a lower level once the others catch up. Fear not! Pretty much every unit in this
hack is usable in some way, either as a niche combatant or all-around good fighter. And these
overlevelled guys can play a very specific rolethey can weaken strong enemies (WITHOUT
KILLING THEM) so that your lower-level troops can finish them off and gain tons of EXP. Trainers
aren't strictly necessary as an archetype, but keeping one or two high-level units around doesn't really
hurt, so don't underestimate them.


Here's where I talk about chapter strategy. What kinds of units to bring, where the key points are, how
much you're going to hate enemy reinforcements on a scale from 1 to 10 (probably 11), what special
weapons to bring in and where to use them. Obviously, you're gonna want to bring in whoever it is that
recruits a particular unit, if you want them.


Now that you know how to beat the chapter, this part will tell you how to make the most out of it! This
tells you what's in every chest and village, and which items are worth stealing/knocking off enemies
(and there are a lot of the latter). It also addresses shops (regular and secret!), events (necessary and
not), and any sidequests. By the way, just as in FE7, the sidequests here are important, and some of
them are very hard to get! So completionists, make sure to pay attention to this part.

A final note: This guide does not deal with the game's storyline or supports. The former because you
should enjoy it yourself without me spoiling anything, and the latter because as of right now, no
supports are to be seen in the game. I might update the guide once they do come out, but you're
probably best off checking these websites:

Without further ado, let's get right into the game! Happy hunting everyone!
Prologue: Genesis

Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Siegfried KnightErrant 1 Great Promoted Trainer, Gains battle (not kill) EXP as an
starting unit for EXP scout, unpromoted unitthis makes
stats, purposes shock him a perfect trainer! Also, he can
growths, (but see the use the Piercing Sword and
weapons. comments) Silvans.
Shon Gallant => 1 Aid 18 Relatively Scout, Even with low stats, he 2HKOs
Arch Knight (!), great low starting support most early enemies with the
exclusive stats, fragile Piercing Sword. His high Aid and
weapons defensively Move stats are also useful.


This is an easy intro chapterthe enemies aren't actually strong enough to threaten you, except
for maybe the boss. However, there is a sidequest availableif you want it, don't use Siegfried in any
battles for this one! Instead, send him up to the northwest village on the first turn for some extra
supplies (you can't actually Visit the villageinstead, just end your turn on the square). After that,
just have him follow along behind Shon, making sure that no enemies can reach him and dash your
sidequest hopes.

Even when soloing with Shon, it shouldn't be difficult to beat this chapter. Just equip the regular
Iron Sword (you don't need the Piercing Sword for this part), plant him on one of the nearby Forest
tiles, and let the three nearest enemies kill themselves trying to hit you. When you're done with that,
knock out the last enemy Soldier (one double-attack should do it). The boss doesn't move, but he
actually has enough of an attack stat to kill Shon if you're not at high health. Use a Vulnerary if your
HP is anywhere below 11, then equip the Piercing Sword and position yourself next Byron; he'll attack
you and the exchange will leave him weak enough for you to finish him off. Make sure to actually kill
him that turn, or else he'll either kill you or use his Elixir to heal, and you'll have to try again.

Don't be afraid to use up Shon's Vulnerary for this chapterit's not particularly valuable, and
you'll need the inventory space for better things.


Iron Sword, Vulnerary, 1000 gold: From the village to the northwest
Elixir: Dropped by Byron

A sidequest (Prologue P-2) is available if you kill every enemy in the chapter using only Shon.
Prologue P-2: Shon's Test

No new characters


This is probably the shortest chapter in the gamea duel between two characters, Shon and
Corben. Don't worrydefeating Corben won't kill him permanently (in fact, he'll join you next
chapter). Actually what you should be worried about is not losing, because Corben has a Javelin in his
inventory. This means he'll both have the weapon advantage on Shon and will be able to get free hits on
you from a distance.

Luckily for you, Corben starts with his Iron Sword equipped instead, so you can get some good
damage on him with your first strike. To make it count, use the Piercing Swordthat should give you a
2HKO on him, which is enough for you to kill him before he kills you. Do NOT use last chapter's
Elixirif you've used up the Vulnerary and still can't kill him, you're better off just restarting the
chapter. The Elixir is too valuable for something like this, and you'll find out soon enough why that

No loot to speak of, other than pride for defeating a superior unit.
Chapter 1: The First Strike


Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments

Corben Cavalier => 1 Defensive Bad Tank, Even though he's got good Move
Paladin bulk and high Resistance, Scout stat, I consider Corben a tank first.
Constitution, low starting Why? He's too slow to double
balanced Speed (can't most enemies, but he hits hard
growths double) and can soak up attacks all day.


You might be happy to see someone with lances, but this definitely isn't the chapter to use them.
Every single enemy here will be using an axemostly iron, with the occasional Steel Axe or Hand Axe
mixed in. This also isn't the chapter for getting itemsthere are literally none available. So just pull out
those swords, tighten your belt, and get ready to beat down on some bandits.

Since Corben is both lower level than Shon and is better than him defensively, you should use
him to finish off the first enemy. Also, try to get him to attack said enemy from the left sidedoing so
will lure in three of the brigands, including the handaxe user. Thanks to the weapon triangle and his
good defenses, Corben should be able to survive them for a couple of rounds without a problem, and
you can bring in the other guys after the first turn to start picking off weakened enemies. If you drop
below half health, use Corben's Vulnerary (I had bad luck the first time around and got hit by literally
EVERY attack, which did eventually kill Corben).

Around the time you're done with these, enemy reinforcements will start appearing to the
southwest. Luckily, they'll have to hike past a few mountains to get to youso just hide in the forest at
the southeast corner of the map and let them come to you like the guys before them. Once you've wiped
them, the only enemies left should be the boss, two guys with iron axes and one guy with a steel.

Ride your troops into the middle of the map to lure out the latter three and kill them with the
same tactic you used on the previous two groups. The boss, Bardolph, doesn't move, though unlike the
previous one he does have a Gate tile to protect himit ups his defense and evasion significantly, and
also heals him a portion of his health each turn. His class is Armored Brigand, a custom class which
basically combines the raw power and low accuracy of a Brigand with the defensive bulk of a Knight.
However, this also means he's vulnerable to the Piercing Sword, so a couple of hits from Shon should
send him packing. Once he's dead, use Siegfried to sieze the gate he was standing on, ending the
chapter (if all the enemies are already dead, the fight will end automatically).

Note that you cannot actually visit any houses or villages in this chapterthey're just there for show.

None to speak of, again. Don't worry thoughI didn't just put this section here to make fun of
Chapter 2: Disruption
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Tamiko Cleric => 1 Good Bad Defense Support Healing doesn't take EXP away from
Bishop growths, and HP stats, other unitsso even if you don't like
can heal can't fight until her, using Tamiko in the prologue
units. promotion can't hurt you.
There are a LOT of brigands here, but if you remember your experience from last chapter, you'll
know that this isn't a problem. To start off, send one of the units WITHOUT a Javelin (either Shon or
Siegfried) to the northeast village to get another onebrigands can destroy villages by landing on
them, so if you wait with this, there may not be a village left to rescue. Since Tamiko can't fight and
there shouldn't be any healing to do on turn 1, just pull her back out of the enemies' reach but as close
to your other units as possible. After that, position your other units on the two forest tiles directly west
of youthis will lure in several of the brigands and let you deal with them individually.

You might notice the neutral unit up to the north, Kelik. He's at level 5 (unpromoted) with better
stats than Siegfried and a steel sword, so he'll easily double-attack and kill any enemy on the map,
except for maybe the boss. Unfortunately, you can't recruit him right now (don't worryhe'll be back
later in the game, and he somehow gets even better); talking to him with Siegfried will get you an
interesting conversation, but nothing more. Since neutral units can't level up so he's basically wasting
your EXP, a good idea would be to use one of your units to pick him up and just hold on to him for the
battle. Siegfried, with his low EXP gain and his high speed, is probably the best candidate for this
you shouldn't be fighting with him as much at this point, anyway.

Since the enemy brigands are inaccurate and your units are hiding in forests with swords, the
enemies that will actually be hitting you most of the time are the archers and the one mercenary. Make
sure to take these out as quickly as possibleonce the handaxe users and the archers have gone down,
it should be safe to bring Tamiko in and heal your troops up with her. In a worst-case scenario, use a
unit who also needs to get out of combat to pick her up and carry her out of range.

Jaled, the chapter boss, is another Armored Brigand, so Shon's Piercing Sword should do the
trick again. Make sure to have an empty slot in your inventory so that yxou have somewhere to put his
Elixir. As for the special item house, the Emblem Lance has INFINITE USES and is strictly better than
an iron lance (it's actually got double the Might shown). If you don't like it, then the Piercing Sword is
probably your best bet.
Javelin: From the village to the northeast
Elixir: Dropped by Jaled
Special item (depends on character): From the house to the southwest
Talisman (+2 Luck) for Siegfried
Piercing Sword for Shon
Savior (Rescue Staff) for Tamiko
Emblem Lance for Corben
The Emblem Lance is needed to access a sidquest (Chapter 23xx) much later in the game.
Also, make sure to leave one of Siegfried's inventory slots open at the end of the chapterhe'll get
Nothung, a unique sword with 11 Might, 40 uses, and double might against ALL MAGIC USERS (!)
Chapter 3: Flames Astride
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Inanna Pegasus 1 Good Except for Scout If you keep her around and recruit
Knight => starting speed, her her two sisters later, you'll have
Falcoknight stats, growths access to the powerful Triangle
flight aren't Attack.
Shuuda Mercenary 4 INSANE Relatively Shock Consistently ends up as one of the
=> Hero offensive weak game's 5 strongest units. HIGHLY
stats and defenses RECOMMENDED! Also, comes
growths! in with a Red Gem (2500 gp).
This chapter's a bit trickier than the last twoinstead of axe-wielding brigands, you're fighting
a mostly lance-using army with a few archers and sword-swinging cavaliers thrown in. Your units are
mostly at a disadvantage, so you'll want to take things step by step. Eliminate the archers and Inanna
can join the fray, drop a few lancers and Shuuda can really show his strength, and so on.

To start off, use your cavalry to attack the two enemy mercenaries closest to you, while keeping
your other units at a safe distance. This will draw the first wave of the enemy army into range, at which
point you should focus on killing off the archers first. After a couple of turns, the way should be clear
for Inanna to move in, if you like. Make sure to heal (either with vulneraries, or using Tamiko), or else
the onslaught might actually kill a unitthese enemies are much more accurate than the ones from

Once you fight off the first wave, the second one should come easythey only move when
you're in range, so just position your men so that you're only fighting one or two at a time. Don't bother
visiting the central village until you've cleared out the first enemy Knightthe man there will lower a
drawbridge for you, but only if you get rid of the knight first. In the meantime, send Inanna south to the
other villageyou'll get a Torch and, if you look carefully, an Elysian Whip.

Shon's Piercing Sword continues to be your antidote to bossesJarod, being mounted, will do
no better against it than the previous three. His stats are much better than theirs, howevereither be
prepared to take a few hits, or toss the weapon to Siegfried (who can also use it) and let him handle the
threat. The Piercing Sword should also serve well against the two guard knights en route to the boss.


Torch: Southeast village

Elysian Whip: Wait on the spot 2 squares south and 1 square west of the southeast village.
Chapter 4: Tides of Greed
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Kevin Knight => 3 Defense, Bad Tank Starts as enemy, talk to him with
General Strength, Resistance Siegfried to recruit him. Does
and his and really what Knight should do, no more
Speed's low no less (i.e., tank melee). Comes
not bad. Movement. with a Blue Gem (5000 gp).
Oh boy, a fog chapter! Kill me now, right? This level's not really hard, but it IS annoying (and
CAN get your units killed if you're not careful). The enemies are mostly Nomads, which means no
matter where you put your units, one or two of them will come riding in and get a free shot at you.
Units with Javelins should definitely keep those equipped, since 90% of the enemies have bows...

Another thing to note is the changes Blazer made to the Short Bow, namely the fact that its
range is now 1-2. This, combined with its innate 5% crit chance, means you shouldn't be using Inanna
in this level AT ALL. Seriously, just fly her into those mountains in the southeast, and keep her there.
Maybe get her to use a torch if you want her to still be helpful. Attacking nomads with her is like
playing Russian roulette (every hit with a bow takes off more than half her HP). The best strategy (for
me, at least) is to send Shon or Siegfried (armed with the Piercing Sword, of course) to kill the enemies
on the west side of the map, and get everyone else to cautiously move towards the east side (use that
torch! A lot!). Make sure that the guy on the left side has at least one full vulnerary on him, because
you're going to get hit a LOT. Similarly, keep on healing your guys on the right with Tamikojust
make sure she's not in danger herself, because her Defense stat is pretty much nonexistent (rescue her
with one of your mounted units if you have to).

On Turn 2 of this chapter, Kevin (who's been showing up cutscenes persistently until now) will
start moving south; since his movement stat is only 4, it should take him a couple of turns to reach you.
When he's in sight, talk to him with Siegfried right away to recruit himnothing in the chapter can
really hurt Kevin other than the boss, so he should definitely be useful (especially for wiping out the
couple of swordsmen mixed with the bow-users).

The houses in this chapter are, once again, useless, but there is an armory near the northwest
end of the map. Unfortunately, all it sells is iron swords, but it's still a good place to sell gems, Elixirs
(if you want to know why to sell Elixirs, see Chapter 10), and the Elysian Whip (since Inanna probably
won't hit Level 20 at that point. If you've cleared the enemies out of there, it should be safe to use
Inanna for fast transportation.

The northeast half of the map changes the style of the fight a little bitthe enemies are mostly
Myrmidons/Mercenaries and Archers, including one guy with a ballista and another one with a
longbow (both are on top of the cliffs in the corner and don't need to be killed to win the chapter. The
EXP is nice though). Also, starting with turn 6, two Nomads will spawn next to the boss as
reinforcements (one with a longbow, one with a short bow). The boss herself deals little damage but has
Speed 10 (enough to double Kevin or Tamiko), and is hard to hit with that Fort tileShuuda/Corben
should be able to deal with her though, as will Siegfried if you really need him to.

Elixir: Dropped by the boss, Ada
Chapter 5: Forsaken Honor
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Arthur Monk => 1 Great Movement is low Tank, Not the greatest unit in the
Bishop Resistance, compared to the rest Support game, considering you get a
good of your party. strictly better Light user
starting Rejoins party really later, but still nice to have a
stats late. magic user.
The enemy here is actually split between two groupsthe Taos, which consist of nomads plus a
couple of myrmidons, and the Kashaya, which use four base magic classes (Mage, Monk, Shaman, and
Troubadour), lacking only the Cleric/Priest. One of the main problems you'll have is that none of the
units you got so far have a particularly good Resistance statInanna's probably got the best one, and
the number of enemy archers means she won't be able to tank attacks anyway. Enter Arthur, a Monk
who comes in with 9that's right, nineResistance at level 1. His growths aren't nearly as spectacular
as his starting stats, but those alone should let him solo the magical half of this chapter's enemies. And,
well, if you don't like him, there's always double-attacking with Siegfried's Nothung.

Start by eliminating the nomads outside the fortressthis will keep vulnerable units like
Tamiko and Inanna safe. This might take a couple of turns, so make sure to hide Tamiko and Inanna
somewhere safe until the enemies are dead. Having finished that, feel free to move into the fortress.

Once inside, the best plan is to put Arthur and Inanna in the front. Make sure to get kills with
people who have empty inventory slots, since several mages drop keys, which you'll want to use to
open the chests within the fortress. Alternatively, send in Siegfried and use the combination of high
stats + Nothung to just solo the chapter. You won't get as much EXP, however, so it's not recommended.

On Turn 5, a troop of 5 neutral (allied) Nomads will show up around the area where you entered
the map. Though enemy reinforcements will start spawning in that same area on the next turn, this
allied group is very strong (all level 5, with a mix of E- and D-ranked bows), and shouldn't have any
trouble with killing the enemies. If you really want bonus EXP, feel free to send someone down there to
help them out. Another source of EXP are the reinforcement mages, which will spawn from the
staircase in the northeast corner of the boss' room. They should be easy kills for your troops, but do be
carefulthe mages can seriously hurt your heavies if they gang up on them, and Arthur is very
vulnerable to the enemy myrmidons (which are basically soft counters to mages).

The boss is a nomad who can't move; therefore, cake. The Piercing Sword can kill him easily.

Door Key (2-use): Dropped by the first enemy mage in the main entrance.
Chest Key (5-use): Dropped by the enemy shaman in the east room with the two chests.
Talisman: Wait on the first square inside the locked room to the left of the entrance (the one
with a single Shaman in it). This unlocks Chapter 5x.
Lancereaver: Found in the left chest (in the room with two chests).
5000 gp: Found in the right chest (in the room with two chests).
Dragonshield: Found in the southwest chest (near the western entrance).
To access Chapter 5x, retrieve the Talisman as noted aboveyou can always refuse the sidequest.
Chapter 5x: An Eternal Hunt
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Storm Nomad => 3 Offensive Weak Defense and Scout, Comes with the unique
Nomad stats, his Resistance, Con is a Shock Stormbringer bow (stronger
Trooper unique bit low too. Rejoins than a Steel bow, and grants
weapon. party really late. +2 Speed when equipped).
At the start of this chapter, you get the option to retreat and go straight to Chapter 6. This option
is there for a reasonthe enemies in this chapter are nasty, and if you're not careful you can lose units
very easily. However, the rewards for playing it are also very great, so it's usually a good idea to at least
try it (you can always restart and then choose to retreat).

Just a note: The boss, Cid, and his three guard Generals aren't meant to be beaten. The goal of
the chapter is to survive for 12 turns, not to kill the boss. If you really want the EXP, it IS possible to
kill the Generals (see below). As for Cid, good luckhe's got 43 HP, 30 Attack (with a ranged
weapon), 66 Avoid, 17 Attack Speed...and don't forget, to get to him you have to go through the
Generals first, which will deplete your best weapons (unless you're trying with Inanna, in which case
I'm just going to laugh at you). Luckily, none of those four units actually move, so you're safe.

While the other enemies are also strong, you're given great positions to fight them off. The
entire enemy force is forced to reach you through three chokepointstwo narrow ones around the
central peak, and a wider third one to the east (realistically, only one unit will be using this third one).
Send Shon and/or Siegfried to the eastern choke to intercept the Cavalier with the Killer Lance (make
sure you have inventory space, because he drops the lance when you kill him). Otherwise, split your
army to send 2-3 units to each of the two central chokes. Keep Inanna floating over the central peak to
provide support to whichever group needs it most (use that javelin!), and keep Tamiko within range of
both groups for healing.

You might be tempted to equip Storm with the Short Bow and put him on the front line. There
are two reasons not to do this1) His defences suck and he'll be losing half his health bar from a single
hit, and 2) He deals more damage, has better speed, and is otherwise stronger when using the
Stormbringer from the back line.

Once you've held off the first assault, start pushing up the battlefield, dropping enemies one or
two at a time. Arthur will be great at taking out the shaman, but his Defense is low, so make sure to
drop as many enemy cavaliers as you can before sending him in. Similarly, Kevin is great at stopping
enemy cavalry cold, but gets wrecked by the magic users, so either kill them off or have Tamiko nearby
with a Heal staff.

If you thought you'd run out of enemies by 12 turns, fear notstarting with turn 3, a cavalier
and a shaman will spawn on either side of Cid AT THE START OF THE ENEMY TURN (not the end).
This becomes particularly dangerous if you have units just south of the cliff, because then the enemy
will be able to spawn and attack you right away. Furthermore, these spawns double on turn 8, the
shaman from the second group carries Nosferatu.
A word about Nosferatu, by the wayit's a fairly powerful Dark spell with the special property
that it heals the user the same amount of HP that it just dealt to the enemy. Due to this, you should
NOT attack Nosferatu users first (unless you're using Arthur, in which case the damage is negligible
anyway)--if they hit you from full health and then you (presumably) double-attack them, they don't get
a chance to heal before you kill them. Also, another side note: Don't put Kevin in the range of these
guys, ever.

Unless you're lucky/very good at strategizing, you're likely to get pinned down in the starting
area for quite a length of time; one thing NOT to do is waste good weapons (ie. High-crit weapons,
Nothung, the Piercing Sword, and the Lancereaver) to do nothing more than extra damage. If
frustrated, use the large number of mounted units you have to quickly reposition your troops; if you
concentrate on one of the chokes, you should break through eventually. Alternatively, if the enemies let
you, try sending one or two of your men through one of the side paths and hitting opponents from the
rearwith a small force, it's very effective.

If you do get this far up the battlefield, there's only one viable way to kill the enemy generals
attacking them with Shuuda equipped with the Lancereaver. Keep in mind that the guy in the middle
has a Spear (a ranged weapon), and covers the other two (none of them move), so make sure to take
him out first. Any weapon besides the Lancereaver results in them probably hitting you, and since they
2HKO you (or OHKO for weak units), it's a bad idea to let them do so. Also, nothing else will damage
them anyway (except for Arthur's magic, but since he probably can't double them, it's not worth your
time). While attacking with Shuuda, use Tamiko to heal any damage he does take, then use two of other
units to pick up and then drop her a safe distance away. Use the rest of your army to keep the other
enemies from ganging up on Shuuda (either by killing them, or by giving them better targets).
Regardless, you shouldn't be able to kill more than two of the generalsthe Lancereaver will break
before you can finish the third one.

On a side note: I literally died 20 times here trying to kill the enemy generals. So don't go
for it unless you're really confident that your Shuuda can take it (looks like mine couldn't).

Elixir: Dropped by the boss, Cid (this is just here for formality's sakeit never actually
Elixir: Dropped by one of the Shaman that start on the cliff (the one with the Flux spell)
Killer Lance: Dropped by the Cavalier to the northeast
Killing Edge: From the ruins to the west
The greatest reward this chapter really has is the Arena (one of only two in the game!) Make as much
use of it as you can!
Chapter 6: City of Sark
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Althares Thief => 3 SPEED. Another unit with no Scout Shows up on Turn 2 as a
Assassin Also, defenses. His Luck is neutral unit, recruit with
being a low too, so he's not Siegfried. Probably the
thief. amazing at dodging. most useful unit you get.
If you skipped Chapter 5x, check back there for Storm's description.
Compared to the last chapter, this level is a breeze. There are a lot of Fighters and Soldiers on
the mapand pretty much all of these are double-attacked and killed by ANY of your units. So your
first order of business should be to do just that.

Another thing to notice are the shopsmuch more useful than the one in Chapter 4. The Vendor
will sell vulneraries (not worth it, you already have around one for every unit), Lightning tomes (if
you're using Arthur at all, buy him one or two), and Heal staves (Tamiko will probably want another
one). The Armory has iron swords, lances, and bows, plus iron blades, short bows, and javelins. Quite a
big selection! You'll probably want some more javelins and/or iron swords, maybe another bow for
Storm, and I also like to give Shuuda and/or Corben an iron blade for extra damage (most of the time, it
doesn't prevent them from double-attacking).

After only a couple of turns, the front area should be clear of foes. Send a couple of units you
won't use for the boss fight (Arthur and Storm are good candidates) to the east side of the map to clear
out the enemies and pick up the treasure. If you haven't gone shopping already, this is a good time to do
so. Also, SELL YOUR ELIXIRS. Come on, trust me on this one! Sell your chest keys toothe
lockpick is cheaper to use and has enough uses for the rest of the prologue. You definitely will want
that money in the future (you'll find out why in Chapter 10).

Don't open the front gate until you're absolutely ready, but don't delay it too longa reinforcing
group (mercenary, myrmidon, and fighter) will start appearing at the south end of the map around turn
8 (once again, on the enemy turn, so don't be surprised). One good thing to do is to get Storm to go
around the right side of the map and pick off the two enemy Soldiers in the front corridorthis will let
you move your units further into the fortress once the gate is open.

The interior guard is actually quite powerfulyou have a soldier with a killer lance, an archer
with a killer bow and another with a longbow, a knight with a horseslayer (hm, wonder what that
does...), and a few other tough enemies. The boss, Shinshou, is the epitome of the one-sided Fighter:
His stats suck for the most part, but he has 35 HP and 15 Strength, which means with his Steel Axe he
actually 2HKOs almost everything you have. Luckily, it also means he has no hit chance, so units like
Shon, Shuuda, and Althares should mop the floor with him.
Door Key (2-use): From the west village (red roof).
Elixir: From the east village (red roof).
Light Rune: From the east village (yellow roof).
Elixir: Steal from archer in the back of the fortress (the one with the Killer Bow)
Axereaver: Northeast village (yellow roof)
You can also steal vulneraries, but you don't have anywhere to put them, so it's not worth the time.
Chapter 7: Brawl on the Plains
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Cia Mage => 1 Speed and More of a personal Shock, For completionists: There's
Sage Magic thing, but she Support a point in the game where
stats. Staff turned out very you'll actually need her to
use. poorly for me in get every character...
my first run.
Noah Hero 1 Better Pre-promoted (so, Trainer, To make him appear, have
defences saps EXP); doesn't tank, someone move onto the
than keep his stats after shock north half of the southeast
Shuuda; the prologue. island. Recruit him with
axe user. Shon or Shuuda.
Yay, the battle preparations screen! Managing your units and their items just became a lot easier
than trading during a lull in the fighting. A general note for battle preparations:
Try not to have any units start with a full inventory, at least until you get a merchant. Otherwise,
if you kill an enemy, you'll have to drop valuable items.
Make sure your slow units (4-5 Movement) are placed in front of your faster units (6-8
If you're not using a unit, that's still not a good reason to dump them. They can be used to
rescue vulnerable units or switch another unit's weapon after that unit has moved.
Since you can see all enemies onscreen, plan a way to kill a few of them right on your first turn!
Note that Cia is not included in the preparations step (she shows up right after it with a Fire
tome). This generally applies to any unit you recruit in a chapter.

You might notice that a lot of the enemies in this chapter have poison weapons. That's not
actually as big a threat as you might think. First of all, their accuracy is PITIFUL20% lower than that
of an iron weapon of the same type. Second of all, the poison deals around 1-3 HP per turn, and your
units shouldn't ever have their HP drop that low anyway, so you can always just heal it off (it goes
away after 5 turns, regardless). A much bigger threat are the couple of enemies with killer weapons
it's a good idea to use Corben or Kevin to tank hits from these and then gang up on them with the rest
of your team to finish them off.

The enemy Nomad Trooper (a miniboss of sorts) is very powerful, especially considering his
longbow, which lets him hit you for a good amount of damage with virtually no punishment. Use a
good defensive unit to lure him in, and then hit him with your entire armyhis defences are pretty
weak so he should go down after a few attacks. It's a good idea to plant one tank unit on each of the
two bridges leading to the west part of your starting island. Then, once the enemy numbers have been
lowered and the guys with killer weapons are gone, your army can push out and overwhelm the rest.
Don't worry too much about the third, eastern bridgeenemies will always pick the path by which they
can reach your units, so as long as you give them targets, they won't try to outflank you like that.

Once you're out in the open, send someone (Inanna's probably the best candidate) to the
southern island to make Noah appear (see above), and start moving the rest of your army westward,
spreading north and south to pick off enemy stragglers. If you want to access Chapter 7x (which gives
you more EXP and some nice items), you'll want to visit every house you pass on the way there. Also,
the forts are useful for cancelling (and even repairing) poison damage.

Now, about those reinforcements:

On turn 5, two nomads with poison bows start spawning at the north edge of the map, just east
of the river. If you send two speedy units up there right away, you can just keep killing them
without giving them a chance to attack. Nice source of EXP there.
On turn 8, two cavaliers with assorted weaponry start spawning at the west end of the map, on
the road going past the gate. These might prove to be difficult when fighting the boss, so it's a
good idea to plug their spawn point with units.

Finally, a note on the boss: Seigram is actually pretty tough. He's got 13 Speed and enough Con
that using steel weapons still prevents any of your guys (bar Shuuda and maybe Siegfried) from
doubling him, and he's got tank defence and a great defensive tile. His Achilles' Heel is Resistance
(only 3, and the gate doesn't buff it at all), so if you stay out of his range for the first bit and then attack
with Cia and Arthur, you might be able to get a quick kill. Otherwise, you can always fall back on the
old Piercing Sword strategy (though it's probably getting a bit worn down by now).

Paralyze Staff: Dropped by enemy troubadour (they'll use it up if you're not quick enough!)
Elixir: Steal from enemy troubadour (the one with the Mend staff)
Angelic Robe: Dropped by enemy nomad trooper (miniboss)
Horseslayer/Javelin: Dropped by enemy knight (he drops the one he's not currently using)

Sidequest (Chapter 7x): To reach 7x, you have to beat this chapter within 17 turns, and also visit
every house in this chapter. Don't forget that the two huts on either side of the gate are also houses!
Chapter 7x: The Focal Mountains
No new characters

There's one thing you'll definitely notice about this chapter, and that's the large number of
brigands carrying treasure. To prevent you from getting way too much EXP in this bonus chapter, the
brigands don't actually give you EXPbut considering how much money/power you get from grabbing
their treasure, you don't really need it. If you're using Inanna, the simplest strategy is just to fly her into
the middle of the eastern mountain range whilst armed with an Axereavershe should be able to
destroy a near-infinite number of brigands due to their low accuracy. If you run out of axereaver, you
should be able to get another one from <village?>.

For those not using Inanna, or those trying to take on the brigands in the west peaks, the
strategy is simplerposition a sword-wielding unit somewhere where the brigand can just reach him
and keep moving him back to lure them off the defensive Peak tiles, then gang up on him with your
troops and kill him. Repeat 7 times and you've got yourself all the loot you ever wanted. You only need
about 4 units to do this, tooeveryone else should head on down the map.

Speaking of movement, this chapter features rain, which causes plains tiles to cost 2 points of
movement for most units and 3 points for cavalier-type classes (and for flyers, everything just costs 2).
Luckily, this affects both sides equally (unlike fog/night, where the enemies appear to have night-vision
goggles of some sort). So as long as you just push on down the map like you usually would, everything
should be fine. Note that the brigand to the southwest has a Swordreaver, so make sure to fight him
with a lance rather than a sword.

The boss, Lorraine, is pretty nastyhe's got balanced stats (unlike Seigram, he's got very
decent Resistance) and a Silver Sword, which deals massive damage to melee units. Luckily, if he was
using his javelin at the time of his death, he'll drop the powerful silver weapon (and if you've been
training Shuuda and/or Shon, they should be able to use it). So your best idea is to move someone
within range 2 of him, take (or trade) a blow, and then hit him with your full army while he's holding
the inferior weapon. Even with the javelin out, he still has a lot of HP and speed, so do be careful. Also
note that while he starts on a fort, when you get about halfway down the map he'll charge forward and
position himself on a forest in the middle of the map (which is both asking you to kill him, and making
it inconvenient for you to get around him).
Armor Cutter (Armorslayer): From the eastern village.
Axereaver: From the central village.
Javelin/Silver Sword: Dropped by the boss, Lorraine (drops whichever one he's not using).
Red Gem: Dropped by a brigand
Unlock Staff: Dropped by a brigand
Elixir: Dropped by a brigand
Energy Ring: Dropped by a brigand
Thunder Tome: Dropped by a brigand
Mine: Dropped by a brigand
Vulnerary: Dropped by a brigand
Vulnerary: Dropped by a (different) brigand
Chapter 8: Turbulence
There are new characters here, but they leave after this chapter and don't keep their EXP, so don't
bother fighting with them. I'll introduce them properly in Chapter 11, when you get them back. To
recruit any of them, talk to them with Siegfried.

There are a lot of locked doors and chests here. If you don't want to use Althares and/or the
Unlock staff from 7x (or you didn't get the staff), then don't kill the thief in the northeast corner right
awaylet him open a couple of them first. Generally, I'd recommend that you DO bring Althares, since
he's generally a decent unit and this is pretty much a perfect chapter for him. Otherwise, take guys with
good defences and not too many levels (this isn't a hard fight to win)outdoorsy characters like Storm
or Inanna might want to sit this one out.

A note on the prisoners: The two nameless Troubadours can't be talked to, equipped, or
recruited in any way, and their room holds no secrets. They're only there to keep the enemy distracted
and die for you (making the fight even easier). However, you DO want to save the other three units
(which you will get back in Chapter 11 as your main party). For now, don't use Eduardo or Ace at all (it
wastes others' EXP, since after leaving they don't keep their levels). Since Anakin has the Bard's ability
to give one of your units an extra turn by using up his, he's definitely worth using here just to buff your

Otherwise, the chapter's really straightforward: Just make sure you move quickly at the start,
lest one of the prisoners get killed by enemy ranged attackers. None of the knights move and most of
them have melee-only weapons, which makes them easy and obvious targets for a magic-user (either
Cia or Arthur); if Arthur has passed level 10 by this point, there's a decent chance you can just solo the
chapter with him plus some help from Tamiko (lance-users mostly can't hit him, and magic users don't
deal any damage, whereas he's still very effective against both).

Even the boss fight is easy: True, the throne makes Mina hard to touch and she's a heavy hitter
against most nonmagic units, and is fast enough not to get doubled most of the time...but her defensive
stats are all pretty bad and, worst comes to worst, Siegfried's Nothung can still destroy her in one turn.

Emblem Blade: From the left chest (northwest room)
Thunder tome: From the right chest (northwest room)
Speedwings: Dropped by first cavalier on the east side
Iron Lance/Iron Sword: Dropped by second cavalier on the east side
Chest Key (5): Dropped by thief in the northeast corner
Door Key (2): Dropped by knight in at south centre door
Elixir: Steal from knight at east door
Elixir: Steal from shaman in boss room (not the boss)
Elixir: Steal from the boss, Mina
Elixir: Dropped by first cavalier in the boss room
Steel Sword/Javelin: Dropped by second cavalier in the boss room
You can also take the equipment that your new (temporary) units get when you recruit them, and give
that equipment to your other troops (in which case you'll keep it for next chapter). It's unlikely that
you'll have the room for it, though.
Chapter 9: A Sky of Dust
Name Class Level Strengths Weaknesses Roles Comments
Haas Nomad 5 Trainer Don't use him unless you
Trooper must (his EXP gain sucks),
but you DO need him for
one particular task...
This map looks clear for now, but once you start playing, it will start and stop raining
intermittently, which changes the pace of the battle quite a bit. You should try to cover one segment
(side) of the central mountain range during the lull between rain storms, which means that it should
take you about four of those to beat the chapter. And there's a special surprise at the end...

About those mountainsas usual, Inanna is perfect for flying through them and slaughtering
the brigand with an Axereaver. Failing that, one of your units starts off on a Peak tilemake Shuuda
that unit and let the brigands come to him...if they actually HAVE a hit chance on you under those
circumstances, there's a problem. More will start spawning on turn 3 from the fortsthey're still not a
problem though.

Otherwise, the enemies around the chapter aren't particularly troublesome, though their levels
do noticeably scale up throughout (from 3 at the beginning to 9 at the end of the trail). When flying
around with Inanna, watch out for the archers on the east side, as they'll bring her down rather quickly.

This chapter is also a great one to stock up on weapons (though the next chapter has some nice
shops, so don't spend a lot here). The armory sells iron and steel versions of every nonmagical weapon,
plus the handaxe. Since Storm is probably low on ammo at this point, it may be a good idea to get him
a bow (either kind works nicely). Also, due to his high Con, Kevin can use a Steel Lance unimpeded,
so feel free to grab one of those too! For Magic users, just buy a basic tome/staff for each one you're
using. Keep on selling those Elixirs, too! One more chapter before I tell you why you're doing it...

This is the first boss you're facing that is promoted (not counting Cid), though it might not be
who you expect. The Warrior at the southeast corner of the map has 40 HP, 25 Attack, and an effective
Speed of 9quite boss-like stats. Luckily, he's armed with a Steel Axe, so you can lure him in with a
high-dodge sword user and then bombard him with ranged attacks from behind your meat shield. The
chapte boss, Liquid, is much nastier18 Strength, 18 Speed, a built-in 15 percent crit chance from
being a Berserker, a Swordreaver to deal with your short, terrifying. Luckily, you don't have
to fight him, and it's better for you if you don't! To avoid a fight to the death, attack Liquid with
Haas, without killing either one of them (try using a bow). After the battle, Liquid will have a change
of heart and leave the field, with the gate left open for Siegfried's taking.

Of course, if you want the EXP, you can try killing Liquid, but it'll be a tough fightI'd
recommend hitting him with Shuuda while he's holding his Tomahawk, rescuing Shuuda with your
cavalry, then repeating the process without moving anyone else into range. This discourages him from
pulling out the Swordreaver and ending your life prematurely, and Shuuda's damage is good...

7000 gold: From the village to the northeast
Elixir: Steal from the boss, Liquid (due to his high Speed stat, this is very difficult)
Chapter 10: Eternal Bonds
No new characters
My team at this point:
SiegfriedLevel 1 (not used)
ShonLevel 14
CorbenLevel 14
TamikoLevel 14
ShuudaLevel 14
InannaLevel 1 (not used)
KevinLevel 12
ArthurLevel 13
StormLevel 11
CiaLevel 1 (not used)
NoahLevel 1 (not used)
HaasLevel 5 (not used)
At a high level and with a couple of boost items, Arthur proved to be a tankier equivalent to Cia. THIS
Alright, this is it! The final battle of the prologue! Your entire team is available, so even if
you're not using a unit, bring them along anyway to hold your spare items and rescue wounded allies.
The enemies here are pretty tough and use a lot of specialized weapons, so those forgotten team
members might actually have to do some fighting here!

I know I've mentioned this a lot of times, but if you can, make sure to steal every single elixir
in this chapter. If you're dying to find out why, skip to the last paragraph of this section. You'll be
pleasantly surprised, and it's not just because Althares is suddenly Level 12.

Now for the walkthrough. Since you're trying to steal from both of the fighters in the starting
area, and you can't loot corpses in this game, it's best to leave one of them alone. Since the northern
group is bigger, you'll want to take care of them first, just so that your units have more breathing room.
Take out the fighter and mercenary that start closest to youstrong shock troops like Shuuda and Cia
should do the trick. Then use Althares to steal from the second fighter, and send another one or two
units to kill him offif he's high enough level, Shon can do the job here pretty well. After that, use a
couple of high-movement units (like Storm and Corben) to loop around the cliff formation in the center
and take out that pesky magehis Thunderbolt spell has heavy damage and ballista range, so if you
don't do this now, he'll be a problem later. That's all you should do this turnany more, and your units
will be overextended without backup. Just move the rest of your troops north in defensive formation (a
line works best, so that enemies can't gang up on one unit), and make sure to keep them out of the
second fighter's reach.

After the first turn, send Althares back to rob the fighter and a strong unit to kill the axewielder
when the looting's done. Send another unit (one of the slower-moving ones) to take out the archer to the
north (the other enemies in that corner should have killed themselves fighting you, but if they didn't,
then finish them off, too). Now start moving your faster units towards the eastthey'll be taking the
long way around. Obviously, moving towards the east also means killing everything in the way,
which in this case should be 2-3 units. Also, make sure one of the units going east has high Defence
(Corben is the best candidate for this) to deal with the fighter to the southeast, who has a rare Devil
Axe. While he might very well kill himself with it, the weapon also gives him Attack 28, which is
formidable. Who you heal throughout the fight doesn't matter too much as long as everyone stays alive,
but make sure to focus your healing efforts on Altharesyou need him to be able to take a couple of
hits for every theft he makes.

Once the Devil Axe user is out of the way, knock down the tree to the southeast, but don't
completely storm the area yetyou'll need to wait until you have someone available to steal the Elixir
from that. At the same time, prepare to push through the knights guarding the western bridgesmake
sure to rob each one before you do so, then kill them with magic or the Armor Cutter you got earlier (or
the Piercing Sword, if you still have many options!). Send Tamiko with the east group for now, as
the shamans over there deal heavy damage. As soon as Althares has robbed the second knight, use
Inanna to pick him up and bring him closer to your cavalryit saves travel time. Just make sure you
have someone to take the extra loot (or sell it on the spot), or you're wasting time and money.

As for the bigger group to the west, proceed cautiously. The northwest end of the map holds two
tough enemiesa warrior with a Killer Axe and a mercenary with a Mithral Blade (much stronger than
the Iron Blade). Use Shuuda to take out the warrior and Kevin to dull the merc's attacks. While you're
at it, watch out for the mages on top of the northern cliffthey can pretty much get free hits on your
heavies, so try to stay out of range. Once again, don't hurry once you've finished the job with the west
the mage in the center has an elixir you'll want to steal before you kill him.

To get the elixir-bearing shaman into rangebring a unit armed with a melee weapon (or
Tamiko, who will be able to take the hit better) within his rangeon the next turn, he'll be open to
armed robbery and murder. After he's down, push on towards the north; on the next turn, lure the
cavalier with the elixir into range in the same way, and execute the same rob/kill combination on him.
Note that the knight near the two cavaliers will also move to engage you, unlike most of the game's
armor units. That leaves you with one final elixir to steal in the entire chapter.

Getting this last elixir can be hard, as the enemy mage is strategically placed in a forested area
and therefore has equal range to Althares with good defences. He also has a nasty weapon, the Hero's
Flare tomebasically, it's a Brave version of Fire, and unfortunately he does not drop it (don't worry,
you'll get more later on). A simple way to handle him might be to use the Paralyze Staff (which ignores
terrain defenses), but you only get three attempts with this and it will only work if Tamiko is high
enough in level. Otherwise, you're going to have to use someone who won't kill the mage, yet is willing
to take two 13-power magic attacks. Tamiko might be a good candidate for the job. While you're
deciding, use your cavaliers to take out the last two enemy riders to the northeastthey shouldn't be a
problem (beware the one with the horseslayer, howeverhe shouldn't kill anything, but he might deal a
surprising amount of damage).

After this, the only enemies that remain should be the two generals and the boss, Pellenore. The
generals are no tougher than the ones in 5x, and what you lack in lancereavers, you make up in a much
larger number of unit levels. The one with only a steel lance will fall to Arthur or Ciajust be careful
where you place them, because Pellenore is quite a different matter for damage. For the other one,
bring a tough lance-wielder (Kevin or Corben) into melee range to trick him into switching to his axe,
then gang up on him with Shuuda and Shon (the magic-users can help as well).

Pellenore himself is nastyhe's got a Tomahawk (a buffed-up Handaxe, same as Liquid from
last chapter) and a Prism Sword (a ranged sword that targets Resistance at range and Defence in
melee). To make things even harder, if you want full completion of this chapter (an altered ending
cutscene and dialogue), you have to finish Pellenore off with Shon. If you haven't bothered to train
Shon very much, don't worry about itthe rewards that you'll eventually get from this course of action
only matter if you plan on using Shon. Regardless, you're in for a tough fight. Start by placing Kevin
(who counters swords) or Arthur (who resists the Piercing Sword but not the Tomahawk) within his
rangethis will encourage him to switch to the axe. The extra weight of the axe should drop his
effective Speed to 7, which is usually low enough for Shon to double him if he's at a relatively high
level (12+). If Shon has enough sword ranks to use the Silver Sword you took from Lorraine, then one
double-attack might be enough to finish Pellenore. If you don't have enough ranks to use silver
weapons, or enough Speed to double, then attack him with Shuuda first to drain his health, then pick
Shuuda up with Inanna to clear the space, and move Shon in for the killing blow. If you don't care
about the sidequest, Shuuda or Siegfried at high levels should be able to take Pellenore, and Haas can
beat him without ANY levels (but you shouldn't be using Haas, as said above).

Alright, the moment you've been waiting for has come. The prologue's final boss has fallen,
there are no more elixirs to steal, and you demand to know the secret I've been hiding from you. Very
well. Move all of your units to the armory and sell EVERYTHING you own. EVERYTHING,
including all of your weapons (except Nothung and the Emblem Weapons, since the game won't LET
you sell those). You won't need them, since after this chapter, units come back fully equipped. Now,
once everything's been sold, move a unit to the vendor and check the inventory. Right at the bottom...
Angelic Robe = 7500 gp
Health buffs for everyone! Each one of these items raises max. HP by 5, which for most of your
units is a god-given blessing. You should have enough money to buy 5 or 6 of them (I managed 8, but it
was tough...). Characters to use these on (obviously, only if you're using said character):
InannaPegasus Knights never have enough HP to start. Use 1 or 2 of these on her.
TamikoShe might not be battle-ready for a few more levels, but when she is, the Lady
Tamiko will want to be able to survive attacks. 1 or 2 Angelic Robes are a good investment.
CiaWith her great Magic and Speed growths, Cia could be an absolute goddess of
destruction, except for one problemher defences suck! Well, one way to fix that is with
copious amounts of HP. Give Cia 2 or even 3 Angelic Robes, and you won't regret it.
AltharesLike Pegasus Knights, Thieves typically have low HP. Althares would love a new
robe or two.
ShuudaHe's one of the best units in the game, but his defences are low. Quick fix? More HP!
CorbenCorben's probably the most balanced unit in your party, but you might want him to be
a wee bit tankier. If so, feel free to splurge an Angelic Robe or even two on your bold knight.
ShonWe mentioned at the beginning that Shon's HP bit low. An Angelic Robe can help that.
Kevin/ArthurThese guys are less important to buff, due to high defences. But still, can't hurt.
Elixir: Steal from fighter to the east
Elixir: Steal from fighter to the north
Elixir: Steal from knight at the south end of the bridge
Dragonshield: Steal from knight at the north end of the bridge
Elixir: Steal from mage in the central forest area
Elixir: Steal from shaman on the east side of the map (the one with the Flux tome)
Elixir: Steal from cavalier in the northeast corner (the one with the steel sword).
Iron Lance/Javelin: Dropped by knight guarding the northeast bridge
Iron Bow: Dropped by archer at the very northeast corner of the map (she appears on turn 2,
with a pair of cavaliers)
Chapter 11: Shattered Remains