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Section A: Reading (p.62-p.65)

A. Objectives:
I. Educational aim: by the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
- Know how to apply a job
- Know how to prepare to get an impressive job interview
II. Knowledge:
1. General knowledge: students can know basic rules to apply a job and preparation
to get an interview
2. Language content:
- Vocabulary: - Nouns: pressure, vacancy, letter of application, rsums,
school certificate, letter of recommendation, responsibility and best side.
- Verbs: reduce, jot down
- Grammar:
- Structure: ...

3. Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

4. Methods and teaching aids:

- Audio-lingual method and CLT method
- Textbook, board, chalk, pictures.
5. Time: 45 minutes

B. Teaching Procedures:

Teachers Activities Content Students Activities

1. Warm-up: (5 minutes) (Instruction): Each group looks at a picture - Join in the game.
- Divide class into 2 groups: and group A name the job, group B call its
Group A and Group B duty. Both of you take in turn this activity.
- Show each picture (10 For example, I show...
pictures) in turn to class and 1. 6.
ask 2 groups name each jobs
and its duty.
- Winner is a group calls a job
and its duty first.

Sample Lesson Plan Page 1

- Give feedback and correct

2. 7.

3. 8.

4. 9.

5. 10.

Suggested answer:
1. teacher teaching
2. barber cutting hair
3. singer- singing
4. dancer dancing
5. chef cooking
6. footballer playing football
7. constructor building
8. doctor- treating, diagnosing
9. farmer feeding animal, working in the field
10.receptionist giving information
2. Pre-reading (In fact, there are a lot of future jobs for us.
a. Lead-in: (2minutes) However, to get a good job, we have to - Pay attention to a teacher
make a good impression in a job interview.
It is a main content of this lesson. Now, we
continue unit 6 with part A- reading...)
b. Vocabulary and structure:
(8 minutes)
- Ask students to open the - Open the book
books on page 63.
- Read the passage Passage on page 63
- Then write the new words on New words: - Listen to a teacher and
the board. 1. reduce (v) = decrease write vocabulary
- Explain the meaning of each 2. pressure (n): trying one best to
word by synonym, complete an amount of work and this
explanation, real object, and makes S.O stress
Sample Lesson Plan Page 2
picture 3. vacancy (n): a job that is available
for S.O to do
4. letter of application: a kind of letter
to apply to a company to get an
5. resumes: own information to apply
in a company
6. certificate (n):

7. jot down (v) = note down

8. best side (n) = strong point
- Let whole class repeat after 9. responsibility (n) = duty - Read vocabulary in
teacher whole
- Ask some students to read again - Read vocabulary
and correct their pronunciation (if individually
- Check students understanding (Instruction): I say the explanation of - Enjoy the activity
about new words by an activity words, or synonym, real objects...If you
remember the new words, raise your hand
and get the bonus if you are right.
1. decrease
2. strong side
3. While-reading: (15 minutes) - Read the passage
- Let students read the passage on Passage on page 63 individually
page 63.
- Ask students to finish task 1 and Task 1: (p.64) - Do exercises on page 64-
task 2 - Answer: page 65
- Correct students answer 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B - Note correction
Task 2: (p.64)
- Answer:
1. T 2. T 3. F 4. T
5. T 6. T 7. F 8. T
4. Post-reading: (5minutes) Rearrange the correct order information - Enjoy an activity
- Let students rearrange the below:
correct order of information a. bring the certificates to the interview
b. send letter of application
c. jot down your qualification and
d. say goodbye before leaving the
e. send your resumes
f. show your best side
g. dress politely
h. concentrate on interviewers
Suggested answer: - Write correction
1. b 2. e 3. a 4. c
5. g 6. h 7. f 8. d

Sample Lesson Plan Page 3

5. Consolidation: (8minutes) (Instruction): There are three interviewers - Enjoy this activity
- Organize an activity and two candidates. Two of you want to
- Play roles as an interviewer and apply advertisement company. Now you get
interviewee an interview with three.

- Divide class into interviewer Sample conversation

group and interviewee group Interviewer 1: own/ information?
Candidate 1: Name/
Interviewer 2: Where/ live?
Candidate 1: live/ Vinh Long
Interview 1: working condition?
suggested salary?
Candidate 1: facilities
suggested salary
Interviewer 2: languages?
Soft skills?
Candidate 1: English
Social skills

6. Homework and Preparation: - Write down

(2 minutes)
- Learn by heart new words
- Prepare a new lesson Speaking
skill- page 65 - page 66

Sample Lesson Plan Page 4