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speci cations

Acronyms and Speci cation Names

See full list of all assigned acronyms and names for the Bluetooth speci cation.

Assigned Acronyms and Speci cation Names


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Acronym Name Type

3DSP 3D Synchronization Pro le Traditional

802.11 MAC-PHY 802.11 MAC-PHY Core

802.11 PAL 802.11 PAL Core

A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Pro le Traditional

A2MP Alternate MAC-PHY Manager Protocol Core

AIOP Automation IO Pro le GATT-based

AIOS Automation IO Service GATT-based

ANP Alert Noti cation Pro le GATT-based

ANS Alert Noti cation Service GATT-based

ATT Attribute Protocol Core

AVCTP Audio Visual Control Transport Protocol Traditional 1/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

AVDTP Audio Visual Distribution Transport Protocol Traditional

AVRCP Audio Visual Remote Control Pro le Traditional

BAS Battery Service GATT-based

BB Baseband Core

BCS Body Composition Service GATT-based

BIP Basic Imaging Pro le Traditional

BLP Blood Pressure Pro le GATT-based

BLS Blood Pressure Service GATT-based

BMS Bond Management Service GATT-based

BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol Traditional

BPP Basic Printing Pro le Traditional

CFMS Controllable Fitness Machine Service GATT-based

CGMP Continuous Glucose Monitor Pro le GATT-based

CGMS Continuous Glucose Monitor Service GATT-based

CPP Cycling Power Pro le GATT-based

CPS Cycling Power Service GATT-based

CSCP Cycling Speed and Cadence Pro le GATT-based

CSCS Cycling Speed and Cadence Service GATT-based

CTN Calendar, Tasks and Notes Pro le Traditional 2/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

CTS Current Time Service GATT-based

DI Device ID Pro le Traditional

DIS Device Information Service GATT-based

DUN Dial Up Networking Pro le Traditional

ESP Environmental Sensing Pro le GATT-based

ESS Environmental Sensing Service GATT-based

eTag Wireless Luggage eTag Pro le GATT-based

ETDP External Technology Discovery Pro le GATT-based

ETDS External Technology Discovery Service GATT-based

FMP Find Me Pro le GATT-based

FTMP Fitness Machine Pro le GATT-based

FTMS Fitness Machine Service GATT-based

FTP File Transfer Protocol Traditional

GAP Generic Access Protocol Core

GATT Generic Attribute Pro le Core

GAVDP Generic A/V Distribution Pro le Traditional

GLP Glucose Pro le GATT-based

GLS Glucose Service GATT-based

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System Pro le Traditional 3/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

GOEP Generic Object Exchange Pro le Traditional

GPP Generic PIM Pro le GATT-based

HAP Hearing Aid Pro le GATT-based

HCI Host Controller Interface Core

HCRP Hard Copy Replacement Pro le Traditional

HDP Health Device Pro le Traditional

HFP Hands-Free Pro le Traditional

HID Human Interface Design Pro le Traditional

HIDS HID Service GATT-based

HOGP HID Over GATT Pro le GATT-based

HPS HTTP Proxy Service GATT-based

HRP Heart Rate Pro le GATT-based

HRS Heart Rate Service GATT-based

HSP Headset Pro le Traditional

HTP Health Thermometer Pro le GATT-based

HTS Health Thermometer Service GATT-based

IAS Immediate Alert Service GATT-based

IDP Insulin Delivery Pro le GATT-based

IDS Insulin Delivery Service GATT-based 4/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

IOPT Interoperability Pro le Traditional

IPS Indoor Positioning Service GATT-based

IPSP Internet Protocol Support Pro le Traditional

L2CAP Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol Core

LL Link Layer Core

LLS Link Loss Service GATT-based

LMP Link Manager Protocol Core

LNP Locationand Navigation Pro le GATT-based

LNS Locationand Navigation Service GATT-based

MAP Message Access Pro le Traditional

MCAP Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol Traditional

MD Multi-Device Traditional

MP Multi-Pro le Traditional

MPS Multi-Pro le Speci cation Traditional

NDCS Next DST Change Service GATT-based

OPP Object Push Pro le Traditional

OTP Object Transfer Pro le GATT-based

OTS Object Transfer Service GATT-based

PAMP Physical Activity Monitor Pro le GATT-based 5/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

PAN Personal Area Network Pro le Traditional

PASP Phone Alert Status Pro le GATT-based

PASS Phone Alert Status Service GATT-based

PBAP Phone Book Access Pro le Traditional

PLXP Pulse Oximeter Pro le GATT-based

PLXS Pulse Oximeter Service GATT-based

PXP Proximity Pro le GATT-based

RCS Reconnection Con guration Service GATT-based

RCUP Remote Control Pro le GATT-based

RCUS Remote Control Service GATT-based

RF Radio Frequency Core

RF-PHY Low Energy Radio Frequency Core


RSCP Running Speed and Cadence Pro le GATT-based

RSCS Running Speed and Cadence Service GATT-based

RTUS Reference Time Service GATT-based

SAP SIM Access Pro le Traditional

SCP Soft Command Pro le GATT-based

SCPP Scan Parameters Pro le GATT-based 6/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

SCPS Scan Parameters Service GATT-based

SDAP Service Discovery Application Pro le Traditional

SDP Service Discovery Protocol Core

SM Security Manager Core

SPP Serial Port Pro le Traditional

SYNC Synchronization Pro le Traditional

TIP Time Pro le GATT-based

TPMP Tire Pressure Monitoring Pro le GATT-based

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring Service GATT-based

TPS TX Power Service GATT-based

UAS User Authentication Service GATT-based

UDS User Data Service GATT-based

VDP Video Distribution Pro le Traditional

VSP Voice Services Pro le GATT-based

VVMP Visual Voicemail Pro le Traditional

WSP Weight Scale Pro le GATT-based

WSS Weight Scale Service GATT-based

unde ned 7/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite 8/9
2017611 AcronymsSpecificationNames|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite 9/9