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Unit 4 Language summary

Nouns Seasons Weather Verbs
Clothes spring cloudy ask
belt summer cold rain
blouse fall cool snow
boot(s) winter hot wear
cap Other humid
coat celebrity sunny Adverbs
warm maybe
dress disaster
windy today
glove(s) home
hat leisure Possessives Prepositions
(high) heels problem my around (the world)
jacket taxi your at (home)
jeans work his
pajamas world her Conjunctions
pants our and
Adjectives their but
scarf Colors Other
shirt beige all
shoe(s) black dry
shorts (dark/light) blue favorite
skirt (dark/light) brown new
sneakers (dark/light) gray
socks (dark/light) green Pronouns
suit orange Possessives
sweater pink mine
sweatshirt purple yours
swimsuit red his
tie white hers
T-shirt yellow ours

Talking about preferences Making a contrast
What are your favorite colors? . . . , but . . . .
My favorite colors are . . . . Getting someones attention
Asking about and describing clothing Hey!
What color is/are . . . ? Asking about a problem
Its/Theyre . . . . Whats the matter?
Are you wearing . . . ? Making a suggestion
Yes, I am. Lets . . . .
No, Im not. Im wearing . . . .
Talking about the weather
Its snowing/raining/ . . . .
Its cloudy/cold/hot/sunny/ . . . .

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