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Group 1: Station 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Group 2: Station 2-1-6-3-4-5-7

Group 3: Station 3-6-1-5-2-4-7

Time Assistant A Assistant B Assistant C Assistant D Assistant E

1st Station 1 Station 2 Station 3

2nd Station 1 Station 6 Station 2

3rd Station 1 Station 6 Station 3

4th Station 4 Station 5 Station 3

5th Station 2 Station 4 Station 5

6th Station 4 Station 5 Station 6

7th Assistant A&B


Physical go through the complex.

Process: Students has to cross the complex. Then if all members crossed the complex successfully they will move
to the mental part right away.


Process: Students will arrange a group of words to form a perfect sentence.

Material Needed:

- Plastic Straw 1 roll

- Sentences hanging on the complex
- White board for words to write:
1. name?/what/your/is (level 1)
2. you/been/have/ever/NewYork?/to (level 3)
3. was/ you/ that/ the/ last/ saw?/ what/ movie (TOEFL)

Station 2: THE NET

Physical Mine Bomb all the members will be blind folded but the first one and must cross the mine trap. If a
person step on the mind bomb, all members has to travel back from the starting line. The time has to choose one
captain to lead the group in crossing the mine.

Mental: Spelling TEST

- Students will be writing on a whiteboard the spelling of a particular word pronounced by the teacher.
- Student will pronounce the words correctly
1. PARENTS (level 1)
2. HELICOPTER (level 3)

Station 3: THE CHAIR

Physical Balloon popping - each balloons contains a word that will create into one full sentence. Each team has
10 balloons to burst by sitting on it. Then get the papers and create the sentence.

Mental: Pantomime Action

Each team has to choose each people to demonstrate 2-3 words (VERBS). Then they will identify 10 words. They
have to guess 10 words, if they got it correctly then they will move to another station

No. Level 1 Level 3 Level TOEFL

1 Love Yawn Hug
2 Swim Stomached Think
3 Jump Sing Cry
4 Smile Read Break
5 Run Climb Walk
6 Get up Kill Drive
7 Do exercises Kick Call
8 Eat Blow Jog
9 Drink Smell Cough
10 Wash Taste Listen

Station 4: BOTTLES

Physical Bottle planting

Process: All students will be line up and will be given enough number of straws to be planted in each of bottle. If
the bottle falls down, all players must go back from the start.

Mental: Pantomime

Process: Students will be guessing some words through the action of the person (ADJECTIVE) . They have to
guess at least 5 words in order for the students to move to another station.

No. Level 1 Level 3 Level TOEFL

1 Happy Surprised Annoyed
2 Sad Lovely Balanced
3 Angry Strong Nervous
4 Quick Shy Gentle
5 Slow Weak Relaxed

Physical: The students will be line up and will hold 1 pc of badminton racket at a certain distance; they need to
shot at least 5 shuttle cock in the basket and answer general Information questions. Then if they get 5 out of the 10
words, they move to another station.

Station 6: