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Address: 41 Mellis Circuit, Alstonville, NSW, 2477

Phone: 0403 520 281


D.O.B 27/12/1995


Seeking a primary education teaching position

Dedicated and passionate with a positive attitude
Flexible and able to think on my feet
Willing to learn and work alongside others
Differentiate my teaching to suit the needs of all students
Able to incorporate ICT and a wide range of resources/equipment
Build relationships with students, families, staff and the wider community
Create a nurturing, safe and stimulating classroom environment
Firm but caring approach

Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education Early Childhood/ Primary (Southern Cross
University, Lismore) 2014-2017
High School Certificate (Summerland Christian College, Goonellabah) 2013
Ear Piercing Certificate (Studex, Australia) - 2012
Certificate II/III in Community Pharmacy (Healthcare Training Australia) 2013-2015
Natio Promotional Consultant Certificate (Natio Natural Australian Beauty) 2014
Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety Certificate (Novaskill, Ballina) - 2014
Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee Certificate (Novaskill, Ballina) 2014
Joy of Clay Workshop (TAFE NSW) - 2016
High standards of grades in the following units:
Introduction to teaching
Early Childhood Principles & Practice
Literacy, Assessment & ICT
Mathematics Education: Curriculum & Pedagogy received a high distinction
in a weekly workbook assignment.
Completed all practicums with a good report

Student Teacher: St Francis Xavier Primary School, Ballina, 2014
Stage 1 - Year 2 14 days
> Building relationships with students
> Taught in an open classroom of 60 students
> Included a range of teaching strategies in my lessons
> Used effective verbal and non-verbal communication
> Managed a variety of classroom activities

Student Teacher: Eltham Public School, 2015

Early Stage 1/Stage 1 - Kindergarten/Year 1 30 days
> Incorporating ICT into teaching
> Implemented strategies to support full participation of students with a disability
> Understand physical, social and intellectual development/characteristics
> Tested students on literacy and numeracy through sena and running records
> Differentiated teaching two different stages

Student Teacher: Goonellabah Preschool, 2016

Preschoolers: 3-5 Year Olds 20 days
> Planned learning experiences around the interests/needs of the children
> Planned play based activities to support childrens learning
> Gained knowledge/understanding about the diverse backgrounds of children
> Used a range of engaging resources/materials in learning experiences
> Effectively communicated with staff and families
> Linked learning experiences to the EYLF

Student Teacher: Ballina Public School, 2017

Stage 2/3 - Year 4/5 36 days
> Managed challenging behaviour
> Implemented a range of strategies to teacher indigenous students
> Differentiated teaching to suit all students
> Maintained student safety
> Engaged in professional learning
> Engaged with staff, students and their families
> Transitioned to teaching daybooks
> Taught and planned for units of work

Baby-sitting 0-12 year olds
Tutoring primary school students in mathematics

Downtown Sight & Sound & ABC Centre, Ballina (2015-present)
Chemist Warehouse, Goonellabah (2011-2015)
Capelli Hair Studio, Goonellabah (2009-2011)

Mary Cameron - 0415 903 820 - Mentor teacher from Ballina Public School

Simone Blom 0402 827 946 University Tutor at Southern Cross University