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Pulse Reiki Attunement

by Ole Gabrielsen "No Notes -Attunement" series: Pulse Reiki Attunement,

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The attunements in this category can be used as Reiki.

Example to use the Pulse Reiki energy as hands on healing, just think "Pulse Reiki"
instead of Reiki to start the energy flow.

You can also use this energy to create energy tools, like those described in the Tachyon
manual. Here you would just replace the word "Tachyon" with the appropriate energy,
example "Pulse Reiki"
Additionally it is possible to pass these attunements on, as you would pass on Kundalini
Reiki, Tachyon or any of the other attunements. (I recommend having completed at least
Tachyon 2008 and Kundalini Reiki 1 before taking one of these attunements to get the
full benefit, but it's though not a requirement.) Ole Gabrielsen

All No-Notes Attunements energies may be run as healing

energies as you do Reiki , or used to

create tools as with Tachyon. (A tool is an item which has

been permanently altered on a

sub-molecular level, so it acts as a receiver and transmitter

of the energies)
Example to use the "Pulse Reiki" energy as hands on healing,
just think "Pulse Reiki" instead of Reiki to start the energy
flow. You may also combine "Pulse Reiki" energy with
other energy systems.

Sample For Creating A Tool

You make Pulse Reiki tools as you would create Tachyon
tools (please view Tachyon course notes).


Hold the object in your hand or place it on the table.

You could use a stone or piece of jewelry.

Say the following mentally:

This stone will now become a Pulse Reiki energy antenna.

Wait a few seconds and the antenna is ready.

Pulse energy tools are great for wearing!

Pulse Reiki for Healing

Pulse is a new Reiki modality where the Reiki energy pulses
with 7.83hz, which is the same as the Schumann
Resonance...or earth's pulse.
When Reiki is pulsed in this manner it works much faster
and you will find that stagnated energy and stubborn blocks
are much easier to remove!

Receiving the attunement:

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Mentally say once: I will now receive the Pulse Reiki

attunement from-------.

This will start the attunement and it will last for 12

15 minutes.

The attunement procedure is done, but it is highly

recommended that you keep your position another 10
25 minutes (or more if you like). This will give the
increased flow of the energy a chance to more rapidly
become distributed and absorbed into your energy

**Passing Pulse Reiki Attunement**

Here is a very simple way to send any attunement.

Relax and recharge.

When you have rested for 10 15 minutes, rise and be

fully awake.

State mentally or loud once:

The Pulse Reiki Attunement queued for (name)


jm - October 2009