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Topic 1:

Vinh: Good afternoon Sir, Im very glad to welcome you to Human Potential
Company. How do you do?
Thin: Im find thanks. Nice to meet you.
Vinh: Please, coming
Vinh: Hello everybody. Today, we have an important meeting between our company
and Baylor and Sons.
First, let me introduce about myself. My name's Vinh, I was director of sale. And the
other is Minh, he will be responsible for informing you about the details of our
upcoming contract. Here is the partner company with us, representatives from the
company Baylor and Sons include: Mr. Thien as CFO and Mr. Hung as HR manager
Thin, Hng: Hello, nice to meet you
Vinh: We're short of time, So let's Get Started negotiate the goals of human
contracting between the two companies today. It wont take long.
Every: That right
Vinh: This is the agenda negotiations today we need to achieve. We will have two
main topics for negotiations today: Agree on the provision of human resources and
the level of transaction costs. Everyone has opinions about content today right?
Every: No
Vinh: Next, I invite Mr.Thin was chief financial officer for the company represent
Baylor and Sons will start first.
Thin: Thank you, sir. First, we know about the company Human Potential through
the media and from the trust of a number of companies that we are partners together.
Therefore, we want to partner with him.
Vinh: Thank you for trusting and choosing our company in the market
Thin: Through information on the market, we want to have some questions to
capture the Human Potential his company to do the premise for this agreement:
1: Overview of Human Potential
2: Revenue over the years?
3: Personnel structure and scope of activity?
Vinh: Thank questions from him, we have made available the information needed to
provide and ensure reliable authenticity he could refer. And here, Mr.Minh will show
more details about the problem.
Minh: Our company established in 1997 in Satiago, we now have 30 branches in the
USA. Our annual turnover has shown through this report, you can see report and ask
any your questions?
Thin: I think that the revenue of the company you develop evenly through each
recent years with no bad debts or downward trend in the economy, the market, which
makes us believe in the quality of services provided candidate Your Potential.
Minh: Thank you, next potential customers of the company's medium-sized
enterprises and large as Intell, DHL,... always need staff potential and creativity so we
always choose personnel qualified matching Selection position. The number of
employees we currently have 5000 people working full-time and 8,000 part-time
Thin: Wow. This is amazing about employee in company.
Vinh : We are committed according to the contract between the two sides should
create a reputation as new now.
Thin: I see the number of branches and staff so much, he can make the management
system, the connection between the branches closely with corporations together. That
caused many obstacles to the development of the company use?
Vinh: When connected closely with each other as such, our company remains or there
are errors in the information capture actual survey of the partners of the company, in
addition to all other activities of the company still going well.
Next, Could you show us something about contract and the requirements from the
Thin: Of course, Here is the deal that we have prepared a full range of content that
we need to discuss this.
Vinh: saw quite a full contract for the item and in accordance with the law and I want
to hear more details about his requirements.
Hng: Sure. I will represent the company Baylor and Sons to outlining our company.
Our company established in 2001 in L.A, now we have 10 representative offices in
the states of the western United States. Our company is growing, we want to expand
the company should need a new human resources, adequate knowledge consistent
with the company trades. Demand for new staff of 20 people including 2 managers, 4
supervision, skilled labor 14. Besides, we want to restructure some parts of the old
company, so we are looking for candidates with experience experience for business
department. We need to recruit 10 qualified good business, said market analysis,
customer behavior in order to make business plans accordingly. We will interview
candidates next month at the headquarters in L.A.
Vinh: Your company is growing so, he will need more to make the candidates have
many years of experience filling.
Thin: That right. So we wanted to find a potential partner of his company as such.
Minh: Thus the number of years of work experience of candidates for the position of
sales and management positions, monitoring how many years?
Hng: Candidates with experience of 5 years for business locations and 2 years for
management and monitoring. Even ordinary employees, just over 1 year experience
Minh: So we will select potential candidates with years of experience to meet the
request of his making.
Hng: Thank you. We will be waiting for an early reply from your company so that
we can schedule an interview with the new candidates
Vinh: Next, we will negotiate the transfer fee between the two companies. Mr. Minh
will continue to make this decision.
Minh: We will offer 2 options for company recruitment fees of him as follows:
Will pay one month's salary of successful candidates had been recruited us.
Or will pay referral fees before us is $ 5,000
Hng: Can you explain 2 specific fee options?
Minh: Yes of course. With option 1, then he will pay fees of human potential is one
month's salary for our employees. Option 2 is that you will pay a referral fee from the
beginning for $ 5,000 per person without having to bind the employee how to work.
Hng: Im afraid your prices are a bit high. First, I will give salaries for each
candidate at each level of work: For salespeople with minimum salary we pay is $
6000 / month, management will be: $ 5,000 / month, monitoring: $ 4,000 / month and
skilled workers: $ 3,500 / month and no additional compensation for an end. The
option plan No. 2, the fee was too expensive compared to the monthly salaries that we
pay for employees in each department.
Minh: As far as the salary he paid, we would like to make a choice one of the
potential fee to not make it difficult for the company to him.
Hng We also have to mention the selection of option 1, but we will pay / staff gave
him after they worked in our company for at least three months.
Minh: I totally agree with Mr Hung's opinion. We will agree with such charges, to
ensure that the interests between the two sides benefit the company. The other idea
what to charge you? Towards two directors?
Every: No, we have no idea what to add.
Vinh: So let me summarize content negotiation session today. We will provide 30
employees to the company Baylor and Sons as required by the contract. In addition
we will evaluate the potential fee-based option 1 is going to charge after 3 months of
work by employees for election. Finally, invited him to join me together Compassion
signed between the two companies and cohesive relationship between the two
Thin: Im sure we would all agree that we have had a successful meeting
Vinh: Thanks to everyone who attended today, the company side we want to invite 2
1 light parties he planned to celebrate the successful conclusion of this contract.
Hng, Thin: Thanks